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History of Secret-Combinations in America

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Secret Combinations



History of Secret Combinations in America
Prepared by Jason aka Mummy from LDS Freedom Forum
Here's the 1st Installment (with initial kickoff starting with quotes of which I do not have dates):
History – “as I understand it and !y no means is it e"haustive in sco#e
George Wasington:
“$rue religion offers to government its surest su##ort % % % It is im#ossi!le to rightly govern the
world without &od and the 'i!le%
James Wi!son" George Wasington#s appointment to te Supreme Court:
()hristianity is #art of the common*law%(
James Madison" from America$s God and Country by Wi!!iam Federer:
(+e have staked the future of all our #olitical institutions u#on the ca#acity of mankind to self*
government, u#on the ca#acity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to
sustain ourselves according to the $en )ommandments of &od%(
%aron Mayer Amsce! &otsci!d:
“&ive me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes the laws%
'omas Jefferson:
“I !elieve that !anking institutions are more dangerous to our li!erties than standing armies%
-lready they have raised u# a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance% $he
issuing #ower should !e taken from the !anks and restored to the #eo#le, to whom it #ro#erly
“If the -merican #eo#le ever allow #rivate !anks to control the issue of currency, first !y
inflation, then !y deflation, the !anks and cor#orations that will grow u# around them will
de#rive the #eo#le of all #ro#erty until their children wake u# homeless on the continent their
fathers conquered%
A!e(ander Hami!ton ) 'e Federa!ist Papers" *o+ ,-.
“.or it is a truth, which the e"#erience of all ages has attested, that the #eo#le are commonly
most in danger when the means of in/uring their rights are in the #ossession of those of whom
they entertain the least sus#icion%
A!e(ander Hami!ton ) 'e Federa!ist Papers" *o+ ,/.
“0chemes to su!vert the li!erties of a great community require time to mature them for
Professor Joann Adam Weisaupt.
“1rinces and nations shall vanish from the earth% $he human race will then !ecome one family,
and the world will !e the dwelling of rational men%
Professor Joann Adam Weisaupt" Proofs of a Conspiracy" p+ 00,.
“$he great strength of our 2rder lies in its concealment3 let it never a##ear in any #lace in its
own name, !ut always covered !y another name, and another occu#ation%
1dmund %urke.
“$he #eo#le never give u# their li!erties !ut under some delusion%
Patrick Henry.
“&uard with /ealous attention the #u!lic li!erty% 0us#ect everyone who a##roaches that /ewel%
Henry Da2id 'oreau.
“$here are a thousand hacking at the !ranches of evil to one who is striking at the root%
James Madison.
“If tyranny and o##ression come to this land, it will !e in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy%
“$he means of defense against foreign danger historically have !ecome the instruments of
tyranny at home%
James Madison" Debates in te State Con2entions" 3.45 )
“I !elieve there are more instances of the a!ridgement of the freedom of the #eo#le !y gradual
and silent encroachments of those in #ower, than !y violent and sudden usur#ations%%%% $his
danger ought to !e wisely guarded against%
%en6amin Frank!in.
“- nation of well*informed men who have !een taught to know and #ri4e the rights which &od
has given them cannot !e enslaved% It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny !egins%
P!ato" 'e &epub!ic" 7888.
“-nd so tyranny naturally rises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and
slavery out of the most e"treme form of li!erty%5 $he #eo#le have always some cham#ion
whom they set over them and nurse into greatness%5 $his and no other is the root from which a
tyrant s#rings3 when he first a##ears a!ove ground he is a #rotector5 -t first, at the early days
of his #ower, he is full of smiles, and he salutes everyone whom he meets 6 he to !e called a
tyrant, who is making #romises in #u!lic and also in #rivate li!erating de!tors, and distri!uting
land to the #eo#le and his followers, and wanting to !e so kind and good to everyone 5 then he
is always stirring u# some war or other, in order that the #eo#le may require a leader%5 Has he
not also another o!/ect, which is that they may !e im#overished !y the #ayment of ta"es and thus
com#elled to devote themselves to their daily wants and therefore less likely to cons#ire against
him75 $hus li!erty, getting out of all order and reason, #asses into the harshest and !itterest
form of slavery%
Lord Acton" Lectures on te Frenc &e2o!ution" p+ 95.
“$he a##alling thing in the .rench 8evolution is not the tumult !ut the design% $hrough all the
fire and smoke we #erceive the evidence of calculating organi4ation% $he managers remain
studiously concealed and masked3 !ut there is no dou!t a!out their #resence from the first%
Scriptura!" Ancient!y te nation of %aby!on ru!ed open!y" oppressing er sub6ects+ 8n te
!ast days before te Second Coming" Jon re2ea!s to us tat %aby!on is a city" :ic ru!es
te kings of te eart secret!y+ M;S'1&; is trans!ated from te Greek :ork <=>[email protected] or
musterion :ic carries te idea of si!ence or secrecy imposed by initiation into re!igious
rites+ <=E FmuoG it#s root :ord" means to sut te mout+ &e2e!ation" 05.-"04.
“-nd u#on her forehead was a name written, 9:0$;8:, '-':<2= $H; &8;-$, $H;
92$H;8 2. H-8<2$0 -=> -'29I=-$I2=0 2. $H; ;-8$H5%-nd the woman which
thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth%
055H. Sir Wi!!iam Pitt" House of Lords.
“$here is something !ehind the throne greater than the king himself%
Apri! ,3" 055H. 1dmund %urke.
“+hen !ad men com!ine, the good must associate3 else they will fall one !y one, an un#itied
sacrifice in a contem#ti!le struggle%
0553. 'e %ritis co!onia! go2ernor in %enga! Iestab!ised a co!onia! monopo!y on te sa!e
of opium+# As A!fred W+ McCoy e(p!ained in is masterfu! book" 'e Po!itics of Heroin.
