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understanding foreign exchange



Chapter One
Telecommunication links via satellites are bringing about revolutionary changes in
the fields of communication. The barriers of spaces and time have totally
collapsed. Not very long ago it took days to the communicate to someone through
a letter but the new STD and ISD facilities have made communication an
instantaneous process. The world appears to have contracted or been squeeed into
a small room in which! given certain facilities! it is possible to communicate with
anyone in any part in the world.
GSM: "S# stands for $"lobal System for #obile %ommunications.$ "S# is
mostly a &uropean system and is largely unused in the 'S. "S# is interesting in
that it uses a modified and far more efficient version of TD#(. "S# keeps the
idea of timeslots and frequency channels! but corrects several ma)or shortcomings.
Since the "S# timeslots are smaller than TD#(! they hold less data but allow for
data rates starting at *++ bits per second. Thus! a call can use as many timeslots as
necessary up to a limit of 1* kilobits per second. ,hen a call is inactive -silence.
or may be compressed more! fewer timeslots are used. To facilitate filling in gaps
left by unused timeslots! calls do $frequency hopping$ in "S#. This means that
calls will )ump between channels and timeslots to ma/imie the system0s usage. (
control channel is used to communicate the frequency hopping and other
information between the cell tower and the phone. To compare with the other
systems! it should be noted that "S# requires 1 ,att of output power from the
CDMA: %D#( stands for $%ode Division #ultiple (ccess$ and is both the most
interesting and the hardest to implement multiple/ing method. %D#( has been
likened to a party1 ,hen everyone talks at once! no one can be understood!
however! if everyone speaks a different language! then they can be understood.
%D#( systems have no channels! but instead encode each call as a coded
sequence across the entire frequency spectrum. &ach conversation is modulated! in
the digital domain! with a unique code -called a pseudo2noise code. that makes it
distinguishable from the other calls in the frequency spectrum. 'sing a correlation
calculation and the code the call was encoded with! the digital audio signal can be
e/tracted from the other signals being broadcast by other phones on the network.
3rom the perspective of one call! upon e/tracting the signal! everything else
appears to be low2level noise.
(s long as there is sufficient separation between the codes -said to be mutually
orthogonal.! the noise level will be low enough to recover the digital signal. &ach
signal is not! in fact! spread across the whole spectrum -14.5 #6 for traditional
cellular or 7+ #6 in 8%S cellular.! but is spread across 1.45 #6 $pass2bands.$
%D#( systems are the latest technology on the market and are already eclipsing
TD#( in terms of cost and call quality. Since %D#( offers far greater capacity
and variable data rates depending on the audio activity! many more users can be fit
into a given frequency spectrum and higher audio quality can be provide. The
current %D#( systems boast at least three times the capacity of TD#( and "S#
systems. The fact that %D#( shares frequencies with neighboring cell towers
allows for easier installation of e/tra capacity! since e/tra capacity can be achieved
by simply adding e/tra cell sites and shrinking power levels of nearby sites.
%D#( technology also allows lower cell phone power levels -4++ miliwatts. since
the modulation techniques e/pect to deal with noise and are well suited to weaker
signals. The downside to %D#( is the comple/ity of deciphering and e/tracting
the received signals! especially if there are multiple signal paths -reflections.
between the phone and the cell tower -called multi path interference.. (s a result!
%D#( phones are twice as e/pensive as TD#( phones and %D#( cell site
equipment is *29 times the price of TD#( equivalents.
Advnt!"# o$ GSM
• "S# is already used worldwide with over 95+ million subscribers.
• International roaming permits subscribers to use one phone throughout
,estern &urope. .
• "S# is mature! having started in the mid2:+s. This maturity means a
more stable network with robust features. %D#( is still building its
• "S#;s maturity means engineers cut their teeth on the technology!
creating an unconscious preference.
• The availability of Subscriber Identity #odules! which are smart cards
that provide secure data encryption give "S# m2commerce advantages.
Di#dvnt!"# o$ GSM
• <ack of access to burgeoning (merican market.
Advnt!"# o$ CDMA inc%ud"
• Increased cellular communications security.
• Simultaneous conversations! less call drops! strong network.
• <ow power requirements and little cell2to2cell coordination needed by
• &/tended reach 2 beneficial to rural users situated far from cells.
Di#dvnt!"# o$ CDMA inc%ud"
• Due to its proprietary nature! all of %D#(;s flaws are not known to the
engineering community for solving.
• %D#( is relatively new! and the network is not as mature as "S#.
• %D#( cannot offer international roaming! a large "S# advantage.
The transmission of the senders ideas to the receiver and the receiver0s feedback or
reaction to the sender constitute the telecommunication cycle. The main steps o
this cycle is as follows=
1. Input1 the information or ideas the sender wants to gives the receiver.
4. %hannel1 fa/! phone call! electronic mail! etc.
*. #assage1 the actual massage that in sent.
9. >utput1 the information the receiver gets.
5. 3eedback1 the receiver0s response -or non2response. to the massage.
7. ?rain drain1 the possibility of misunderstanding at any step.
,e can illustrate this cycle with the help of the following illustration1
S&ND&@ @&%&IA&@
Input channel massage output
Idea 3a/! phone %all! &mail etc Idea
?rain drain
?rain drain ?rain drain
There are several barriers to the understanding of a massage and as the figure
#isunderstanding can occur at any stage1
Input #assage >utput
I want to know the
Bindly send me a
6e needs a statement of
In my current account at
>f my transactions in
Transactions in current
The end of >ctober (ccount noC during
NoC during >ctober
(s we know the definition of #arketing 2 D#arketing is a process by which
individuals and groups obtain what they need and want by creating and e/changing
products and value with other.E Thus we can say that Telecommunication
#arketing is a process by which Telecom %ompany or operator0s presents their
products F services. Telecommunicating has a great role in modern economy F
society. ,ithout telecommunication we can thing about the prosperity of the
society. The base of the modern progressive society is telecommunication.
Telecommunication makes the whole world as a global village. So people can
communicate with each other from a long distance. 6ere long distance means from
any where of the world. Now2a2 days in most of the country0s telecom industry
contributes a huge share of national income. ,ithout marketing telecom industries
can0t bring their products and services to their customers. So Telecom #arketing
has a great importance in modern society.
Chapter Two
A #(%% )i#tor* on
Mo+i%" o,"rtor# in Bn!%d"#)
T#I?! a )oint venture between Telekom #alaysia ?erhad (.B.Bhan F %o. <td!
was established in 1GG7. The company launched its cellular services in 1GGH under
the brand name (BTel.
Telekom #alaysia -T#.! the ma)ority shareholder with H+ percent! is financially
strong and internationally renowned for its successful venture like #NT! the
market leader in the telecom industry of Srilanka. T# has a global presence in 11
countries with staff strength *+!+++ group wide. T# has a 4H.* I stake in 8T
e/celcomindo pratama! Indonesia0s third largest mobile operator! and a 9H.H I
stake in Idea cellular of India. %hittagong based (.B.Bhan group is one of the
oldest industry house of ?angladesh. During the 8akistan days! it was renowned as
one of the twenty2two business dynasties of 8akistan.
Since it commencement! (BTel soon become second biggest operators! offering
comprehensive "S# mobile solutions to more than a million subscribers. It was
the first operator to offer it0s customers the *+ second pulse recently it is offering
D1+ second pulseE from the first minute of talk time. Today (BTel climes to have
the widest international roaming service in the market. %onnecting *15 operators
across 1H+ countries.
Domestically! it network covers all 71 allowable districts of ?angladesh! and with
the first intelligent network -IN. pre2paid platform in addition! (BTel was the first
mobile operator to connect Tetulia to Tecnaf of ?angladesh! and provide seamless
coverage along the Dhaka2%hittagong highway.

