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ENGLISH-RUSSIAN Fonts Version 4.00 (c) 1995, Gavin Helf You are free to copy, use, distribute, abuse, cut up, or delete this software in any way you see fit, with the provision that you DO NOT SELL it in whole or in part without my OK. This is Freeware, it is not public domain. I take no responsibility if it screws you over, though, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOTICE: Although these fonts are called "English-Russian," they fully support other cyrillic slavic languages (Ukrainian, Belorussian, Serbian, Macedonian, etc). Installation: These files contain TrueType .TTF font files. Pick the fonts you want, and use CONTROL PANEL FONTS to install them. The file ERFONTS.WRI will display all the fonts that you have installed. Parsing the File Names: [Character Sets] ER1251.ZIP ER866.ZIP ERKOI8.ZIP com. ERMAC.ZIP " [Font Faces] CO*.ZIP BK*.ZIP UN*.ZIP AR*.ZIP 10 March 1995 Gavin Helf, Ph.D -------Visiting Assistant Professor --Currently Parked at: [email protected] Cornell University, Gvt Dep. ------------------------------__sony__ 486 [email protected] __ DX2 [email protected] ------m~~ (607)255-8672 / \ "Kurier" "Bukinist" "Univers" "Architect" fixed-width Courier-like font (true itl/bld). serif font (true itl/bld). sans-serif font (true itl/bld). Well, a fab scribbly font like architects use. Code Page 1251 Code Page 866 - used in the (f)USSR for Windows - used in the (f)USSR for DOS applications.

KOI-8 Character Set - used in the (f)USSR for UNIX/Internet/Rel Mac Cyrillic - Adobe's "Macintosh Cyrillic Character Set

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