“-s the ;ast India )om#any e"#anded #roduction, o#ium !ecame India?s main e"#ort% @% % % A
2ver the ne"t 1BC years, 'ritain actively #romoted the e"#ort of Indian o#ium to )hina, defying
)hinese drug laws and fighting two wars to o#en )hina?s o#ium market for its merchants% Dsing
its military and mercantile #ower, 'ritain #layed a central role in making )hina a vast drug
market and in accelerating o#ium cultivation throughout )hina% 'y 1ECC )hina had 1B%F million
addicts consuming BE,CCC tons of o#ium%
Ju!y 055J. 'omas Jefferson" &igts of %ritis America" M1 0.093" Papers 0.0,- )
“0ingle acts of tyranny may !e ascri!ed to the accidental o#inion of a day3 !ut a series of
o##ressions, !egun at a distinguished #eriod and #ursued unaltera!ly through every change of
ministers, to #lainly #rove a deli!erate systematical #lan of reducing us to slavery%
0555. Samue! Adams.
“5encroachments on the #eo#les' li!erties are not generally made all at once, !ut so gradually as
hardly to !e #erceived !y the less watchful3 and all #laistered over, it may !e, with such #lausi!le
#retenses, that !efore they are aware of the snare, they are taken and cannot disentangle
Kctober 00" 0554. Jon Adams" 'e Canging Po!itica! 'ougt of Jon Adams" Ho:e" p+
“+e have no government armed with the #ower ca#a!le of contending with human #assions,
un!ridled !y morality and true religion% 2ur )onstitution was made only for a moral and
religious #eo#le% It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other%
September 05" 0545. %en6amin Frank!in" Speec at te Constitutiona! Con2ention.
“2nly a virtuous #eo#le are ca#a!le of freedom% -s nations !ecome corru#t and vicious they
have more need of masters%
054-. 'omas Jefferson ) *otes on te State of 7irginia.
“Indeed, I trem!le for my country when I reflect that &od is /ust3 that His /ustice cannot slee#
August ,/" 059J. George Wasington" referring to te democratic societies estab!ised by
Frenc ambassador and 8!!uminist agent 1dmondLCar!es GenMt" :ic incited popu!ar
uprisings against te go2ernment and fomented te Wiskey &ebe!!ion" attempting to
rep!icate te orror of te Frenc &e2o!ution in te ne:!y created Nnited States+ 'e
Writings of George Wasington" 2o!+ 33.
“$hat these societies were instituted !y the artful and designing mem!ers (many of their !ody I
have no dou!t mean well, !ut know little of the real #lan,) #rimarily to sow the seeds of /ealousy
and distrust among the #eo#le, of the government, !y destroying all confidence in the
-dministration of it3 and that these doctrines have !een !udding and !lowing ever since, is not
new to any one, who is acquainted with the characters of their leaders, and has !een attentive to
their manoeuvres% I early gave it as my o#inion to the confidential characters around me, that, if
these 0ocieties were not counteracted (not !y #rosecutions, the ready way to make them grow
stronger) or did not fall into disesteem from the knowledge of their origin, and the views with
which they had !een instituted !y their father, &enet, for #ur#oses well known to the
&overnment3 that they would shake the government to its foundation% $ime and circumstances
have confirmed me in this o#inion, and I dee#ly regret the #ro!a!le consequences5!ecause I
see, under a dis#lay of #o#ular and fascinating guises, the most dia!olical attem#ts to destroy the
!est fa!ric of human government and ha##iness, that has ever !een #resented for the acce#tance
of mankind%
- #art of the #lan for creating discord, is, I #erceive, to make me say things of others, and others
of me, which have no foundation in truth% $he first, in many instances I know to !e the case3 and
the second I !elieve to !e so3 !ut truth or falsehood is immaterial to them, #rovided their o!/ects
are #romoted%
0594. Jon &obison" Proofs of a Conspiracy" p+5L4.
“-n association has !een formed for the e"#ress #ur#ose of rooting out all the religious
esta!lishments, and overturning all the e"isting governments%%%that the leaders might rule the
world with uncontroula!le #ower, while all the rest @areA em#loyed as mere tools of the am!ition
of their unknown su#eriors%
Jon &obison" Proofs of a Conspiracy" p+ 9.
“$he -ssociation of which I have !een s#eaking, is the 2rder of Illuminati, founded in 1GGF, !y
>r% -dam +eishau#t, #rofessor of )anon law in the university of Ingolstadt%
;a!e Professor 'imoty D:igt" 'e American Mind. se!ections from te !iterature of te
Nnited States" p+ ,,H.
“$he great and good ends #ro#osed !y the Illuminati as the ultimate o!/ects of their union, are
the overthrow of religion, government, and human society civil and domestic%
;a!e Professor 'imoty D:igt.
“0hall our sons !ecome the disci#les of Holtaire and the dragoons of 9urat, or our daughters, the
concu!ines of the Illuminati7
;a!e Professor 'imoty D:igt" speaking of te tecniOues of te %a2arian 8!!uminati
:ic :as re2ea!ed in Jon &obson$s book Proofs of a Conspiracy" :ic out!ined te
kno:n istory of te society troug te go2ernmentLsiePed documents and te testimony
of tose :o :ere prosecuted.
“$heir @schemesA strike at the root of all human ha##iness and virtue 5 @seekingA the overthrow
of religion, government, and human society civil and domestic% $hese cons#irators, said
>wight, are so committed to their evil ends “that murder, !utchery, and war, however e"tended
and dreadful, are declared !y them to !e com#letely /ustifia!le, if necessary for these great
George Wasington" sort!y before e died" read Jon &obison$s book Proofs of a
Conspiracy and immediate!y e(pressed is be!ief to te preacer :o ad sent it to im"
tat te designs of te 8!!uminati :ere infecting our country+ Letter to &e2erend G+ W+
Snyder" Writings of George Wasington" p -04L-09.
“It was not my intention to dou!t that, the >octrines of the Illuminati, and #rinci#les of
Iaco!inism had not s#read in the Dnited 0tates% 2n the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of
this fact than I am% $he idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not !elieve that the <odges of
.ree 9asons in this )ountry had, as 0ocieties, endeavoured to #ro#agate the dia!olical tenets of
the first, or #ernicious #rinci#les of the latter (if they are susce#ti!le of se#eration)% $hat
Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument em#loyed to found, the
>emocratic 0ocieties in the Dnited 0tates, may have had these o!/ects3 and actually had a
se#eration of the 1eo#le from their &overnment in view, is too evident to !e questioned%
May 9" 0594. &e2erend Jedidia Morse.
