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FAQ 1. Why fingerprint of the introducer is not matching? There are many reasons for this. a) Not properly enrolling the person earlier b) Trying with the wrong finger c) Finger print reader scanner is not cleared with earlier impressions d) Finger print devices are not set with proper image bright/darkness (minimum 50%) e) Secugen devices should be of version SDU03 and above 2. One person can be introducer for how many applicants? The RC number of the introducer is considered to the maximum of 5 other applicants who are known to him. 3. A person registered at one photo-bio center can continue to process his application in another photo bio center? No, once registered in one photo-bio center applicant has to complete all the activity in the same photo-bio center. 4. How much a photo bio center can charge per applicant? Rs. 50 / - only per applicant for all members of the applicant family. 5. Applicant can come with his family member after completing the introducer portion? Yes, but in the same photo-bio center with the same SMS token, mobile no and security code 6. Documents are uploaded at a later stage also? Yes, provided the application is not submitted and acknowledgement is not yet generated. 7. How to get the security token again? Send the SMS with key RCNEW with the same name given earlier from the same mobile no. 8. I am getting the session expired message too frequently, what is the reason for this? This is due to long time of inactivity in one screen. It is advised to have all t he relevant documents and files before starting the activity.

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