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Endtime March April 2004

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MAR / APR 2004





Radio Frequency Identification in the spotlight. Tracking everything, everywhere.
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Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence.

Euphrates River to Be Dried Up

In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place.

In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year.

China Goes to War

Worldwide Numbering System Predicted

In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered.

Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand.

The Emergence of a New World Order

or Divine Providence?
Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously?
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Tour UN Headquarters in NY & Enjoy 3 Day Greek Islands Cruise
Where are the two most exciting places on earth to travel during the year 2004?
How about Jerusalem, and Bethlehem where our Lord was born over 2,000 years ago and the Isle of Patmos where the Book of Revelation was written? Add to that Nazareth, Samaria, Judea, Athens, Corinth, Mars Hill, Ephesus, Rhodes, and a Mediterranean Sea cruise—and you have the trip of a lifetime! I want to personally invite you to join us for Prophecy Tour 2004. You won’t want to miss it!

In Israel:
We will stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus will stand when He returns—Visit the Temple Mount itself where the Third Temple will soon be built— See the cornerstone intended for the rebuilding of the Third Temple—At the Temple Institute we will see the vessels and the garments already prepared for resumption of temple worship—Visit the Garden Tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane—See the site of the coming Battle of Armageddon—We will visit Judean settlements where Jesus prophesied great tribulation will come in the near future (Matthew 24:15-21)—Boat across the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the water—and much, much more!

dded a second We have just a ur! bus for this to s


In Greece:
We will visit the home of the Corinthian church in Corinth, and visit Mars Hill in Athens where Paul preached his famous sermon concerning the “Unknown God.”

ing dutie share the host Eddie Sax will . er with Irvin Baxt u to join us! be room for yo There may still ible. as soon as poss e im dt En 080 Call 121st! We leave April

Mediterranean Sea Cruise:
The first stop will be the beautiful and famous island of Mykonos. Then we sail to the Island of Rhodes (Acts 21:1). The next day we visit Patmos where John wrote the Book of Revelation. The last day of the cruise takes us to Ephesus. Ephesus is the most incredible archaeological site I have ever visited. We will walk on the Roman roads that Paul walked on 2,000 years ago, and stand in the 23,000-seat theater where the Ephesians shouted “Great is the goddess Diana” for two hours! The ship will be our floating hotel and restaurant for these three beautiful, relaxing and exciting days. Those who went on our cruise three years ago have yet to quit talking about it! I’m sure it will be the same for you. The cost for the entire UN, Israel, Greece, and Mediterranean Sea Cruise will be $2,750 plus tips and taxes. You can Irvin Baxter ensure your place on the tour by Tour Host sending a deposit of $250 as soon as possible. Total payment will need to be made 60 days before departure. If you have further questions, you may call us here at 1-800-ENDTIME.

1-800-ENDTIME for more info
13 Day Tour | April 21 – May 3

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EDITORIAL Irvin Baxter


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ow enthralling it must have been for Simeon the priest when he took the baby Jesus into his arms fully knowing that he was holding the long-promised Messiah! “Let thy servant depart in peace…for mine eyes have seen thy salvation,” he said. What a spiritual rush when Peter blurted out his declaration, “Thou art the Christ!” From that moment on, he lived with the reality that he was eating with and walking beside the Messiah that Abraham, Moses, David and the prophets had all longed for. Actually experiencing the fulfillment of divinely given prophecies and fully realizing it gives an individual the distinct awareness of personally participating in the divine plan of God. You and I find ourselves in this exhilarating position at this time. The apostles reveled in the fulfillment of the prophecies about the first coming of Jesus. We are basking in the glory of personally

experiencing the prophetic fulfillments indicating the nearness of the second coming. Two major prophecies speak in great detail of the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire just before the second coming. In this year of 2004, we will be witnessing the culmination of these prophecies. The European Union will elect its first European president this year. Ten new nations will be added to the present fifteen member states in May, bringing the total population of the EU to 455 million. A European military, currency and constitution are all to be instituted in 2004. Besides the establishment of a United States of Europe, events in the Middle East and developments in the War on Terrorism all have vital prophetic implications. While marveling that we are part of the endtime generation, we should not forget that each of us have been placed here on earth at this time for a particular reason. God has a plan for each of us. Let’s not fail to play our God-ordained role in these climatic days. e

WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christ forever.

In 1968, Irvin Baxter discovered the United States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, reuniting Germany, and that event would be the catalyst to spark an international movement called the “New World Order.” These things have now come to pass. Irvin Baxter, a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message For The President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch ENDTIME. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now being fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. ENDTIME does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to other publications.

On The Road
Santa Maria, CA — Mar. 26
7:30pm. Four Square Church, 709 Curryer, at the corner of Alvin & Curryer.

UN — Israel — Greece — Mediterranean Sea Cruise Apr. 21-May 3
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Dallas-Ft. Worth — Sep. 18
Arlington Convention Center


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MAR / APR 2004 VOL. 14 / NO. 2




10 496 MISSILES:
A Strait Shot for Taiwan Independence.
For some reason, Taiwan’s president Chen Shui-bian feels that 496 missiles parked just across the Straits of Taiwan represents a clear and present danger to the island...

• Time Europe defended itself says EU military official • Poll: European anti-Semitism lives on • France backs China against Taiwan as it eyes trade deals • Court to FBI: No spying on in-car computers • Dean pushed 'smart card' IDs • Watch doubles as credit card • Cheney: Arafat 'torpedoed' peace agreement • Pope to receive Charlemagne Prize • Springtime for Osama • The Euro-Leopard Tank


The game took a radical shift when Ariel Sharon stepped to
the podium in Herzliya. He gave the Palestinians six months to do what he knows they cannot do—implement the Roadmap. In June, he plans to call off the engagement and employ unilateral separation. A look at the prophetic implications.


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Katherine Albrecht plays the part of David.
The role of Goliath is being acted out by some of the world’s most powerful transnational corporations. This is an ongoing story.

Cover & Top: Tracked down by RFID! ENDTIME PHOTO | Bottom Left: Ariel Sharon ILLUSTRATION BY CORBIN RUNNELS | Bottom Right: President Bush AP PHOTO/RON EDMONDS


to a high level EU official hit the nail on the head. Europe’s imminent enlargement to 25 nations “sounds like the Roman Empire.” In fact, it’s the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire, and it’s prophesied in Daniel 2.

President Bush’s off-the-cuff comment


War is ugly. In the Middle East, atrocities have been committed on both sides. A true Christian cannot justify acts of terror, nor justify retaliation. Two wrongs do not make a right. So how can a true Christian choose sides in such a struggle? What must be the Christian position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?



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Warning from Catholic reader As a practicing Catholic, I do not appreciate the office of the Pope, who was and is selected by Our Lord Jesus Christ to guide the faithful, being attacked by erroneous and misguided business and marketing strategies disguised as prophecy. Has it ever occurred to you that Our Lord Jesus was trying to warn us that, when it comes to Israel and Jerusalem, that the false messiah would most definitely come from the same exact region as did Our Lord? Did you not read in Scripture when Jesus said another will come in his own name and him you shall receive. And what evidence can you offer that claims he will be European? Woe be unto the man who seeks to harm the Al-Aqsa Mosque which was built by a Jewish man and should always be a sign of the brotherhood of Ishmael and Isaac. Woe also be unto any politician or banker who would dare use these blessed and sacred people in a godless plot to cause another war. I am very concerned about any relationship people in our country have with the group known as the Temple Mount Faithful, because the stability of their doctrine may cause some problems. May the Lord greatly bless your ministry and I look forward to listening to your broadcast but I strongly adjure you to refrain from attacking or accusing an institution that you really don't take the time to try and understand in its fullness. — E. Faith
REPLY I believe the Antichrist will probably emerge from Europe because the Bible teaches that he will rise up among a confederation of ten kings (Daniel 7:8, 24-27). Furthermore, it can be proven that these ten kings will constitute a revived Holy Roman Empire (Daniel 2:44). Since the historic seat of the Holy Roman Empire has always been Europe, it appears that the Antichrist will rise up in Europe. For a more complete explanation, see Lessons 5 & 8 of Understanding the Endtime Level 1. Also read “President Bush... It Sounds Like the Roman Empire” in this issue of ENDTIME magazine. To better understand the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Bible prophecy, send for our free brochure, “Why So Many Churches.”


erty that did not belong to him. In fact, he had it put there in the wee hours of the morning when no one else was around. All they asked him to do was remove it because it had no business being there without permission. That would be like me putting something on your property without your permission and you asking me to remove it before you call the cops on me. I like your magazine but you need to tell the whole story (if you know it). — Pete
REPLY What you are stating may well be correct. However, the court did not order its removal because Judge Moore paid for it. It ordered the removal on the grounds of separation of church and state. Consequently, the issues remain the same.