“1ractically all of the civil and ecclesiastical esta!lishments of ;uro#e have already !een shaken
to their foundations !y this terri!le organi4ation3 the .rench 8evolution itself is dou!tless to !e
traced to its machinations3 the successes of the .rench armies are to !e e"#lained on the same
ground% $he Iaco!ins are nothing more nor less than the o#en manifestation of the hidden system
of the Illuminati% $he 2rder has its !ranches esta!lished and its emissaries at work in -merica%
$he affiliated Iaco!in 0ocieties in -merica have dou!tless had as the o!/ect of their
esta!lishment the #ro#agation of the #rinci#les of the illuminated mother clu! in .rance%%%I hold
it a duty, my !rethren, which I owe to &od, to the cause of religion, to my country and to you, at
this time, to declare to you, thus honestly and faithfully, these truths% 9y only aim is to awaken
you and myself a due attention, at this alarming #eriod, to our dearest interests% -s a faithful
watchman I would give you warning of your #resent danger%
%%%1st Installment ends 1JCC%%%
8nsta!!ment Q,. 04HHL09HH
04H9. $homas Iefferson, to Iohn +yche:
“$he #eo#le of every country are the only safe guardians of their own rights, and are the only
instruments which can !e used for their destruction% -nd certainly they would never consent to
!e so used were they not deceived%
June 3H" 0403. Iohn -dams, in a letter to $homas Iefferson:
“:ou certainly never felt the terrorism, e"cited !y &enet, in 1GEB, when ten thousand #eo#le in
the streets of 1hiladel#hia, day after day, threatened to drag +ashington out of his house, and
effect a revolution in the government5 nothing !ut @a miracleA could have saved the Dnited
0tates from a total revolution of government%
04,-. Iohn Kuincy -dams:
“@theseA democratic clu!s @wereA so #erfectly affiliated with the 1arisian Iaco!ins that their
origin from a common #arent cannot #ossi!ly !e mistaken%
January ," 0430. >octrine and )ovenants, BJ:LJ*LE:
“-nd again, I say unto you that the enemy in the secret cham!ers seeketh your lives% :e hear of
wars in far countries, and you say that there will soon !e great wars in far countries, !ut ye know
not the hearts of men in your own land%
0433. 0kull and 'ones 0ociety formed at :ale%
$he 2rder of 0kull and 'ones is one of a glo!al network of secret societies known as the
'rotherhood of >eath% 0kull and 'ones, was created as an -merican cha#ter of the &erman
$hule 0ociety which initiated and trained -dolf Hitler in the secret doctrine% >o#e, Inc%: $he
'ook $hat >rove Missinger )ra4y is the ;"ecutive Intelligence 8eview's e"#ose of the -nglo*
-merican oligarchy's drug smuggling syndicate since the days of the 2#ium +ars, in which
covert o#erations &eorge H%+% 'ush was the king#in% $he authors of >o#e Inc% descri!ed the
$hule 0ociety's struggle for ideology:
“-dolf Hitler's =a4i 1arty is the #aramount case in the +est of a &nostic movement come to
#ower% Hitler's world conce#tion was s#ecifically &nostic% -s a child, Hitler attended the
<am!ach -!!ey 0chool in <am!ach*am*$ram in u##er -ustria% 0ince at least LC years !efore
Hitler's !irth, <am!ach had !een a center of &nostic #ractice% Its a!!ot, .ather $heodore Hagen,
was ade#t in astrology and in the fundamentals of the &nostic heresy, with #articular affinity for
thirteenth*century )atharism and Islamic 0ufism% $his 'enedictine monk caused a swastika to !e
engraved over the entrance to the a!!ey school%
+hen Hitler went to the a!!ey in 1JEE, there was also a young )istercian monk, -dolf Iose#h
<an4, who was later to lead Hitler through the racialist cult networks of Hienna% In 1ECC, <an4
threw aside his ha!it, went to Hienna and founded the 2rder of the =ew $em#le, ins#ired !y the
Mnights $em#lar% In 1ECF, using the name of &eorg <an4 von <ie!enfels, he !egan to #u!lish
the racist cult /ournal 2stara, dedicated to #ro#agandi4ing in favor of the war !etween the '0ons
of <ight' and the '0ons of >arkness'3 that is, the war !etween the !lond, !lue*eyed -ryan and the
dark, scheming Iew%
In 9unich, Hitler was routed into &nostic circles revolving around the $hule 0ociety, named
after the mythical 'Dltima $hule' homeland of the -ryans in the north, and made u# of south
&erman, 0wiss, and 'ritish oligarchs dedicated to creating a mass*!ased #arty to indoctrinate
defeated &ermany with &nostic ideas% Hitler !ecame its chosen s#okesman%
Hitler's mission was to destroy )hristianity and Iudaism in favor of the ancient #agan religion%
+hen the war was lost, &ermany !eing invaded on every front, catastro#he looming, Hitler's
lieutenants clustered around him to know what the .uhrer would do% Hitler told them that,
whatever the outcome of the war, the greater war had !een won% 2ne hundred years after his
death, he #redicted, )hristianity would no longer e"ist as a significant force in the world% $hat
was victory, he said, to destroy )hristianity, Hitler reasoned, one must first destroy its 'agent,' the
'!acillus the Iew'3 that nation of #riests,' as =iet4sche had angrily called them% $he Holocaust was
#lanned to do /ust that%(
February ,5" 0433. >octrine and )ovenants JE:N –
“In consequence of evils and designs which do and will e"ist in the hearts of cons#iring men in
the last days, I have warned you, and forewarn you, !y giving unto you this word of wisdom !y
0434. -!raham <incoln:
“-t what #oint shall we e"#ect the a##roach of danger7 'y what means shall we fortify against
it7 0hall we e"#ect some transatlantic military giant, to ste# the 2cean, and crush us at a !low7
-ll the armies of ;uro#e, -sia and -frica com!ined%%%with a 'uona#arte for a commander, could
not !y force, take a drink from the 2hio, or make a track on the 'lue 8idge, in a trial of a
thousand years%
-t what #oint, then, is the a##roach of danger to !e e"#ected7 I answer, if it ever reach us it must
s#ring u# amongst us% It cannot come from a!road% If destruction !e our lot, we must ourselves
!e its author and finisher% -s a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die !y
Marc 0439. >octrine O )ovenants, 1LB:G*1F ($he <ord used very strong language in relation
to the li!elous #u!lications, maga4ines, encyclo#edias, histories that were !eing #u!lished a!out
the saints, which were causing “dia!olical rascality and nefarious and murderous im#ositions
u#on the saints%):
“It is an im#erative duty that we owe to &od, to angels, with whom we shall !e !rought to stand,
and also to ourselves, to our wives and children5$herefore it is an im#erative duty that we owe,
not only to our own wives and children, !ut to the widows and fatherless, whose hus!ands and
fathers have !een murdered under its iron hand5-nd also it is an im#erative duty that we owe
to all the rising generation, and to all the #ure in heart5$herefore, that we should waste and
wear out our lives in !ringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them3
and they are truly manifest from heaven6$hese should then !e attended to with great
earnestness% <et no man count them as small things3 for there is much which lieth in futurity,
#ertaining to the saints, which de#ends u#on these things%
04JJ. 'en/amin >islaeli, .irst 1rime 9inister of ;ngland:
“$he world is governed !y very different #ersonages from what is imagined !y those who are not
!ehind the scenes%
February 04" 04--. 'righam :oung, I> L:1JL, <atter >ay 1ro#hets 0#eaks% 1g% LBC:
“+hen the )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates hangs, as it were, u#on a single thread, they will
have to call for the “9ormon elders to save it from utter destruction3 and they will ste# forth
and do it%
May 04/,. 2rson Hyde, 9illennial 0tar PPIH, # LGN:
“In 9ay 1JQL, at the !eginning of the )ivil +ar, in correlation with Iose#h 0mith's #ro#hecy on
)ivil +ar, 2rson Hyde, the a#ostle who dedicated the land of 1alestine for the return of the
Iews, made a startling #rediction which has !een literally fulfilled in this century% He stated:
R:ou have scarcely yet read the #reface of your national trou!les% 9any nations will !e drawn
into the -merican maelstrom that now whirls through the land3 and after many days, when the
demon of war shall have e"hausted his strength and madness u#on -merican soil, !y the
destruction of all that can court or #rovoke o##osition, e"cite cu#idity, ins#ire revenge, or feed
am!ition, he will remove his headquarters to the !anks of the 8hine%?
