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Health Care

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Health and Health Care
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10/19/2010 11:44:00 AM

Health is a cornerstone for human well being Quality of life is comprised by inaccessible or inadequate healthcare It is exacerbated by social problems such as poverty, unemployment, stress and lack of social support networks y Health is central to effective social functioning Trends in Health Status-CDC y In 10 years o Obesity increased 61% o Diabetes increased 49% y Serious smoking related illness affects 8.6 million Americans $92 billion in lost productivity annually y $75.5 billion in medical expenses Statistically« For Every 100 people y 64 are overweight o 25 have high blood pressure o 18 or more have high cholesterol o 6 have diagnosed diabetes o 4 have undiagnosed diabetes o 16 smoke o 8 are heavy drinkers o 29 don¶t wear seat belts o 50 sit in chairs as they do their work Population Growth y The population is did grow for a long period of time, but ever since the industrial revolution began the population grew exponentially y The family farm was done away with o Advances with medicine o Survival was increased o Same amount of children being born o The population doubles every 35 years o ³Changing the idea of what is a successful family/person?´  You would have to change what you view as family and what the family unit is. y The birth rate in the West is low y Their problems are our problems

The West uses more resources than others We will eventually run out of resources o The earth will mot be able to replace itself in time Class and Health y Mortality rates positively correlated with poverty y Lower social classes more vulnerable to almost all the killer diseases y Accidental death by violence, injury and accident higher among the lower social classes y The gap continues to widen as death rates are declining faster among the higher classes groups than the lower y Lowe class people are more likely to say they are in poor health in self-assessment surveys Class and Health y Lower SES groups also experience more sickness and ill health throughout the life cycle y Poor children are more likely to be born with low birth weight and their mothers are more likely to suffer complications in pregnancy or childbirth y Poor children more likely to suffer from a range Gender and Health y Throughout entire industrial world men live shorter lives y Men more likely to die at any given age than women of the same age y BUT females are more likely to experience high morbidity (rate of sickness within a population) rates (prevalence of disease) o Tends to be misleading because men are not as willing to go to the doctor y Women are far more likely to visit the doctor than men y Men are generally underrepresented in health statistics y Women more likely to report both physical and psychological problems to their doctors y Women have higher rates of chronic disease such as strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and varicose veins y Women constitute two thirds of those with a disability y Women are more likely to be hospitalized y y

Women constitute the majority of those diagnosed with neurosis psychosis, dementia and depressive disorders y ASK ABOUT THE MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY CLASS Global Inequality y Many heath issues result of under-nutrition among the poor and over-nutrition amongst the wealthy o You do not need protein everyday, but a couple times a week Disease in the West y Tobacco-nearly 5 million attributable deaths in 2000, mostly in West y Alcohol The AIDS Pandemic y AIDS now forth biggest cause of death worldwide y 70% of the 40 million with HIV/AIDS concentrated in Africa y Life expectancy at birth in sub-Saharan Africa is currently estimated at 47 years, but without AIDS it would be around 62 y Treatment is largely not available to those who suffer most o Extremely hard to get funded in Africa AIDS y HIV/AIDS is a foremost health risk y Eventually, we will all have AIDS if we continue this way Key Facts About Health Insurance y About 246 million people have health insurance that pays part of the costs of getting care y Almost 46 million individuals do not have health insurance Most people that are uninsured y Are WORKERS!! y 43% of the uninsured are full time workers Most Uninsured People have incomes Above the poverty line What does the public Think? y 95% thinks the US healthcare system is in a state if crisis or has major problems y >90% believe it should be public policy that all Americas have affordable insurance y ~30% believe the most important reason to have health insurance is to pay for everyday health insurance y



Not polar: o Offer uninsured Americans income tax deduction, tax credits or other financial assistance to help them purchase insurance Popular: o Create a national health program, financed by tax payers, in which all American would get their health insurance: (1st in almost all cities) o

10/19/2010 11:44:00 AM

10/19/2010 11:44:00 AM

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