Practical questions from non-believer I am not a Christian, but more of an amalgamation of the truths I perceive to be inherent in the religions I have studied. I do, however, enjoy listening to Christian talk radio for several reasons (which I won't waste your time listing here). I am curious, though, to see, assuming of course that the 'endtimes' do not happen, what this ministry will do when Jesus does not show up. Will you come out and admit you were misinformed, or will you quietly disappear into the woodwork with enough money to happily live out the rest of your lives? I'm sure you can appreciate the irony that your afternoon show is contrasted with evening programs about investing to ensure future purchasing power. It does seem strange that an incredibly gentle and forgiving being such as Jesus would come in and slaughter the pagan world, but I suppose that is not my place to interpret His character. Of course, if you truly believe what you are preaching, I do hope the prophecy comes along accordingly. I also hope you have at least considered Revelation from the standpoint of Roman history. Thank you for hearing what I had to say. Have a good day. — KC Swink
REPLY I don’t know how often you get to listen to “Politics & Religion,” but we sincerely believe the endtimes are already happening. The emerging world government, the coming global ID, the rebirth of the nation of Israel and the many other prophetic developments all attest to this. If you are asking at what point we would believe that we have been totally off base in believing that the endtimes have arrived, it is a valid question. If twenty years from now, world

Judge Moore: the whole story In your article about Judge Roy Moore, you failed to mention the fact that he bought and paid for the Ten Commandments fixture that weighed three tons and had it put on prop-




government structures have not advanced, a Jewish temple has not been built, a global ID system has not been implemented and developments in the Middle East have frozen in place, then we might have to reassess our position. However, I don’t think that is going to happen. May I reverse the question? What would have to occur for you to believe that we are, in fact, in the endtimes? What would convince you to become a committed Christian? I hope you will give this sincere consideration. As far as me retiring with enough money from this ministry to live happily ever after, I don’t see it happening. So far, I’ve done nothing but give to this ministry, but I’m not complaining. It’s been my privilege to do it. RFID – A way of life In the Dallas Morning News on 12/28/03 there was an article, front page, business section, discussing RFID chips and WalMart. Linda Dillman, Chief Information Officer has an answer to all those opposing the technology. “Get ready, because change is coming. Wal-Mart is positioning itself at the front of an inevitable technological revolution, even if it means dragging others into a future they're not sure they want.” Dillman continued, “...the public doesn't change our focus on making sure (RFID implementation) happens.” Additionally, according to the article this change is going to start in Dallas! Dennis Mullen, CEO of Birds Eye Foods was quoted as saying, “People who cannot come up to speed on this technology are going to be left behind. Eventually it's going to be a way of life.” The article further points out that a can of soda can be tracked from “manufacturer to warehouse to store to a customer's RFID-equipped refrigerator.” Amazing! Praise be to God! — Angela P. Wasting time on Daniel 7 You spend entirely too much time on the vision of the four beasts in Daniel Chapter 7, and don't consider the fact that Daniel saw what is written in Chapters 7 and 8 as the same vision. Daniel 8:1: “In the third year of the reign of king Belshazzar a vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first.” Please consider the fact that Daniel saw the vision of the he-goat and ram mixed in with the vision of the four beasts. — David These visions actually occurred two years apart. The Daniel 7 vision happened in the first year of the reign of Belshazzar. We do talk about Daniel 7 quite a lot, but rightfully so. If a person does not properly understand the identity of the lion, the eagle, the bear, the leopard and the ten-horned beast, he cannot possibly understand the world government beast of Revelation 13. Without understanding Revelation 13, a person cannot understand Revelation 17. Consequently, it is impossible to have a comprehensive understanding of Bible prophecy without understanding Daniel 7.

amounts of money in a security wall (they don’t seem to be thinking that it is temporary), how can this possibly be the time of the 6th Trumpet? Where do you place the timing of Ezekiel’s prophecy? — J. Bateman
REPLY This prophecy of Ezekiel 38 describes the Battle of Armageddon. The prophecy states that Israel will be a nation of unwalled villages. A security wall at Israel’s border would not necessarily violate this prophecy since the cities of Israel are not walled. On the other hand, Ariel Sharon has stated that the security fence can be taken down if peace comes to the neighborhood. Either way, it appears to me that the prophecy can still be fulfilled.

A giant steppingstone I thank God daily for your ministry. Politics & Religion has been a giant steppingstone in my life and has led me to be born again. May the Lord continue to bless you and may many more be brought to the cross through your teachings. I plan to continue to support you as I grow in the Lord and as He blesses. — Terry H. Harry Potter and the Mark My son Nathan, an 8-year-old second grader, heard about the RFID chip and the mark of the beast. He said, “Mom...you know how Harry Potter has that lightning bolt on his forehead? Maybe they're trying to make kids think it's cool to have a mark on your forehead and when they take the mark of the beast, they'll think it's cool like Harry Potter.” That gave me pause! He sees through Harry Potter, but it's all over the public schools and their libraries. Funny how they can have books in public school that teach Wicca wrapped inside a fictional story, but anything that alludes to Christianity is out of bounds. — T.C. E-newsletter impact Thank you all soooo much for the free weekly e-newsletter. Our family supports you both financially and through our prayers, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. — Gloria & family Line upon line Your teachings have helped me put line upon line and precept upon precept. I can now read Revelation and understand it for myself, but more than that, you have equipped me so that I can help others. — Irene Making a difference I pray that your ministry will grow and reach many others who need understanding. Be encouraged that you are making a difference in the lives of many. — Marianna Right on! You guys are right on the mark, no pun intended. — Neil

Ezekiel 38-39 Ezekiel says that Israel must be at peace and un-walled before the invasion occurs. Since they are investing huge

ENDTIME and/or its staff. ENDTIME

thanks you for your letters. The letters we use in ENDTIME do not necessarily reflect the views of reserves the right to edit letters according to space and editorial style.





Bush grabs new power for FBI President Bush has quietly signed into law the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2004, a new bill giving the FBI unprecedented power to obtain records from financial institutions, dramatically expanding the reach of the USA Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act, the FBI had to submit subpoena requests to a federal judge or have the approval of a senior government official. Under the new law, the FBI can now acquire these records through an administrative procedure whereby an FBI field agent simply drafts a letter stating the information is relevant to a national security investigation. The law also prohibits subpoenaed businesses from revealing to anyone, including a person under investigation, that the government has requested records of their transactions. The Bible describes an economic system in the endtime with unprecedented worldwide control such that unless a person bends to its will, that person will be unable to buy anything or sell anything (Revelation 13:15-18). In light of this, developments such as the latest expansion of Patriot Act powers deserve attention. continent itself. He also said there was no threat in Europe that the EU could not handle alone, especially after it adds 10 new members in May, mainly former communist states from central and eastern Europe. “We don't know if the United States will have forever the resources, or the interest, to defend Europe,” he said. EU nominated for Nobel in Norway peace controversy Ex-Norwegian prime minister, Thorbjoern Jagland has nominated the European Union for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping unite the continent after the Cold War. It is viewed as having little chance of success in EU-skeptical Norway. Jagland, a member of the opposition Labor Party and nominated to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said, “The EU has helped create peace in Europe. [It] is taking major steps to end hundreds of years of rivalries between nation-states in Europe.” He said the EU deserved the prize in 2004 because of the expansion from 15 to 25 states that is scheduled to take place in May. It will include former eastern bloc nations such as Poland and Hungary. Poll: European anti-Semitism lives on On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a day that Israel has dedicated to combating antiSemitism, a poll was released showing that one-third of Europeans feel Jews should stop playing “Holocaust victim” games. In addition, the survey, conducted by Corriere della Sera, of nine European countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Britain) found that 46% of those interviewed feel Jews are “different,” and 71% of them urged Israel to withdraw from the territories. Nine percent of respondents do not

by Liz Freeman & Ginger Boerkircher

“like or trust Jews,” and 15% would prefer that Israel not exist. Just over 68% said they believed Israel has a right to exist but that the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is “making the wrong choices.” In the countries polled, anti-Semitic sentiment was positively connected with anti-Israel sentiment. The new antiSemitism demonizes the state of Israel. Meanwhile, in Britain, leading Christian clergy, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and the country’s chief rabbi have issued a severe warning about the resurgence of anti-Semitism and the use of anti-Israel language as a cover for anti-Semitism. Expressing their hatred of anti-Semitism, they admitted, “Britain has been less affected [by anti-Semitism] than many other countries, but has certainly not been immune.”