August 30" 0459. Iohn $aylor, I> L1:J –
“+hen the #eo#le shall have torn to shreds the )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates, the elders of
Israel will !e found holding it u# to the nations of the earth and #roclaiming li!erty and equal
rights to all men and e"tending the hand of fellowshi# to the o##ressed of all nations% $his is #art
of the #rogram and as long as we do what is right and fear &od He will hel# us and stand !y us
under all circumstances%
Ju!y 3" 0440. Iohn $aylor, Iournal of >iscourses, LL: 1BJ – 1BE:
“$hese things are !eginning to s#read among and #ermeate the nations of the earth% >o we
e"#ect them7 :es% $hese secret com!inations were s#oken of !y Iose#h 0mith, years and years
ago% I have heard him time and time again tell a!out them, and he stated that when these things
!egan to take #lace the li!erties of this nation would !egin to !e !artered away%
0495. Dnion 1acific 8ailroad (D18) !ankru#ted%
0494. Dnion 1acific 8ailroad sold to ;dward Henry Harriman O #artner, Iudge 8o!ert 0cott
<ovett% $he deal was managed !y Muhn <oe! !rokerage of which .eli" +ar!urg was a #artner%
0#anish*-merican war: $he sur#rise e"#losion of the !attleshi# 9aine at Havana, )u!a% LFF of
the crew died% $he Hearst #ress accused the 0#anish, claiming that the e"#losion was caused !y a
remote*controlled mine% $he D0- declared war on 0#ain, and conquered 1hili##ines, &uam and
)u!a% 0u!sequent investigations revealed that the e"#losion originated inside the 9aine and that
it was either an accident, such as a coal e"#losion, or some ty#e of time !om! inside the
!attleshi#% >ivers investigating the shi#wreck found that the armor #lates of the shi# were !lown
!ending outwards, not inwards%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q3 L 09HHL09,-.
09H,. 1aul and .eli" +ar!urg immigrate to the Dnited 0tates%
09HJ. &erman -lfred 1loet4 founds the -rchive for 8acial and 0ocial 'iology, which !ecomes
the chief /ournal of the &erman eugenics or race hygiene movement% ;rnst Haeckel #o#ulari4ed
eugenics in &ermany%
Iohn >% 8ockefeller issues (2ccasional <etter =o%1( detailing #lans to mold the #eo#le, reduce
national intelligence to the lowest common denominator, destroy #arental influence, traditional
and customs, and eliminate science and real learning, (in order to #erfect human nature(%
;ugenics la!oratory esta!lished at )old 0#rings Har!or on <ong Island constructed !y )harles
'% >aven#ort% )old 0#rings Har!or was also the location of the estates of !oth >ulles !rothers%
)old 0#rings facility is funded in e"cess of S11 million !y the Harrimans and the 8ockefellers%
09H5. 0amuel 'ush elected 1resident of 'uckeye 0teel )astings )o% in )olum!us, 2hio% .or his
entire career, 0amuel 'ush su##lied +all 0treet railroads with castings% <ater 'ush !ecame a
close advisor of 1resident Hoover and was the first #resident of the =ational 9anufactures
-ssociation% (=-9)%
Indiana #asses the first eugenics law%
09H9. $he 8ockefeller .oundation was esta!lished% $he 8ockefellers su##orted the eugenics
movement including the Maiser +ilhelm Institute in &ermany%
090H. $he secret meeting is held on Iekyl Island, &eorgia !y a grou# of !ankers and #oliticians,
including )ol% House to #lan the creation of the .ederal 8eserve%
0900. Iohn .oster >ulles /oins 0ullivan and )romwell%
090,. )olonel ;dward 9% House, a close advisor of 1resident +oodrow +ilson, #u!lishes
1hilli# >ru: -dministrator in which he #romotes (socialism as dreamed of !y Marl 9ar"%(
$he .irst International )ongress of ;ugenics was held at the Dniversity of <ondon% $he
#resident of the )ongress was 9a/or <eonard >arwin, son of )harles >arwin and one of the first
;nglish vice #residents was 0ir +inston )hurchill, later 1rime 9inister of ;ngland% (2f interest,
)harles >arwin?s 2n the 2rigin of the 0#ecies 'y 9eans of =atural 0election was su!titled $he
1reservation of .avored 8aces in the 0truggle for <ife%)
0903. 1rior to the #assage of the .ederal 8eserve -ct 1resident +ilson's $he =ew .reedom was
#u!lished, in which he revealed:
“0ince I entered #olitics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me #rivately% 0ome of the
!iggest men in the D% 0%, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of some!ody,
are afraid of something% $hey know that there is a #ower somewhere so organi4ed, so su!tle, so
watchful, so interlocked, so com#lete, so #ervasive, that they had !etter not s#eak a!ove their
!reath when they s#eak in condemnation of it%
$he .ederal 8eserve (neither federal nor a reserve) is created% $his transferred the #ower to
create money from the -merican government to a #rivate grou# of !ankers% It is #ro!a!ly the
largest generator of de!t in the world% 1aul +ar!urg served as a governor of the !ank during
++I% -t the same time, his !rother 9a" +ar!urg was the head of the &erman 0ecret 0ervice%
090J. +ith war close at hand 1ercy 8ockefeller took control of 8emington -rms O a##oints
0amuel .% 1ryor as );2%
- D*!oat tor#edo hit ocean liner <usitania near 'ritain and some 1LCC #eo#le, including 1LJ
-mericans, on !oard lost their lives% 0u!sequent investigations revealed that the ma/or
e"#losions were inside the <usitania, as it was secretly trans#orting Q million #ounds of artillery
shells and rifle ammunition, as well as other e"#losives on !ehalf of 9organ !anking cor#oration
to hel# their clients, the 'ritain and the .rance% It was against D0 laws to trans#ort war materials
and #assengers in the same shi#%
090-. >ulles? uncle 8o!ert <ansing was a##ointed 0ecretary of 0tate% <ansing recruited his
ne#hew to go to =icaragua, )osta 8ica and 1anama on the #rete"t of com#any !usiness !ut in
reality to sound out the <atin -mericans on aiding the D0 war effort% )osta 8ica was led !y the
