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Exquisite Sandalwood Massage Oil

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B ath and B ody R ecipe

http://w w w .bathandbodyrecipes.com /print-bath-body-recipe-382.htm

E xqui xquisite Sandal Sandalw ood M assage O il

You w illneed: need: 10 teaspoon easpoons s grapeseed apeseed oi oil 6 drops ofsandal sandalw ood essent entialoil 2 drops lave vend nder essent ntialoil 2 drops rosew sewo ood essent entialoil 2 drops rose es essent ntialoil B lend nd ingred di ient nts we w ell. W arm up oilbef before doi doing any any m assage incl ncludi uding you your rfinger ngertips.

B ath and B ody R ecipes E st.Feb 15t 15th 2006 2006 C opyright© 2006 -2012 B ath and B ody R ecipes http://w w w .bat bathan handbod dbodyreci yrecipes.com com A llR ight ghts R Reser eserved ved

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