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Extreme Hunger

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Essay talking about Extreme hunger



To who may concern,
I am writing to you, to inform you that Extreme hunger is killing the world. Millions of people are
suffering from this problem, and we need to put a stop to it. The world produces enough food for
the 7 billion people who live in it but those who become hungry do not have the land to grow or the
money to purchase it. The cause of hunger is from the culture of poverty. When people go starving
they lose brain functionality and the mental resources to become a productive asset or earn money.
Extreme hunger is the number one cause for many children to die at a very young age, about 21,000
die every day from hunger or hunger- related causes, meaning one person dies from hunger every 4
seconds. And usually it is a child under the age of 5. Extreme hunger doesn’t only happen in 1 place,
it happens all over the world. Extreme hunger happen in developing countries but hunger issues also
happen in developed countries but aren’t as extreme. Some countries who are faced with extreme
hunger issues are:
- 22% of India
- 73.4% of Burundi
- 65.4% of Eritrea
- 47.4% of Zambia
- 44.5% of Haiti
- 40.2% of Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, 2 out of 5 children are suffering from stunting which meaning they are short in age.
Stunting is a lifelong condition that results when children miss out on critical nutrients in the womb
or during the first five years of their lives. Hunger causes deaths to about 5 million children in
Ethiopia each year. In India the main cause of poverty is over population, illiteracy and inequality.
About 22% of the India lives in poor conditions are 25% are illiterate. Most of the illiterate are
children because they are involved in child labour. Children in India are forced to help their parents
or adults so they could have enough to eat. Some families live off $2.50 per day.
Those people who come from poor situations do not have the resources by which to better themselves.
They are not getting the necessary calories and nutrition, so they are caught it the web of poverty and
extreme hunger. There are millions and millions of people dying from starvation each year, if the
population continues to grow then even more people will die from the same reason over and over again.
When people suffer from hunger they are not able to move and work as hard as people who are healthy
and are eating well. If a child is hungry at school they usually zone off and don’t pay attention as much as
a child that had had breakfast, snack and lunch.
Extreme hunger is a worldwide problem. This needs to be fixed, we cannot have people lying on the
street through the winter nights freezing and starving to death. Together as a nation we can fix this
problem by donating goods to campaigns who focus on changing and stopping extreme hunger around
to world. Campaigns including; world vision and Caritas.
Think about this problem and think about all the families watching their family die.
- Veronica Chan 2014

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