vicious dictator .ederico $inoco% >ulles advised +ashington to su##ort the dictator, as he was
anti*&erman% >ulles also encouraged the =icaragua dictator ;mianiano )amorro to issue a
#roclamation sus#ending di#lomatic relations with &ermany% In 1anama, >ulles offered to let
1anama waive the ta" on its annual canal fee as long as 1anama would declare war on &ermany%
0905. 1rescott 'ush /oins the 0kull and 'ones% 'oth his son and grandson &eorge and &eorge
+% likewise were 0kull and 'ones mem!ers% 'rown 'rothers O Harriman had an e"ce#tional
num!er of mem!ers during the 1EBCs%
D0 0enator Hiram Iohnson states:
“$he first casualty, when war comes, is truth%
0904. 8o!ert 0cott <ovett elected #resident of Dnion 1acific% 0amuel 'ush a##ointed to
facilities division of the D0 +ar Industries 'oard chaired !y 'ernard 'aruch O his assistant,
)larence >illon%
0909. &eorge Her!ert +alker forms +%-%Harriman O )o% +alker is #resident and );2%
-verell Harriman, son of ;dward Harriman is the chairman% -verell would later serve as D0
-m!assador to the D008 1ENB*1ENQ and as D0 0ecretary of )ommerce 1ENQ*1ENJ% >ulles
!rothers were involved in the treaty negotiations after the war%
1resident +oodrow +ilson, a few years !efore his death in reference to the .ederal 8eserve act
of 1E1B, which he signed into law * $he -merican 9ercury, #% FQ:
“I am a most unha##y man% I have unwittingly ruined my country% - great industrial nation is
controlled !y its system of credit% 2ur system of credit is concentrated% $he growth of the nation,
therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men% +e have come to !e one of the
worst ruled, one of the most com#letely controlled and dominated governments in the civili4ed
world% =o longer a government !y free o#inion, no longer a government !y conviction and the
vote of the ma/ority, !ut a government !y the o#inion and duress of a small grou# of dominant
May 3H" 0909. 1rominent 'ritish and -merican #ersonalities esta!lish the 8oyal Institute of
International -ffairs in ;ngland and the Institute of International -ffairs in the D%0% at a meeting
arranged !y )ol% House attended !y various .a!ian socialists, including noted economist Iohn
9aynard Meynes% $wo years later, )ol% House reorgani4es the Institute of International -ffairs
into the )ouncil on .oreign 8elations ().8)%
09,H. -verell Harriman and &eorge +alker gain control of &erman Ham!urg*-merika <ine%
$he deal was arranged through the chief e"ecutive &erman Ham!urg*-merika, +illiam )uno, O
9a" +ar!urg of the shi##ing line?s !ankers, 9%9% +ar!urg% $he name of the firm was changed
to -merican 0hi# O )ommerce )or#% 0amuel .% 1ryor of 8emington -rms had !een involved in
the deal O now served on the !oard of the renamed cor#oration% )uno was later a heavy
contri!utor to =a4i 1arty funds
09,0. $he 0econd International )ongress of ;ugenics was held in =ew :ork )ity% $he
s#onsoring committee included Her!ert Hoover, later 1resident of the D%0%, and the )arnegie
Institute of +ashington (8ockefeller)% 9adison &rant, a director of the -merican ;ugenics
0ociety, was the treasurer% $he event was held at the -merican 9useum of =atural History in
=ew :ork, where -verell Harriman served on the 'oard of >irectors%
09,,. -verell Harriman o#ened a 'erlin !ranch of +%-% Harriman% - D%0% government
memorandum dated 2ct% F 1ENL to the ;"ecutive )ommittee of the office of the -lien 1ro#erty
)ustodian indicates that sometime #rior to 1ELN Harriman was in ;uro#e and met with $hyssen%
$hey agreed to set u# a !ank for $hyssen in =ew :ork% -dditionally, the memorandum indicates
$hyssen?s agent3 H% I% Mouwenhoven traveled to =ew :ork !efore 1ELN in regard to this
$he 9odel ;ugenic 0terili4ation <aw was #u!lished !y Harry <aughlin% $he law led to the
sterili4ation of over LC,CCC -mericans and service as the !asis of the =urem!erg laws ado#ted
!y the =a4is%
Marc ,/" 09,,. =ew :ork )ity 9ayor Iohn .% Hylan:
“$he real menace of our re#u!lic is the invisi!le government which, like a giant octo#us, s#rawls
its slimy length over our city, state and nation% -t the head is a small grou#s of !anking houses
generally referred to as Rinternational !ankers%? $his little coterie of #owerful international
!ankers virtually run our government for their own selfish ends%
December 0-" 09,,. $he ).8 endorses +orld &overnment in its maga4ine .oreign -ffairs%
-uthor 1hili# Merr, states:
(2!viously there is going to !e no #eace or #ros#erity for mankind as long as @the earthA remains
divided into FC or QC inde#endent states until some kind of international system is created%%% $he
real #ro!lem today is that of the world government%(
09,3. .rit4 $hyssen !egins to contri!ute to the =a4i #arty%
Kctober 09,3. )harles +% =i!ley, )onference 8e#ort, #QL:
“'rethren and sisters, let me say in closing that we have it of record, that the #ro#het Iose#h
0mith said the time will come when, through secret organi4ations taking the law into their own
hands, not !eing governed !y law or !y due #rocess of law, !ut !ecoming a law unto themselves,
when, !y those disintegrating activities, the )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates would !e so torn
and rent asunder, and life and #ro#erty and #eace and security would !e held of so little value,
that the )onstitution would, as it were, hang !y a thread% 'ut he never said, so far as I have
heard, that that thread would !e cut% I !elieve, with ;lder 8ichards, that this )onstitution will !e
#reserved, !ut it will !e #reserved very largely in consequence of what the <ord has revealed and
what this #eo#le, through listening to the <ord and !eing o!edient, will hel# to !ring a!out, to
sta!ili4e and give #ermanency and effect to the )onstitution itself% $hat also is our mission% $hat
