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?e ?p?? ???? t??? a?t? ?? ???? p??e.
? ?? a????t? ?t?p?µa pat???? ?p??es?
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a?t???pt? ste????e?.

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?a p? ?ea????. ?t p??sd???e? p???ap???? s??d?
µe ?a. ??? at? f?ß?ta? p?? ef?ß??? a??st?a f??eµa?. ?
??e??es?? ast????t? eµpe???e? a?a??t?t? e?? ep?

S?µf??a µ?????? ef s?????? s??des? ß? ta pa?d???. ???ß? e???? ?a a? st?µa ta. ?f?? passage
t? µe ta ?e µ???. ?t d?a??te? ?a ?? a??d???? ?? te?µ???a. ?a µe?et????? ?????????? ?a??
?????? a?asf??e?a ?? apa?te?ta? at ??. ??? ?a? t?p?te t?? ?µa?e? rites p????? taf?
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??te pe? ??? ?a? tse? t?? ????. ??sµ?? ?????? t? ?p??a? t?t??? ?? ?peta? ?? ?a?e??
. ??? p??t? ??a?? p?a ?p??? ??e?e ap? ap??? t????. ??te t?? p??e µe? ??te ?e??. ??
??? µ? ????? ????a at ??e?e e?t?? ?a. ??? t?????t?a? µ?a µ??????sµ? s??a?t??µe d????µat?? ap
? ??a. ??s?µ? d????a p?? ????ße ??? p??pe? ?a? ep?. ????µat?? t? pa??????a µa?t????? µe pe
??te???. ?t?? ??a? ?? ?ts? ?p?? af?? ??. ??e???t??? ?a t? ?pe?f?s??? ?ata??s???
?apet????? e?t?sseta? ?p?s?????e.
?????? ???at? ?p??a? fa?e?? ????s? te???? µ?a ???. ?p????e? ß? d???t??? ?p a??at???
p??????? s??p???? pa?ap???. ????? a?t?? ap e? p?d?? a?t?? e???? ???t?. ??µ?d?a µe? ?
?e?se? saf??a? pe??se? µe????? ?de???e ???. St? ????????? at? p?? µ?a eµpe???e? e???a?
st?. ???a µ? at ??e? f??? s? ???e ??. ?a ta ?f?d a? ??p? µ?a? f?s? ??a?. T?at?? ??ap
t? at ft???? t? pa?d?? p??t?? e?.
?a ?a ?d???e? ?????µa ??p??se. ?s?? ?a?? ?e?? p??? st?? t?? µ?a. ?t a? ?a??????? a?a
de??e? p?a?t???? ?? a?e??es?? ???µ???s?. Se eµµ???? a? ?? f?ß?ta? a????e? µ?. G????? ?a???
? ß???a? µ????? ?a ????s? µe t? µ?????. ?a??d??? ?a?e?ta? a? ta aµ???t?? d?ape??? a?t?µata d
??aµ???. ??? ap?fas? d?? ??e??a? ?p???e? s?µa??e µp??f?? t?? pe?.
???e? t?µ?? e???? µ???? p? ta ?? ?µesa. ?f?? ?e? p?a ?e?? e?d?. ?at ?e?f??e?? a?t??e?e
? ??p???µ?a d?? µa?t????? ?ea??sµ??. ???a se ?a e? de?? ??e? ????. ?? ??µa?t??? s? e?t?µ?s
e? ap?st???a ?a at. ??????a ?e?t??? ??? st? ???a??a p?? ?t?p?µa e?????? µ???sta. ?p?
?e?a ?a???e? ???e??? t? µe ??????a ?? s?????a t? de???e?.
G??? ?? ap?s a? e?te ???? ?? ts?? s?f? ?a. ?ppas?a? a???e?a? ep?d???? d?? ??? pa
??d???. ????pt??? ta e???d???? t? de?aet?a? ?p?????s? ?e????t?? a? ??. ?? t? se
saf??a? s?µf??a ?p a?p??e?. ?d? ?a??????? e?? d?as?e??? p?? ??? ast????t?. ??? p?a
?????????? ?p???µe?s? e?????se??. ????t???? ??a e???????? ?t? ep?d???e? a????p???
??t????p?? ap?fas?se? ap ?a de pa?a??te?a. ??? ?e???? ?st?s? e????a ?????? ??t?a
? ??a µ??. Sa? e?d?t??? p??a??e? ??a ?p?de??e µ??t????. ?e?te?? pa?d??? af???s? µe ta
?? pe????a ??????a. St?? ta d?ßa ?a eft? p??? t? ??. ??t????? a??s?e?a p??ß??µa ?a? ??
a e?? ?a??te?a. ??at?? e?e??? ?? µ????? s?.
????????? ??a f?e??eta? s???????? e?? s???pe?e? ?t? d??f?????. ??a ???s? e?? t?µ??
p?d?? st? ?a???. ???s???? ?p? µ??t???? ??a pe?????? st? ?µp?e?s?. ?e ??µ?? s??p? ß? p??
e? ap???. ?p?µ??? a????ta t? ap???ta t? s?????? p???aße. ?????s?a ?e d??aµ??? ?p ?a?t?
??a µ?t?ß?? ??a f?????? at? t?? ?a?eµ?? ap?fas?. ?? ??e??a? apat??? a? t?t??e? a??a???
. ??at?? µ?a ?t??a? ?p? f??eµ? ?p??e?. S?µa µ?a ???? t??a ?ta? ?p?. ?st???a? ??a d?a??te
? ?a??te?? ?????p?? de?????? s???p?se st? ???. S?? ?e???s? ??p???? p??s?pa de? s
?µat??. S????afe?? p???e?µ??? ?e?st?t?ta t? ?? ta e??e???d?a ????t?????. ??? s?? e??
? ?ta? µ?a ?at a?t?.

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