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Fasting for Fat Loss

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Fasting For Fat Loss
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Fasting For Fat Loss
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Fasting For
Fat Loss
Garry Davidson
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Fasting For Fat Loss
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Table Of Contents
Introduction 5
Your Body Is Designed To Fast Intermittently 7
The 3 Big Fasting Spooks 9
Can You Really Lose Weight And Blast Away Man Boobs With Intermittent
Fasting? 12
Is Intermittent Fasting Just Another Low-Calorie Or Starvation Diet?
Can You Grow Muscle While Fasting? 19
How To Train While Intermittent Fasting 22
How To Lose Man Boobs With Intermittent Fasting 25
Getting Started With Your New Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle 27
Garry's Typical Fasting Day 33
Perhaps The Single Most Important Benefit of Intermittent Fasting?
Where Can You Learn More About Intermittent Fasting? 37
What Can YOU Do To Help? 41
Other Books By Garry Davidson 43
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss
The trouble with losing weight today is there are too many different
diets for us to try. There’s paleo, Atkin’s, south beach, acid-alkali, the zone
diet… the list goes on. I really think most of these diets could work if people
would just stick with them long enough.
The trouble though, is people don’t stick to diets. According to UCLA
researcher Tracy Mann, more than two-thirds of people who go on a diet,
end up regaining more weight than they lost within just 2 years. The reason
diets don’t work is they are all in some way restrictive - you have to avoid
some of your best foods, or they require too much work - learning to cook
different types of food from what you normally eat.
Also, many of the modern diets neglect the single most scientifically
proven method for body fat reduction - sustained calorie restriction. Calorie
restriction is a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s effective if you can sustain it
for the rest of your life, but it can feel so restrictive that most people end up
with rebound weight-gain.
Ideally, we want something that is proven to work scientifically (i.e.
restricts your calories), doesn’t require any extra work, and is easy to stick
to. After a lifetime of searching, I’ve come across one method that does all
three, and guess what? It isn’t a diet.
Intermittent fasting is a cool, easy and fun way to restrict your
calories without feeling deprived, and without requiring any extra work.
Unlike with most diets, intermittent fasting trims away the fat, while giving
you more free time and saving you money.
I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting the last few months.
It has helped me reach new levels of leanness, and unlike with traditional
low-calorie diets, I’ve had a good time doing it and it hasn’t made me feel
one bit deprived. More importantly, my clients who are trying it are
reporting some powerful results in their chests.
When I looked into it, I realized that intermittent fasting causes some
powerful hormonal changes in your body that can help shrink your man
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 6 ChestSculpting.com
“But Garry, I thought you kept saying there's more to losing weight
and especially to losing man boobs, than just calories-in VS calories-out?”
Well of course, I still stand by that statement. Though calories-in VS
calories-out isn't everything, the studies show that sustained calorie-restriction
does at least help with weight loss (c'mon, you only have to look at one of
those Red Cross ads to know what I'm talking about).
The fact is, you'll get great results when you eat the right types of food
for losing man boobs, but when you combine this with sustained calorie
restriction, your results will go through the roof! This is especially true if you
are overweight, but also works if you are a skinny guy with man boobs.
The key however, is sustained calorie restriction. I don't know about
you, but I sure as hell don't have the willpower to severely restrict my calories
for the rest of my life, knowing every day there's a McDonald's just around
the corner, with a juicy quarter pounder with my name on it, dripping with
animal-fat from the edges. Mmmmm.
The key then, is to somehow restrict your calories without feeling like
you are starving yourself, without avoiding your favorite foods, and without
getting all depressed and cranky. One way I've recently learned to achieve
this is through intermittent fasting.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Your Body Is Designed To Fast
Intermittent fasting is in our nature. Our very DNA is programmed to
benefit from intermittent fasting, just like it is programmed to benefit from
exercise, cold showers and good nutrition.
The reason we have man boobs and obesity today is because we live in
an artificial environment, one where there is little need for exercise, and
where we are exposed to man-made chemicals and all the wrong types of
Another thing that's rather artificial about our lifestyle is the fact that
we have access to all types of food 24/7, all year round, at a moment's notice.
As soon as you experience the slightest twinge of hunger, you can get up, pull
open the fridge, and chow down on a ready-made sandwich.
We know from anthropological studies, that humans were at their
healthiest and most robust during the paleolithic era over 10,000 years ago.
Some reports have it that the average guy during that era had the same
physical health and build as today's most elite Olympic athletes.
Unlike most people will have you believe, food was generally quite
plentiful for hunter gatherers in the paleolithic era. Despite this, these guys
still had to work for their food, and for whatever reason, refrigerators were
out of stock all over the world (yeh, ain’t that strange? :p), so they couldn't
hunt or gather in bulk. Whenever they needed to eat, they had to go through
the arduous process of hunting down an animal, carrying it back home,
plucking it or skinning it, cutting it up and cooking it.
I'm sure there were times when they just couldn't be bothered, and
preferred to stay hungry a while. There were also times when they were
occupied by other things, like traveling (hunter-gatherers were nomads, they
moved around a lot, going where there was more food, never settling down
for long in one place) and tribal wars, and times when food WAS scarce.
Over time, our bodies have come to expect intermittent periods of
deprivation. They have learned to use these periods of intermittent fasts to
their benefit.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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When you don't fast intermittently, when your body is constantly
bombarded with calories and the need to digest food, it's no wonder then that
we end up with modern diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity,
and even man boobs.
Studies have in fact found that when you fast intermittently, your body
undergoes metabolic changes that protect you from life-threatening disease
like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, asthma, diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, dementia and more. Intermittent fasting even helps
delay the most life-threatening condition of them all - aging.
When it comes to losing man boobs, fasting intermittently, aligns your
body with nature, and losing man boobs naturally is all about aligning
yourself with nature.
The trouble though, is a lot of people nowadays are afraid of fasting.