Labor Secretary Chao: UN a threat to U.S. President Bush's labor secretary, Elaine Chao warned a group of conservatives that Americans must pay more attention to the United Nations and its related organizations, which were chipping away at U.S. sovereignty and threatening freedoms. Chao, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, stated that powerful tax-exempt organizations were applying pressure through the UN to have the world body make decisions for Americans' lives without any input from its citizens. Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, charged that the goal was to “erase national boundaries”, redistribute wealth on an international scale and steer decisions on American affairs from representative government to the “global village” with

Time Europe defended itself says EU military official The European Union's top military official, Finnish general, Gustav Hagglund suggested that American and European forces should be responsible for their own territorial defense and only cooperate on major crises outside their regions. Hagglund stated that it was time Europe shouldered the defense of the




all of us as “global citizens”. Panelist Tom Kilgannon of Oliver North’s Freedom Alliance noted that Secretary General Kofi Anan lives “like a king” at the UN, where “Castro is a hero and George W. Bush is reviled or barely tolerated.” “Kofi Anan is no friend of the American people, and the UN is no ally of the Untied States,” he declared. DeWeese and fellow panelist, Jeff Gayner of Americans for Sovereignty, called for the U.S. to get out of the UN and to force the UN to get out of the U.S.

interference.” The court concluded that a wiretap would create substantial interference. Dean pushed 'smart card' IDs Despite presidential campaign promises to protect personal privacy, Democratic candidate Howard Dean, in 2002, advocated “smart card” IDs for all Americans and pressed for a requirement that PCs include card readers to ensure a user's identity before going online. CNet News reported that Dean made the pronouncements at a conference sponsored by a smart-card company. “We must move to smarter license cards that carry secure digital information that can be universally read at vital checkpoints,” Dean was reported to have said. “Issuing such a card would have little effect on the privacy of Americans.” Watch doubles as credit card It would be so convenient if you could just wave your hand and pay your bills. Well, now you can. Timex is selling the Smart Pass Watch containing a debit chip. Not only do these watches tell time, they pay your bills. Merely wave your watch in front of the gas pump or at the local Stop & Shop and...purchase paid. The Smart Pass watch can be used at more than 8,000 ExxonMobil stations nationwide. In certain parts of the country, it can buy groceries at Stop & Shop markets and meals at more than 440 McDonald's restaurants. The watches look like ordinary watches, sell for nearly the same price and work like a debit card. Timex is warning users to treat it like a debit card and make sure it's always in a safe place.

other foreign leader during the eight years of the Clinton administration. “Bill Clinton did everything he could to try to put together a settlement and came fairly close. In the final analysis, Arafat refused to say yes.” Pope to receive Charlemagne Prize Vatican Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls announced that “the city of Aquisgrana has conferred on His Holiness John Paul II, in an extraordinary and single fashion, the Charlemagne International Prize as a recognition of his personal commitment and that of the Holy See in favor of unity among the peoples of Europe on the basis of the values rooted in the common human nature and efficaciously promoted by Christianity. The Holy Father feels honored to accept this prize which will be conferred on him on March 25th in the Vatican.” Springtime for Osama Quoting military sources, the Chicago Tribune has reported that U.S. forces are planning to destroy the Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terror network and capture its notorious leader. The offensive is being referred to in internal Pentagon messages as the “spring offensive.” The Tribune reports the assassination attempts on Musharraf seem to have triggered the plans. American troops are headed for Pakistan. The Euro-Leopard Tank After analyses of the 1973 Yom Kippur War became available, it became clear that increased armor protection would be a decisive factor in the future. The Leopard 2 battle tank was the result. The Leopard 2, with Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) as the general contractor, is the world’s most successful main battle Tank, and is now deployed by 11 European countries. The Leopard 2 appropriately bears the name “Euro-Leopard”. Revelation 13:2 describes the endtime world governmental system as being “like unto a leopard (Germany), and his feet were as the feet of a bear (Russia), and his mouth as the mouth of a lion (Great Britain): and the dragon (Satan) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” e

France backs China against Taiwan as it eyes trade deals It is expected that Chinese President Hu Jintao will bolster ties with France after French counterpart, Jacques Chirac criticized China's opponent Taiwan over a planned referendum seen as promoting a push for independence. Chirac, speaking at a state banquet honoring Hu, called the March 20th plebiscite “a grave mistake” that would destabilize Asia. He added that France was attached to the idea “of just one China”. His comment aligned France with the United States and Japan, which have also criticized the referendum. Taiwanese President Chen Shuibian has timed it to coincide with upcoming presidential elections.

Court to FBI: No spying on in-car computers A federal appeals court ruled that the FBI and other police agencies may not eavesdrop on conversations inside automobiles equipped with OnStar or similar dashboard computing systems. The (usually-ultra liberal) 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said that the FBI is not legally entitled to remotely activate the system and use it to spy on passengers because doing so would render the system inoperable during an emergency. In a 2-1 ruling, the majority found that a district judge was wrong to have granted the FBI its request for covert monitoring. Under current law, the court said, companies may only be ordered to comply with wiretaps when the order would cause a “minimum of

Cheney: Arafat 'torpedoed' peace agreement Vice President Dick Cheney, addressing the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, said peace is unlikely while Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat remains in power. Cheney said that, near the end of his second term, Bill Clinton talked repeatedly about his disappointment with Arafat who was in the White House and the West Wing more often than any





For some reason,
Taiwan’s president, Chen Shui-bian feels that 496 missiles parked just across the Straits of Taiwan represents a clear and present danger to the island...
Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian speaking at an army base near Taipei. The Taiwanese president told military officers that China's intentions to invade Taiwan “were clearer than ever before.” He said the Chinese military was vigorously developing its armed forces and weapons. The portrait of Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek is in the background. AP PHOTO/JEROME FAVRE


hina currently has 496 missiles aimed at Taiwan, only 135 miles away. These missiles travel at speeds of 1 1/2 miles per second and thus are about 90 seconds from Taiwan’s shores. Chen Shui-bian has decided to put forth a referendum asking China to remove these intimidating missiles. Chen’s ultimate desire is to hold a referendum for total independence, but at President Bush’s request, he has promised not to do it. However, there remains one provision under which he has reserved the right to declare sovereignty: if the island comes under a clear and present danger. For some reason, the island’s leader feels that 496 missiles parked just across the Straits of Taiwan represents such a danger. Until now, Bush has said that the U.S. will do whatever it takes to guard Tai-

wan against a Chinese assault. Will Bush ever back off from his promise to defend her? “We oppose any unilateral decision by either China or Taiwan to change the status quo,” Bush said after talks with visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. “And the comments and actions made by the leader of Taiwan indicate that he may be willing to make decisions unilaterally to change the status quo, which we oppose,” Bush added. Maintaining the status quo prevents the U.S. from having to take a stand. If Taiwan is truly a U.S. interest, which it is, then to what extent will America become involved? Taiwan appears resolute to declare self-rule. China looks equally determined to halt them. Does Washington have the ability to pacify both sides? The U.S. has the nuclear capability to cause unthinkable mass destruction. If she is sucked into an all-out war with China, there is no telling how the world would be forever altered.

What’s in a name? In a rare diplomatic victory, Taiwan was recently able to get its national title modified at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) from “Taiwan, China” to simply “Taiwan”. The victory has infuriated Beijing... once again. The news headline read, “International Body Accepts Taiwan.” How will this affect the slow but deadly dogfight between Beijing and Taipei? One of the world’s largest law enforcement agencies no longer recognizes Taiwan as a renegade province of the Motherland. Taiwan has continually defied Mainland China since 1949. When the communists overthrew the regime of Free China, Chiang Kai-shek and his followers took flight to the island of Taiwan. Since then, Beijing has contended that Taiwan is under China’s authority even though Mao Tse-tung’s communists never actually conquered the island. China has been vociferously demanding “reunification” in recent years, and it appears they are not letting up on their demands.




