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Finished at Last

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This is the end of my work on "My Back Pages." There is nothing more to say. This is my way of saying thank you for the support and encouragment I have received from all of you here at Scribd.com. Thank you to Kenosis23 and to RoseDQ2878 for being my special friends here. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. You will always be in mine. Thank you all,David1949



Finished at Last
I have finally reached the point in my journey where I am comfortable with what I began almost two years ago. I have written all I can remember. Well, I have written all that I care to reveal of my life to you. I did as I promised at the beginning, I told my stories in simple language and I did not try to pump them up in any way. I told the stories as I remembered them. I am sure there are some errors you found while reading this book. I have tried to locate them and correct everything I could. There were several times during this journey through my past I had conflicts with my Word Processor. A computer does not have the human element it needed to understand what I was trying to convey to you, the readers. There were also some times when Kathy and I disagreed on the wording and presentation of some items. We worked out those minor differences of opinion and resolved the issues. This journey through my past has been at times a nightmare. I have spent hundreds or maybe thousands of hours working on this project. It has at times been such a joy to write. I spent a lot of time remembering my childhood and trying to find just the right words to describe some things that happened over fifty years ago. I may not have everything correct but it is the way I remember those events in my life. I have been blessed in many ways during my journey through my childhood experiences. One such blessing was a reunion with myself. I had forgotten some of the things I did as a child. As my writing continued from one story to the next, I began to remember more of how it was in the sixties. I felt the emotions and the excitement of being that boy growing up in that small Texas town. The fun we had just wasting our time riding bicycles or playing football in the snow. I also recalled playing tackle football on “the square” of Trenton on some of those long summer nights. During the past two years while working on this book, I was also working on building a web site. I posted all of my stories there. I was surprised so many people from my past have found my writings. Many have taken their time to leave me encouraging comments. I have also talked to some friends and mentors from my past. I will always remember the day I returned home to find a message from O. J. Savage, Jr. We had not talked in over forty years. We spent some time on the telephone talking about those days of old and he remembered then just how young I was when he and his family moved to Trenton.

I also reunited with Ricky V. (The Flea) Glasscock, his daughter, Lana, Mike Magers, his little sister, Marge Ann, Debbie Reynolds (not the famous one), former Trenton resident, Bob Atkins, Tom Mc Holmes and many, many more. Most of my reunions with my Trenton friends could not have been possible without the help of my friend, Tom Mc Holmes. Tom Mc is the owner, editor and self described chief flunky of the Trenton Tribune. He ran an article in the paper introducing my web site to the world. Since that time, I have received e-mails, comments on my web site and have been befriended by many different people from all walks of life. I have doctors, lawyers, beggars and thieves reading my stories. The doctors are from Brazil, India and several others I cannot remember now. The lawyers are from Arkansas, California and even one in London. The beggars are the friends who grew impatient for another story who would send me messages about my being too slow in my work. The thief I mentioned is my friend, John Crawford who told me he was reading my stories with hopes of “stealing” some of my stories for his own writings. If he found anything in this book, he is welcomed to use whatever he found. I have also posted my book on an internet web site named Scribd.com. It is on this web site I expanded my readership to just about every corner of the world. I have made several new friends on that web site and received much support from the people there. I have two very special friends from there, RoseDQ2878 and Kenosis23. These two people have been a blessing and a source of strength for me. I have learned a lot from their writings over the past few months. I encourage you to go to www.Scribd.com and look for them. They will surely bless your lives as they have mine. I am certain my wife, Audrey will be thrilled to read these last two pages. As will Kathy Smith Good. I do not know how they have put up with me over these months. It has been a joy spending some time laughing at the things I have written in this book and remembering my childhood friends. I hope after reading “My Back Pages” you will be inspired in some way to sit down and write your own story. It will be something your children and your grandchildren will cherish forever. Please think about it now while the memories are still there for you. You do not have to have it published, but you can, but what you write will be your own “Back Pages.” Thank you all and may God bless you and keep you safe. David L Newman 12/02/2009

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