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Jenny K.


Art with Jenny K.

✴ My daughter
✴ My husband
✴ Making artwork and sewing aprons
✴ Ballroom dancing...Cha Cha Cha and Swing especially
✴ Elvis Presley (I would put him in all five places but ya’ know...)

Things that make
me happy

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✴ How they express themselves with art
✴ How they work independently on ideas
✴ Their idealistic outlook on life!

Things I love about
Middle Schoolers


Blog: www.jennyknappenberger.com
Instagram: @artwithjennyk

Ways we can
stay in touch


Math Fact coloring sheets
Interactive Coloring Sheets
Pattern Filled Coloring Sheets
All About Me Selfie Activity!

Of my favorite books

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of my
favorite books. I think the world would be a
better, more accepting, less judgmental place if
we all lived by the words of Mr. Finch, especially
when he says, “...it’s just their way.”

...and Teach
From my Interactive Pop Art
Coloring Book
Just like the artist - no two
will ever be the same!

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The download of this resource is for one license and is for personal use
only. Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this with
your team, school or district (they are discounted). Nothing in this purchase
can be used commercially as a free or paid product.
You may blog about this resource but only with process pictures and with
links back to www.artwithjennyk.com or www.jennyknappenberger.com.
You may not upload this file to your blog or give away any of the pages.
You may not resell as is, redistribute my original files, create rubber
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or sell as layered templates of any kind.
Do not give away any of this resource for free or as a paid product
online or elsewhere. Please do not claim the graphics as your own, the
copyright remains with Jenny Knappenberger at all times.
The purchase of this product does allow a teacher (or the buyer) to use
this product year after year for personal classroom use, or by parents
with homeschooled children, etc.
[email protected]

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Pop Art is a major art movement of the
second half of the 20th century (and
continues today) which includes imagery
from popular culture, sometimes removed
from its typical context, isolated, and/or
combined with unrelated material. Pop Art
employs aspects of popular culture such as
advertising, comic books, and other
common objects as opposed to those
characteristic of more elitist culture. It is
often simple, fun and colorful!
Famous Pop Art artists include Andy
Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana,
Keith Haring, Jasper Johns, and more
recently, Romero Britto.

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Interactive & pattern filled coloring sheets
So much more than “just coloring.”
This set of “pop art” coloring sheets features a variety of
school images and would be a great to use for back-toschool or anytime during the school year.
As an art teacher, artist, and lover of all things “artsy,” I am a big
proponent of “art for art’s sake.” My “pop art” interactive coloring
sheets are designed such that they can be used any time in your
classroom for the sake of making art.
However, I am a teacher so I understand how hard-pressed classroom teachers are for time. You might
not feel like you can give up precious lesson time to let the kids “color.” In that case, I suggest that you
can use these interactive sheets as writing prompts. I have included a few writing prompts for you to
use if you’d like plus a blank sheet where you can make up your own.
These are not just ordinary coloring sheets. As one of my Instagram followers said:

I found that my 5th/6th graders come to me and because of the focus
on testing, never played with color or design or patterns. Your
products give them that opportunity and I’ve seen so much
improvement in their attention to detail as well as noticing patterns,
lines, etc. It’s so much more than “just coloring.” ~E.D.
Students spend a lot of thought and consideration when deciding where the patterns will go in each
design. Students also have to color small details which improves their fine motor skills which help
with many things--handwriting being one example. If your students were to make several of these
(along with writings as well) they would have a beautiful portfolio at the end of the year!
This set includes a pattern filled apple as well as the blank, interactive version. This is to allow
you some room for flexibility with students that might otherwise struggle to add the patterns
themselves. This also makes this product helpful to teachers without having to buy two different
Testing is a part of life, as we know. Use these coloring sheets to
start the brain in the morning before testing, or use them when
students finish early so they have something creative to do after
testing. I’ve even had teachers comment that these interactive
coloring sheets are great to use with students when one-on-one
conferencing is necessary to keep the other students engaged and
busy. If you love these sheets you can save by purchasing the
BUNDLE of these sheets HERE.

Interactive Coloring Sheet


Click on image to preview this bundle

Grades 3 and above!

Interactive Coloring Sheets: How-To
1. Using the patterns in the five small boxes at the bottom of each page, fill
in the different parts of the pictures by drawing in the patterns. Every time
you run into a black line you need to change the pattern. You don’t have to
put patterns in all the areas, you can leave some blank. It’s okay to repeat
the patterns in different sizes in different areas.

2. Color all the shapes and patterns.
Use crayons, colored pencils or

3. Cut out the large rectangle at the
top with the finished work. Display for
all to see!

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Fill in all the areas broken up by black lines with the patterns below. Then color.

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Fill in all the areas broken up by black lines with the patterns below. Then color.

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Pattern Filled Coloring Sheets


Click on image to preview this bundle


These pictures are from a teacher who uses my coloring
sheets as writing prompts for the year. Her students
make a book that is full of art and writing throughout the
year. What a wonderful treasure this will be for the
students, parents and teachers and a great way to show
progress and growth.

So much more than “just coloring.”

What worked well for you when
you filled in the apple with
patterns and colors?

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

What did you find challenging when you filled in the
apple with patterns and colors? Would you do
anything differently the next time?

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

© Art with Jenny K./Jenny Knappenberger 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

You may also like my holiday themed math fact
coloring sheets BUNDLE (10 math sets included).
Click on image to preview this bundle

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