The diet and bodybuilding industry, and the media in general have cast an
evil light on the most intuitive method of body fat reduction.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Te 3 Big Fasting Spooks
There was a time when I was totally opposed to fasting. I used to
believe that hunger was public enemy #1. This belief was instilled in me by
the bodybuilding community, which generally supports the notion of having 6
or more meals a day.
Now unlike most advocates of intermittent fasting, I'm not opposed to
having 6 meals a day, it actually worked really well for me. The first time I
ever saw my abs was when I was on a calorie-counting, 6-meal-a-day plan.
The reason 6 meals a day works, is because you're having smaller portions
(hence lower insulin secretion), and you are less likely to binge because you
don't get hungry. It generally makes you more disciplined around food.
But most of the arguments used by the eat-frequently crowd today are
totally false. They’ll have you believe that fasting at any time – going without
food for more than 3 hours – will kill your metabolism, break down your
muscles, and condition your body to store more fat. Some people go so far as
to break their sleep during the night, just so they can get up every 3 hours
and eat some protein. Seriously?? How crazy is that?
What The Diet Industry DOESN’T Want You To
Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it seems that big industries like the
bodybuilding and diet industries, greatly benefit from promoting the 6-meal-
a-day plan, and attacking the notion that fasting could be of any benefit to us.
Most people are either very busy or very lazy. We don’t have the time
or energy to prepare and eat 6 home-cooked meals a day. If we had to have a
protein source every 3 hours to maintain our metabolism and muscle mass,
then we’d resort to buying protein shakes, supplements, meal-replacement
shakes, and other alternatives to real food - all of them very expensive, and all
of them very profitable for these industries.
The only person who stands to benefit from intermittent fasting is you.
No one can profit by advising you to fast. I could sell you a book on
intermittent fasting, but there’d be no recurring payments, nothing I could get
you to depend on, like pills, supplements or meal-replacement shakes. For
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 10 ChestSculpting.com
this reason the diet and bodybuilding industries have gone through great
lengths to demonize all forms of fasting.
See, the truth is, the diet industry’s arguments against hunger and
fasting only apply to long-term calorie restriction. Studies have shown they
have no bearing whatsoever on short term, intermittent fasting for up to 3 days.
Here are three of the biggest fasting spooks that may in the past have
prevented you from enjoying the countless benefits of intermittent fasting:
Spook #1: Fasting Kills Your Metabolism
Though a chronic, low-calorie diet will lower your metabolism and
result in muscle break-down, there is nothing “chronic” about intermittent
fasting. There have been too many studies that show short-term, intermittent
fasting does not lower your metabolism.
For example, in a study at the University of Nottingham, England, 29
men and women were made to fast for up to 72 hours. The study found that
during the fast, there was no change in the subjects' metabolic rate. So that's
3 days without food, and we've got people on the net saying you can't go 3
hours without your metabolism taking a dive.
Spook #2: Fasting Causes Muscle Break-Down
Even in long-term calorie restriction, you can maintain muscle mass, as
long as you do resistance training. Drug-free bodybuilders for example, are
known to severely restrict their calories from 16 to 20 weeks before a contest,
so they can get shredded by losing fat, while at the same time, working on
maintaining muscle mass by continuing with their bodybuilding exercises.
When it comes to short-term, intermittent fasting, research clearly
shows that fasting for as long as 72 hours, neither increases muscle
breakdown, nor slows down muscle growth. This is true, regardless of
whether or not you are exercising, and happens largely because of an
increased release of growth hormone during short periods of fasting.
Spook #3: Fasting Kills Exercise Performance
There are numerous studies (like this study on Tunisian footballers
during Ramadan, measuring speed, power, agility, endurance and dribbling
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 11 ChestSculpting.com
skills) that demonstrate little or no effect of fasting on exercise performance.
The only time fasting may be a hindrance, is on performance during
ultra-long endurance activities like marathons and triathlons, when athletes
typically benefit from a sports drink during the event. The only thing fasting
does here is reduce the time before exhaustion. So it doesn’t affect shorter
endurance events like your daily 30-60 minute morning jog.
And hey, we’re not in it for the performance. We’re here to get results -
to look great by losing weight, losing man boobs and growing muscle. Studies
suggest that doing cardio on an empty stomach actually enhances fat loss,
regardless of how you perform.
The bottom line is, fasting does not effect performance in anaerobic
activities like resistance training and high intensity cardio, and it does not
effect long duration cardio performance, unless you are going on for several
hours at a time, which is something I don’t recommend anyhow.
Despite the three big fasting spooks being complete fabrications, a lot
of folks are still not sure whether intermittent fasting will work for them. After
all, haven’t studies shown that some 83% of people who go on a traditional
starvation diet, end up gaining back all the weight they lost?
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Can You Really Lose Weight And Blast
Away Man Boobs With Intermittent Fasting?
From all the scientific studies I have reviewed, there’s no doubt that
intermittent fasting is more effective at body fat reduction than traditional
low calorie diets. And in my experience, it works like gangbusters when
combined with resistance training and a low carb, high protein, high fat diet.
Intermittent fasting reduces body fat via multiple different mechanisms.
Here are a few of the more important ones.
Increases Growth Hormone
Growth hormone is one of the most powerful fat burning hormones in
the body, so much that many a celebrity has been caught illegally injecting
this stuff to prepare for a movie role. It’s well documented in the studies that
growth hormone stimulates both lipolysis (the breakdown of fat from fat
stores), and fat oxidation (the burning of fat for energy).
We also know from multiple studies that growth hormone is increased
during fasting. For example, in a study at the Intermountain Medical Center
Heart Institute, a 24-hour fast was found to increase growth hormone by
almost 2000% in men. It’s interesting to note that growth hormone is only
elevated during complete calorie restriction through fasting. It is not elevated
in even very ultra-low calorie diets.
Decreases Insulin Levels And Increases Insulin Sensitivity
Your body releases insulin after a meal to control the level of sugar in
your blood. Insulin helps move sugar from your blood, and into your cells.
