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Emailing Hints Teaching points To:

Write the recipient’s address, not their name, for example, [email protected] All addresses are usually written in small case letters.


It’s important to complete this, for example, Basketball draw. Busy people rely on this to prioritise which mail they will deal with first. If the address you are sending to has multiple users, always write the name of the recipient in the subject line, for example, Sarah, Basketball Draw


(carbon copy) Write in the names of additional recipients.


(blind carbon copy) As above, only this time recipient will not see the whole list of others receiving a copy.


Attach other documents or files that you wish to send by clicking on the attachment button then “looking in” the drive or folder where you have saved your file. Once located, double click.

Email etiquette • • • •

Always begin with a greeting. Sign off with your name. Write in full sentences. (An email is not a txt message or a telegram). Using the REPLY button can be an effective way of responding to issues. It returns the original questions/statements with your comment. Take time to delete unnecessary comments rather than returning everything. FORWARDING mail is a quick means of sending it on to someone else. Just remember that your address along with any previous senders is also forwarded on. Was the original mail sent to you in confidence? If you are regularly forwarding or sending mail to a specific group of people try using a nickname in your address book.

Remember: Once you have sent an email there’s no taking it back. It is different from a conversation. Check it carefully before you send it.

From the ICT Learning Experience Integrating Online Curriculum Projects into the Classroom , http://www.tki.org.nz/r/ict/ictpd/integrating_online_e.php

© Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand

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