In 3ebruary of this year! T#I? managing director! #d. Nasir ?aharom! said
(BTel will launce the first ever "S#2based Dphone booth serviceE soon across the
country. This booth will have chip line powered pay phone connected to (BTel
network! 0 %hip cards0 for use in this phone will be available in the market.
(nyone can use these cards to call any number around the world.
T#I?! which has invested J4++ million in ?angladesh so far! will invest a further
J*++ million by 4++7. It has a plan to double its subscribers base to *.+ million by
the end of this year! from )ust over 1.5 million now. Kust this month! T#I? signed
J4++ million equipment deal with 6uawei of %hina to upgrade its network to the
"[email protected] system. ,hich will support higher data transfer rates intended for
applications other then voice. ,ith the new protocol in place. (BTel will be in a
position to offer a range of additional service like ##S -multi2media messaging.
and faster mobile internet service.
Kamirun 6aq is a 91 years old living in the typical agricultural heartland of
Kolarpar! and hour0s drive from Dhaka. The lack of the modern amenities in her
home is made up a mobile phone! the only telephone within 9 village area
inhabited by *!5++ people. 6aq charge about Tk 1*L minute for local call! more for
long2distance and international connections! making a profit of about Tk 7!5++ a
month! more than many urban offices works0 pay. She is saving for her to younger
daughters! who aspire to become lawyers. These things all possible only because of
her participation Aillage phone service.
The program assists woman borrowers of "rameen ?ank to the "S# technology
through the village phones. %ommencing in 1GGH! the A8 program has sustained a
robust growth over the years. There are now more than 11+!+++ Aillage phone is
operation in some 9+!+++ villages around the country.
It was Iqbal Muadir! a ,harton #?(! who in 1GG9 conceptualied the mobile2
phone company called "rameen 8hone with the help of micro2credit pioneer Dr
Nunus of "rameen ?ank. Muadir renounced his banking career in New ,ork!
moved back to ?angladesh and for * years worked out of your house and car!
without pay. 6e traveled the world trying to persuade potential investors that rural
?angladesh was a gold mine for cellular technology. 3inally! Muadir convinced
Norway0s state back telecom company! Telenor! to take a 51I stake in "8. <ater!
with Kapan0s #arubeni %orporation on board and J75 million in loans from aid
agencies and development banks! "8 stared operations on Independence Day
>f the five mobile operators! "8 has the largest subscriber0s base. It took si/ years
to reach the one million subscriber mark in august 4++*! about one more year to
reach the second million mark in the more years to reach the second million mark
September 4++9 at )ust about si/ months to attain the present three million
subscribers mark. "8 has the widest coverage in ?angladesh! 71 districts and *54
upailas! with plans to increase network coverage to :+ percent of the population
within in this year. (fter four years losses! "8 began making a profit in 4++1.
Today is the ?angladesh0s largest corporate ta/payer.
@ecently Telenor and "rameen Telecom both increased their stakes in "8! to 74
percent and *: percent! respectively. Telenor is the largest mobile phone company
in Norway! a country with highest mobile phone densities in the world. In addition
to Norway and ?angladesh! Telenor owns "S# companies in Denmark! (ustria!
6ungary! @ussia! 'kraine! #ontenegro! Thailand! #alaysia and 8akistan.
"rameen Telecom is a non2profit organiation and a sister concern of "rameen
?ank. "rameen Telecom with the help of "rameen ?ank administers Aillage
phone service to the villagers and trains the operators as well and handles all
service2related issues. "rameen ?ank covers 94!14H villages through its 1!1:1
bank branches.
Pci$ic Bn!%d"#) T"%"co( -CIT&CELL.
8acific ?D Telecom;s origins are closely linked to ?angladesh;s first mobile phone
license. In 1GSG! during the last leg of the Brshad era! a company called
?angladesh Telecom <imited -?T<. was awarded a license to operate cellular!
paging! and other wireless communication networks. In (pril 1GG+! ?T< and
6utchison Telecommunications -?angladesh. <imited created a )oint venture in the
name of 6utchison ?angladesh Telecom <imited -6?T<.. 6?T< began
commercial operation in Dhaka in (ugust! 1GG*! using the (#8S technology.
Interestingly! this became the first cellular operation in South (sia. (s the sole
operator! 6?T< chose the high margin2low volume approach! charging a price of
Tk 1 lak per package. >nly the privileged few were seen in the possession of
6?T< mobile phones.
In December 1GG*! 8acific #otors <imited! owned by #r. #orshed Bhan. The
current 3oreign #inister acquired the entire 5+I share holding of 6utchison
Telecom. 6?T< was renamed as 8acific ?angladesh Telecom <imited and its
cellular products were launched under the brand name $%ity%ell Digital$. 12our
year0s later! commercial operation started in %hittagong. In 1GGG %ity%ell was the
first! and only! operator in ?angladesh to introduce the newer %D#( technology.
The others relied on the more widespread "S# technology.
%ity%ell was spared the interconnectivity problems that plagued "rameen 8hone!
as it had sufficient connection switches with ?TT?. This was a definite
competitive edge that %ity%ell could not e/ploit to the fullest. In spite of having a
four year head2start! %ity%ell watched "rameen 8hone pass it by. Aery soon! the
second newcomer! (ktel! overtook it. >ne wonders whether %ity%ell can hang on
to its third position! in the face the aggressive launch by newcomer ?anglalink.
In face of steep competition from its peers! %ity%ell eventually adopted a new
growth strategy! incorporating advanced customer service and choice of budget2
friendly packages with affordable peak and off2peak rates. The price of its
packages fell by a minimum of G5I! a further indication of how e/pensive they
were in the first place. The company focused on improved customer care! and
started a 49 hours call centre with over :7 well2trained operators to respond to
customer queries.
%ity%ell is the first operator in ?angladeshi to introduce IDD and N,D for
prepaid subscribers. Its network coverage includes 51 districts. @ecently! it
launched @I#2based handsets! giving its subscribers the freedom to switch sets. It
also introduced a ;call to cash; feature! under which subscribers get Tk +.45 added
to their account for every minute when they receive calls from other %ity%ell
users. #ore than a decade after its launch! %ity%ell has finally reached the masses
with an active mobile subscriber base of over **+!+++.
%ity%ell recently gave notice that it would be formidable contender for the market
leadership within 4++7. The company was behind the race over the years due to
lack of investment! a problem which is now being addressed.
Or#co( T"%"co( Ho%din! -+n!%%in/.
>rascom! an &gyptian based operator! entered in ?angladesh market last >ctober
after buying up Sheba telecom! the poorest performer in the robust mobile
telephony sector. Sheba telecom! a #alaysia2?angladesh )oint venture! had lofty
prospects when it obtained a cellular license in 1GG7 and launched operation in the
last quarter of 1GGH.
6owever! the relationship between integrated services <td -IS<.! the ?angladesh
partner! and Technology @esources Industries [email protected] of #alaysia! turned bitter
almost from the begging. This distraction proved costly for Sheba! hemming in
investment and growth plans. ,hile "rameen phone for (BTel took their client
base to over a million each! Sheba! with 1G5 staff! struggled to reign in G5!+++
users! of whom 9G!+++ were regular.
Then! in >ctober 4++9! in a comple/ in hush2hush deal! &gyptian operator
>rascom effectively acquired 1++ percent of Sheba! paying in reported price of
J7+ million in setting outstanding loans to Standard %hartered ?ank! Dhaka. It
inherited a 45!H+G subscribers! representing a paltry 1 percent of market.
( relatively new company! set up in 1GG:! >rascom in the largest and most diverse
"S# network operator in the middle! &ast! (frica and (sia! holding nine license
in the region and having 15 million subscribers world2wide. It is the dominant
cellular operator in 8akistan! (lgeria! and Iraq! and &gypt. The Sawiris family of
&gypt owns the ma)ority stake in the company -57.GI.. It is the largest capitalied
company in the %airo F (le/andria Stock &/changes. Its initial public offering
I8> raised 'SJ*4+ million during the year 4+++! and was the largest offering on
the &gyptian stock market at the time its "[email protected] is listed on the <ondon stock
(fter taking over the helm! >rascom wasted no time in re2branding its service
under the name D?anglalinkE. It announced plans of investing J45+ million
towards accelerated network deployment and launched new pre2paid packages in
nine cities. It has embarked on one of the most ambitious e/piation strategies
?angladesh has ever seen! involving well over a 1+++ people with e/perts from 15
different countries.
It plans to e/tend network coverage from the e/isting G districts to 71 districts by
the end of 4++5! using up2to2date telecom communications sourced from Siemens
and 6uawei. It has set up 49 hours call center to help and inform the 19+ e/clusive
?anglalink dealers. %ustomers can visit anyone of over 1!+++ outlets for
recharging their pre2paid card.
>ne of the agendas of ?angla <ink is to help make a difference in people0s lives by
providing affordable and reliable connectivity solutions. Towards this end!
?anglalink offered new subscribers a stunning deal of only Tk *!:++ for a mobile2
mobile package. This has forced other operators to sit up and take notice. (s a
result! the competition level in the operators! including the omnipotent "rameen
8hone! all followed up with lower rats and attractive packages. >rascom0s
aggressive entry into the sector could very well lead to protracted price war.