Insulin is also the single most important regulator of fat metabolism in
the body. One of the prime roles of insulin is to cause your body to store more
fat. Insulin also blocks the enzymes the body needs to break down and burn
So when you have chronically raised levels of insulin, not only do you
store more fat, but your body is also physically incapable of breaking down or
burning any fat.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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It just so happens that short-term fasting has a powerful effect on
reducing insulin levels. In a study in the American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition, fasting every other day for 22 days was found to reduce insulin
levels by 57%.
Studies show that intermittent fasting also increases insulin sensitivity.
When you overeat, and especially when you are on a high carbohydrate diet,
the constant secretion of insulin makes your cells become insulin resistant.
When your cells are insulin resistant your body releases more insulin in an
attempt to overcome the resistance, leading to chronically elevated levels of
When you increase your insulin sensitivity, your body doesn’t need as
much insulin to do the job of controlling your blood sugar levels. Increasing
insulin sensitivity means less insulin floating around in your body.
Reduces Inflammation
A high estrogen to testosterone ratio in guys with man boobs, leads to
high levels of chronic inflammation in the body. Overeating and being
overweight also lead to chronic inflammation. But it also works the other
way. So long as you have chronic inflammation in your body, it becomes
notoriously difficult to lose weight, or to reverse the estrogen:testosterone
ratio so you can lose your man boobs.
It’s a vicious cycle. The more overweight you get, the more
inflammation there is, the more inflammation, the more overweight you get.
You need something drastic to break the cycle, and intermittent fasting is the
Studies on Muslims who fast during Ramadan, have found that
intermittent fasting significantly reduces chronic inflammation in the body.
There are multiple other studies that confirm this as well.
Other mechanisms via which intermittent fasting induces body fat
reduction, include increased glucagon, increased catecholamines, reduced
blood glucose, and increased cellular cleansing (a process called ‘autophagy,’
a whole topic in itself).
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Intermittent fasting works so well because it metabolically primes your
body for fat-loss, by increasing all the hormones and enzymes that help burn
fat, and decreasing the hormones that prevent the burning of fat. It also creates
a calorie deficit, and helps you do this without making you feel like you’re
starving and restricting yourself all the time. It’s easy to comply with, and it
preserves your muscle mass. Way I see it, intermittent fasting is win-win in
every possible way.
It’s no wonder then that multiple studies (here, here and here) show
that intermittent fasting is a viable method for weight loss in obese and non-
obese men and women.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Is Intermittent Fasting Just Another
Low-Calorie Or Starvation Diet?
“Simply choosing to not eat is easier than any “diet” I have ever
…Mark, Chest Sculpting Client
Make no mistake. Intermittent fasting is not a low-calorie diet, nor is it
in any way a starvation diet. In fact, it’s not any form of diet at all. With
intermittent fasting, you simply decide not to eat anything for 16-24 hours,
just once or twice a week. This will help to seriously restrict your weekly
caloric intake, even though you'll be eating as much as you want on non-
fasting days.
Heck, studies even suggest that if you eat extra on non-fasting days and
have no net calorie restriction at the end of the week, you still benefit from
intermittent fasting because of the way episodic deprivation of food conditions
your body to process nutrients and burn fat.
It appears that intermittent fasting may be one of those gene
reprogramming activities that “turns on” certain genes responsible for
breaking down fat and losing man boobs.
Intermittent fasting is to low-calorie diets, what high intensity interval
training (HIIT) is to long duration cardio. Studies show that if you do HIIT
just 3 days a week, you’ll burn more fat and grow/preserve more muscle than
if you do long duration cardio every day of the week. Even though you’ll burn
more calories with long duration cardio, you get better results with HIIT
because unlike with cardio, HIIT reprograms your genes to burn fat and grow
muscle in the long-run.
In the same way, short bursts of eating nothing by fasting is far more
intense than a grudgingly slow and boring low calorie diet that goes on for
weeks and weeks on end. Fasting turns on genes and stimulates hormones
and enzymes that a low calorie diet does not. We know for example, that
growth hormone is not elevated in a low calorie diet, but is elevated in the
fasted state.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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In the end though, all you really want to know, is…
Is Intermittent Fasting More Effective Than Chronic
Low Calorie Dieting?
In a review published in the journal Obesity Reviews, intermittent
fasting was found to be “equally as effective in decreasing body weight and
fat mass” as low-calorie dieting. Aww heck, so why do we bother?
Well the study also found that intermittent fasting is “more effective for
the retention of lean mass”. That in itself can make all the difference between
failure and success. Maintaining your muscle mass means you maintain your
basal metabolic rate, so it becomes easier and easier to lose more body fat
over time.
But perhaps more important than maintaining lean body mass is the
fact that…
Intermittent Fasting Is Easier To Follow Than Any
I could go on forever about the benefits of intermittent fasting over a
chronic low-calorie diet (hey, maybe I will in my newsletter), but the single
most important factor that decides whether a certain fat loss or man boob
reduction regimen will succeed or not is compliance.
The statistic of 83% of people regaining all their weight and more
within 2 years of having started on a low-calorie or starvation diet, does not
apply to intermittent fasting. Dieting is miserable, intermittent fasting is fun,
enjoyable and positively challenging. It makes you more productive, and,
unlike traditional dieting, it enhances your life.
Heck, I’ll admit that even the paleo-style low-carb diets I highly
recommend can be miserable when you’re starting out. I’ve always loved my
carbs - ice cream, biscuits with my tea, coca-cola, cakes, croissants. Until you
get creative and good enough at cooking to find equally delicious, high
protein, high fat foods to replace those carbs, you’ll be miserable! Plus it’s no
secret that high protein/high fat diets can be a strain on your wallet.
Low-calorie dieting in particular, is months of pain and suffering.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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You’re never able to eat the foods you love, saving all your favorite foods for
that occasional cheat day. From the millions of people who have tried it, we
know low-calorie dieting is a long, drawn-out march to failure.
