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Gold Tron

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“What to do with all the concentrate” is a constant complaint at the minesite. Until now, no commercial system could separate both the minus 200 mesh gold and nuggets at the same time. Clean-up involved hours of tedious, time-consuming labor. With the Goldtron, GOLDFIELD ENGINEERING introduces a single machine which will process concentrates from jigs, sluices, and other concentrators into clean gold. The Goldtron eliminates all the tedious, time-consuming labor necessary with other final clean-up devices by separating the minus 200 mesh gold as well as nuggets in one continuous automatic process. The Goldtron is the fastest, most efficient system that does not rely on chemicals or amalgamation to separate your fine gold.

The Goldtron is an integrated system consisting of a variable feed-rate hopper whose auger meters out the concentrates in a steady disbursement onto a wet vibrating screen. The double-deck screen sizes the gold into three size fractions. The large material is automatically routed to a carpeted nugget trap. The two remaining classified concentrates are diverted to opposite sides of a highly specialized fiberglass table for final separation. The table, constructed of steel and molded fiberglass, is designed for optimal fine gold recovery - which meets or exceeds that of any other table on the market. Our tests show gold recovery down to minus 400 mesh. The Goldtron is a carefully engineered and quality constructed piece of machinery. Every Goldtron is tested, tuned, and adjusted in our lab before shipment. We are so confident that no other product even approaches the Goldtron when it comes to gold clean-up that we will refund your purchase in full if you find a better machine on the market. We will be happy to show you this amazing machine in action at our Lindon plant. “Reports from the GPAA Project in Nome, Alaska indicate that the Goldtron, built by Goldfield Engineering, is a great success and that it recovers micro fine gold particles quickly and  efficiently. The built-in screening and feeding system makes the unit unique and easy to use.”  Quoted from the “Newsworthy” column of the November 1989 issue of the GOLD PROSPECTOR magazine.

GOLDTRON SPECIFICATIONS 150 lbs. of concentrate per hour Length 72" DIMENSIONS: Width 39" Height 54" 52" long by 39" wide TABLE DIMENSIONS:  WEIGHT: 450lbs  WATER REQUIREMENTS: 5 - 10 gallons per minute at 30 - 50 psi 110/220 volts, single phase, 50/60 hertz POWER: Equipped with 16 and 35 mesh screens. Other SCREENS: screens available CAPACITY:

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