Chapter Three
TM Int"rntion% -Bn!%d"#).
Ltd -A'TEL.0 n Ov"rvi"1

T# International -?angladesh. <imited -T#I?.! a )oint venture company of
Telecom #alaysia Sdn. ?hd.! of #alaysia and (. B. Bhan F %ompany <td. of
?angladesh has started its commercial operation in Dhaka! the %apital city of
?angladesh as a "S# G++ cellular phone operator on 15th November! 1GGH the
tremendous success in Dhaka. T#I? has started its operation in %hittagong in
#arch 47! 1GG:. T#I? uses the "lobal System for #obile -"S#.
communications as the digital cellular system! which is fully featured with services
like ?asic Telephony! Data and Aalue (dded Services! -A(S.. T#I? has an
integrated and fully computeried %ustomer %are ?illing System -%%?S.! which
supports virtually all subscriber2related functions.
VISION0 MISSION nd THEME o$ t)" co(,n*
T)" Vi#ion: To be the most preferred "S# cellular service provider in
T)" Mi##ion: To provide total customer satisfaction as the company strives to
become the most preferred "S# cellular service provider in ?angladesh. T#I?
will achieve this through developing people! products! and services of the highest
quality and meeting the needs of its employees! shareholders and the nation.
T)"(": 3Cu#to("r 2ir#t4
T)" A'TEL S"rvic"5 3C%"r%* A)"d4
The whole is the sum of parts and when the best come together= the results can be
truly spectacular. T#I? brings (BT&< #obile phone service! a digital cellular
phone service which will prepare better for life in the fast lane. (BT&< "S#
always keeps so near! even when so far.
The over all company growth and satisfactory performance has been achieved
under the dynamic leadership of Mr.N#ir Bin B)ro(0 #anaging Director of
6T"%"co( M%*#i Int"rntion% -Bn!%d"#). Li(it"d6.
T#I? received license to operate "S# cellular phone services in ?angladesh in
1GG7. It is a )oint2venture company formed between T"%"/o( M%*#i B"r)d
)o%din! 789 of the equity capital and *+I local shareholding by let A. M.
:)iruddin ')n -";0 C)ir(n0 T M Int"rntion% Bn!%d"#) Ltd..0 t)"
,r"#"nt c)ir(n *"t no #"%"ct"d. M<# A. '. ')n = Co.0 Li(it"d. The
directors are a.#r.Nb Tune Koseph Salang "ardum b.#r.Nb Dato Ir.6). #ohd.Oin
?in 6).#ohamed.
The success story started with the commercial launch of (BT&< services in
?angladesh in November 15! 1GGH. T#I? provides standard mobile connections
with N,D and IDD facilities. They also provide mobile2to2mobile services. It has
fully covered the %apital city Dhaka! and started functioning in the 8ort city
%hittagong from 47
#arch 1GG:. Now (BT&< is covering 71 districts of
It was not only a service launching ceremony but also worked as renewal of
friendship between two brotherly countries 2 #alaysia F ?angladesh. The
ceremony gathered ministers and dignitaries of both the countries where they had
an opportunity of e/changing views of bilateral trade and cultural interests.
(t present The %ompany employing 3ive 6undred 3ifty -5++. Staffs in total to
serve more than 7+++++ subscribers.
T# is a full2fledged business enterprise with a corporate head office= 3inance
Department! 6uman resource Department! Technical Department and #arketing
Department! %orporate (ffairs! all are functioning under efficient and highly
qualified 8ersons.
A. K. Khan
& Co.
Sn. !h.
A. K. Khan &
Malaysia Sn.
 The %ompany (BT&< ?angladesh!
with a full title being1 #obile
Telecommunications was founded as
a )oint company of the Telecom
#alaysia Sdn. B)d. from #alaysia
and the A. '. ')n = Co. of Dhaka!
 It operates as a <imited <iability
%ompany! where a founder and a
ma)ority shareholder! the T#I?2
member of the T"%"co( M%*#i!
owns H+I shares! while the minority
share of *+ I is being controlled by
the A. '. ')n = Co. Bn!%d"#).