The haunting One-China Policy, which has been in force since the U.S. Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979, even now guides President Bush’s actions. He has stated that if there is to be unification between Taiwan and the Mainland, it should be done diplomatically and not by force. Taiwan has typically depended on the U.S. for military protection, but the U.S. has respected the economic and military forces of the mainland. Quite a balancing act. This is a delicate subject since, in the past, China has stated her intentions to take out 25 major U.S. cities with nuclear ballistic missiles. With no missile defense system in place, the U.S. remains vulnerable to any major nuclear power, and China is no exception. The Plot Thickens Taiwan is now marching towards declaring sovereignty, or what China would call the ‘abyss of destruction’. A referendum that could lead to such a declaration will be voted on when Taiwan goes to the polls for the upcoming March 20th presidential elections. A recent attempt to put the name ‘Taiwan’ on all of its passports in place of “Republic of China” is another example of the steps the island has been taking that have exasperated the Red Chinese. What may seem like tiddlywinks to those of us halfway around the world appears as a hardcore threat in the eyes of the communist Chinese. “Taipei’s radical push towards independence has put cross-Straits relations in the crucible... Peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits will be determined by what happens in the next three months,” said Wang Zaizi, vice minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, as quoted in the China Daily. Zaizi warned Taiwan to “stop playing with fire”. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has vowed Beijing will pay any price to safeguard the “unity of the motherland”. But Wang stopped short of threatening force. We are a sovereign nation! Chen Shui-bian, president of Taiwan, has declared autonomy at numerous junctures. Now we are seeing an amplified effort to affirm Taiwan’s independence on the global level. The IACP is an international organization. It is also a obliterated? Revelation 9:13-16 prophesies a war coming that will kill onethird of mankind. Whatever date it turns out to be, we can bank on the fact that it will be a day that the four billion survivors will never forget. The prophecy states that one of the combatants in this war will have an army of 200 million soldiers. China is the only nation to ever make such a boast and have the population to back it up. We may be looking at a political Mount St. Helens. One thing we can know for certain: in the event that two billion people die, it will open the door for global governance to have its day in the sun. The Antichrist and his regime will quickly rise as the new champions of peace. They will be embraced for their heroic leadership. But it will be the most brutal leadership the world has ever known. Whether the 6th Trumpet war begins here and now, or not, one truth remains unchanged. It is time to proclaim the gospel like never before. If the Bible says this war is sure to happen, then nothing will prevent it. The only sheltered place is in the name of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 18:10 declares, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” 496 missiles on the wall. 496 missiles. If one of those missiles just happens to fall... e Craig Treadwell and Dana Grohman contributed to the writing of this article. Related resources from ENDTIME: “The China Threat,” VHS, one hour. “Did 9/11 Start World War III?,” VHS or DVD, one hour. Understanding the Endtime Level 3: The Sequence of Endtime Events, 6 lessons on VHS, Cassette Series or Study Manual.

months. — Wang Zaizi,
vice minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

member of Interpol, the international police system. Nobody wants blood on their hands, yet everybody wants it their way. Is it possible to make both Red China and Taiwan happy without resorting to fullscale warfare? Who will decide the game has gone on long enough and act on the unthinkable? The Day After What future date will become the next “September 11th” that, when mentioned, will invoke horrific memories forever to be embedded in the minds of survivors? What will the world be like the day after two billion people are

Peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits will be determined by what happens in the next three







or the last ten years, it has seemed that peace for Israel is simply impossible. In January of 2001, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to return virtually all of the occupied territories, including placing the Temple Mount totally under Palestinian sovereignty. Still Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat rejected the offer, demanding that Arabs should be able to return to territories lost when the Arabs launched their war against Israel in 1948. Returning Arabs to the heartland of Israel—to Tel Aviv, Haifa and Netanya—would have spelled the end of the State of

Israel. The world community knew this. Israel knew it. And Yasser Arafat knew it. But Arafat said he would accept no less. Israel was unwilling to accept national suicide. So the Palestinian suicide bombings continued. Israeli morale sank lower and lower. It appeared there was no hope in sight. Oh yes, Israel had the power to utterly drive the Palestinians from the land; but that was unacceptable to the world community. The Jewish people could continue to slog along from suicide bombing to suicide bombing. But the fear had become palpable—fear to get on buses, go to restaurants, shop in the

malls, live a normal life. Historic speech Then came December 17, 2003. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon delivered his historic speech at the annual conference in Herzliya. The Palestinians were thrown into chaos and disarray by Sharon’s proposals. He challenged the Palestinians to implement the world community’s Roadmap for Peace. That was nothing new. But then he dropped the bombshell. If you are unwilling to fulfill the demands of the international community, then Israel will move unilaterally to disengage from living with the Palestinians. We will finish the building of our security fence as rapidly as possible. Palestinians will then live on one side, and Israelis will live on the other. Sharon warned that the Palestinians would not receive as good a deal if Israel were forced to separate unilaterally. Therefore, he urged the Palestinians to move forward quickly to enact the Roadmap for Peace.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon speaks during a convention on security in the Israeli coastal town of Herzliya on December 18, 2003. Sharon stated during this major policy address that Israel would start its own separation moves if the U.S.backed Roadmap for Peace fails, specifically, if the Palestinians do not make moves toward peace within six months.




The dirty secret The first step to implementing the Roadmap is for the Palestinians to stop all terror and to dismantle all terrorist entities. However, the Palestinians cannot dismantle Hamas and the Islamic Jihad without triggering a civil war. The first Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, said that he would not dismantle the terrorist entities. The present prime minister, Ahmed Qurei, has said that he will not disarm the terrorists. Therefore, the Roadmap cannot be implemented by the Palestinians. The Palestinians know this. Israel knows this. The United States and the world community know this. Result? Sharon has said that he will begin to disengage unilaterally within six months from the time of his speech. That will be around May. He is saying that Palestinians will be on one side of the security wall that Israel is building, and Israel will be on the other side. What will this do? Suddenly the Palestinians will lose the only weapon that they have to pressure Israel into concessions – the weapon of terrorism and suicide bombings. Once the 25-foot-high wall is completed, Israel will be able to live in relative safety. All of a sudden, the urgency to negotiate will be removed. What does the Bible say about this? The prophecies state that Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel for seven years. They also tell us that the Temple Mount will be shared between Jew and Gentile during these final seven years and that a Jewish temple will be built there. Furthermore, Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:15-21 that, halfway through the final seven years, terrible slaughter would be unleashed against Jews living in the area of Judea (the West Bank). Could Sharon’s plan of unilateral disengagement lead to the fulfillment of these prophecies? It certainly appears so. Sharon’s plan calls for Israel’s withdrawal to the security fence now under construction. Settlers living in Judea claim they will not give up their land. If Sharon withdraws, leaving the settlers to live under Palestinian control, this would explain the prophesied slaughter. The year of 2004 will be an interesting year for students of Bible prophecy. e


Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat hugs and kisses Sheik Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, at a hospital in Jordan in 1997 just after his release from an Israeli prison. AP PHOTO/POOL










E A S T !