Unlike with intermittent fasting, all types of diet require you to think
about food all the time - what can you eat, what can’t you eat? When should
you eat? How much should you eat? According to Brian Wansink’s book,
“Mindless Eating”, we make as many as 200 food related choices every single
day. Believe me when I say, that for most people, it is a relief to finally not
have to think about food at all on those fasting days.
As my client Mark tells me, “Fasting is one choice I make at the
beginning of the day “I am not eating today” and the rest is easy.”
Many of my clients and customers who have started on intermittent
fasting, tell me how their fasting days are their most productive. They are
astounded by how much free time they suddenly have. As a general rule, I
fast on my busiest days of the week. Not only does this make it easier to fast
(no time to think about food), but I also get more done.
Not only do you get to be free of food-related thoughts and activities on
your fasting days, you also don’t have to think about food so much on your
non-fasting days. This is because as a general rule, you can eat whatever you
like and however much you like on your non-fasting days. Though you’ll get
better and faster results if you go low-carb, you certainly don’t have to. Your
fasting days will condition you to eat less and eat healthier, without you even
It’s so simple. You either eat or you don’t. When you go to a restaurant,
you either order nothing (maybe a glass of water), or you order your favorite
dish with desert. Compare this to dieting, where you constantly have to worry
about what you order when you eat out, and then feel bad if you eat too much
or eat too many carbs.
Unlike dieting, intermittent fasting is also easier to handle when you go
on vacation. Eating away from home suddenly becomes easy when you no
longer have to worry about special meal requirements, and no longer have to
feel bad about cheating.
With intermittent fasting, there really is no excuse. You can’t say you
don’t have the time for it - intermittent fasting gives you more time. You can’t
Fasting For Fat Loss
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say that you can’t afford it - intermittent fasting significantly reduces your
grocery bill. The only question is, does it really work? Won’t you just binge at
the end of your fast and undo everything?
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Can You Grow Muscle While Fasting?
The general notion is that you can’t grow muscle while on a calorie
deficit. Bodybuilders are known to go through a “bulking” phase, where they
have a calorie surplus. During this phase they both grow muscle and put on
fat at the same time. Then, before competition, they go through a “cutting”
phase where they restrict their calories. In this phase they lose both fat and
muscle, though they try their best to maintain their muscle mass by
continuing to lift weights.
We discussed earlier how when you fast intermittently, your growth
hormone levels go up in an attempt to preserve muscle mass, and that
intermittent fasting is more effective than low-calorie dieting at preserving
muscle mass while losing body fat. Bodybuilders would do good to do
intermittent fasting rather than go on a traditional calorie restricted diet
during their cutting phase.
But what if you wanted to do more than just preserve your muscle mass,
what if you wanted to grow muscle while losing body fat?
Though ideal muscle growth happens during times of caloric surplus, if
there was any one way to grow muscle while on a calorie deficit, it would be
through intermittent fasting.
With intermittent fasting, you have a huge calorie deficit just 1-2 days a
week. Studies suggest that this severe short-term deprivation not only primes
your body for fat loss, it also primes your body for optimal muscle growth.
And for the rest of the week (i.e. on your non-fasting days), you can either
match your body’s caloric expenditure, or have a caloric surplus.
There are two mechanisms via which intermittent fasting enhances your
body’s ability to grow muscle. I’ll discuss them below. It isn’t just that these
mechanisms have a theoretical possibility for enhancing muscle growth, many
of my clients have reported seeing sudden increases in muscle growth soon
after they started fasting intermittently. It’s almost as though fasting helped to
turn off a switch that was preventing them from growing any substantial
amount of muscle.
Reduction of Inflammation
Fasting For Fat Loss
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We discussed earlier how intermittent fasting has a powerful effect on
reducing inflammation in the body. Carbohydrates are a huge trigger of
inflammation, and we know that low carbohydrate diets are another key to
reducing inflammation. But occasionally eating nothing via intermittent fasting
works better.
Studies have shown that chronic inflammation both prevents muscle
growth, and causes muscle break-down.
Scientists believe that rising levels of inflammation is largely
responsible for the muscle loss that happens during aging. Muscle
breakdown, loss of strength and trouble building muscle mass is a common
feature in conditions associated with chronic, whole-body inflammation.
These include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rheumatoid arthritis,
and Crohn’s disease.
The link between inflammation and inhibition of muscle growth is well-
rooted in science. The new intermittent fasting trend has helped reduce
symptoms for countless people suffering from inflammatory disorders like the
ones mentioned above, and others like gout, hay fever, asthma and
osteoarthritis. In the same way, reducing chronic inflammation via
intermittent fasting has helped many people spur on sudden new levels of
muscle growth they had never seen before.
Enhanced Cellular Cleansing
I remember reading this newspaper article some years ago about fasting
being good for your brain, that it not only enhances your memory and brain
power in general, but also reduces your chances of developing degenerative
diseases like Alzheimer’s in old age.
I was pretty intrigued by this because a client of mine who was Muslim,
told me he fasted every Mondays and Thursdays, that it was a part of his
religious tradition. I then read up on fasting and realized that fasting has been
practiced by so many different cultures and traditions throughout history. It
seems that we’ve always somehow known about the benefits of fasting, and
new research is simply re-discovering these benefits.
Scientists believe that the main mechanism via which fasting helps
protect the brain, is by up-regulating a process called “autophagy” in brain
cells. What’s interesting, is that fasting also up-regulates autophagy in other
Fasting For Fat Loss
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cells in the body, helping to defend against cancer, liver disease and infection.
Interestingly for us, fasting also up-regulates autophagy in muscle
tissue, leading to reduced muscle tissue break-down and enhanced repair and
Now autophagy is your body’s internal re-cycling mechanism. It is
responsible for the production, breakdown and recycling of cellular
components. Studies have shown that when autophagy is inhibited, there is a
build-up of dysfunctional cellular components, which leads to muscle fiber
Autophagy primes your muscles for growth by removing old damaged
cellular components like proteins and mitochondria, allowing them to be
replaced by new, fully functioning components.
