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Z090-124(RB) BACKGROUND: • • The request site is undeveloped. The applicant proposes to improve the property with various structures to provide for an outside salvage or reclamation use. Specific Use Permit No. 1004 for Outside sales will be updated in conjunction with the request. During the City Plan Commission pubic hearing, the applicant volunteered deed restrictions that prohibit certain uses.

Zoning History: There has been no recent zoning activity in the immediate area relevant to this request. Thoroughfare Singleton Boulevard STAFF ANALYSIS: Comprehensive Plan: The request site is located within an industrial area and is adjacent to a major roadway and the Trinity River. Typically, industrial areas offer important employment opportunities that occupy large areas of land are usually near major roads and heavy rail lines. Evolving technology and the need for freight movement through the Dallas area means that this sector of the city can offer an excellent opportunity for jobs. Logistics and warehousing, a growing industry with strong potential for upward mobility of skilled workers, would thrive in such areas. Examples include Southport and the Agile Port, parts of West Dallas along I-30, and the Stemmons industrial area. These areas include a mix of low- and medium-density industrial buildings and industrial yards and have large surface parking for cars and trucks. Industrial areas rely on quality road access and may be linked to rail for freight purposes. Street lanes are wide and intersections are large. Transit, sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements are limited. Land Use Element Goal 1.4—Coordinate planning activities to balance transportation, land use, infrastructure and the environment Designation; Existing & Proposed ROW Principal Arterial; 100’ & 100’ ROW


Z090-124(RB) Policy 1.4.1—Coordinate development and planning activities.

Trinity River Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The site is located within the West Dallas District, Commercial Corridor; specifically, the Westmoreland Heights/Lake West Study Area. The Land Use Opportunity Plan calls for light industrial uses for the immediate area. Land Use Compatibility: The request site is currently undeveloped. The applicant is requesting an IM Industrial Manufacturing District (the existing IR District does not permit the requested use) and an SUP for an Outside salvage or reclamation use. Deed restrictions have been volunteered prohibiting certain uses. The predominate land use within the immediate area is industrial (with screening of outside operations) and trucking operations. Those operations fronting along Singleton Boulevard tend to be developed on larger parcels, while those along both sides of Pluto Street (west of the site) are located on parcels less than one acre. A drainage channel runs traverses through the area and parallels the western property line. Three SUP’s exist along Pluto Street: 1) SUP No. 295 for a Salvage yard; 2) SUP No. 494 for a wrecking yard; and, 3) SUP No. 735 for a Junk and salvage yard. All three SUP’s possess a permanent time period. The general provisions for a Specific Use Permit in Section 51A-4.219 of the Dallas Development Code specifically state: (1) The SUP provides a means for developing certain uses in a manner in which the specific use will be compatible with the adjacent property and consistent with the character of the neighborhood; (2) Each SUP application must be evaluated as to its probable effect on the adjacent property and the community welfare and may be approved or denied as the findings indicate appropriate; (3) The city council shall not grant an SUP for a use except upon a finding that the use will: (A) complement or be compatible with the surrounding uses and community facilities; (B) contribute to, enhance, or promote the welfare of the area of request and adjacent properties; (C) not be detrimental to the public health, safety, or general welfare; and (D) conform in all other respects to all zoning regulations and standards. The applicant has submitted a site plan that provides for new structures to accommodate the operation. Staff’s recommended conditions will require all dismantling of vehicles to be contained to a structure as well as providing for specific landscaping that concentrates the planting of required materials between the Singleton Boulevard frontage and the main facades of the proposed structures. Based on staff’s analysis of the request, existing built environment, and the specific 3

Z090-124(RB) detail of the operation in the locations noted on the plan, staff has determined the use complies with the provisions for consideration of an SUP. Lastly, staff supports the volunteered deed restriction that prohibits certain uses permitted by the requested IM District. Traffic: The Engineering Section of the Building Inspection Division of the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction has reviewed the request and determined that it will not significantly impact the surrounding street system. Parking: The improvements on the site provide for a designated on-site surface parking area with the applicant providing 20 parking spaces (14 required). Landscaping: Based on the applicant’s proposed improvements, the site will require compliance with Article X. The applicant will utilize the creation of an artificial lot for compliance with Article X. The attached site plan will concentrate planting areas between the Singleton Boulevard frontage and the main facades of the proposed structures. This ensures a softening of the proposed along this thoroughfare. CPC ACTION (May 20, 2010) Motion: It was moved to recommend approval of an IM Industrial Manufacturing District, approval of a Specific Use Permit for an Outside salvage or reclamation use for a two-year period with eligibility for automatic renewals for additional three-year periods, subject to a revised site plan (including landscape), conditions and revised deed restriction volunteered by the applicant, and approval of the termination of Specific Use Permit No. 1004 for Outside sales on property zoned an IR Industrial Research District, on the north line of Singleton Boulevard, east of Pluto Street. Maker: Lozano Second: Peterson Result: Carried: 12 to 2 For: 12 - R. Davis, Wally, Anglin, Rodgers, Lozano, Lavallaisaa, Tarpley, Bernbaum, Wolfish, Schwartz, Peterson, Alcantar 2 - M. Davis, Bagley 0 1 - District 10

Against: Absent: Vacancy:


Z090-124(RB) Notices: Replies: Speakers: Area: For: 400 4 Mailed: 25 Against: 6

For: Santos Martinez, 900 Jackson St., Dallas, TX, 75202 Against: Lawrence Sweeney, 4900 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, TX, 75212 Tim Velamos, 4025 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, TX, 75212 Jerry Gilcrease, 3109 Pluto St., Dallas, TX, 75212 Ricky Gilcrease, 3109 Pluto St., Dallas, TX, 75212 Victor Toledo, 9925 Lakeway Ct., Dallas, TX, 75230 James Cornelius, 1601 Elm St., Dallas, TX,


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