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Final Project

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Final project for MIT



Final Project

WeeSan Lee <[email protected]> http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~weesan/cs183/

Final Project - Proposal

Individual or group of 2 Related to Unix System Administration Proposal

1 page (only) in PDF
  

Problem description Proposed solution Expected deliverables

Latex & bibtex

Due in the beginning of 5th week (4/28 @ 11:55pm)

Final Project - Report & Presentation


4 pages (at least) in PDF  Introduction  Related work  Technical details  Result  Conclusion  References Latex & bibtex


Due in last class (6/6 @ 11:55pm)
About 6-8 slides

8-10 mins in-class presentation

Final Project - Examples

Automation  Kick-start install  Package management/update Scripting  Web front-end of user account management Network  Web cache performance enhancement using multiple network interfaces Security  How to setup a secure network? Misc  Asterisk PBX (http://www.asterisk.org/)  Linux PVR (http://www.mythtv.org/)

Final Project - More Examples

System Automation

If any server is down, can you setup an identical server within a few minutes?
Web front-end for email filter or SPAM filter setup Improved lockdown script Uses crontab or an agent to collect statistics of your system, such as uptime, load, # of processes, tx/rx bytes .. Implement a web frond-end to display those info

 

System Health Monitor System

Final Project - More Examples

 

Instead of displaying number, display graph instead Graph the topology of a given network

Fault Tolerant System
Hot-standby and fail-over if primary system fails Load balance

 

NX server and preserve login session Something better than round-robin DNS Incremental backup system Snapshot-like implementation

 

Final Project - More Examples

System Security
  

Parse the log files for potential break-ins, attacks, etc. Tripwire re-implementation Write a tool that determines if any NIC of a group of machines are in promiscuous mode
LDAP Write a script to filter out non-PS files before spooling the files

Authentication Integration between Linux and Windows

Print Server

File system Implementation

FUSE (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/)

Final Project - More Examples

Cluster Management

Torque (resource manager) & Maui (cluster scheduler)

 

TCP speed-up, Read http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/~savage/papers/CCR99.pdf

 

Any other topics related to Unix System Administration!

http://sourceforge.net/search/?words=system+ad ministration

A Minimal Project

 

Find a software related to system admin. Install and play with it Identify a couple of it’s weaknesses Improve the weaknesses by:
 

Hack the code Add new scripts

Final Project Presentation Format

Slide 1
 

Slide 4

Title of your project Team members Show what is your project like, eg.

Technical details
What lesson did you learn from this project? What would you do in the next step? Conclusion

Slide 5

Slide 2

Slide 6

A screenshot of the input and output

Slide 3
 

Slide 7

Motivation Solution

Final Project Presentation Format

Each team gets < 5 mins to present Send me your slides 1 hr before your presentation Slides must be in 2003 PowerPoint format
.ppt .pptx YES NO

Final Project Report Format

4 pages (at least), double-column format in PDF  Introduction (20%)

Put your project into context
  

Why your project is important? What problems are you trying to solve? An overview of your system/solution

Related work (10%)
  

Summarize other similar projects Point out the differences between yours and others Be sure to include those projects in the references How did you tackle the problems? What methods did you use to reach the goal of your project?

Technical details (30%)
 

Result (20%)

Show some tables or figures to support your claims
Future work and conclusion

Conclusion (10%)

References (10%)

Final Project Report Format

Latex & bibtex

http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~weesan/cs183/download/latex _ex-0.1.tar.gz

Due on 6/6 @ 11:55pm

Presentations (6/2)

Web-based User Management + LDAP
 

FUSE + compressed FS

Atif Butt Cole Christie Quoc Anh Doan Nguyen Do Alaa Khatib Simon Lui Win Kongmuang Nicholas Lee

Thomas Helander Joe Chin Kenneth Anguka Pissanuk Tansavatdi Roberto Rivas Robert Michael Ballou

 


System Security
 


Asterisk PBX
 

 

 

RT: Request Tracker

Jesse Banuelos
Malalai Behnawa

 


Incremental Backup System


Presentations (6/4)

Kick-start Linux/Windows/OSX

     

Web-based User Management

Piti Supatyasakul Nehemiah Willis Ashwin Zachariah Sean Foley Stephen Jones

Casey Kirkruff Charles Ma
Jose Alvarez Thanh Mai

File Backup System

Asterisk PBX
 

Security Surveillance with PVR

USB Thumb Drive + Network Topoloy Layout
 

System Watch

Joseph Wilhelm Gilbert Rabuco

Disk Usage Analysis Tools

Web-based Version Control
 

Jonathan Basseri Noah Silas
Jeff Standley

USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery + web-based kickstart
 

Web-based Kick-start

Ramiro Diaz Genaro Velasquez

Presentations (6/6)

Unix Recycle Bin

Bailey Miller Dominic Toledo

Web-based rdiff-backup

Web-based User Management System + LDAP
 

USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery

Kenneth McDowell Joseph Pawlowski Jack Liu Joanne Lee


Owen Ou


PS-printer filter

Josiah Jordan

USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery

TCP Speed-up

Michael An
Miguel Rodriguez

Kevin Izu

Unix Log Files Analyzer

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