Give credit to Hamas when credit is due. The terrorist organization’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, has openly stated that he is prepared to accept a temporary peace with Israel and a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza with Jerusalem as its capital city. When one hears of a Muslim making a “temporary peace”, it is hard to avoid recalling the ten-year peace agreement signed by Mohammed with the tribe of Koreish. After two years, Mohammed's military position improved inspiring him to tear up the agreement and slaughter the Koreishites. In this same spirit, Yasser Arafat, within days after signing of the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, compared the historic accords to this same Mohammedan treaty. He shared his true intent with an Arab audience in South Africa. It was a speech not intended for translation and Western consumption; however, it was captured on tape and leaked out. Arafat again stated his intention to break his peace over-


tures with Israel just after signing the Wye Accords in 1998. His admission came during a rally of his Fatah movement in Ramallah three weeks after Wye, again in Arabic and again, not intended for a Western audience. There he referenced the Khudaibiya agreement – the accord signed by Sala’adin with the Crusaders. Sala’adin was the Muslim leader who, after this ceasefire, declared a jihad against the Crusaders and conquered Jerusalem. On numerous previous occasions, both Arafat and other senior Palestinian officials have assured Arab audiences that their treaties with Israel are only temporary truces rather than genuine, permanent peace agreements. Israel is finally recognizing this reality, especially in light of the recent refusal of several prominent Palestinian organizations to sign a U.S.-sponsored commitment to cut funding from groups engaged in terrorism. Entitled “Certification Regarding Terrorist Financing,” it would have committed the signers to pledge not to shift funds to anyone engaged in terrorism. The organizations, which include social welfare groups within the Palestinian Authority and independent NGOs funded mostly by the U.S. and the EU, not only refused to sign, but they organized public demonstrations in opposition to the document. Among the terrorist groups listed were Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades (the armed wing of Fatah), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Hamas is open about its intent. Credit is due. With Hamas, and perhaps with the culture at large, peace agreements are understood to be temporary. And this realization is pushing Israel closer to declaring unilateral separation. e

In the past, Israel was calling it a security fence. Today they are calling it an anti-terrorism fence; the wall that Arafat built. The Palestinians don’t like it. Therefore the United Nations doesn’t like it. But the United States seems to understand Israel’s need for it. And the U.S. holds veto power in the UN Security Council. For that reason, the Palestinians called for a sweep left—an end-around, per se. Unable to force Israel to halt construction by way of a Security Council vote to be followed by economic sanctions or military force, the Arab nations, instead, asked the International Court of Justice in The Hague to rule on the legality of the fence. In December, the UN General Assembly formally asked the ICJ to rule on the “legal implications of the construction of a wall on conquered Palestinian land.” Israeli officials are assuming that the ICJ verdict will be hostile, as is most every UN decision concerning Israel. Therefore, Israel is rejecting the world government court’s jurisdiction over the matter. The Sharon government is currently preparing a legal, diplomatic and public relations battle designed to deny the ICJ’s authority to reach a decision on the separation fence. It is sending its top legal advisors to The Hague, and is already laying the groundwork to justify the security need for the fence. Likewise, the Palestinian Authority has retained international legal authorities to represent its opposition to the fence at the court discussions. The U.S. also shares Israel's concerns about the world court asserting its influence concerning the security fence. The ICJ is not under the control of the Israel-protecting U.S. veto. American officials believe that the proceedings will set a negative precedent, politicizing international law and dealing a blow to Washington’s veto-wielding influence on world affairs. The U.S. is considering submitting a brief of its position on the case, and perhaps even taking part in the discussions. The case is slated to be heard on February 23. e








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Katherine Albrecht plays the part of David. The role of Goliath is being acted out by some of the world’s most powerful transnational corporations. This is an ongoing story.


t was early 2003 and the outlook was bleak. The war had begun. After three years of quiet research and planning, the MIT Auto-ID Center, a consortium of over 100 global corporations and government agencies, was set to launch the Internet of Things – a system using tiny computer chips with miniature antennas to tag, number, and track every object on the planet. Major companies were preparing to test the system in real stores, on live

shoppers. Gillette had announced plans to purchase 500 million RFID tags from a company called Alien Technology for use in its shaving products. Benetton was gearing up to put 15 million spy chips in women’s clothing. Other companies would quickly follow suit. And yet the world's people knew nothing. The experts behind the system expected little resistance from the public. Though their research found that 78 percent of people surveyed objected to RFID technology on privacy grounds, it also indicated they could hope for apa-

Benetton was gearing up to put 15 million tracking devices in women’s clothing. A worldwide boycott campaign against the international clothing chain caused it to cancel its plans and promise consumers that their clothes would be spy-chip free. ENDTIME PHOTO, BENETTON STOREFRONT, VENICE, ITALY.

thy, provided no one stepped forward to lead the public in opposition. The coast looked clear for a full-scale rollout. The world would be invaded by this technology before people even knew what had hit them. But we changed all of that. In a David vs. Goliath style miracle, a small band of committed individuals armed with little more than the truth and big dose of faith foiled the plans of some of the world’s richest and most powerful corporations. In March 2003, CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering) launched a worldwide boycott campaign again Benetton that brought media coverage from as far away as Tasmania and Sweden. The company was inundated with calls and letters from angry consumers around the globe protesting its planned use of spy chips in clothing. Within a few short weeks, Benetton canceled its plans to turn women’s clothing into tracking devices and promised consumers that their clothes would be spychip free. Other companies took the hint and went underground with their RFID spy chip plans, but CASPIAN pursued them. This summer I found a Gillette smart shelf that uses a hidden camera to take mug shots of consumers as they pick up products. The shelf had been quietly installed in a Wal-Mart store in Brockton, Massachusetts, just an hour from my home. When word of the trial got out, Wal-Mart was inundated with customer complaints. While both Gillette and Wal-Mart initially denied the exis-






tence of the shelf, I bought a disposable camera and took a few photos for posterity. When I shared these photos with the media, suddenly Wal-Mart and Gillette remembered the shelf, but claimed it had never been activated. As soon as it found itself in a public relations firestorm, Wal-Mart assured consumers that RFID technology would not be appearing on the retail floor of its stores, and Gillette claimed it would not be tagging any more products “for ten years.” When we later checked, sure enough the photo-snapping shelf in Brockton had vanished. Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, had backed down, beating a hasty retreat from a controversial technology. Consumers had won their second enormous victory. Soon after saving American consumers from spy shelf technology, we were dismayed to learn that Gillette was taking pictures of unsuspecting British customers at a chain called Tesco. (Tesco is Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, similar to our familiar Wal-Mart.) CASPIAN got the word out to UK citizens by working for over a month with a reporter from The Guardian newspaper to uncover documents and get the evidence published. After the resulting outcry led to protests at Tesco stores, those spy
Microphotograph of individual NanoBlock ICs on the surface oa a U.S. dime. PHOTO COURTESY OF EPCGLOBAL, INC.

shelves, too, disappeared. As these scandals were unfolding, the proponents of RFID were working on a top-secret public relations plan to “pacify” the public. The folks at the MIT Auto-ID Center (who had promised that data collected through their global spy system would be safe in their control), had left dozens of sensitive inter-

nal documents accessible on their website. We were able to access these directly over the World Wide Web by simply by typing the word “confidential” into their public search engine. These confidential documents revealed the Center’s strategies to “drive adoption” and “neutralize opposition” to RFID, while depending on consumer

Official banner of the International Supply Chain conference held simultaneously with the EPC Symposium in Chicago this past September. This image, reading “mark, track, manage, share” was posted on the conference website, and also on banners, posters, and signs at the event.





Smile! As you browse the Lipfinity lipstick selection at Wal-Mart, your moving image is captured by webcam and beamed to Procter & Gamble executives who study your facials. ENDTIME PHOTO / BRIAN BENJAMIN

“apathy” to minimize their troubles. They also listed by name several lawmakers, privacy advocates, and others whom they hoped to “bring into the Center’s ‘inner circle’”. A flurry of critical media stories followed, busting the RFID issue wide open. Companies hastily canceled longstanding plans to test RFID tags on consumers. Almost overnight their focus shifted from tracking people and purchases to tracking inventory in back room warehouses, far from public scrutiny. Since that time, no company has dared to publicly attempt live RFID tests involving consumers in the United States. Any trials that had already taken place have been buried and quietly covered up. Companies have not been entirely successful in destroying evidence of their trials, however. Recently, it came to light that Procter & Gamble and WalMart used consumers as guinea pigs to test an RFID shelf holding Lipfinity lipstick. Lipfinity purchasers at a WalMart store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma were observed as they interacted with

the tagged lipsticks, and images of them were beamed by webcam to P&G executives 750 miles away. Again, the companies first denied the trial, but caved in the face of evidence provided by the Chicago Sun Times, which uncovered the story. Wal-Mart and P&G were forced to acknowledge the tests but said

no further RFID experiments were being planned. In September, CASPIAN turned out to protest RFID's version of a coming of age party: the official launch of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) network in Chicago. This is the event where “deputized evangelists” were enlisted to help spread the “holy grail” of RFID like a contagion to attendees. (These are real phrases, taken from actual documents and individuals promoting the event. Religious terminology abounded.) “EPC” is the official name for the RFID tags slated to replace the bar code on all manufactured products, thus turning the things we buy into tracking devices. Over 30 demonstrators turned out to protest the EPC network launch, which we planned to coincide with Gillette's “Reasons to Believe” speech. Some took time off from work and school and others drove over two hours in Chicago's notorious rush hour traffic to attend. I filed a civil rights lawsuit to ensure our First Amendment right to speak publicly at the event and spent a full day in federal court to plead our case. We didn't even learn where we would be assembling until the 11th hour. A year ago, I felt powerless to fight the onslaught of MIT's spy chip technology. What could one woman and a loosely affiliated band of consumers possibly do to slow the avalanche headed our way? I said my prayers and took a stand, armed only with a fistful of courage and a heart full of faith. And what a year it has turned out to be! To my amazement, almost one year to the

