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Name of the Project: Nature of the Project: We are now at the age of information. Often times, there is a tendency for students to opt to play recreational computer games than to be involved in sports. Their time is mostly consumed by the hours and hours of computer games. Parents of the students would allow them to do so. The proposed project would be to enhance the school’s sports work to stimulate the students’ interest and enthusiasm for sports and to promote health and to build up their body constitution. Rationale:    

Guarantee that the mechanism or the function of the school’s sports work is built soundly to ensure its orderly development Develop a students’ interest in sports and physical exercise with and aims for full participation from the students Strengthen the interaction between the school and parents Participation from the parents to control or limit the time their children goes on the computer and motivate them to get involved into different physical activities

Persons involved: The people involved with the project are as follows: 

The students are the main target of the proposed project. The sole purpose of this project is to promote sports and physical activities to the students.

Ways of implementation:      

Make concerted efforts to perfect the administrative organization. Establish proper regulations to further refine the sports work. Namely, Physical teaching regulations, Safety conventions, and Emergency response plans. Increase investment and optimize the working environment. Make interventions to strengthen students’ physical fitness. Improve students’ physical health by focusing on the classroom of teaching sports. Insure every student participating sports activities and exercise for at least one hour per day.

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