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Engineering Freeware

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Go to calc4fem page Go to main page Notes: 1)Most of free software below are available for commercial use. 2) Share and change this page as you want. 3) Google all these names and lins to find more information.

For Math Ma!ima" w!Ma!ima and related pro#ects $open% source symbolic&numerical) http'((andre#v.github.com(w!ma!ima( http'((ma!ima.sourceforge.net(

 

*math++o*,S $open%source symbolic&numerical for spreadsheets)  http'((e!tensions.services.openoffice.org(en(pro#ect(*  math++o*,S Mathcad lie software for -riter  http'((e!tensions.libreoffice.org(e!tension% center(imath

Mathcad lie software for -riter  http'((sourceforge.net(pro#ects(comppad(


Smath Studio $standalone mathcad lie freeware) http'((en.wiipedia.org(wii(SMath/Studio http'((www.smathstudio.com(

 Generally 0 dont lie this philosophy  $but can be good for old mathcaders)

rofessional numerical Software http'((www.scilab.org( http'((www.gnu.org(software(octave(

" -ard % Statistical software" open%source http'((rward.sourceforge.net(

 

has serios bugs $crashes program when saving inserted images)

For Structures Beam and Shell Elements - for Structural Engineers

-olsin rame-or rame-or $best freeware for beam elements) http'((members.5iggo.nl(wolsin( 70S,%86 $multiphysics software with classical G90) http'((www.lisa%fet.com(

 6ry it" its rare case when the good engineer and   programmer is in one person  :emo up to 1"3;; nodes can be used for  commercial. <ery liberal license and good

cheapware rame3dd $beam elements) http'((frame3dd.sourceforge.net(


7inro $2: frames" static &dynamic) http'((www.line.co.ba(


M,S6,= $nonlinear analisys) http'((www.mastan2.com(download.html

 

Multiphysics(mechanical software *alculi> % , ree Software 6hree%:imensional Structural inite 8lement rogram http'((www.calculi!.de( http'((www.dhondt.de( http'((www.calculi!forwin.com(

  =ice and Good documented software 

*ode%,ster  http'((www.code%aster.org

 0S+ *ertified industrial software  $but in rench)


 *an be useful for soil problems

0M,*6 % 8!plicit dynamic analysis http'((impact.sourceforge.net

 7S%:yna lie software 

87M8 8M http'((sourceforge.net(pro#ects(elmerfem(

 Good but too much science 

,lso see http'((www.5??.uni%bayreuth.de(english.html

why ??

Free Meshers

[email protected] http'((geu5.org(gmsh(

 

 =86G8= http'((sourceforge.net(pro#ects(netgen%mesher(

 

*G> http'((www.dhondt.de(

 

2D-CAD /dwg 

,A*,: Google it" the official website is dead

 Simple good dwg up to 2;;B 

roge*,: Smart % free last :-G but for home(student use only Google 0t

 =anocad % free with registration" cant say more http'((nanocad.com(

Generally its not free  but home(cheapware

3D-CAD  Salome%latform % *lassical 0ndustrial Software $+pen*ascade based) http'((www.salome%platform.org( or -indows here" here and here for <M-are youtube

 6his is classical concept of 3d *,: 

reecad http'((free%cad.sourceforge.net(

  good for simple models 

 =arocad $.=86 +pencascade based) http'((narocad.com(

g*,:3: http'((www.gcad3d.org(

 can be good for d!f2 iges"step conversion

For Programming  :elphi%lie multiplatform http'((www.la5arus.freepascal.org(

 0ts the Cest ree ,: for rogramming 

apid%D Casic" D%-or  http'((tech.groups.yahoo.com(group(rapidE( https'((sites.google.com(site(rEwor(news

 See above and learn pascal

Just for Fun (simulators) http'((www.armadillorun.com(  =umpty hysics http'((numptyphysics.garage.maemo.org(

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