RFID bumper stickers from www.weirdbytes.com/rfid/bstickers.htm




day after I first vowed to fight RFID, I found myself addressing an auditorium full of scientists, engineers, business executives and reporters – on MIT’s own property – as the invited keynote speaker on RFID privacy! Truly God had prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. As if our blessing were not enough already, the icing on the cake was being able to present this assembled crowd with a position statement on RFID signed by over 40 of the world’s leading privacy and civil liberties organizations. (See it online at: http://www.privacyrights.org/ar/RFIDposition.htm) In this document, we call for a moratorium on item-level tagging of consumer products and outline a series of unacceptable practices. The eyes of the world are now on the RFID industry. No longer can it operate in darkness and secrecy. No longer is our band of freedom-fighting consumers alone, but we have now been joined by organizations representing hundreds of thousands of consumers across the globe. God has called in the cavalry. What looked bleak last year has taken an optimistic turn. We have much to look forward to: a few more years to live and worship freely. e

1. I _____ toward the mark for the prize of the high calling. A. Run B. Walk C. Press D. Pull 2. Solomon’s navy brought him this jungle creature. A. Ape B. Giraffe C. Elephant D. Zebra 3. In Luke 17:17, Jesus cleansed ten lepers; how many thanked Him? A. 10 B. 7 C. 1 D. 5 4. In order to see, these fell from the eyes of Saul. A. Tears B. Eyelashes C. Drops of blood D. Scales 5. Pharez and Zarah were twins. Name the other pair of twins. A. Cain & Abel B. Jacob & Esau C. Paul & Silas D. Elijah & Elisha 6. In what place did the Israelites eat fish, melons, leeks and onions? A. Egypt B. Assyria C. Arabia D. Babylon 7. After the baptism of Jesus, what bird is mentioned? A. Raven B. Dove C. Peacock D. Quail 8. By what method was Stephen killed? A. Pierced by swords B. Flayed with knives C. Stoned D. Hung 9. What bird brought food to Elijah? A. Stork B. Seagull C. Hawk D. Raven 10. The Lord sent the brother of Moses to meet him in the wilderness. A. Aaron B. Abraham C. Lot D. Jonah 11. Why do the heathen _____ and the people imagine …? A. Laugh B. Cry C. Sing D. Rage 12. In Exodus 21:6, a pointed tool for piercing the ear lobes. A. Aul B. Rivet C. Stick D. Thumbtack 13. For what organization would Matthew be working today? A. CIA B. FBI C. IRS D. YMCA 14. Such as should be saved, the Lord added to the church... A. Monthly B. Daily C. Weekly D. Yearly 15. Call me not Naomi, but call me by what name? A. Sara B. Jochebed C. Rahab D. Mara 16. Who is worthy to _____ the book and to loose the seals? A. Open B. Close C. Print D. Lift 17. Hath not the potter power over the what? A. Iron B. Clay C. Gold D. Silver 18. Will a man _____ God … in tithes and offerings? A. Supply B. Sue C. Rob D. Out talk 19. What fowl is listed as gathering her brood under her wings? A. Turkey B. Duck C. Ostrich D. Hen 20. What is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong? A. Work B. Race C. Journey D. Flight
Answers on page 25

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B U S H …

“Sounds like the Roman Empire, Romano,” remarked President Bush. His offthe-cuff comment to Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, came in response to Prodi’s proud description of the dramatic enlargement scheduled for the European Union in May of 2004.
So was President Bush right? Is the unification of Europe, which we are presently witnessing, the re-creation of the Roman Empire? The President’s statement is interesting because the Bible prophesies the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire right before the Second Coming of Jesus. The Holy Roman Empire is the Roman Empire in a modified form. There are two prophecies that foretell the re-emergence of the Holy Roman Empire. They are found in Daniel 2 and Revelation 17. Over the last 1,200 years, the Holy Roman Empire has always been led by two men, a political leader and a spiritual leader. This will be true of the last rise of the Holy Roman Empire. The Bible calls those two men the Antichrist and the False Prophet. A united Europe The January 3, 2004 edition of The Economist featured an article entitled, “The History of an Idea.” The article states, “Ever since the fall of Rome, a strain in European thought has longed for the re-creation of an over-arching political structure for Europe, and has used the Roman Empire as a model. In 800 AD, more than three centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, the king of the Franks, had himself crowned in Rome by the pope. His new empire stretched from the Pyrenees to the Danube and from Hamburg to Sicily; and his imperial seal bore the words Renovatio Imperii Romani, ‘the Renewal of the Roman Empire.’” In making his remark, President Bush, knowingly or not, touched upon a crucial point: the drive for European unity has deep historical origins. They stretch back to the dissolution of the Roman Empire and the memory of the empire Charlemagne strove to renew. Napoleon tried to re-create it through his Legion of Honor in 1802, which was modeled after the Roman Legio Honoratorum. Hitler attempted to unify Europe. His loyalists gave the Roman salute. Their cry, “Heil Hitler!” was modeled after “Hail Caesar!” Even the Nazi’s SS division for French volunteers was called the “Charlemagne Division”. Whether in times of war or peace, the inspiration for European unification has always been attributed to Charlemagne. In May, ten new nations will join the European Union, bringing the total membership to 25 nations. This will swell the population of the EU to 450 million. The economies of these nations will merge, with most adopting a common currency—the euro, and all national borders will be abolished. Also scheduled for 2004 is the election of a European president, the formation of a European military and the adoption of a European constitution. We are witnessing nothing short of the creation of




a superpower that could rival the United States for world leadership. The United States dominates the world today causing some to accuse the U.S. of being a revived Roman Empire. However, a true reincarnation of an ancient empire is being born in Europe. When they cry ‘peace, peace’ Former attempts to recreate the Roman Empire had been made by military force. However, today the mission is nearly accomplished without a shot being fired. The ammunition of the architects of the new Europe has been words. The weapon—peace. The rationale in the drive for the unification of Europe has been to ensure that the continent, which gave us World War I and World War II, would never be the source of World War III. European leaders pointed out that the horrible wars of the 20th Century were ignited by national conflicts. They reasoned that if borders were eliminated and the nation-states of Europe were merged into a United States of Europe, the caus-

es of war would be dissolved and Europe would live in peace. The Economist boldly claims: “The Romans and Charlemagne actually inspired the fathers of the EU, whose objectives were the exact opposite of war. Indeed, the founding treaty of their creation was signed in Rome, of course, in 1957.” Present European leaders hope to return to the Eternal City in 2004 to put their names to a new constitution. Should anyone be surprised that the expansion of the European club is being managed from the Charlemagne Building in Brussels? The “Holy” Roman Empire What is the distinction between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire? The Roman Empire was strictly political. But as in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2, the last empire was made of iron mingled with clay—the Roman Empire joined with the Catholic Church. When Pope Leo III placed the crown on Charlemagne’s head in 800 AD, it became a union of church and state.


The current challenge for the EU is to get a constitution adopted. Poland, one of the countries to become a member this year, torpedoed the process when it insisted on having the same number of votes in EU decision making as Germany and France. Germany’s population is twice the size of Poland’s, and she has a much larger economy. Therefore, Germany insists that the voting strength of each country be apportioned according to population. Poland continues to hold out for an equal voice. Poland is also insisting that the new European constitution include recognition of the Roman Catholic Church’s historic role in Europe. This should not surprise us since Poland is the homeland of Pope John Paul II. Many national leaders are resisting any mingling of politics and religion in the new constitution. Could Poland possibly compromise on the voting issue in exchange for official EU recognition of the Pope’s traditional role in the Holy Roman Empire?





