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election and recruitment of consultants in World Bank-funded projects

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Selecti ctio on and recr cru uitment of co con nsulta tan nts in World Bank-f -fu unded projects  Tu  T urin in,, It Ita aly

International Training Centre



Selec Se lectio tion n and re recr cru uitm itme ent of co con nsu sulta ltant nts s in World Ba Ban nk-fun -fund ded pro roje jects cts

Introduction Consultancy services are invariably required at various stages of programme and project development. dev elopment. The ex expressi pression on "consult "consultiing serv serviices" refers to services of an intellectual nature provided by individual consultants and/or consultancy firms who are hired for a wide variety of assignments including feasibility studies, design and supervision of project implementation, auditing as well as training and advisory services aiming at reinforcing institutional capacity of recipient agencies. ag encies. Al Althoug though h the cost of of consultancy consultancy services is typically less than 10% of a project's budget estimates yet it has a significantly larger impact on the quality and final cost of the development dev elopment proj project/i ect/inv nvestme estment. nt. Therefore International Financial Institutions (IFI) have introduced detailed procedures for safeguarding the interests of the recipient countries in the recruitment and selection of the consultant who is deemed to be the best qualified to provide the services.  This co  This cou urse was develo lop ped jo join intly tly by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO) and the World Bank in order to upgrade the competencies of borrowers' staff and public procurement personnel in the correct application of the World Bank guidelines for selection and recruitment of consultants.  This co  This cou urse explo lorres the procu currement prin incip ciple les s underpinning the various methods used for selection selecti on of consultants. I t presents presents an an overview of the different types of consultants' organizations and a detailed explanation of the World Bank's policy and procedures for recruitment of  consultants. Exa Exam mpl ples es of situations of confl confliict of  of  interest are analysed including the mechanisms needed for prevention of fraud and corruption. Particular emphasis is placed on building the competence of the participants in transforming the consultants' selection process from a subjective exercise into a disciplined and a defensible procedure proce dure buil builtt on on mea measurab surablle cri criteria. teria. The course also explores theagency respective roles of World Bank and the borrower in the process of  selection and supervision of consulting services.

 The co  The cou urse is based on modula larr train inin ing g mate terria iall that enables measurement of learning achievement.

Objectives Course participants will be able to competently plan and carry out procurement management functions for the selection and recruitment of  consultants using the procedures of the respective funding agencies with particular reference to those of the World Bank and its Standard Request for Proposal and contract documents.

Participants  This co  This cou urse addresses proje ject ct dir ire ect cto ors and procurement staff of projects funded by IFI (World Bank, Asian and African Development Banks, European Union, the United Nations, etc.) as well as the trainers of procurement personnel. Candidates are expected to be fluent in English and have previous experience in public procurement practice.

Course Co urse m eth ethodo odology logy  The co  The cou urse is deliv live ered by senio iorr procu currement advisors and consultants from the World Bank and ITC-I TC-IL LO. The course is conducted conducted using a hi hig ghl hly yparticipative training delivery methodology through a combination of interactive presentations by subject-matter specialists followed by self-assessment exercises, individual and group assignments intended to facilitate the practical appli ap plication cation of I FI FIs' s' guideli uideline nes. s. Soluti Solution on an and d analysis of case studies is emphasised as a principal technique for measurement of learning achievement and attainment of prescribed exit compete com petenci ncies. es. I ndividual gui guidance is provided,


Cost of participation

upon request, to help participants to troubleshoot procurement-related problems on their projects. Each participant is encouraged to bring along a copy of the Loan Agreement, the Project Appraisal Document and a "Request for Proposal" document related to his/her project for reference throughout the course.

 Th  The e co cos st of pa pis arEuro ticip tic ipa a2,000 tio ion n inpayable this th is onein -we -w eek programme advance by the partici participant's pant's spons sponsoring oring org organisation. anisation. Thi This s covers: tuition fee, which includes the use of the Centre's training facilities and associated support services, books and training materials; participant fee, which covers: – accommodation and full-board at the Centre;   – routine medical care and insurance. 