 (BT&< strongly believes that subscribers are the most valuable assets.
The company has a strong %ustomer Service. To always be with
customer! (BT&< $6elp <ine; is there.
 (BT&< has successfully migrated to a new switch with higher
capacities in terms of accommodating higher customer base and as well
as to let them use all the basic and supplementary services under "S#
technology. It introduced the both2way national roaming all through its
network coverage. The 8repaid services with enhanced features have
been commercially commenced successfully and now the company
taking some pro)ects to accumulated more advanced technological
features in network.
 In term of Network Muality! the company will ensure the equipment of
world2class standard but more importantly its sie or capacity is catered
to the right dimensioning of customer base! in order to overcome the
drop calls problem or call congestion. (ll these are done through proper
planning! control and schedule maintenance program.
 The company maintains the benchmark for providing the quality
services. It monitors these through generating regular report and on site
survey. If any weak signal or drop call comes to notice! skilled
engineers are providing services round the clock and resolve the
problem instantly.
 The most important key resource factor at T#I? is its efficient human
resource. #oreover! its decisions are based on facts from market
research and coverage survey. 3urthermore! the entire thing can only be
achieved through the right people. (BT&< has put its sharp eye in
developing its employees through proper training! as it believes that the
most important asset for T#I? is its staff members. The company is
trying its best to ensure the quality services by quality people.
 It has the plan to give opportunity to every household to use cellular
service in the country at the competitive price providing unparalleled
quality service and customer care. In achieving this goal! the company
can;t wait for more interconnection facilities with the fi/ed network.
The company is planning to enforce strong efforts to create its own
independent network. It has already started Dhaka2%hittagong (BT&<
backbone. The company0s future plan is to vigorously e/pand network!
which can be called cell2to2cell e/pansion! covering almost all the
regions of ?angladesh within the year 4++5.

 3irst time introduced the ;#obile 8lus -8STN Incoming %onnectivity
only. Services; in ?angladesh.

 3irst time introduced the [email protected] -Timing of Iftar and Sehri
during @amadan. under Tele2info Services in ?angladesh.

 3irst time introduced the Seamless %overage throughout the Dhaka2
%hittagong 6ighway and named it as ;%hittagong Dhaka %orridor

 3irst time introduce the full2fledged [email protected] based %ustomer Services
-%all %enter. in telecom market.

 3irst time introduced cellular services in the most northern part of
?angladesh by launching (BT&< Service in @angpur and Dina)pur
in 4++4.

 T#I? brought Si/ty one -71. Districts during #ay 4++9
 Introduced the automatic system generated bill amount and payment
request for the 8ost2paid subscribers in 4++4. The automatic
unbarring facility! after necessary payment making by the
subscribers! is also a part of this system.

 Introducing "[email protected] for the first time in ?angladesh.
 Introducing 1+ sec! pulse in billing system from the first minute.
 Total commitment to the needs of our customers.
 3ollowing the highest ethics standards.
 %ontinual improvement of all work processes.
 8ermanent improvement of all the employees0 knowledge and skills.
 Securing quality of the service to match the quality of services offered by
the world0s most successful companies in the field.
 8reserving the %ompany0s leading position in the national market of
mobile telecommunications.
T#I? is in the Digital %ellular Telephony business. ,ith the technological
development in future! T#I? will adopt any cost effective and more efficient
technology to provide a state of the art and comprehensive service to its customers.
T#I?;s vision is to continuously monitor its customers; needs! wants and to plan
accordingly. It will monitor the development of the technology and update itself to
meet customer demand.
C%%"r ID: Display of the phone number of an incoming call in your handset
before the call is answered.
C%% Witin!: ,hile talking to the first caller! you will hear a special tone
informing you about the second call on the line. (t that moment you can put the
first caller on hold and talk to the second caller.
C%% Con$"r"nc": @eceiving calls from multiple callers can be supplemented by
)oining these multiple callers so as to enable them to talk to each other. Nou will be
able to communicate with a group consisting of ma/imum five callers.
C%% Div"rt: %all Divert lets you redirect or re2route your call to another (BT&<
mobile or any other fi/ed -if you have ?TT? connectivity. or mobile phone.
C%% Brrin!: &nables you to restrict certain types of calls to be made from your
mobile. This feature is especially important for security purposes.
The following additional services are available upon request1
• Voic" Mi% S"rvic" -VMS.
P A#S is a unique answering machine.
P It provides you with a personal electronic mail bo/ in our voice mail
P It records your personalied greetings as well as stores your incoming
voice messages.
P It records inco(in! voic" ("##!"# if you are1
>utside (BT&<;s coverage area or busy or simply switched off your
P It provides 492hour automatic secretarial service
P #akes you available to your calling party anytime
• S)ort M"##!" S"rvic" -SMS.
P S#S in your mobile acts like an advanced pager.
P Nou can send and receive te/t messages of up to 17+ characters! directly
from one (BT&< mobile to another (BT&< mobile.
• Addition% S"rvic"#
 %alling <ine Identification 8resentation -%<I8.
 %all 3orwardingLDiverting
 %all ,aitingL6olding
 Itemied ?ill
 <ocation ?ased Tele @amadan
 8re28aid ?illing Information through S#S
 S#S based %ontent Service -News! ,eather! @ing tones!
<ogos! 8ictures etc.
 (BT&< #obile Q Stock
 #obile2?anking 3acility
 Aoice #ail Service -A#S.
 Short #essage Service -S#S.
 Nationwide @oaming -Throughout %ountry 3lat @ate.
 49 6ours %ustomer %are
[email protected] -Interactive Aoice @ecorder. Service -Toll free %all
Toll 3ree 6elp line 14* -from (BT&< Number. or +1:G29++9++ -from
any number.
Mr/"tin! Divi#ion -Or!no!r(.
1. 3ront Service
4. (ctivation
*. The procurement F Dealer #anagement
9. 3raude #anagement
5. 6elp <ine
8rocurement F
Dealer #gt
6elp line F call center
N8D 'nit
. S"rvic"# Provid"d +* t)" 32ront Cu#to("r Cr" Unit4
1. SI# %hange -Due to lose or damage of SI# card..
4. (ccounts recharge due to temporary account lock.
*. (ddress change.
9. Transfer of ownership of the mobile service.
5. @ecording the request for Itemied ?ill for regular or particular month.
7. Selling mobile connection direct to customers.
H. 8roviding the customer about the various facilities and package service.
:. @ecord of payment to open the temporarily blocked services.
G. @eceiving the application for permanent de2activation of mobile service
confirming the service.
1+. Aarious tariff information to the subscriber.
11. @eceiving line block due to sim lost.
14. Sim unlock request in retrieval case sub)ect to producing of original
subscription copy and payment of bill.
1*. @eceiving application for converting a service into IDDLN,D service
scheme and issuing the services.
19. @eceiving application form of security deposit increase F confirming the
15. Issue of duplicate document copy in lost or damage case.
17. @eporting to the respective division in2charge.
These are services provided by the different functional units of (BT&< %hittagong
branch. The well2trained staffs of this unit are strongly committed to provide the
best quality to their customers! as the mission of the company is to provide total
customer satisfaction. T#I? is trying to achieve this through meeting the needs of
its employees! shareholders and the nation.
+. S"rvic" Provid"d B* t)" 3Activtion4 Unit
1. (ctivation of new connection.
4. (ctivation of changed sim.
*. %hange of address.
9. Issuing invoice for security deposit increase! N,D deposit!
ISD deposit.
5. (ctivation of various services.
7. @eporting about all the activities to marketing in2charge.
c. S"rvic" Provid"d B* 3T)" Procur"("nt = D"%"r Mn!"("nt4 Unit
1. Issuing packages for the dealer as well as the direct customers.
4. Beeping records of the documents of the subscriber of post2
paid mobile service.
*. Issuing duplicate copies of original documents in lost or
damaged case.
9. #anaging the store.
5. Beeping all the records of transactions with dealers.
7. @eporting the divisional in2charge.
Vriou# Co(,%int# $r"@u"nt%* co(" in $ront #"rvic"
(. (ccounts %omplaints1

1. ?ill not received
4. Delay receive received bill
*. Disputed bill
9. Delay posting
5. 8ayment made before locking.