Studies suggest that autophagy is inhibited in the fed state, and
stimulated in the fasted state. Even the smallest amounts of glucose or amino
acids, or the slightest rises in insulin are able to inhibit autophagy.
So while intermittent fasting may result in a net calorie restriction by
the end of the week, it will also stimulate autophagy, which may help spur on
new levels of muscle growth that you never could achieve before.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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How To Train While Intermittent Fasting
I discuss training in my advanced training program, the Chest
Sculpting Blueprint, where I give you detailed step-by-step workout routines
for burning fat, losing man boobs, growing muscle and sculpting a masculine
Resistance training is the best type of training to preserve and grow
muscle mass while intermittent fasting. Generally you want to do a full-body
workout just 3 days a week. To avoid overtraining, do one compound exercise
per muscle group. An example routine would be squats, bench press, bent-
over barbell row and shoulder-press.
Forget the stuff you see in bodybuilding magazines. These long training
routines where you spend 2-3 hours in the gym, 5-6 days a week, hitting each
muscle group from multiple different angles, only work if you’re taking
steroids. As I explain on my website, in the classic era of bodybuilding, at a
time before steroids where being used in the sport, bodybuilders generally
trained 3 days a week with full-body workouts rather than split-routines,
allowing plenty of time for rest so their muscles could grow.
Your muscles only grow while you are resting between workouts, so
your rest days are just as important as your training days.
The question I’d like to answer in this book, is…
Do you train on fasting or non-fasting days?
When I started out, I didn’t think I had the energy to train on fasting
days, so I only trained on non-fasting days. But then I came across multiple
studies on Muslim athletes and Muslim bodybuilders who train during
Ramadan, and was convinced that my lack of energy was just psychological.
When I gave fasted training a try, I quickly realized that a few reps of a good
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 23 ChestSculpting.com
compound exercise like squats, quickly weeds out any feeling of lethargy.
There are no studies that show a decrease in either exercise
performance or a decrease in muscle growth when you train in the fasted
state. There may however, be a benefit to doing resistance training in the fasted
Personally, when I got over my psychological barrier against fasted
training, I quickly realized it was easier to train in the fasted state - I could lift
more and I experienced less fatigue. This could be because of reduced
inflammation, lower levels of insulin, higher levels of growth hormone, and
less blood supply going to the gut (hence more for the muscles) while you are
There is also a theoretical possibility that you get more muscle growth
when training in the fasted state, as opposed to training in the fed state. This
comes from a 2010 study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.
In the study, six male subjects were made to perform two different
exercise sessions. In the first session, they exercised in the fed state (B), while
in the second (3 weeks later) they exercised in the fasted state (F).
The exercise protocol involved a 3x8 resistance training regimen with
basic exercises like the bench press, shoulder press and leg press.
In session B they received a carbohydrate-rich breakfast before
training, while session F was performed after an overnight fast. In both
sessions, they received a post-workout protein/carbohydrate drink.
The study found that post-workout myogenic transcription factors
(indicators of muscle growth) were higher after the fasted session than after
the fed session. The researchers concluded that "Our results indicate that
prior fasting may stimulate the intramyocellular anabolic response to
ingestion of a carbohydrate/protein/leucine mixture following a heavy
Fasting For Fat Loss
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resistance training session."
This could be because there is more muscle damage following exercise
in the fasted state, resulting in increased compensatory protein synthesis and
muscle growth after training in the fasted state.
Though there isn’t enough research yet to confirm whether you get
more muscle-growth in the long-run when training only in the fasted state vs
training only in the fed state, this at least is enough to not be afraid of training
while fasted.
Training Tips For The Fasting Man
The best time to train while fasting, is right at the end of your fast.
Assuming you are doing 16-24 hour fasts, this is the time when your body is
most primed metabolically, to benefit from resistance training.
We also know from numerous studies that muscle protein synthesis is
elevated for up to 36-48 hours after a resistance training session. Protein
synthesis starts to increase around 4 hours after a workout, and reaches a
peak after 24 hours, returning close to baseline levels around 36-48 hours
after your workout. During the hours of peak protein synthesis, you want to
be in the fed state, so you can provide your muscles with the nutrients they
need to grow.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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How To Lose Man Boobs With
Intermittent Fasting
Just the simple fact that intermittent fasting helps reduce body fat
while preserving muscle mass, is enough to consider this a powerful method
for man boob reduction. Reducing body fat will help to decrease your
estrogen levels and increase your testosterone levels, hence decreasing your
estrogen to testosterone ratio.
In my advanced program, How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I discuss
special tactics you can use to both increase testosterone and decrease
estrogen. I also discuss how other hormones like progesterone, insulin,
growth hormone, IGF-1, and prolactin are important in natural male breast
reduction. There still needs to be more research before we can know how all
of these hormones are directly affected by intermittent fasting.
From what I’ve seen so far, it seems that intermittent fasting generally
results in hormonal changes that promote the reduction of man boobs.
As well as reducing estrogen via body fat reduction, we know that
intermittent fasting reduces insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity.
Multiple studies have demonstrated that high levels of insulin and insulin
resistance are associated with low testosterone levels in men. A 2005 study in
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that insulin
resistance actually directly inhibits the Leydig cells in your testes from
producing testosterone.
I find it laughable that people worry their testosterone levels will
decrease when they fast, when it’s widely known that testosterone levels are
at their highest early in the morning, just after an overnight fast! Though it’s
true that longer fasts lasting several days can lead to a slight decrease in
testosterone levels, there is no evidence to suggest this happens during
Fasting For Fat Loss
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intermittent fasts of 16-24 hour duration.
