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HOW TO WHITEWASH * Your discretion to wait for your grades or not but process is: 1) DEAN'S OFFICE - sign an undertaking (read this well, meaning you cannot drop future subjects, etc) 2) Since Freshman enrollment already ongoing, proceed to Freshman Enrollment dat es and follow usual process. HOW TO LOA 1) Submit Letter of Intent to LOA at Dean's Office addressed to Dean Jara statin g reason 2) Wait for approval HOW TO OBTAIN SCHOLARSHIP 1) Visit Admissions Office for requirements 2) Fill-up the forms RECONSIDERATION VS RECOMPUTATION Recomputation  - Just asking how it arrived at what it is, can be inquired at Dean's Office Reconsideration - Appeal to change grade.  - Try to contact prof first through email. Easier for grades to change if teach er-initiated than student-initated. - If student-initiated, write letter addressed to Dean Jara asking for reconsid eration. STUDENT CLASSIFICATION Completion: Enrollment on JUNE 23. Failed more than 9 units of subjects. Can tak e at most 6 units of 2nd year subjects Irregular: Enrollment on JULY 1 & 2. Failed less or at most 9 units of subjects.  Can proceed to next level and retake the subj failed. Regular: Enrollment on JUNE 17. Passed all subjects. OTHER FAQs 1) What if I just failed Crim 1 for my whole lawschool life? Can I still graduat e in 4 years? -- Unfortunately no :( Crim 1 and Crim 2 are 8 units all in all and you can only  overload at most 6 units para makahabol. 2) What are the minimum required units to take to be a student? -- None. Just take note of prerequisites for going up a year level. There are so me completion students who take 7 units in a year all during first year as an ex ample. So it really depends on how much load you want to carry. 3) How many working sections are there during sophomore year? -- Only 1. 4) If I qualify for 2S, can I refuse to enroll there? -- No, unless if you very valid reasons, you will be required to enlist as 2S if  you belong in the top 30 of the batch. #IkawNa

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