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1. Is it possible to migrate from TA TAXINJ XINJ to TAXINN during the middle of the year, or is there any restriction, that it has to be done only during the start of the fiscal year. 2. Is it possible to see the data, once we hae migrated from TAXINJ to TAXINN TAXINN !i.e. data in TA TAXINJ" XINJ" #. what are the difficulties that would b e there while migrating from TAXINJ TAXINJ to TAXINN.

Study. 1. 2. #. &. +. . 3. 9.

Input Input fro from m Abhay Abhay and and Vija Vijay y Q. Active Active Tax Tax code code IN TAXIN TAXIN. . !u"tomer !u"tomer Q .!u"tom .!u"tom $outin $outine e need to chan%e" chan%e".. !u"tomer !u"tomer.. Invo'ved Invo'ved S(i'' S(i'' "et in in )ST*. )ST*. !u"tomer !u"tomer.. Sen"iti,e Sen"iti,e on inte%ra inte%ration tion Sy"tem Sy"tem -'i(e -'i(e !$/ S$/ $epor $eportin% tin%00 ention ention that te"tin% te"tin% on'y on'y for ne Taxinn Taxinn documen document. t. Samp'e Samp'e pro%ram pro%ram for 4i"p'ayin 4i"p'ayin% % Taxinj Taxinj 56 Item7$89. Item7$89.

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