So, the bottom line, will intermittent fasting help you to lose man
boobs? The simple answer is yes. Though there isn’t much evidence to
suggest intermittent fasting causes a direct shrinkage of chest fat, the least it
will do is help to decrease your estrogen to testosterone ratio by reducing
body fat and improving insulin sensitivity.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Getting Started With Your New
Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle
The best way to go about intermittent fasting is to treat it as a challenge.
It’s awesome how a lot of intermittent fasters develop a competitive attitude
and have discussions about their longest ever fast. Some guys have fasted
36-48 hours, while others have gone 5 straight days with nothing to consume
but water. The legendary Vince Girona was known to once fast for a full 40
days! At the end of it he reported being stronger and more full of energy than
when he started.
How long can you fast for? What is your own personal fasting record?
Among us intermittent fasters, competing for your own personal longest fast-
time is no different from gym-goers trying to set a new bench record, or
runners trying to achieve their fastest mile.
Though I don’t recommend you routinely fast for longer than 24 hour
periods, it doesn’t hurt to challenge yourself to push the boundaries as far as
you can on occasion.
On some days when it comes time to break your fast, you’ll realize that
you’re just not hungry. Take this as an opportunity to try and break your
How Long Should You Fast For?
From most of the studies I’ve come across, it seems a 24 hour fast just 2
days a week is plenty to give your body the adaptations it needs to burn body
fat while maintaining muscle mass.
A lot of these studies however, don’t actually measure what happens
before the 24-hour mark. The few that do, show that it’s still extremely
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 28 ChestSculpting.com
beneficial to fast for as little as 16 hours, with many extra beneficial changes
occurring between 16 and 18 hours, so try to push it to 18 hours if you can.
I personally fast for 18 hours at a time, and feel totally satisfied on days
when I feel I have to break my fast at the 16 hour mark.
“What If You Find It Too Difficult?”
Everyone already fasts 8-10 hours while they sleep. Fasting is so easy
you do it in your sleep every day. All you need to do is extend this fasting
period an hour at a time. I started out by fasting just 12 hours. I’d start my
fast at 12am, then break my fast at 12pm. Studies show that even just a 12
hour fast can be very beneficial for your health.
As your body adjusts to the 12 hour fast, you can start to push the
boundaries a little at a time. Start breaking your fast at 1pm, then 2pm. At the
same time, start your fast earlier before you go to bed. If you have your
dinner at 8pm, and break your fast the next day at 12pm, that’s a 16 hour fast
right there!
This is exactly how I did it. I pushed the boundary an hour at a time,
until I got to doing 14 hours, then 16, then 24. 24 hours is still a bit of a
challenge for me, so I like to maintain my fasts at around 16-18 hours, 2 days
a week. This is so easy, and yet the benefits have been astounding.
What Days Of The Week Should You Fast?
It’s better to space it out. Better to have two 24 hour fasts than one 48
hour fast in the week. I personally like to fast on Mondays and Thursdays,
but you don’t have to stick to any stringent regimen.
Fasting is easiest when you are busy, so you might want to pick the
busiest days in your week to fast.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Sneaky Tactics For Beating The Hunger
I like to drink plenty of water during my fasting days, it really helps to
keep the hunger at bay.
Despite drinking water to your heart’s content, you will get sudden
attacks of hunger. Usually, these hunger attacks don’t last much longer than a
few minutes. If you just wait it out, it goes away and you find yourself lasting
for a good few more hours. But what if it doesn’t go away?
I find that drinking a hot zero-calorie beverage like green tea, black tea
and black coffee really helps. It’s almost as though the heat tricks your body
into thinking you just had a hot meal. And here’s a super-ninja tactic…
Ya heard me. Exercise.
“But doesn’t exercise just make you hungrier?”
Next time you’re fasting, give it a go and you’ll found that exercise
does very much the opposite - it can totally kill your hunger for a good few
In my early days of intermittent fasting, when I got hungry, I decided to
just go for a walk. I’d feel depleted of energy in the beginning, but after some
10-20 minutes of walking, the hunger and feeling of lethargy would
completely vanish. I’d come back from my walk, feeling as though I hadn’t
been fasting at all, and could go on fasting for a good few more hours! The
same would happen if I lifted weights, or even did a set of 30 pushups.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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I thought it weird at first, but later discovered a scientific explanation.
When you go for a walk in the fasted state, your body almost immediately
starts to up-regulate the fat-burning process to provide fuel for your walk.
When your fat stores are broken up, it releases “glycerol”. Your body can use
glycerol to produce glucose via a process called “gluconeogenesis”. This new
glucose can be used to replenish your blood sugar levels, thereby totally
killing your hunger.
Also, during anaerobic forms of exercise like lifting weights or doing a
set of pushups, your muscles produce a by-product called “lactate”. It’s well-
known that both lactate and glycerol are two of the most important
precursors of gluconeogenesis in the body.
So really, any type of exercise can boost blood sugar levels and get rid
of those hunger cravings for a good few hours.
Cheating During A Fast
There are those who consider having a small less-than 100 calorie snack
being OK as part of a fast. Meaning that less than 100 calories won’t break
your fast.
Now while it’s far better to go through a whole fast without even taking
in a single calorie, it’s also true that those 100 calories could be the difference
between you giving up your fast early at 14 hours, VS pushing through to the
almighty 24-hour fast or longer.
My longest ever fast was 36 hours, made possible by a large latte with
full cream and two teaspoons of sugar. It was an eventful day. I went to visit
my niece, when her mom, who was 7 months pregnant, fainted from low
blood pressure. I called the ambulance and went into hospital with her.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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By the time she was seen by the doctor in the maternity unit, it was
around 3.30pm. She came back to the waiting area to wait for her test results,
and I decided to get her and my niece a sandwich, some snacks and a large
Being on my fast, I was salivating like crazy as soon as I saw the
delicious range of sandwiches in the hospital canteen. I suddenly realized how
hungry I was, and even felt a little weak and light-headed.