Course content 

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Overview of procurement in World Bank financed projects  Types of co consulta ltan ncy fir firm ms/a /as ssocia ciatio tion ns  The  Th e World Ba Ban nk Green Guid ide elin line es: ge general policies and principles in the selection and recruitment of consultants Analysis of conflict-of-interest situations  The  Th e sele lect ctio ion n proce ces ss and sele lect ctio ion n meth tho ods (QCBS, QBS, FBS, LCS, SSS) Development of terms of reference Estimating cost and budget of consultancy assignments Advertising and shortlist Setting evaluation criteria Preparation of request for proposals  Types of co contract cts s (t (tim ime e-b -ba ased, lum lump sum and simplified forms) Preparation, submission and receipt of  proposals Evaluation of technical proposals by tender/proposal committees Negotiation and award of contract Supervision of consultants' performance Selection of individual consultants Systems for detection and prevention of fraud and corruption

Main travel between the participant's home country and Turin is not included. Fellowships for training programmes conducted by ITC-ILO generally become available through the training allocations of development projects financed by International Financial Institutions or by United Nations' agencies, bilateral technical co-operation agencies, governments and/or private enterprises. enterpri ses. Candid Candidates ates are encourag encouraged ed to contact these organisations and agencies in their countries to enquire about the availability of funds for fellowship training programmes.


The ILO Turin Centre's facilities Loc ated in an attract Locat acti ive p ar ark k on o n th e b an anks ks of th e R iver P o, th e C en tre’ s cam ca m p u s pr p rovid es a co con n ge gen n ial alen en viron m en t in w h ich to live an a n d stu d y. It co con n tain s 2 1 p avilion s w ith fu lly eq e q u ip p ed m od ern classr assroo oom m s, s,co con n ferenc erence e h alls an d m ee eet tin g roo oom m s fitted ou t for m u ltilin gu al alsi sim u ltan eo eou u s in terpretat ati ion , a com p u ter lab abor orat ator ory y, an and d a com c om p u ter eri ized d ocu m en ent tation cen ce n tre lin ke ked d to var vari iou s d at ata a b an ks. Th e cam pu s h as 2 87 stud y/be bedroom droom s,allw ith private b at ath h roo oom m s, s,t telep h on es an a n d ca cab b le tel television . It also h as: 

a recept recepti ion desk op en 24 hou rs a d ay;

a restau ran t, a sel se lf-service ca can n tee een n an d a cof c off fee lou n ge ge, , allc lcat ateri erin g for for in terna ernat tion al ald d iet etary ary need ne ed s;

a bank;

a travelagency;

a lau n d ry ser servi vice ce; ;

a p ost of off fice ce; ;

an in terne ernet t p oin t;

a recreat recreation roo oom m;

fac aci ilities for for ou td oo oor r an d in d oo oor r sp sport orts;

an in firm ary.

S ociale aleven vent ts are are regul regu lar arl ly hel h eld b oth on an and d off cam p u s, so th at p articip an ts from d ifferent cu ltu ral alb b ac ackg kgr rou n d s can ca n m ak ake e th e m ost ostof of th e stim u lat ati in g in ternat ernati ion al clim ate.

For further information, please contact: In tern ernat ati ion al alTrai Train in g C en tre of o f th e ILO ILO Su stain ab abl le D evelop opm m ent e nt an and d G overna nanc nce e V iale M ae aest strid idel elLavo Lavor ro 1 0 1 0 1 2 7 Tu Tur rin (Italy)

P hone: +39 011-693 011-693 651 2 Fax:+ Fax :+ 39 0 1111-693 693 6351 E -m ail: p roc-p c-pr rom [email protected] itcilo.org

Desig signe nerr Luca Fiore - Printed Printed by bythe the Inter Interna nation tional al Tra Training ining Ce Centr ntre e of the the IL ILO O, Turin, Turin, Italy De

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