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French to English Insurance Translations - Reform of French Bodily Injury Compensation Regime

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1) Reform of French bodily injury compensation regime:

The previous (and still relevant) heads of damage of Temporary Partial Disability and Permanent Total or Partial Disability remain, but they have been supplemented by the following - " Incidence professionnelle – temporaire/définitive", which appears to equate to (temporary) loss of earning capacity and/or(permanent) loss of earning capacity " Préjudice (or "déficit") fonctionnel permanent (or "definitif ")", ")", which translates as "permanent functional impairment" (or possibly just "functional impairment"?); this appears in some cases to replace "permanent partial disability" - " Préjudice (or "déficit") fonctionnel temporaire" instead of (previously) "incapacité temporaire total"; these are essentially the same thing - Most of the effects on a person's general quality of life are now i ncluded under the compensation for Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI), leaving only "specific" heads of damage, such as the necessary cessation of intense sports activities, proven by membership of a club etc, to be compensated for under "specific" loss of the amenities of life

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