?. %redit %ontrol %omplaints1

1. Not informed before locking
4. 8ayment entry still lock
*. 3a/ made still lock

%. It %omplaints1
1. ?ill not prepared in time
4. No massage before locking
*. ,rong massage
9. @epeated massage
5. 8ending problem
D. Technical %omplaints1

1. %overage problem
4. %all drop
*. %all congestion
9. IDD incoming problem
5. IDD outgoing problem.

&. 8repaid %omplaints1
1. @echarge problem
4. Stuck problem
*. Sim problem
9. %omplain against dealer
5. (ny other problem.
 T)" "[email protected]"# +* t)" cu#to("r in t)" )ot%in"
 New connection
 <ost of functioning
 Tariff rate
 %hange of address
 %hange of ownership
 8ayment procedure
 Aoicemail mailL Short massage service
 @oaming service
 Itemied bill
 8ayment made still lock
 ?illing amount
 <ocking information
 (ny other information
There are sheets to record the call received from the customer. &very staff is
supposed to fill targeted si/teen sheets each day of the customer. &ach of the sheets
contains twenty2five call records. (t present this service is open for the customers
from : am. to : pm. There are two shifts prevailing there consists of : am to 5 pm
and 11 am to : pm.
". S"rvic" Provid"d +* 32rud Mn!"("nt4 Unit
This unit specially engaged to look after any shorts of fraud ness against the

-In Cu#to("r Cr" Divi#ion.
 SIM r",%c"("nt -,r",id.
In the replacement procedure of prepaid sim card the subscriber has to come to the
office to fill the sim replacement application form. The subscriber has to pay an
amount of Tk. 1++ as replacement charge. (fter filling the application form the
staff of the 3ront Service 'nit will verify the original documents. Then if the
documents seem right 3ront 'nit will deliver the Sim right away.
The following documents have to be included by the customer while submitting
the application form1
1. ?locked or damaged sim card.
4. "D copy -for lost case..
*. >ne copy passport sie color photograph -applicable for individual
9. %opy of the original registration form.
5. (uthoriation and 'nder <etterhead -as and when applicable..
7. <etter in %ompany <etterhead Rsubscription-s. under %ompany nameQIf
H. 8ayment Slip.
 Si( r",%c"("nt ,o#t,id
The procedures of replacing postpaid sim card almost same as prepaid sim card
replacement. The special thing here is that the customer has to write the account
number of his mobile service.
 C)n!" o$ ddr"##
This service is due to change of billing address or due to inconvenience of
receiving the bill in time or in recorded address. To get the address changed the
consumer has to fill the address change application form accordingly. ,hile
submitting the application the customer has to show the original documents to the
respective customer care e/ecutive for verification.
 T"(,orr* %oc/
<ost sub)ect to producing of original subscription copyL"D %opy! 'nlock request
-'pon found case sub)ect to producing of original subscription copy and payment
of bill.! @egular itemied bill! @equired itemied bill! %onvert IDD -scheme.!
%onvert N,D -scheme.! Security deposit increase! @eopening the connection if
the line is disconnected due to outstanding bill over credit limit1
To get these services the consumer has to fill the (BT&< service requirement form
as per requirement. In each case the honorable customer has to show the original
copy of service subscription copy to the front desk customer care e/ecutive. 6e or
she also has to pay service charge as per requirement.
 Trn#$"r o$ o1n"r#)i,