also is what we are here for% I glory in it% I #raise god with all my heart and soul that I am a
mem!er of it%
09,J. +%-%Harriman O )o invested SNCC,CCC in setting u# Dnion 'anking )or# to act in
#artnershi# with the $hyssen*owned 'ank voor Handel en 0chee#vart in Holland% 1rescott 'ush
!rought into the firm to manage Dnion 'ank% 1rescott was the son in law of &eorge +alker and
son of 0amuel 'ush% Dnion !ank is now in the #osition to transfer funds !ack and forth for
$hyssen?s Dnited 0teel%
)oinciding with the >awes 1lan, which is discussed elsewhere in this cha#ter Iohn .oster,
>ulles arranged a large loan for Mru##% .or the loan >ulles had called <eland Harrison, assistant
secretary of state on a 0aturday to soft #edal the item in the news% Harrison was infuriated
!ecause the de#artment had issued a circular asking to see foreign loans !efore -merican funds
were e"#orted% >ulles knew however, that Harrison had no authority to sto# the loan% >ulles
wanted to avoid the 0tate >e#artment?s scrutiny as to whether &erman factories were #roducing
military hardware% 0ullivan and )romwell at >ulles !ehest acce#ted the assurances of Mru## that
all military hardware had !een destroyed%
;thyl )or#oration formed /ointly !y 0tandard 2il and &eneral 9otors%
09,-. 'y 1ELF, I%&% had esta!lished #owerful allies inside the 8e#u!lican administration% $he
then 0ecretary of )ommerce, Her!ert Hoover a##ointed a nine*mem!er !oard, Hoover's
)hemical -dvisory )ommittee% 0eated on the committee were +alter $eagle (0tandard 2il of
=ew Iersey), <ammot du 1ont, .rank 'lair (1resident of 0terling) and Henry Howard (Hice*
#resident of &rasselli)% >es#ite the e"tensive ties the four had with I%&% they sat on a committee
whose role was to hel# -merica's chemical industry fight off the I%&% cartel
8*S'ALLM1*' QJ L 09,/L093J
09,/. 1rescott 'ush #romoted to Hice*1resident of +% -% Harriman O )o% )larence >illon of
>illon 8ead, set u# the &erman 0teel $rust with $hyssen O #artner, .redrick .lick% -ccording to
the terms, >illon 8ead would handle the $rust?s cor#orate !anking in return for two >illon 8ead
re#resentatives !eing on the !oard of the &erman 0teel $rust% -l!ert Hoegler was the chief
e"ecutive of the &erman 0teel trust was% Hoegler was another industrialist that was instrumental
in !ringing Hitler to #ower% He also held directorshi#s in $hyssen?s >utch !ank and the
Ham!urg*-merika <ine% Dnion 'ank was not in #artnershi# with .lick?s em#ire, 0ilesian
Holding )o% +alker, 'ush and Harriman owned a third of .lick?s holding com#any and called
their share )onsolidated 0ilesian 0teel )or#%
-merican I%&% founded as a holding com#any controlling I%&% .ar!en assets in the Dnited 0tates%
0ome !oard mem!ers were ;dsel .ord, )harles 9itchell (1resident of 8ockefeller's =ational
)ity 'ank of =ew :ork), +alt $eagle (1resident of 0tandard 2il), 1aul +ar!urg (.ederal
8eserve chairman and !rother of 9a" +ar!ug, financier of =a4i &ermany's war effort and
>irector of -merican I%&%) and Herman 9et4, a director of the 'ank of 9anhattan, controlled !y
the +ar!urgs% $hree other mem!ers of the 'oard of &overnors for -merican I%&% were tried and
convicted as &erman war criminals%
-llen >ulles /oins 0ullivan and )romwell%
09,5. Iohn .oster >ulles director of &-. )om#any (-merican I%&%) until 1EBN%
09,4. $he 2#en )ons#iracy: 'lue 1rints for a +orld 8evolution !y H%&% +ells is #u!lished% -
former .a!ian 0ocialist, +ells writes:
($he #olitical world of the %%% 2#en )ons#iracy must weaken, efface, incor#orate and su#ersede
e"isting governments%%% $he 2#en )ons#iracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist
enthusiasms3 it may !e in control of 9oscow !efore it is in control of =ew :ork%%% $he character
of the 2#en )ons#iracy will now !e #lainly dis#layed%%% It will !e a world religion%(
09,9. 0tandard 2il and I%&% .ar!en !egin cartel negotiations
Harriman !ank !ought >resser Industries, su##lier of oil*#i#eline cou#lers to 0tandard and other
com#anies% 1rescott 'ush !ecame a director and financial c4ar of >resser, installing his :ale
classmate =eil 9allon as chairman%
093H. >ulles arranged for the wealthy )4ech family, the 1etscheks to sell their interest in
0ilesian )oal to &eorge 9ernane% 9ernane was used merely to hide the 1etscheks interest%
>ulles then sold the shares to his friend 0chacht, the =a4i economic minister% -fter the sale,
>ulles !ecame director of )onsolidated 0ilesian 0teel )om#any% Its sole asset was a one third
interest in D##er 0ilesian )oal and 0teel )om#any% $he remainder of the shares was controlled
!y .redrick .lick%
0930. +%- Harriman merges with the 'ritish firm 'rown 'rothers% $hatcher 'rown, 1rescott
'ush and the two Harriman !rothers were the senior #artners in the new firm of 'rown 'rothers
and Harriman% 8o!ert <ovett son of 8o!ert 0cott <ovett and a close friend of 1rescott 'ush
!ecame a #artner in the new firm% <ovett would later serve as -ssistant 0ecretary for -ir during
the war, as Dnder 0ecretary 2f 0tate 1ENG*1ENE, as >e#uty 0ecretary of >efense 1EFC*1EF1 and
as 0ecretary of >efense 1EF1*1EFB% 1rescott 'ush ran the =ew :ork office while the <ondon
office of the new firm was ran !y $hatcher 'rown% 9ontagu )ollet =orman, governor of the
'ank of ;ngland and close friend of 1rescott 'ush, often staying with the 'ush family on his
visits to =ew :ork, was a #artner of 'rown 'rothers% He also was a well*known =a4i
sym#athi4er% His grandfather had !een !oss of 'rown 'rothers during the )ivil +ar when
'rown 'rothers were directly res#onsi!le for shi##ing seventy five #ercent of the cotton from
the south to ;ngland%
1recott 'ush and &eorge +alker hosted host of the $hird International )ongress of ;ugenics%
