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Harvard Risk Management Career Opportunity

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Associate Position Overview
Thank you for taking some time and looking into a career with Harvard Risk Management Corporation™. Our company has been marketing legal plans as an employee benefit for over fourteen years. Recently we have added the Identity Theft Shield™ to our portfolio This plan is offered exclusively through Kroll. With this new addition, our company has experienced phenomenal growth and we are now expanding into several new market areas. As an associate with the company you would be fully trained on the process of marketing legal and identity theft protection plans as a voluntary employee benefit to companies. The training includes online and  DVD training, a two-day group certification class, and field training in your local market. There is no limit to the size of groups you can  open and there are no geographic restrictions. When meeting with business owners or deci sion makers you use a high quality proposal or a PowerPoint presentation. Companies are very receptive to the services we offer and typically one out of five companies that we present our benefits to offer them to their employees. During the enrollment process an average 50 -70% of the employees participate in the benefit through a voluntary payroll deduction. The enrollment presentation takes approximately fifteen minutes.

Lifetime Renewal Income Paid Daily By Direct Deposit Company Paid Trips No Geographic Restrictions No Quotas or Caps Excellent Training & Support Unlimited Market Potential Set Your Own Hours No Inventory or Collections

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The plans offered employees costs $25.90 a month which includes the legal plan for the  employee, their spouse, and qualified dependants and the Identity Theft Shield for the  employee and their spouse. They can also purchase these plans separately.
Harvard Risk Management Corporation


Associate Position Overview
Last year Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. paid out over 134 MILLION Dollars in commissions to their associates. Our goal is to develop over 1000 individuals that will earn over $100,000 a year or more and we are well on our way with a new $100,000 income earner being created, on average, every eleven days! Most associates work from the convenience of their home office. However, you are welcome to establish an office location in your local area. Brochures and applications are replaced free of charge by the company. The most attractive part of this business is the fact that you are paid a renewal commission for the life of the membership. Because you are earning renewals on every active membership you can be getting paid ten years from now on work that you are doing today. The only requirement to be vested with your renewals is to maintain your personal membership. Through our benefit association we offer group rate health insurance, dental plans, and many other popular benefits.

Your Success Is Our Goal!

On Average A New $100,000 Earner Is Developed

Every 11 Days!

Harvard Risk Management Corporation


Company Information

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In Business since 1993 Over 3500 Certified Risk Management Consultants in North America 64 Offices in US, Corporate Offices, Dallas Texas Benefits Offered To Thousands of Businesses and Associations Nationwide Specializing In Corporate Compliance & Identity Theft Solutions Excellent Training Program and National Sales Support System Committed to the Financial Success of Every Associate

Employee Benefit Specialist

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Founded by Harland C. Stonecipher in 1972 Publicly Traded on the New York Stock Exchange #5 on the Forbes 200 Best Small Companies List Ranked in the Forbes 200 Best List 6 of the Last 10 Years # 29 on the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies Corporate Offices in Ada, OK has Over 850 Employees Over 1.5 Million Members in North America 15 Year Stock Gain 4,382% (USA Today August 2007) National Network of Professional Law Firms Who Were Paid in Excess of 100 Million Dollars in 2007 Over 35,000 Active Clients

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.


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Kroll is the World’s Leading Risk Consulting Company Founded by Jules B. Kroll a former CIA Executive in 1972 Headquartered in New York and Publicly Traded (NASDAQ—KROL) Operates in 65 Cities and 33 Countries, Employs Over 3800 A Subsidiary of Marsh-McLennan (MMC) The Nation’s Largest Risk Management Company with over 57,000 employees worldwide 2007 Revenues $1 Billion Kroll is an expert in monitoring your identity and cleaning up data when you become a victim of identity theft

Your Identity Is Your Business. Protecting It Is Ours.

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Harvard Risk Management Corporation


Income Overview
There are THREE income streams available to associates. All income is paid directly by Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. through an independent associate agreement via direct deposit.


On a $25.90 plan an associate is paid between $74.73 and $181.82 depending on their commission level. After 125 membership sales you are paid $149.44 commission per sale and if you produce over 38 sales a month you are paid $181.82. Commissions are paid daily by direct deposit usually within 24 hours of submitted business. Here is a sample of your potential advanced commission: Plans Per Month 55 100 150 $/ Per Sale $181 $181 $181 Mo. Income $10,000 $18,000 $27,000 Annual Income $120,000 $216,000 $325,000


The most attractive part of the compensation plan is the fact that you receive a lifetime residual commission on every active membership. At the top commission level the annual renewal is $52.30. Renewals are paid monthly after the member has been active for 36 months. There is no production requirement in order to maintain your residual income. Here is a sample of your potential income on renewals alone: Active Memberships 1000 2000 3000 5000 10,000 Annual Renewal $52.30 $52.30 $52.30 $52.30 $52.30 Annual Income $52,000 $104,000 $156,000 $261,000 $523,000


The first month you produce 38 membership sales you can receive a $2500 cash bonus! The company also offers a car bonus of up to $500 a month and an annual company paid vacation. See the Players Club rules for details on car bonuses and trips. There are over one million dollars worth of additional bonuses and incentives available to every associate.

These incomes samples are for illustrative purposes only. Actual income amounts are based on many factors.

Harvard Risk Management Corporation


IDentity Theft Shield™
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Currently the Nation’s Fastest Growing White Collar Crime Over 27,000 Victims Every Day Average Victim Spends 600 Hours in Restoring Their Identity Over 20% of Americans have had their Identity breached in the last 24 months** Most solutions simply deal with monitoring or a persons credit and not restoring their identity Over 100 MILLION personal records have been compromised in just the last 24 months! ** The number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission in 2007 was identity theft
** As of August 2008

IDentity Theft is not just about your credit! In fact, most identity theft has
1. 2. 3. 4.

nothing to do with your credit or credit score. The five most common types of identity theft are: Credit Over 28% of identity theft deals with credit card fraud. It can take years to restore credit ratings and negative information on your credit file. Diver’s License If someone gets a fraudulent drivers license with your information, they can open up bank accounts, write checks, make large purchases including real-estate and automobiles. Employment Someone with your identity can gain employment and cause havoc with social security and the IRS Medical This is the fastest growing area of identity theft. A person uses your identity to obtain medical services or produces a fraudulent medical insurance card. Criminal & Character A person can actually commit a crime using your identity. People are arrested every day and the crime has been committed by someone else i.e. using a fraudulent driver’s license to write bogus checks or receive a DUI.


Common Areas of Identity Theft

Credit Report

Continuous Credit Monitoring A solution to the fastest growing crime in America! Fraud Restoration Service

Summary of Benefit Only See membership policy for complete details, limitations and exclusions.

Harvard Risk Management Corporation


Harvard Risk Management Corporation


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