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Dropbox for iPhone

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This app allows you to access your Dropbox on the go, view your files, save them to your phone, and even take photos and videos that sync instantly online and across computers!

Viewing Files
Now you can view files that are in your Dropbox right on your iPhone! Need to review a slide deck but don’t have your computer with you? Dropbox has you covered. Want to read a report that someone from work just shared with you? No problem. Want to listen to music or watch videos that are stored in your Dropbox? That works too.

Sharing Files
Sharing files with people from the iPhone app couldn’t be simpler. Just press a button to email a link to the file.

When you mark a file as a “favorite”, the file automatically downloads and saves to your iPhone for fast access and offline viewing. The app also lets you know when a document is out-of-date, and you can sync to the latest version with the press of a button.

Galleries & Photo/Video Uploads
The Dropbox app automatically recognizes images in your Dropbox, and lets you view them as a photo gallery. Just find an image in the file browser, and touch it to enter gallery view. You can also use your phone’s built-in camera to take photos upload them instantly to you use this feature Dropbox shared folders, or videos and Dropbox. When together with these files are

instantly shared with friends and family and synced to their computers!
Please note that video capture requires iPhone 3GS

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