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Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Procedures
Room #_________ School: Crivitz Elementary, 718 hall Hay, Crivitz, WI 54114 Designated Safe Zones: Exterior: ______________________ Interior:____________________ Closest… Exterior Door Exit: _________________________ Fire Alarm __________________ AED __________________________ Fire extingurisher ______________________________ Eye wash _______________________________ Shower _______________________________ Closest certified staff to give help: Name __________________________________________ Ext # _________________ Rm # _________________

Report to the office immediately any student who is missing

Teachers are NOT to release students to their parents/guardians from the classroom. This will be done through the office. Office staff will confirm identification before releasing students. Call office and obtain assistance, if needed.

SHOOTER OUTSIDE SHOOTER INSIDE Students and staff outside: Students and staff outside: If safe, quickly take students inside and inform Direct children to designated safe zone, take cover, office immediately. lie down and be silent. If not safe, direct children to designated safe zone, take cover, lie down and be silent. Students and staff inside: Students and staff inside: Inform office immediately Inform office immediately. Follow lockdown procedures until all clear Follow lockdown procedures until all clear. Secure room Secure room Direct students and staff to crouch down, Direct students and staff to crouch down, be silent, and out of the line of sight be silent, and out of line of sight Stay away from windows Stay away from windows Take attendance Take attendance Provide first aid when safe to do so Provide first aid when safe to do so

Call 911/notify office Remain calm and maintain order If the perpetrator is in the area, speak calmly with him/her until police or school officials arrive If there is no perpetrator, move students and staff to safe area Await further instructions from office Return to classroom/work areas been when advised by school officials Document observations and important details (time, who, what, when, how, where)

Drug Use/Suicide/Shooting

Call 911 if life-threatening situation exists Notify office If the person needs medical care: Notify the Health Room Remain calm, maintain order, and provide first aid until help arrives Move students and staff to safe area Cooperate with investigating officers as requested by school officials

Take threats seriously Do not leave individual alone Notify office Provide written threats or reports of threats to police or school officials Refer all media inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent

Call 911 Notify office immediately Provide first aid if needed Remain calm and maintain order In a calm voice, ask individual permission to evacuate class Move students and staff to save area if possible In the event of the death, secure the site of the death until law enforcement arrives Provide information to police and school officials/Superintendent Refer all media inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent

Call 911 if situation is life-threatening Notify office immediately Stay with and assist the victim until officials arrive Clear area of bystanders

Report any suspected child abuse or neglect of a student’s physical or mental health or welfare to office

Student Welfare

A biological threat is a release of germs or biological substances that can cause sickness, may be inhaled, enter through non-intact skin, be eaten or passed on from another person. A biological threat may or may not be immediately obvious. While it is possible that you will see signs of a biological attack, it is perhaps more likely that local health care workers will report a pattern of unusual illness. At the time a biological emergency is declared, be suspicious, but do not automatically assume that any illness is the result of the emergency. Symptoms of many common illnesses may overlap. Use common sense, practice good hygiene and cleanliness to avoid spreading germs, and seek medical advice Notify office immediately Instruct everyone to cover their mouth and nose and breathe through 2-3 layers of fabric ( t-shirt, towels, paper towels, tissue, etc.) Evacuate area immediately Isolate any people who have come in contact with the substance Instruct everyone to wash with soap and water Await instructions from office or supervisor Take attendance and report missing or ill individuals to supervisor Do not eat or drink while exposed to potentially contaminated substances

When the administration becomes aware of an incident that is of a life-threatening nature, the administration or its designee will make the following PA announcement: “Attention all staff members, we are in Emergency Lockdown.” This announcement will be repeated three times, calmly but firmly, to ensure that all classes ( outside gym classes, shops with machines, business education, etc.) will hear it. Staff members are to get students out of the line of sight from the hallway and secure classroom door(s). The use of cell phones and two-way radios is NOT recommended during an emergency lockdown. Staff should use the district phone system to make necessary calls (i.e. 911). Cell phones and two-way radios should only be used when you are more than 500 feet from the building. Fire alarm During an emergency lockdown procedure, do not exit the building if the fire alarm sounds unless your room/ area is in immediate danger (i.e., fire, smoke). Green and Red Indicator Cards (see above attached cards) If it can be done without further risk to staff or students, the appropriate card should be slid under the main door of the room. These cards will assist local authorities to prioritize their response. Green card—Room secure and no medical emergency present Red card—Presence of medical emergency or need for immediate assistance Status changes during emergency lockdown During an emergency lockdown, do not follow any public address announcements. At the conclusion of an emergency lockdown, each individual classroom will be released by local authorities (i.e., police, fire department) and provided with further instructions.