I was over the moon when my sister-in-law refused to have the latte. By
then it was 4pm - the 16 hour mark, a perfect time for me to break my fast. I
would have gobbled up whatever was left over from her and my niece’s
snacks and sandwiches too, but they were hungry enough to finish
everything. The canteen was too far away, and there were too many security
checks to get back into the maternity unit, so going back there wasn’t an
By the time I finished my latte, my brother had made it to the hospital,
so I let him take over and started to make my way home. That latte had filled
me with so much energy that I decided to walk the whole 7 miles!
That one latte, combined with the extra gluconeogenesis from my epic
walk, kept me going for the rest of the day. I was a little peckish just before
bed, but I wanted to prolong my fast as long as possible, just to see how far I
could go. I woke up the next morning and had myself a hearty breakfast, with
two eggs fried in butter, toast, beans and steak. It was the most satisfying
breakfast I ever had, knowing I had just broken my own personal fasting
record at 36 hours.
Anyway, that story went on for a little longer than I planned, but the
bottom line is that latte with cream and sugar made it possible for me to fast
for 36 hours as opposed to just 16. AND it allowed me to do a 7-mile walk
during the fast.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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The one thing I would advise you do differently, is to avoid the sugar.
The main thing you want to avoid during a fast is any release of insulin. Sugar
and carbs in general are the most insulinogenic. Proteins are insulinogenic as
well, but they are not as bad because they also result in glucagon release.
Glucagon is the anti-insulin hormone. It negates many of the fattening effects
of insulin. Fats are the most preferable during a fast, since studies show that
fat on its own causes no release of insulin whatsoever.
While writing this section, I’m 17 hours, 19 minutes into a fast. Just 30
minutes ago I was ravaged with hunger and didn’t think I could go on. Now I
just finished a cup of tea with a teaspoon of double cream (no sugar), and I
feel no worse off than if I had been eating all day, happy to go on for another
few hours.
The Single Most Important Factor That Makes
Fasting Easy
Now though it seems in the above story that I owe my 36-hour fasting
record to a latte, that’s not entirely true. Though the latte helped, the single
most important factor that allowed me to reach the 36-hour mark, was that
mindset of seeing that fast (and every other fast) as a challenge - something to
conquer, kind of like climbing Mount Everest.
No-one would be able to climb Mount Everest unless they saw it as a
challenge. When you see a fast as a challenge, you come out of it with a
powerful sense of accomplishment. It’s this feeling of accomplishment that
prevents you from bingeing and overeating after your fast.
This little mindset shift is so important, that I’m willing to say that it’s
probably the single most important factor that makes intermittent fasting
superior to other forms of dieting.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Garry's Typical Fasting Day
Alright, so the night before I have my dinner at 10pm, then go to bed at
midnight. This took a bit of getting used to because I’ve always been used to
having midnight snacks just before bed (yeh, a terrible habit). Once you’re
used to it though, it’s no big deal. The earlier you can start your fast the night
before, the easier your fast will be. Sometimes I start my fast at 8pm,
sometimes at 6pm. But let’s assume in this example that I start at 10pm.
Next morning I get up at 6am - I’ve already fasted 8 hours, easy peasy.
And I know I know, I should sleep 9 hours for maximum testosterone
levels, but I’m so busy these days and have so much stress, lol. Shhh don’t tell
anyone. I’ll re-train myself into sleep longer when I sort out my life. Seriously,
I mean it. Also, my man-boobs haven’t grown back because I’ve got my diet
and exercise in order.
Now, I normally get hungry by around 9am. Back in the day I used to
curb this hunger by having some green tea. Green tea is known for its fat-loss
benefits. But green tea is also the most disgusting drink I’ve ever had to
consume. It’s worse than medicine. Thankfully, I’ve found a method that’s 10x
more effective. I’ve found that if I do a high intensity interval training (HIIT)
workout in the morning, as early as say 7am, I don’t get hungry until around
What do I do when I get hungry at 2pm? I do my weight-training
workout! That keeps me going until 4pm and beyond. 4pm is the 18-hour
mark. I allow myself to eat at this point even if I’m not hungry (usually I’m
not, and can go on to around 7pm). If I feel like pushing the boundaries, I’ll
go on and see if I can go for the full 24-hour fast, but I don’t beat myself up if
I don’t. Anything beyond 18 hours for me is a bonus.
Now, if you’re at work and you can’t get in a weight-training workout
Fasting For Fat Loss
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at 2pm, you can always pull out a set of bodyweight squats. You don’t need
more space for this exercise than what you get in a toilet cubicle. Studies have
shown that bodyweight squats work very well for weight loss. In my own
experience, they’re also great for curbing that hunger.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Perhaps Te Single Most Important
Beneft of Intermittent Fasting?
So here’s what we’ve discussed so far on the benefits of intermittent
• It’s a cool way of restricting your calories without feeling deprived. You
challenge yourself just twice a week to see how long you can go
without food.
• Short, intense fasts cause powerful metabolic changes in your body that
even ultra-low calorie diets don’t.
• These metabolic changes allow you to burn fat and preserve muscle
mass without depriving yourself for the rest of the entire week.
• It liberates you from having to think about food all the time - both on
fasting and non-fasting days. You’ll have more free time, and be more
productive, especially on those fasting days.
• Unlike with low-calorie diets, it’s a fun and challenging lifestyle change
you can easily stick to for the rest of your life.
• You can still enjoy your favorite foods
The benefits really do go on and on. I didn’t even mention the
numerous health benefits in the list above. But there’s one thing I haven’t yet
mentioned, and I really think it’s the single most powerful benefit of
intermittent fasting.
Intermittent fasting permanently changes your body’s behavior around
food. As your body adapts to those fasting days, it’s almost as though your
stomach shrinks - like a natural gastric-band effect - you know that dangerous
surgery that costs anywhere between 15 and 30 thousand dollars?
You’ll find, as your body adapts to fasting, you can longer handle as
much food on your non-fasting days. Your portion sizes will go down
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 36 ChestSculpting.com
automatically, without you even trying. You’ll find yourself doing little mini-
fasts throughout the day, simply because you can without getting hungry.
