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Geographic Information System

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University of the Philippines Reaction Paper on Geographic Information System Geology 171 (MTh 10:0!1":00# Ms$ %laire &a'ines ansel &a)e Pampilo *+ Political Science II  &,ly "-. "01"

Geographic Information System: + Mo/ern Mapping Technology for Provincial Planning in %e',

 To/ay. the Philippines have 'een catching ,p ith its neigh'oring co,ntries in terms of groth an/ /evelopment. especially in economic aspects$ +n/ an eample of this is %e', hich has 'een one of the most progressive cities of the Philippines to/ay$ 2ario,s improvements have 'een /one an/ there is 3,ite an increase in the constr,ction of infrastr,ct,res in the city. mostly privately!one/ ones$ +n/ inevita'ly. hen there is progress as a hole in a co,ntry. it comes ith it the /evelopment of technology$ + case in point is the application of GIS or Geographic Information System in %e',. for 'etter planning an/ reso,rce management$ GIS or Geographic Information System is a comp,ter!'ase/ system to collect. store. analy4e. retrieve an/ /isplay geographic information$ It /i5ers from other information systems 'eca,se it accommo/ates spatial /ata. meaning it stresses more on the geographical location of an area$ It also allos space an/ time relate/ analysis. it analy4es the changing tren/s s,ch as /emographic changes in a given territory$ +nother feat,re of GIS that /isting,ishes itself from other information systems is its capa'ility to com'ine or overlay /i5erent maps. th,s ena'ling a more convenient ay to analy4e the relationships of the given /ata$ 6,e to this. GIS 'ecomes a poerf,l management tool for reso,rce managers. lan/ ,se planners an/ even for the government itself 'eca,se overlaying /igital maps an/ /ata storage allos faster monitoring an/ analysis of changes thro,gh time$ or eample. e all )no that soil erosion is contin,o,s an/ happens overtime. so e cannot epect that the ol/ erosion map ten years ago in an area ill still hol/ tr,e to the present time. an/ it also applies to elevation maps on that area 'eca,se /,e to erosion there might 'e changes in the area$ *,t thro,gh GIS. e can still monitor the erosion phenomenon on an area incl,/ing relationship of the changes in elevation an/ soil erosion$  The provincial government of %e', has recogni4e/ the capa'ility of GIS as a great help for planners an/ reso,rce managers. so the German +gency for Technical %ooperation (GT8# aar/e/ a grant to the provincial government in &,ne 1991 to implement a GIS to improve reso,rce management an/ planning capa'ilities of local /ecision ma)ers$ The ,se of GIS in %e', is a great e/ge to maimi4e its potentials an/ capa'ilities it co,l/ 'e ,se/ in the /evelopment of to,rist attractions an/ preservation of a certain area$ It co,l/ also 'e ,se/ for ris) management$ +ct,ally. the 6epartment of ;at,ral Reso,rces in Manila is ,sing GIS to monitor the m,/<os in the Pinat,'o area an/ to i/entify s,ita'le relocation sites for the /isplace/ pop,lation. so in the manner. %e', co,l/ ,se GIS to lessen ris)s an/ /anger$ or instance. It co,l/ 'e ,se/ to monitor the areas herein there aren=t safe ater for /rin)ing an/ also. it co,l/ 'e ,se/ to map o,t areas. herein the erosion is so great that there is a possi'ility of a sin) hole. that are not safe for ',il/ing ',il/ings an/ infrastr,ct,res$ GIS is a goo/ tool to maimi4e the capa'ility an/ capacity of an area for /evelopment ',t it may not 'e that easy for a /eveloping co,ntry to a/apt it for three consi/era'le reasons$ irst. ac3,iring a GIS technology is a highly epensive

investment mainly 'eca,se it nee/s inp,t /ata an/ to ac3,ire the /ata. one sho,l/ go >el/ s,rveys an/ /ata veri>cation proce/,res hich are very costly an/ time! cons,ming$ Secon/. to maimi4e the e?ciency of the GIS technology. it sho,l/ have access to satellites for high resol,tion satellite images an/ to o'serve an area for a certain perio/ of time hich is nee/e/ to o'serve long term phenomena s,ch as forest /epletion. lan/!,se changes. settlement etensions an/ etc$ This is one of the reasons hy it is for the /evelope/ co,ntries ho have 'een sta'le or strong economically$ @r if a/apte/ 'y the government in /eveloping states. the eistence of a foreign >nancial assistance is nee/e/$ +nother reason is that. there ill 'e a nee/ for professionals ho co,l/ operate the sai/ technology 'eca,se it is not that easy as t,rning the television on an/ o5 an/ changing the channel henever yo, li)e$ It is characteri4e/ 'y comple ays an/ processes to operate 'eca,se it nee/s acc,racy an/ precision in enco/ing the /ata especially in overlaying the maps$ It nee/s professionals to /o this. ',t if there are none or the co,ntry can=t a5or/ to hire one. it is an alternative to let o,r highly intellect,al in/ivi/,als /o the thing an/ train a'roa/ for the speciali4ation of this Ao' an/ again. it is very costly$ +ct,ally mo/erni4ation is a goo/ thing. ',t e sho,l/ not r,sh things o,t. to/ay %e', has 'een foc,sing on improving even more its economic aspect an/ I g,ess it is the right thing that sho,l/ 'e /one$ Bven tho,gh. GIS co,l/ improve the economic aspect of %e', even more thro,gh its fast an/ easy ays. the initial reso,rces that is nee/e/ in or/er to ,se the technology is so great that I fear. it co,l/ a5ect %e', greatly ',t if the government can manage to provi/e s,?cient f,n/s for its application. hy notC It co,l/ improve %e', even moreD

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