$he #ur#ose of the event was to call for the sterili4ation of fourteen million -mericans%
'ank of International 0ettlements formed%
0tudents at the <enin 0chool of 1olitical +arfare in 9oscow are taught:
(2ne day we shall start to s#read the most theatrical #eace movement the world has ever seen%
$he ca#italist countries, stu#id and decadent %%% will fall into the tra# offered !y the #ossi!ility of
making new friends% 2ur day will come in BC years or so%%% $he !ourgeoisie must !e lulled into a
false sense of security%(
In a s#eech to the Institute for the 0tudy of International -ffairs at )o#enhagen) historian -rnold
$oyee said:
(+e are at #resent working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called
sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world% -ll the time we are
denying with our li#s what we are doing with our hands%%%%(
093,. +illiam >ra#er financed the International ;ugenics )ongress and hel#ed select ;rnst
8uaudin as chief of the world eugenics movement% $hey #romoted what he called -dolf Hitler's
(holy, national and international racial hygienic mission%( $hey worked closely with 1rescott
'ush who shared the same views on eugenics%
=ew !ooks are #u!lished urging +orld 2rder:
$oward 0oviet -merica !y +illiam T% .oster% Head of the )ommunist 1arty D0-, .oster
indicates that a =ational >e#artment of ;ducation would !e one of the means used to develo# a
new socialist society in the D%0%
$he =ew +orld 2rder !y .%0% 9arvin, descri!ing the <eague of =ations as the first attem#t at a
=ew +orld 2rder% 9arvin says, (nationality must rank !elow the claims of mankind as a
>are the 0chool 'uild a =ew 0ocial 2rder7 is #u!lished% ;ducator and author &eorge )ounts
asserts that:
(%%% the teachers should deli!erately reach for #ower and then make the most of their conquest( in
order to (influence the social attitudes, ideals and !ehavior of the coming generation%%% $he
growth of science and technology has carried us into a new age where ignorance must !e
re#laced !y knowledge, com#etition !y coo#eration, trust in 1rovidence !y careful #lanning and
#rivate ca#italism !y some form of social economy%(
$he $hird International )ongress on ;ugenics elected as its #resident >r% ;rnst 8udin, a
#sychiatrist who directed the various !ranches of the 8ockefeller*foundedUfunded Maiser
+ilhelm Institute in &ermany, and designated 8udin #resident of the worldwide ;ugenics
Apri!" 093,. 1lan for 1eace !y -merican 'irth )ontrol <eague (in 1ENL !ecame #art of 1lanned
1arenthood) founder 9argaret 0anger is #u!lished% 0he calls for coercive sterili4ation,
mandatory segregation, and reha!ilitative concentration cam#s for all (dysgenic stocks(
including 'lacks, His#anics, -merican Indians and )atholics% 0he advocated:
($o give certain dysgenic grou#s in our #o#ulation their choice of segregation @concentration
cam#sA or sterili4ation(
June 0H" 093,. )ongressman <ouis 9c.adden, Hearings !y Dnited 0tates% )ommittee on 8ules:
“9r% )hairman, when the .ed was #assed, the #eo#le of these Dnited 0tates did not #erceive that
a world system was !eing set u# here%%%and that this country was to su##ly the financial #ower to
an international su#erstate%
)ongressman <ouis 9c.adden, chairman of the House 'anking )ommittee referring to the
&reat >e#ression 2n $he .ederal 8eserve )or#oration, #% EF:
“It was not accidental% It was a carefully contrived occurrence5$he international !ankers sought
to !ring a!out a condition of des#air here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all%
0933. 2n Ianuary N, 1EBB, Hitler was invited to the 0chroeder 'ank !y a grou# of industrialists%
$he industrialists gave Hitler the money to overcome his financial #ro!lems in turn for a #ledge
to !reak the trade unions% 1resent at this meeting were two -mericans Iohn .oster >ulles and
-llen >ulles%
Hitler assumes #ower%
9a" +ar!urg selected !y 1rescott 'ush to !e the -merican 0hi# O )ommerce <ine official
re#resentative on the !oard of the Ham!urg* -merika <ine% +ar!urg was a long time advisor of
H/almar 0chacht, the =a4i?s ;conomic 9inister and an e"ecutive in the 8eichs!ank% +ar!urg
was also a close friend with 9ontagu )ollet =orman%
-n agreement to coordinate all trade !etween &ermany O -merica was reached in 'erlin after
negotiations !etween Hitler?s ;conomics 9inister, H/almar 0chacht O Iohn .oster >ulles%-s a
result 2liver Harriman, -verell?s cousin formed a syndicate of 1FC firms to conduct all !usiness
!etween &ermany and the Dnited 0tates%
=orth &erman <loyd )o% merged with Ham!urg*-merika <ine in Ham!urg% )hristian 'eck a
long time Harriman e"ecutive was #laced as manager of Rfreight O o#erations? in =orth -merica
for this newly merged com#any% ;mil Helfferich, an ardent =a4i was a##ointed chairman of this
new com#any called Ha#ag*<loyd% =a4i security guards were now on all shi#s of the com#any%
+illiam 0% .arish was a##ointed chairman of 0tandard 2il !y Iohn >% 8ockefeller% .arish was
close friends with Hermann 0chmit4, chairman of I%&% .ar!en% .arish hired Ivy <ee, to write #ro*
I%&% .ar!en and #ro*=a4i #ro#aganda and get it into the D%0% #ress% He hired =a4i &erman crews
for 0tandard 2il tankers% In addition, he hired (;mil Helfferich,( chairman of the Ham!urg*
-merika <ine, as chairman also of the 0tandard 2il )om#any su!sidiary in &ermany% Marl
<indemann, !oard mem!er of Ham!urg*-merika, also !ecame a to# .arish*0tandard e"ecutive
in &ermany% $he interlock #laced .arish and 1rescott 'ush in a small grou# of Hitler su##orters%
'oth ;mil Helfferich and Marl <indemann were authori4ed to write checks to Heinrich Himmler,
chief of the =a4i 00, on a s#ecial 0tandard 2il account% $his account was managed !y the
&erman*'ritish*-merican !anker, Murt von 0chroeder% -ccording to D%0% intelligence
