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Ethics in Medical Education & Practices

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Professor Omar Hasan Kasule

Ethics in Medical Education & Practices

Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought

Ethics in Medical Education & Practices
Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Publisher Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT) House # 50, Road # 16 (Old 27) Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209 Bangladesh.
Phone : 9138367, 8122677, Fax : 9114716 Email : [email protected]

First Edition September 2007 Asshin 1414

ISBN Cover Design Nazrul Islam Badal

Printed by Chowkash Printers Ltd. 131, DIT Extension Road Fakirapool, Dhaka-1000

Price Tk. 200.00, US$ 20.00
Ethics in Medical Education & Practices written by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule and Published by Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT), Phone : 9138367, 8122677, Fax : 9114716, Email : [email protected] First Published in September 2007. Price : 200.00, US$ 20.00

Publisher’s note
Medical Ethics is an important phenomena in modern day science. All sciences are devoted to the well-being of the humanity where Medical science is a special one. Without ethics Medical science can not perform its duty in its complete sense to the human-being. It is a simple but significant attempt that BIIT undertook to publish a book on “Ethics in Medical Education and Practices” written by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule. For a long since BIIT is expecting to publish such a book on Medical science. Though it is a small one, we hope, it would be a bigger step for the BIIT. Here it is to be noted that Dr. Kasule is a Professor of Epidemiology and Islamic Medicine at Universiti Brunei and visiting Professor of Epidemiology at Universiti Malaya. He has written a good number of articles on Medical science. Here we compiled only twelve articles of Professor Kasule for the interested readers of Medical science. The articles compiled here were read home and abroad in symposia and in the gatherings of Medical scientists. We hope, this compilation will immensely benefit the concerned practioners of Medical science. BIIT is to satisfy a long-felt demand of such a book though it is a late. In near future BIIT will come with more and more Publications like this which will cater the long cherished demand of the researchers, teachers, medical students and intellectuals.

M Azizul Huq
Vice-President & Executive Director

Contemporary-Ethico-Legal issues from an Islamic Legal Perspective The Approach of the Qur‟an and Sunnah in Medicine: Challenges and Practices in the Era of Globalization Islamization of the Curriculum: The Islamic input in the Medical Curriculum (IIMC) at the Kulliyah of Medicine Islamization of knowledge: Medicine as a Model Akhlaq al Tibb (Medical Ethics) ‘Aqiidat (The Creed) ‘Ilm (Knowledge) 5 31 46 58 77 121 135

Jism al Insaan (The Human Organism: Structure & Function) 148 Khalq (Creation) Life, Health and Growth Qiyadat (Leadership) Takwiin at Tabiib (Formation of the Physician) Fiqh al Amraadh (Disease Conditions) Fiqh al Ibadat (Physical Acts of Worship) Fiqh al Mustajiddaat (Modern Medicine) Fiqh al „Aadaat (Activities of Normal Living) Fiqh al Jamaat (The Community) Fiqh al Mu‟amalaat (Transactions) 167 187 211 221 237 256 276 292 312 352

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