Fire/Evacuation of Disabled/Detailed Lockdown

Persons who may need assistance Any person with mobility, vision or recovery problems Anyone with a temporary disability such as a student with an athletic injury Guests or visitors with disabilities The elevator must not be used during a fire drill or any real emergency. A fire alarm disables the elevator. The elevator shaft may become a chimney for smoke during a fire. If the electricity fails, the occupants would also be stranded. Hearing impaired persons Hearing impaired persons may not perceive emergency alarms. Switch lights on and off to gain students’ attention With simple, direct gestures or sign language, point them to safety. You may also write directions on paper. Wheelchair-bound Secure person in chair Use a guide if the child cannot manage the chair Lift and move chairs by the rigid frame only, with electric power off, if necessary Visually impaired Tell the student where he/she is Tell the student that the building is being evacuated Assigned guide should accompany them As you guide the student: Tell them where they are Advise of obstacles Advise of conditions When you reach safety: Ask if you can assist further Orient the person to their surroundings The guide should stay with the person

Power failure/loss of water service Notify the office and wait for further instructions ( Office will notify the buildings and grounds department which will, in turn, notify appropriate district officials. Maintenance will assess the situation and advise the director of buildings and grounds and the site administrator with the estimate of when the utilities will be restored.) The location of the building cellular phone should be made known to several persons in the main office in case power loss affects phone system. Power lines down in the area Contact office or supervisor with a detailed description of the event, including location and immediate hazards ( fire or sparking) Move students and staff to safe area Await further instructions from office or supervisor

Biological ThreatlLoss of Utilities

Remain calm and maintain order Protect yourself, use universal precautions; always avoid direct contact with bodily fluids, wash hands, report exposure to supervisor immediately Do not move an injured person unless area is unsafe Provide or have trained personnel provide first aid Head injuries should always be assessed and reported to parents Choose the most appropriate action Non-school or off-campus Send to Health Room for minor situations Provide first aid Call Health Room to alert of situation Notify school nurse Accompany the individual to Health Room or send Emergency Medical Situation an adult or responsible student Check scene for safety Check person, “Are you OK?” Call, or have someone call 911 if necessary Notify office of situation

Bomb Threat Telephone Checklist
Questions to ask: 1. When is the bomb going to explode? __________ 2. Where is it right now?______________________ 3. What does it look like?_____________________ 4. What will cause it to explode?________________ 5. What kind of bomb is it?____________________ 6. Did you place the bomb?____________________ 7. Why did you put it in the building?____________ 8. What is your address?______________________ 9. What is your name?________________________ Exact wording of the threat ____________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Time: __________ Date:____________ Sex of caller: __________ Age: __________ Length of call: _________________________________________ Caller’s Voice _____ Calm _____ Excited _____ Slow _____ Rapid _____ Soft _____ Loud _____ Accent _____ Crying _____ Normal _____ Distinct _____ Slurred _____ Angry _____ Lisp _____ Raspy _____ Deep _____ Ragged _____ Clearing throat _____ Laughter _____ Deep breathing _____ Cracking voice _____ Disguised _____ Familiar _____ Stutter _____ Nasal Background Sounds: _____Street _____Animal noises _____Static _____ PA system _____ Voices _____ Music _____ Motor _____ House noises _____ Local _____ Office machinery _____ Booth _____ Long distance Threat Language: _____Well spoken (educated) _____ Foul _____ Irrational _____ Taped _____ Incoherent _____ Message read by threat maker

If the voice is familiar, who did it sound like? _____________________________________________ Remarks _________________________________________________________________________________

Bus Accident/Bomb Threat

Evacuate or ask uninjured adult to evaluate the accident scene Call 911 Contact office If scene is safe, provide first aid until help arrives If scene is not safe, assist with emergency exit Account for all passengers Provide emergency information to police, medical and school officials Refer all media inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent

A bomb threat exists when a suspected bomb or explosive device has been reported, but not located. A bomb emergency exists if a bomb has been located or an explosion has occurred. Phone threats Keep the caller on the line as long as possible Do not attempt to transfer the call Write down all information obtained in exact words. Use bomb threat form below Notify principal or designee Written threats For written threats discovered by a student or staff member, notify the office immediately



Procedure for armed or threatening intruder, threat to Emergency procedures for leaving the building: safety/health: Immediately inform office of the situation giving location, Notify office of the situation giving location, description and description and nature of situation nature of situation Activate fire alarm The principal or designee will announce emergency lockIf the fire alarm fails to sound, the evacuation will be andown over the PA system nounced over the PA system Once an emergency lockdown has been declared ignore all Follow fire evacuation plan has posted PA announcements and fire alarms Vacuate the building and await further instructions from the Staff will: office Move all students into classrooms away from winTake class roster and emergency procedures that dows and out of the line of sight chart Lock classroom doors in place appropriate emerClose door and shut off lights gency card into all Reassemble and predetermined area and take roll If outside, bring students to designated safe zone Report any missing/injured students to office staff Remain calm and maintain order Return to classroom when designated “ALL If gunfire is heard, lie on the floor CLEAR” announcement or signal Do not allow anyone to leave room Remain inside classroom, at designated safe zone until released by local authorities

Medical Emergency/Lockdown/Evacuation

Smoke or Fire Danger Activate fire alarm Evacuate students to predetermined area following posted fire evacuation routes Take a class roster and Emergency Procedures Flip Chart Close doors and shut off lights Account for all students and reassemble students in predetermined area Report missing or injured students to office staff Await further instructions from office

Evacuate to predetermined area following posted tornado routes Take class roster and Emergency Procedures Flip Chart Stay away from windows and rooms with high ceilings Students should assume the “SAFETY” position Should a tornado strike without warning, get under desks Remain calm and maintain order Assess the condition of the area for safety When safe, identify/report any injured or missing students to office staff Provide first aid and assistance as needed Await further instructions from office staff Return to classroom when directed by “ALL CLEAR” announcement

The following list should be reviewed annually: Review Emergency Procedures Flip Chart Post Emergency Procedures Flip Chart in room Update names and phone numbers The Health Room will maintain a folder with student/family/medical information and update it annually Review fire evacuation route and tornado procedures

Do not give information to non-medical personnel except parent/guardian or school officials Refer all media inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent File Accident/Incident form immediately

Important Numbers/Emergency Procedures

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR PRINCIPAL SECRETARY . GUIDANCE BUILDING & GROUNDS SCHOOL NURSE Robert Cavanaugh Pat Mans Colleen Zeitler Toni Spalding Tom White Kathy Marcy Ext. 384 Ext. 402 Ext. 400 Ext. 443 Ext. 307 Ext. 460

Call 911: Be sure to emphasize the exact school name and school address Say: “I’m calling from 718 Hall Hay. There is an emergency at the Crivitz Elementary School” Contact the main office immediately. To report the need for an emergency lockdown, contact the office immediately .

All containers must be labeled as to their contents No chemicals should be brought into school property That Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) binders are located in the Custodial Office or Health Room Proper chemical hazard signs should be placed on areas that contain chemicals Schools should maintain the MSDS sheets for the Fire Department or other service provider

Avoid direct contact with chemicals and hazardous materials. Teachers or students are not to clean up any hazardous chemical spills. If vapors, gases, or mists are being released, evacuate students from the immediate area as a precaution Contact office If chemical injury has occurred, contact the Health Room to reference the MSDS binders

Fire/Tornado/Chemical Spill

Act to secure the safety of students and staff if physical assault, fight, verbal assault or verbal threat occurs Notify office immediately Call 911 if necessary Control scene: Make verbal contact in calm low-toned voice If behavior does not cease, shout “STOP” and then lower your voice Tell them you have called for help and if they do not stop, police will be involved Direct bystanders to safe area Do not leave students alone

Notify office immediately Remain calm and maintain order until help arrives Call 911 if the situation becomes life-threatening

Notify office immediately If non-threatening situation, take control of the weapon Call 911 Direct bystanders to safe area

Direct or accompany person to office Asked for identification If the person refuses to accompany you to the office, notify the office immediately If the person presents an immediate danger, do not approach him/her and notify the office immediately Move students and staff to safe area and await further instructions


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