The signing of the Treaty of Rome, creating the European Economic Community (EEC), on March 25, 1957. AP PHOTO

World government: UN or EU? Under the presidency of George W. Bush, the United Nations has been diminishing in influence. Some believe that the UN has been irreversibly damaged by the unilateral invasion of Iraq by the U.S. Robert Muller, former Assistant UN Secretary-General, known as the Prophet of the UN, told ENDTIME that if the United Nations does not succeed, then the focus should switch to Europe, because it already has the mechanisms for a world governmental system in place. Will Muller be proven right? Will the seat of global authority shift to the European Union? If American unilateralism continues in defiance of the United Nations, then the global planners may very well be tempted to move their headquarters to Geneva where much of the structure of the United Nations is located, or Brussels, the seat of the EU. They may even be tempted to move their headquarters to the international city of the world, Jerusalem. That has been suggested since Jerusalem is the only city on earth that the UN has designated as an international city under UN administration. Even former Prime Minister Shimon Peres suggested last year that Jerusalem should become the capital of the world with the UN Secretary General as its mayor. The UN apparatus is probably too far

advanced to be dissolved. A marriage between the UN and the EU appears to be a more likely scenario. Such a development may be the fulfillment of how the four separate powers of Daniel 7 merge into one global government depicted in Revelation 13. A large exhibition on the history of the idea of European Unity was staged last year at the German History Museum in Berlin. It emphasized the intellectual origins of the idea of European unity. Victor Hugo, the French 19th Century novelist, proclaimed in 1849, “A day will come when you, France, you, Russia, you, Italy, you Germany,

you, all nations of the continent, without losing your distinctive qualities and glorious individuality, will be merged within a superior unit.” The exhibition closed with a quotation from Valerie Giscard d’Estang, chairman of the convention that drafted the disputed EU constitution: “Dream of Europe. Let us imagine a continent at peace, freed of its barriers and obstacles, where history and geography are finally reconciled.” The Economist summed it up this way: “If pressed, few of the architects of the modern Europe venture would deny that they hope that one day the EU will be a great power—a peaceable, liberal, law-based and generous great power, no doubt, but one capable of looking the United States or China in the eye. Mr. Bush caught an authentic whiff of this ambition when he teased Mr. Prodi about the new Roman Empire.” World leaders know we are seeing the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire. We know it is prophesied in the Bible and that this will be the last world empire. It will give rise to the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The year 2004 is scheduled to be a crowning year in the drive toward European unity. But this empire will be short-lived and will culminate in the battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. e For a complete understanding of the Holy Roman Empire prophecy, see Lessons 5 and 8 of Understanding the Endtime Level 1 Prophecy Home Bible Study.

The Bible prophesies world government... ...the UN is that world government.

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“Chris,” I said to our caller in a final act of futility, “I appreciate your desire not to have a biblical debate. So...without any debate, I give you the floor. Tell everyone where you believe the Bible stands on this issue.”
It was a safe enough question because it was obvious he wouldn’t answer. He could, but he wouldn’t. Chris’ scripture deflector was raised to its full and upright position and working better than the Enterprise’s photon torpedo shield. First, there was that uncomfortable pause of silence. “Well,” he began, “I’ll tell you what I am. I’m a Christian, and, uh, I’ll leave it at that. And I wholeheartedly believe in the Old Testament and New Testament. Yeah, you know, I mean... it’s very political and it’s very complicated and I’m just saying that I think the world... and I think this country... it’s presented in a much, much different light. So it just goes to show just how biased our media is. I’m sure you would agree it’s Jewish-run and Jewish-owned predominantly in this country. I mean, you’ve got Gerald Levin at Time Warner, uh, you know, so on and so forth, uh, you know, there’s certainly a slant.” Thanks for the insight, Chris. Chris represents one of thousands, perhaps millions, of church-going folk who have a problem. They have been taught wrong. At one point or another in each of our lives, we have been exposed to a less-than-perfect way on a variety of subjects. Nobody is immune. No, not even preachers’ kids. But it is incumbent upon each of us to come to terms with these issues and correct them. Our Corrector is the Bible. War is ugly. In the Middle East, atrocities have been committed on both sides. A true Christian cannot justify acts of terror, nor justify retaliation. Two wrongs do not make a right. So how can a true Christian choose sides in such a struggle? What must be the Christian position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Andre, a Jordanian now living in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, attempted to deal with this subject on a Politics & Religion broadcast. Unfortunately, Andre only wanted to deal with the politics. The religious aspect presented for him an irreconcilable problem. “If you were a Palestinian and lived in Israel,” he began, “and somebody comes and takes your house, destroys it, and you live like a second class citizen, and they bring Jews from Germany and Russia and live in your land, what would you do if you were a Palestinian and a Muslim?” Andre asked a good question, but asked the wrong person. “First of all,” answered Irvin Baxter, “I would convert from being a Muslim to Christianity. Number two, having read the Bible I would know that the land was promised to Israel, so I would trust in God to find me another place to live.” “So all of the Palestinians should leave.”

“You’re asking me what I would do; I’m answering the question. I might move to an Arab country, or America, or live in Israel under the Israeli government.” “So you don’t think they should have intifada (armed resistance, terror) or nothing. You think they should just shut their mouths and sit down and let Israel do whatever they want.” “No. I don’t think Israel should be persecuting them either. I don’t think Israel should take their land by force...” “Well, they are doing it, and you say you are the lover of the Jews, so you’re agreeing with everything they’re doing.” “No, I’m not agreeing with everything they’re doing.” “I never see you saying anything negative about them hardly ever,” continued Andre, still missing the point. “I’m a born again Christian also. But you are always pro-Israeli. The Arabs are living in disgusting... and you know this, you’ve been there many times, you’ve seen it in your eyes, but you just think... they’re taking their land by force every single day and it sounds okay to you, because that’s just the way it...” “I know this is a very sensitive thing, Andre, and I respect you and appreciate your call.” Baxter decided to play ball on Andre’s political turf first, saving the Bible slant for later. “The Jewish people offered 97% of the land back at Camp David. Arafat refused to take it. How do the Palestinians see that – especially the peace-loving Palestinians?” “How do they see it?” Andre parroted, trying to buy some thinking time. “Yes,” said Baxter, not giving him much.




Israel as the heroes.

And Arafat always the killer...
— Andre, Politics & Religion listener

gave that land to the Israelis. However, do I believe they should go in there and kill? No, I don’t believe that. I don’t believe Palestinians should kill either. I don’t believe any Christian should do ill to any person.” Andre has yet to latch onto a scripture he can call his own. “My whole point of calling is both of

Baxter’s question was, of course, unanswerable. “I was not in Camp David and neither were you. This is the reporting you hear on CNN. But Ariel Sharon,” now changing subjects, “the guy who killed in Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon convinced by Israel and the United States, you guys think he’s the hero. You always say he’s the hero, and Binyamin Netanyahu, who killed so many Arabs, and they’re heroes to you.” “Do you think that Arafat is a hero?” Rhetorical question #2. “I don’t know…it’s not my job to say who’s a hero or not. But I’m talking about your guy... I don’t have the radio show to convince people, but you guys do. But you guys are one-sided. You always bring a Jewish point of view to the radio. The Arabs to you is who should be condemned; move to Jordan. Get rid of the Palestinians, put them to Jordan, and long live Israel. That’s how you guys think.” “Andre, what should we do then?” Ball’s in your court. Third question, still seeking one answer; none forthcoming. “If you love your neighbor the same way you love yourself, you wouldn’t be talking like that. Go see the way they live, and then you should say... they should live exactly... with dignity.” “If I were the king in Israel, the first thing I would do is begin teaching the principles of Jesus Christ. Palestinians should love Israelis, Israelis should love Palestinians...” “But you guys don’t love Palestinians. You’re on the radio, sir...” “Hang on. Let me talk to you. I’ve

had dinner in many Palestinian homes. I have some very close friends who are Palestinians...” “Yeah, but I know you...” “Let me talk for a minute. To be realistic, we probably are past the day when geography is important. This mess is not going to be straightened out. Only Jesus’ returning is going to straighten it out. And so...” here comes some Bible, “...if at times we come across as sounding pro-Israeli, it’s because I do believe God