To transfer of ownership of mobile service! an e/isting subscriber has to fill the
provided form with the signature of the new owner. In this case the company
charge has to pay. ( copy of pp sie photograph of each new and old customer has
to provide to the office.
 R"5conn"ction #"rvic"
This service is for those customers whose services were disconnected for a
long time but want to re2en)oy the mobile service. To en)oy this service a
customer has to apply in the re2connection application form. The customer then
has to clear all the outstanding bill generated during this time interval. (fter
that the customer is supposed to record the bank payment copy. (t the end
heLshe is supposed to show the original copy of document of the service to the
front desk sales and customer relation e/ecutive! as proof! which was provided
by the company while taking the service in the beginning Incase of 8repaid
connection an amount of Tk.445+ is required to reconnect an e/pired sim.
 Du,%ict" co,* o$ docu("nt#
This service is required if and when the subscriber of the mobile service lost the
original documents or if the documents are damaged by any means. To get the
service the consumer has to fill the service requirement form provided by the
company. ,hile submitting the application form the customer has to submit the
following documents. No charge is made to get the service to the customer.
1. 8hotograph.
4. "D copy -in lost case..
*. <etter in the company letterhead -as and
when applicable..
9. (uthoriation and 'ndertaking letter -as
and when applicable..
5. Damaged copy -for damage case..
7. Invoice copy -incase of postpaid mobile
 L"tt"r o$ ut)orit* #"rvic"
The service is provided for the valued customers who cannot effort to come to the
office to receive the required service. In this case the original subscriber needs to
undersign the D<etter of (uthorityE application with the signature and name of the
person heLshe authoried to take the service on behalf of the customer.
• %overed area 71 district.
DHA'A 0 Dhaka %ity ! Dhamrai! Savar! Nawabgan)! Beranigan)! Dohar!
BRAHMANBARIA0 ?rahmanbaria %ity! (khuaura! Basba! Nabinagar
CHANDPUR0 %handpur %ity ! 6a)igan)! #atlab! Shahrasti! Bachua
COMILLA0 %omilla %ity! "ouripur! #eghna "hat! Daunkhandi!
6omna! #uradnagar! ?urichang! Debidhar! %handina! ?arura!
#iarbaar! <aksham! 3algunkhara! (shugan)
2ARIDPUR0 3aridpur %ity ! %har ?hadrashan
GA:IPUR0 "aipur %ity ! Koydebpur! Tongi! Baligan)! (bdullahpur!
#aona! Shafipur! Baliakoir
'ISHOREGAN?0 Bishorgan) %ity ! ?hairab! 8uran Thana! "aital ?us
Stand! Station @d
MANI'GAN?0 #anikgan) %ity ! Shaingair
MUNSHIGAN?0 #unshigan) %ity! Tongibari! Shira)dikhan! Srinagar
M&MENSINGH0 #ymensingh %ity ! 3ulbaria! Trishal! ?haluka!
NARA&ANGAN?0 Narayangan) %ity ! @upgan)! (raihaar! Sonargaon
NARSHINGDI0 Narshingdi %ity ! 8olash! Sripur! ?elabo
NETRONO'A0 Netrokona %ity ! 6iranpur ?us Stand! #adanpur!
?angla ?us Stand! @ail Station
TANGAIL0 Tangail %ity! ?ashail! Shakipur! #irapur! Kamuna ?ridge
GOPALGAN?0 "opalgan) %ity
?AMALPUR0 Kamalpur %ity
SHERPUR0 Sherpur %ity
SHARIATPUR0 Shariatpur %ity
C)itt!on!0 %hittagong %ity! ?ariarhat! ?arabkunda! #irersharai!
Sitakunda! Bumira! 3au)darhat! %hittagong 'niversity! %howdhury 6at!
#adanhat! "ahira! 3atikchari! @aoan! 6athaari! Sarwatali! 8opadia!
Badurkhil! "omdandi! Balurghat! ?oalkhali! Dhalghat! 8atiya!
(nowara! "achbaria! %handanaish! Dohaari! Satkania! ?anshkhali!
2"ni0 3eni %ity! 8arshuram! 8hulgai! %hagalnaiya! Daghanbhuiya!
Sonagai! <emua! <angalkot! %hauddagram
Co;# BAr 0 %o/s ?aar %ity ! 'khia! %hakaria! &idgaon! %hiringa
No/)%i0 Noakhali %ity ! %ompanigan)! ?egumgan)! Senbagh! #aidi!
?ashurhat! %hatkhil! Shonaimuri
L;(i,ur0 <a/mipur %ity! %handragan)! @aipur! @amgan)
RB#))i 0 @a)shahi %ity ! Shaheb?aar! 'niversity! Ba)la! 'pashahar!
?ISI%! <a/ipur! Sheroil! New #arket!
Bo!r0 ?ogra %ity ! Santahar! Bahalu! #a)aree! Shibgan)
Rn!,ur 0 @angpur %ity ! Baunia! "angachara! 6aragas! Taragan)!
Shampur! 8aglapeer! 8airsband! #itaphukur! 8irgacha
L%(onir)ut 0 <almonirhut %ity ! (ditmari
Ni%,)(ri 0 Nilphamari %ity ! Syedpur
No!on 0 Naogaon %ity ! @aninagar
P+n 0 8abna %ity! Ishwardi ! 8akshi
?o*,ur)t 0 Koypurhat %ity ! 8anchbibi! Balai
T)/ur!on 0 Thakurgaon %ity
Ntor"0 Natore %ity
'uri!r( 0 Burigram %ity
C),i N1+!nB 0 %hapai Nawabgan) %ity
S)"r,ur 0 Sherpur %ity
')u%n 0 Bhulna %ity ! @upsha! Dighallia! 3ultala! Doulatpur! ?oira!
Bhalishpur! @oyal #ore! Nirala! Shiromoni! Bhan Kahan (li @oad!
?"##or"0 Kessore %ity ! ?enapole! Khikorgacha! Navaron! Sharsha!
(voynagar! Noapara
?)"nid)0 Khenaidah %ity ! Baligan)
'u#ti0 Bustia %ity ! #irpur
B!"r)t0 ?agerhat %ity ! %hitalmari! Bachua! 3akirhat
C)udn!0 %huadanga %ity ! Damudda
M!ur0 #agura %ity
St/)ir0 Satkhira %ity
M")"r,ur0 #eherpur %ity
S*%)"t0 Sylhet %ity! "olapgan)! ?ianibaar! ?iswanath! "oulabaar!
Dhaka Dakkin! #adhabkunda! (khlia! <aldighir 8ar
Mu%vi BAr0 #aulvi ?aar %ity ! ?arolekha! (frogan)
H+i!nB0 6abigan) %ity
Bri#%0 ?arisal %ity ! ?abugan)! #uladi! ,aipur
Br!un0 ?arguna %ity ! (mtali
Ptu/)%i0 8atuakhali %ity ! #ir)agan)
Potu/)%i0 8otuakhali %ity
PiroB,ur0 8iro)pur %ity
?)%/t)i0 Khalkathi %ity
Cu#to("r S"!("nttion
Individual businessman! entrepreneur professionals and established organiations
are the main customers of T#. They have also a target to take students and low2
income groups with their introduction of #obile2to2#obile and 8repaid services.
To serve the market more accurately their target market will be further segmented
based on psychographics and business sie.
Mr/"tin! Strt"!i"#
T# always wants to achieve desired sales growth and customer base. T# wants to
encourage e/isting customers to use more and more of their services.
Their newly introduced package named DDurbarE is one of their successful
initiatives for the e/iting customer It has a concept of D"oromer Tap Ky 6ok
(ponan %holar Kamon Shash Nae Bothar > Shash NaeCCC.Botha chaluk
Durbar gotitayTE
Product Po#itionin!
Initially their target was to reach the top. ?ut others are targeting to the grass root
level! and increasing their customer. T# wants to be the leader with good quality
and is designing products for the middle class rage also.
T# should keep enough fle/ibility to design other components of marketing mi/es
as well.
Mr/"tin! ,roduct (i; ,%nnin!
%ontinuous quality improvement. @eposition of slow moving products to different
target markets. (lways branding (BT&< with all packages with a "S# service.
Necessary changes in tariff structure and changes in changes in terms and
8enetration pricing in the face of competition.
Skimming policy where possible.
#ake effective use of distribution. #ake product and service delivery system more
effective and less time consuming. ,ider distributing network to make service
more accessible.
?rochures with all necessary information press advertisements! Television
%ommercials in future! and ?illboards.
Mr/"t D"v"%o,("nt
(BT&< "S# are trying to convert non2users to mobile phone users! stressing the
benefit of "S# services! and with the service benefit of (BT&< that will make
their life easier. To serve the market more accurately their target market will be
further segmented based on psychographics and business sie.
Product D"v"%o,("nt
The strive to develop a better product will be a continuous process. %onducting of
#arket research in every * months. They will use the input to develop new product
based on data they will get from survey. Thus the product will be designed to meet
the customers need.
D. C"%%u%r P)on" S"rvic"
The whole is the sum of parts and when the best come together= the results can be
truly spectacular. T# International -?angladesh. <imited brings you (BT&<
#obile 8hone Service. 3ully digital cellular phone services that will prepare you
better for life in the fast lane. (lways keeping you so near! even when you are so
far. (BT&< has been successful in bringing together the world leaders in various
technologies! giving ?angladesh cellular phone service that is world class.
E. B"tt"r Bi%%in!
The whole is the sum of parts and when the best come together= the results can be
truly spectacular. T# International -?angladesh. <imited brings you (BT&<
#obile 8hone Service. 3ully digital cellular phone services that will prepare you
better for life in the fast lane. (lways keeping you so near! even when you are so
far. (BT&< has been successful in bringing together the world leaders in various
technologies! giving ?angladesh cellular phone service that is world class.
F. B"tt"r S1itc)in!
(BT&< cellular switching system provides you the state of the art "S#
technology. (BT&< #obile 8hone Service is based on the "S# technology!
which will give you the winning edge all the way.
G. SIM5Crd Id"ntit* Nu(+"r
,ith the (BT&< %ellular 8hone Service! you will have more than )ust a number.
Simply because the "S# standard lays emphasis on the Subscriber Identification
#odule -SI#. card! a key component of the whole process. It is a computer chip
card! which is highly secured against fraud. ( microchip embedded in the plastic
card stores 8IN -8ersonal Identification Number.! code personal telephone
directory and details of calls made. (s a result! you can use the SI# card on any
"S# G++ phone. So! even if your cellular phone is not handy! you can borrow
another one= insert your SI# card and its business as usual. This electronic
S#(@T %(@D also contains your unique 8ersonal Identification Number -8IN.!
)ust as an (T# card does! to prevent misuse! should it fall into wrong hands.
H. Con#i#t"nt nd Hi!) Voic"
8eople who listen to music on compact disks are aware that digitied music results
in sharper and clearer audio quality. ,ith "S# too! digitiation of voices is done
so that high quality is maintained.
I. S"curit*
It is almost impossible for anyone to tap or listen in on a conversion in the (BT&<
cellular network. Digitiation encodes speech and! and dynamic allocation of
frequency makes it impossible for outsiders to enter a call. Incidentally! the
technology that makes it possible for you to talk better also makes it impossible for