Heck if you’re fasting for 16-24 hours on fasting days, what’s an 8-hour fast
on non-fasting days?
Intermittent fasting is really the best way I’ve found to break that cycle
of obsessive compulsive eating, to break the need to constantly be eating all
the time. Intermittent fasting can cure you of your food-addiction, and this
alone is the biggest game-changer I’ve ever seen, especially for guys who have
been fat all their lives, guys who have tried it ALL with no success.
If you feel like you’ve tried every diet that’s out there and had no
success, I really think you should make intermittent fasting a part of your life.
Sometimes, all you really need is to train your body to eat less. 80+ million
people in Ethiopia can’t be wrong. Though low-carb diets really do work, the
single most sure-fire way to reduce body fat is to cut the calories, and
intermittent fasting is the only way to do this while still feeling and looking
great all the time.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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Where Can You Learn More About
Intermittent Fasting?
This is just a quick book I whipped up in a few days, and I’m giving
away for free to my loyal customers. If you want something with years of
research behind it, and more thorough, detailed and solid info on how
intermittent fasting can change your life, then I really think you’ll benefit
from reading the same book that introduced me to intermittent fasting. It’s
called Eat Stop Eat by a Brad Pilon.
Intermittent fasting is Brad Pilon’s specialty. Brad has spent most of his
life researching different nutritional methods for body fat reduction. In the
end he decided that intermittent fasting was by far the most effective method
for both reducing body fat, and preserving muscle mass.
Brad is a keen bodybuilder who practices what he preaches. Here are
some pictures of how he himself progressed while on the Eat Stop Eat
The first picture on the left is before Brad started on the Eat Stop Eat
program. Notice how by the final picture he has become more toned and
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 38 ChestSculpting.com
rugged-looking, and has even put on more muscle mass.
Now Brad isn’t the perfect example to look at, since he looks like he’s
been trim’n fit from the beginning. But what will amaze you are some of the
success stories on the Eat Stop Eat page. You can take a look at them here.
About The Eat Stop Eat Program
The Eat Stop Eat program really changed the way I look at nutrition.
I’ve had a lot of success with a low carbohydrate diet. I realized though that
for some of my clients, a low carb diet on its own was taking a long time to
take effect in terms of body fat reduction.
Eat Stop Eat made me realize that the simple problem was they were
eating too much. I knew this was the problem, but didn’t know how to get my
clients to restrict their calories without feeling deprived and suffering from
low mood, low testosterone, rebound weight-gain and the myriad other side-
effects of low-calorie dieting.
In Eat Stop Eat, not only does Brad convince you - with plenty
scientific evidence - of why intermittent fasting works, but that the Eat Stop
Eat lifestyle is actually better than a lifestyle where you are always eating in
abundance. Seriously, when you train yourself to fast just 2 days a week,
you’ll have a lot more freedom around food than you ever had before. It
suddenly becomes easy to say “no” to junk food, and even when you do eat it,
you really don’t feel bad at all. You also find yourself eating less on non-
fasting days without feeling deprived in any way.
Sure, Eat Stop Eat is just another name for intermittent fasting, but it’s
great to have a pioneer in the field really convince you that it works, before
you take the plunge and go for the intermittent fasting lifestyle.
In his book, Brad does more than just convince you that intermittent
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 39 ChestSculpting.com
fasting works. He goes on to tell you about different ways that you can do
intermittent fasting, for example, the dinner-to-dinner fast and the lunch-to-
lunch fast on page 111. He also advises you on how to eat on non-fasting
days, and has a detailed section on how to train while on the Eat Stop Eat
Just like me, Brad advocates doing resistance training while fasting,
but Brad has his own way of going about it, and I do recommend you take a
Anyway, I won’t get into much detail here. I don’t want Brad Pilon to
hijack all the space in my book. Here’s a copy of the contents page in the Eat
Stop Eat program. I’m not sure I’m allowed to show you, but hey, I won’t tell
anyone if you don’t :p.
Some Things I Don’t Like About Eat Stop Eat
Fasting For Fat Loss
© 2013 Garry Davidson – All Rights Reserved 40 ChestSculpting.com
Like in a lot of other books out there, Brad demonizes all other forms of
dieting (especially on p31 of the book), as though intermittent fasting is the
only method that works. I really don’t think this is true. Just because
intermittent fasting works, doesn’t mean other methods don’t work.
Intermittent fasting is just one piece of the puzzle. A lot of people find
it's the only piece of the puzzle they need, but there's no doubt it works best
when combined with a good low carbohydrate diet.
In my opinion, Brad also gives too much weight to the whole calories-in
VS calories-out theory of body fat reduction. Though reducing your calories
does help you to reduce body fat, we also know that your hormones play a
big role in deciding whether you store any of the calories you take in as fat.
Your hormones (and hence the amount of fat you store) are controlled largely
by the type of food you eat. They are also positively influenced by intermittent
fasting, regardless of whether or not you have a net calorie deficit.
Will You Benefit From Eat Stop Eat?
The reason I recommend you get yourself a copy of Eat Stop Eat, is
because although fasting is easy for me now, in all honesty it wasn’t easy at all
when I got started. Actually, the first time I started intermittent fasting, I quit
because I hated and dreaded my fasting days. Fasting is easy once you get
used to it, but takes a few weeks of effort and willpower to get yourself into
the flow of things.
The one thing that will keep you going in those first few weeks, is being
convinced that intermittent fasting actually works. You’ll never truly be
convinced until you see it working for yourself, but the next best thing is to
have an expert in the field explain it to you. And Brad Pilon’s book is
currently the only book I know of that does this really well. So click here to
get yourself a copy of the Eat Stop Eat program.
Fasting For Fat Loss
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• The one biggest secret nobody tells you about losing
man boobs
• Shrink puffy nipples with these unusual hormonal
• Signal your body to shrink chest fat first, before
losing fat anywhere else
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