My whole point of calling is both of you, day and night, promote

you, day and night, promote Israel as the heroes. And Arafat always the killer. And the Palestinians – why are they killing Israelis? But you guys don’t say Israel is killing them with airplanes, helicopters, tanks, and the Palestinians have stones,” a statement that is not entirely factual. “You make it sound like the Palestinians are disgusting people. You guys so pro-Israel blindly. You say you’re the lover of the Jews, and this sidekick of yours,” referring to the writer of this article, “says he is a Zionist. You’re just so proud of it. What about the Arabs? Are they so monstrous to you guys, just because God gives them the land? Maybe he did. Fine, fine. But that’s not what I’m calling for.” He agrees. God gave the land to Israel. But strangely, the discussion’s not over. “You guys should have a heart. You’re Christians, you say. Those Jews, all of them going to hell, because they don’t have Jesus in their heart. They’re not born again Christians. Am I right?” “You’re right,” answered Baxter. Jewish people, however, aren’t the only ones who don’t have Jesus in their heart, thought the Zionist and perhaps thousands of listeners. “And,” continued Andre, “they’re all going to hell, but you never talk to them like that. You see when they come on your show you talk to them like, oh my God, they are so wonderful. But they’re not. They’re going to hell. But you never tell them that. That’s your job. You’re a pastor. The most important thing is to be born again Christian. Not to love Jews




The Christian Position in the IsraeliPalestinian Conflict



blindly like you guys both do.” The God-Factor Chris, on the other hand, is neither a descendant of Ishmael, nor Esau as is Andre. He is as American as mom, apple pie and baseball. And yet... “The myth here,” he says, “is that Israel won all the wars, not because the Jews are superior or anything like that. It’s because of American dollars and power.” “Do we give God any credit for this?” Baxter asks the obvious. “No, I don’t. Give God credit for what? Killing all the Arabs and making Israel succeed? You have to give Israel $3 billion per year. That’s why they won the wars. It’s not because God is miraculous.” Yes, that’s what Chris said. Let’s take a look at what God said. Ezekiel 37:2122: “And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king

Go od de sign
is like cruising with the

sunroof wide open.

to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.” This is the famous prophecy for Israel in the endtimes. Some have said it was fulfilled in Old Testament times – that it is not a prophecy for our day. But this cannot be true. The scripture says that no more shall they be two nations. Israel and Judah were always two nations up until the dispersion in 70 AD. Ezekiel 37 has never before been fulfilled until modern times, and even now, its complete fulfillment is a work in progress. God said that He would take the children of Israel from among the heathen…and would gather them…and bring them into their own land. God is specifically saying this is something He would do, and now He is doing it. During the first half of the 20th century, God brought the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth back into the land promised to Abraham. On May 14, 1948, by a sovereign act of Almighty God, Israel declared its statehood. The following day, 42 million descendants of Ishmael and Esau launched a war to snuff out God’s baby before she could take her first breath. She was an untrained, oneday-old nation of 600,000. God’s baby won. The Arabs tried it again in the 1956 Suez Canal campaign and lost. They tried again in 1967 for what turned out to be six very long days, and again in 1973 when most Jews were in synagogue on their holiest day of the year. Both times, obliterated. Against all odds, yes, but odds mean nothing to the Creator of the universe. To fight against Israel’s right to the land is to fight against God Himself. A prophecy for the endtimes These matters are not trivial. The Battle of Armageddon is getting ready to be fought over this issue. Israel’s borders, the West Bank settlers, water rights, the Temple Mount – hardly peripheral issues. They will soon affect every human on the face of the earth. The kingdom of the Antichrist will be very much involved in the Middle East. The

We cannot divorce ourselves from the biblical stance, lest there is no place to stand at all.
Bible says he will stand in a rebuilt Jewish temple claiming to be Messiah and God. God said He would establish the children of Israel in their land. God is not the author of war. Satan is. But God has a plan – a plan for the endtime. “And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant,” reads Ezekiel 37:25, “wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children for ever.” Jacob, who became Israel, was given the land...forever. The re-establishment of the nation of Israel will never be reversed. It shall remain in spite of Nasser, Assad and Arafat; in spite of the United Nations and the European Union; and in spite of every person, ‘Christian’ or otherwise, who argues in favor of the Palestinian’s claim on the land. These are fighting the will of the Father Himself. The third chapter of Joel speaks directly to all who would want to see the land of Israel parted and its people displaced and scattered. It speaks to people like former Prime Ministers Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and the lateYitzhak Rabin who desired to see the land divided once more. It speaks to Chris and Andre, to me and to you. “Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war… Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears...” says Joel 3:10-14. “Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye hea-

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then, Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about. Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe… for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.” Deuteronomy 30:19-20 offers this: “…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, … for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.” Most of the Islamic nations shall be left a desolate wilderness for their violence against the people who God chose to bring the light of the one-God message to a dark, pagan world. The Jewish people have a zeal for God, the same God spoken of in the New Testament, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But their zeal is not according to knowledge – the knowledge of Jesus as Messiah. Who will be their witness? Yes, atrocities have been committed on both sides. But why would any Bible-loving Christian want to defend Yasser Arafat? He is fighting God. If God is for Israel, who can be against it? Genesis 12:3: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 15:18: “In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.” God gave the land to Abraham and his promised seed – to Isaac, not Ishmael. And then to Jacob, not Esau. Zephaniah 2:5: “Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.” Revelation 12 is a picture of the nation of Israel being protected from the dragon, Satan, during the endtime. She will be protected by God from those who would destroy her. If you are against Israel, then you are against God’s divine purpose.

It’s Judgment Day. You are naked and standing before your God. “Yes Lord,” you say to Him, “I supported Yasser Arafat.” Confronting tradition It’s a sensitive issue. It counters cultures and traditions and rears its ugly head in so-called Christian circles in strange ways. It’s the grand Jewish plot to take over the world. The noun “Jew” becomes a verb. Is it possible that even the very elect will fall victim to their own “godly heritage?” The answer may be found in this pop quiz: A famous German once said, “They are nothing but thieves and robbers who daily eat no morsel and wear no thread of clothing which they have not stolen and pilfered from us by means of their accursed usury... Eject them forever from this country... Do not grant them protection or safe-conduct... Save our souls from the Jews, that is, from the devil... Set fire to their synagogues and schools – this is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians... I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed... I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb... I advise that all cash and treasure of silver and gold be taken from them and put aside

for safekeeping... Amen.” Who was he? If you said Adolph Hitler, then you are wrong. It was Martin Luther. To my Jewish friends, please understand that not all who call themselves Christians are, in fact, that. No true Christian would ever persecute you, nor would they try to separate you from your land. Not everyone who says Lord, Lord shall make it to heaven. Many who cast out demons in Jesus’ name shall, on Judgment Day, hear the words, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” When a person says he believes, it’s a good first step. Obedience and a love





for His word are the signs of a true child of God. If the GodFactor has to be taken out in order to make a case against Israel, and the person still call himself a Christian, what then is a Christian? We are friends of Israel, but we are not for everything she does. God loves the Palestinians as much as He loves the Jewish people, and everyone needs to be saved. If we do not understand the spiritual side of this conflict, then the politics will make no sense. We cannot divorce ourselves from the biblical stance, lest there is no place to stand at all. Without the Bible we may find ourselves hating the Jews. We may find ourselves fighting God. He gave the land to Israel. e


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• John Hathaway of the Tocqueville Fund predicts gold will test $1,000 an ounce longer-term • Jay Taylor, Editor of Gold & Technology Stocks, wrote that $3,000 gold is “realistic” over the next decade

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You can invest with confidence!
We’re the industry’s most highly endorsed gold dealer.
“Today’s gold looks a lot like the gold of the late 70’s...before it hit $850. Don’t procrastinate — investigate gold now before it heads higher.”
– Kevin DeMeritt President, Lear Financial

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We offer you the industry’s best prices — period!

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Lear alone sets the industry standard in customer service.

The last time gold began moving like this was in 1968...
...that’s when you could have invested $5,000 in gold, then sat back while it grew to an incredible $90,000 by 1980. Today, with a plummeting dollar, mega-costly foreign affairs and record-setting debt, another season of soaring gold appears likely. The question is...are you ready?

Make a smart decision. Call Lear for your FREE:
1/ 2004 Insider’s Guide to Gold Investing 2/ “Gold and Rising Interest Rates” Tape 3/ Golden Retirement Kit



Lear Financial, 429 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 440, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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