anyone to intrude into your privacy audio quality. ,ith "S# too! digitiation of
voices is done so that high quality is maintained.
7. E;citin! A'TEL S"rvic"
(BT&< offers a very comprehensive range of value added services for those on
the move. &ach service designed to help you in specific! frequently encountered
solution. Service like these will surely revolutionie the way you communicate
J. A'TEL It"(iA"d Bi%%in!
This service entitles you to a detailed bill with an accurate breakup of the call
charges! including the date! duration and numbers of incoming and outgoing calls.
This is e/tremely handy in case you wish to keep track of e/penses! or even to find
out whether your card is being misused.
K. Int"rntion% Ro(in!
Nour (BT&< mobile Service will provide you with contractibility and the freedom
to make and receive telephone calls within those "S# networks all over the world
that have roaming agreements with (BT&<. So whenever you are within the
service areas of these "S# networks! you will still be able to keep in touch.
D8. C)oic" o$ Hnd#"t
The (BT&< network has a chain of outlets where all the leading models! makes
and accessories of "S# compatible mobile phones are available. 6owever!
subscribers are free to procure their "S# cellular phones from any other source
within the company or abroad provided these are duty paid and these would
connected to the (BT&< network.
DD. Adv"rti#"("nt
New idea! huge amount for promotional policy creating great awareness to the
DE. N"1 ,c/!"# nd #"rvic"#
%reating new packages to grab amass potential customer. <ike as e/tended time.
?TT? incoming in pre paid services. ,orld class service like "[email protected]
Mr/"tin! D",rt("nt
. Product = P%nnin!
8roduct F #arket 8lanning Department -8 F #8. is a vital part of (BT&< in
terms of its importance and role.
The central innovation department of (BT&< is the 8 F # department. This
department facilitates communication between the departments and e/isting and
new product packages of (BT&<. 8 F #8 also manages and co2ordinates
information about different products. 8 F #8 evaluate the possibilities and
develop new products.
8 F #8 is responsible for communication with different departments about
e/isting products. 8 F #8 get feedback from sales! %ustomer %are and #arket
%ommunication departments regarding %ustomer needs and #arket requirements.
3eedback helps in redefining an e/isting product.
New ideas are developed after evaluation of market demands. 8 F #8 gives shape
and form to the vague ideas in the process of developing a new product. 8 F #8
is responsible to co2ordinate with >peration F #aintenance! Information System
and ?illing departments to get solutions check the functionality of product features
and prices. ?undling and un2?undling of services to create new packages can be
useful way of satisfying customer needs.
8 F #8 facilitates launch of the products within (BT&<. Training and support for
a product to all departments within (BT&< is also the responsibility of this
department. 8 F #8 develops the main marketing message for products working
closely with marketing department. 8 F #8 will also support sales and customer
care department about new product launch.
+. Mr/"t Co((uniction
3unctions1 The functions of marketing department are manifold. 6owever the main
function can be articulated as to develop product and promote.
In order to accomplish this function! some steps have to be followed. They are1
 Need determination by market survey through secondary data.
 To develop product within (BT&< resources.
 8ricing of the product.
 To obtain necessary approval from the management.
 %ompetitor;s activity analysis.
%oncept building for promotional activities. It includes advertisement in the
leasing dailies in the most effective manner within a given budget! to arrange out2
door advertisement! hoarding! promotions of gift items like diary! pen! calendar
#arketing department also support various departments in performing their )obs.
(fter the market survey! for e/ample! they can suggest @adio 8lanning department
about the appro/imate number of probable subscriber of a particular area and the
potential of International @oaming.
In the above2mentioned way! marketing department plays an important role in the
smooth functioning of (BT&<.
C. Cu#to("r# Cr"
%ustomer care is making the bridge the customers and company. ?esides Sales
division it is the only department who deals customers directly. Sales department
procures the business and %ustomers %are keeps the business with the company for
long period. >nce relationship is established customer %are is doing the business
with the subscribers. It works with the ob)ective to meet all kinds of queries from
customer and provide the optimum solution. The trained and friendly people are
serving for customer care from +Gam25.95pm in Dhaka office. There are two shifts.
>ne is start from +:am and end up at +5pm! another one is from 11am to +:pm.
%ustomer care department works to ensure customers satisfaction and also to
motivate the people in (BT&< service.
@esponsibilities of %ustomer %are are unlimited.
The purpose of department encompasses the following.
 To receive queries
 To solve queries relating to (BT&< service.
 To provide all sort of information.
 To solve any problem regarding network.
To ensure smooth operation %ustomer %are is providing services from two
 >ver 6>T<IN&S
 Through Information %enter
HOTLINE: %ustomer %are is committed to provide efficient! dedicated and
reliable service to it valued subscribers. 3or customer;s convenience it has
introduce one 6>T<IN& services. Subscribers may call any time for all complaints
and queries.
D. In$or(tion C"nt"r
It provides on spot solutions as subscribers can physically go there and get
services. It deals with the following areas.
 ?ill %larification
 8reparation of manual bill
 ?ill correction
A'TEL Int"rntion% Ro(in! S"rvic"#
(fghanistan ?olivia Dominica India <ebanon Niger
(lbania ?osnia &gypt Indonesia <ithuania Nigeria
(ntigua ?otswana &stonia Iraq #asao Norway
(rgentina ?rail 3inland Ireland #acedonia >man
(rmenia ?runei 3rance Israel #adagascar 8akistan
(ruba ?ulgaria "abon Italy #alawi
(ustralia ?urundi "ambia Kamaica #alaysia 8araguay
(ustria %ambodia "eorgia Kapan #aldives 8eru
(erbai)an %ameroon "ermany Kersey #alta 8oland
?ahrain %anada "hana Kordan #ali 8ortugal
?arbados %hile "ibraltar Benya #auritius Matar
?arbuda %hina "reece Birghitan #e/ico
?elarus %ongo "renada Borea #onaco @ussia
?elgium %roatia 6awaii Buwait #ongolia Senegal
?enin %uba 6ong Bong <a reunion #orocco Slovenia
?ermuda %yprus 6ungary <ao Namibia Spain
?hutan Denmark Iceland <atvia Nepal Sri
St <ucia Thailand Tunisia '.S.( Oimbabwe
Sudan Tobago Turkey %anada Oambia
Sweden Togo 'ganda Aietnam
Syria Trinidad 'kraine Nemen
G"n"r% Pc/"t Rdio S"rvic" -GPRS. enabled networks offer ;always2on;!
higher capacity! Internet2based content and packet2based data services. This
enables services such as co%our Int"rn"t +ro1#in!0 "5(i% on t)" (ov"0
,o1"r$u% vi#u% co((uniction#0 (u%ti("di ("##!"# nd %oction5+#"d
3'N D>S&.
%hoose your Aoice "reeting! pass it to anyone! and even anonymously
send your D>S& through (BT&<.
?irthday. 6ate. 3lirt. Sorry. 6eart 2 MON. Say Nou <ove. (nytime!
"ift of ?angla New Near
?uy one! get one [email protected]&&T
A'TEL has launched the first ever &<&%[email protected]>NI% @&3I<< system in ?angladesh
whereby 8re28aid customers will be able to recharge their accounts via S#S!
available at dealersLoutletsLdesignated agents around the country. &<&%[email protected]>NI%
@&3I<< is a great new recharge option for 8re28aid subscribers as it does not rely
on the availability of scratch cards for topping up any (BT&< 8re28aid account.
The customer benefits from this system through e/tensive availability!
convenience to recharge 8re28aid accounts anywhere! anytime! without the hassle
of buying and scratching cards. This service is great because it ensures that the
credit you require for your (BT&< connection is always available on demand.
This service allows customers to recharge their accounts in multiple
denominations1 Tk.7++! Tk.*++! Tk.45+! Tk.4++! Tk.15+! Tk.1++! and Tk.5+!
which provide all (BT&< 8re28aid customers a freedom of choice.
3or the vast demographic sie of ?angladesh and for the comple/ physical
distribution system! sometimes our sales points have trouble keeping adequate
stocks of (BT&< Scratch %ard! and as a result! the valued customer can;t find the
Scratch card as per their requirements. >n the other hand! due to frequent natural
disaster and hartalL strike! distribution of physical scratch card becomes hard. ,e
believe that the new system can really give (BT&< %ustomers the opportunity and
convenience to buy airtime in the period of inconvenience. (part from it! the
&<&%[email protected]>NI% @&3I<< solution will allow our authoried sales outlets to
electronically generate a voucher for the denomination customer requires. (BT&<
customer can recharge their account by a dialing 111 or through simple refill
In this system (BT&< customer pays cash to the retailer for hisLher (BT&< 8re2
8aid account recharge! and in return heLshe will get a S#S with a voucher number.
This voucher number will have a 1*2digit secret number! which will then be
inserted into the mobile similar to the scratch card process. This &<&%[email protected]>NI%
@&3I<< allows our customers freedom to choose their desired (irtime according
to hisLher need and affordability. This is a secured process and our channel partners
on demand would carry out the transaction.
?angla @ing tones. &nglish @ing tones. 6indi ring tones. <ogos. 8icture
#essages. >ther services.
(BT&< has moved ahead of all cellular operators by launching an e/citing
promotion through e/tending the validity period of Tk.*++ 8re28aid refill card
from *+ days to 1:+ days and that of the Tk.7++ card from 95 days to *75 days.
Now one can pay hisLher post paid bill by scarce card.
Chapter four
SWOT An%*#i# o$ A'TEL0
R"co(("ndtion# nd Conc%u#ion

 Str"n!t)
 "S# Technology.
 ?etter reputation
 &ffective human resources
 Muality top management
 Muality billing system
 Muality customers care system
 &/pertise and e/perience of parent company
 ?etter liaison with foreign "S# operators
 <ong range strategic planning
 #arket research unit
 Strong dealer network
 "ood reputation.
 W"/n"##"#
 8oorer coverage than the competitor
 Not enough channel with ?TT?.
 Muality of network is poor now a day.
 (bsence of human resource policy.
 Shortage of human resource in the help2line
 8ricing packages are more e/pensive and less attractive.
 O,,ortuniti"#
 8ublic sector unable to meet demand
 8roduct with very long life cycle
 New technology
 "rowing middle class population
 #ain competitor has a congested network because of its unplanned
customer growth.
 T)r"t
 'nstable political culture
 @ecession in the economy
 Non2cooperative telecommunication regulatory body.
 8ossible health risk for mobile phone
 8STN phone already started their business.
The recommendations given below are not decisions= rather they are only
suggestions to improve the customer service in order to fulfill the customer
satisfaction so that subscribers give more preference to (BT&< 8re2paid
connection. (nd thus (BT&< will able to survive in %ompetition of
Telemarketing in ?angladesh.
The recommendations are made on the basis of survey! findings and analysis.
These are1
 @ecently the customers are facing some network problem
with (BT&< network! (BT&< should be more careful
about it. (BT&< network is not as good as like
"rameen8hone -"8.. In response to customer0s ob)ections
of the (BT&<0S -comparatively. low powered network
coverage and its frequency! it should make concentration
seriously on its network coverage and frequency.
 They have to remember that their main advantage to catch
the customer first all over the country. So they should
improve the network coverage and at the same time network
 (lthough (BT&< provides new technology and services!
they should make it more clearly to the customer. ?ecause it
has been noticed that many customers are ignorant about
how to use some value added services and may not well
informed about the recent packages.
 (BT&< can emphasie in newsletter or advertisement on
how the customer can use these services.
 The off peak hour system should be e/tended! because
according to the findings and analysis! the respondents have
ob)ection about the timing of it.
 There is dissatisfaction among the respondents about the call
charge per minute. The respondents said that (BT&< should
reduce call charge per minute again.
 8resently (BT&< is doing very nice by offering people
scratch card Tk.*++ for 1:+ days and Tk.7++ for *75 days in
their business. This is a dynamic offer in the 8re2paid
connection service for the first time in ?angladesh. They
have subscribers over 4 million but they don0t have huge
number of subscriber as like "rameen8hone -"8.. To stay
ahead in such competitive market (BT&< authority should
realie the customer0s needs and wants and provide facilities
to them according to that. The suggested recommendation
may help (BT&< to increase their number of subscribers
and increase the satisfaction of the current subscribers.
 (BT&< should offer the special hour as D#y TimeE of "8
to motivate the 8re2paid customer.
The present study has attempted to describe the competitive situation in mobile
industry. #ore specifically in this study customer0s view regarding the suitable
positions of the companies in the mobile industry. (ll company trying to operate
there level best to become leader in this industry. The intention of this study was
to find out the consumer view to the companies. 8eople need to communicate
effectively. So! it is very important to select how effectively the operators are
giving service. In service industry which is more important that is service. (nd
which company can give this service effectively it will be the leader in this
industry. Now a day0s the consumer could easily communicate with the ?TT?
easily by using prepaid card spontaneously. (nd many other up2to2date service F
package like d)uce by "8! "[email protected] service by (BT&<! @oaming facility and @eal
Time belling that is one second pulse.
6owever! this study helped to identify the current position of (BT&< F other
companies. 6opefully the findings and analysis will fulfill the demand of the main

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