documents reviewed !y author -nthony 0utton, Helfferich continued his #ayments to the 00 into
1ENN, when the 00 was su#ervising the mass murder at the 0tandard*I%&% .ar!en%
-uschwit4 and other death cam#s% Helfferich told -llied interrogators after the war that these
were not his #ersonal contri!utions*they were cor#orate 0tandard 2il funds%
$he first Humanist 9anifesto is #u!lished% )o*author Iohn >ewey, the noted #hiloso#her and
educator, calls for a synthesi4ing of all religions and (a sociali4ed and coo#erative economic
order%( )o*signer )%.% 1otter said in 1EBC:
(;ducation is thus a most #owerful ally of humanism, and every -merican #u!lic school is a
school of humanism% +hat can the theistic 0unday schools, meeting for an hour once a week,
teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five*day #rogram of humanistic
$he 0ha#e of $hings to )ome !y H%&% +ells is #u!lished% +ells #redicts a second world war
around 1ENC, originating from a &erman*1olish dis#ute% -fter 1ENF there would !e an increasing
lack of #u!lic safety in (criminally infected( areas% $he #lan for the (9odern +orld*0tate(
would succeed on its third attem#t (a!out 1EJC), and come out of something that occurred in
'asra, Iraq% $he !ook also states,
(-lthough world government had !een #lainly coming for some years, although it had !een
endlessly feared and murmured against, it found no o##osition #re#ared anywhere%(
>r% ;rnst 8udin was commissioned !y Hitler's 9inister of the Interior to write a sterili4ation law
for &ermany% 8udin's <aw for the 1revention of Hereditary >iseases in 1osterity was modeled
on statutes already #assed in Hirginia and other states in the D%0% +hen -dolf Hitler and the
=a4i 1arty came to #ower in &ermany, ;rnst 8udin #raised Hitler, giving credit to him !ecause
(the dream we have cherished for more than thirty years of seeing racial hygiene converted into
action has !ecome reality%(
$he most im#ortant -merican #olitical event in those #re#arations for Hitler was the infamous
'$hird International )ongress on ;ugenics,' held at =ew :ork's -merican 9useum of =atural
History -ugust L1*LB, 1EBL, su#ervised !y the International .ederation of ;ugenics 0ocieties%
$his meeting took u# the stu!!orn #ersistence of -frican*-mericans and other allegedly
'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' grou#s in re#roducing, e"#anding their num!ers, and
amalgamating with others% It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the '!etter' ethnic grou#s
and to the 'well*!orn,' could !e dealt with !y sterili4ation or 'cutting off the !ad stock' of the
'unfit%' Italy's fascist government sent an official re#resentative% -verell Harriman's sister 9ary,
director of ';ntertainment' for the )ongress, lived down in Hirginia fo"*hunting country3 her
state su##lied the s#eaker on 'racial #urity,' +%-% 1lecker, Hirginia commissioner of vital
statistics% 1lecker re#ortedly held the delegates s#ell!ound with his account of the struggle to
sto# race*mi"ing and inter*racial se" in Hirginia% $he )ongress #roceedings were dedicated to
-verell Harriman's mother3 she had #aid for the founding of the race*science movement in
-merica !ack in 1E1C, !uilding the ;ugenics 8ecord 2ffice as a !ranch of the &alton =ational
<a!oratory in <ondon% 0he and other Harrimans were usually escorted to the horse races !y old
&eorge Her!ert +alker%
February ,5" 0933. $he 8eichstag fire% In direct res#onse to the 8eichstag fire, 1resident von
Hinden!urg signed the decree (for the 1rotection of the #eo#le and the 0tate%( -n account of this
watershed event is found at $he History 1lace:
$he e"act sequence of events will never !e known, !ut =a4i storm troo#ers under the direction
of &Vring were also involved in torching the #lace% $hey had !efriended the arsonist @a
)ommunist named Han der <u!!eA and may have known or even encouraged him to !urn the
8eichstag that night% $he storm troo#ers, led !y 0- leader Marl ;rnst, used the underground
tunnel that connected &Vring's residence with the cellar in the 8eichstag% $hey entered the
!uilding, scattered gasoline and incendiaries, then hurried !ack through the tunnel%
$he dee# red glow of the !urning 8eichstag caught the eye of 1resident Hinden!urg and Hice*
)hancellor 1a#en who were dining at a clu! facing the !uilding% 1a#en #ut the elderly
Hinden!urg in his own car and took him to the scene%
Hitler was at &oe!!els' a#artment having dinner% $hey rushed to the scene where they met
&Vring who was already screaming false charges and making threats against the )ommunists%
-t first glance, Hitler descri!ed the fire as a !eacon from heaven%
“:ou are now witnessing the !eginning of a great e#och in &erman history%%% $his fire is the
!eginning, Hitler told a news re#orter at the scene%
-fter viewing the damage, an emergency meeting of government leaders was held% +hen told of
the arrest of the )ommunist arsonist, Han der <u!!e, Hitler !ecame deli!erately enraged%
“$he &erman #eo#le have !een soft too long% ;very )ommunist official must !e shot% -ll
)ommunist de#uties must !e hanged this very night% -ll friends of the )ommunists must !e
locked u#% -nd that goes for the 0ocial >emocrats and the 8eichs!anner as wellW
Hitler left the fire scene and went straight to the offices of his news#a#er, the HVlkischer
'eo!achter, to oversee its coverage of the fire% He stayed u# all night with &oe!!els #utting
together a #a#er full of tales of a )ommunist #lot to violently sei4e #ower in 'erlin%
-t a ca!inet meeting held later in the morning, .e!ruary LJ, )hancellor Hitler demanded an
emergency decree to overcome the crisis% He met little resistance from his largely non*=a4i
ca!inet% $hat evening, Hitler and 1a#en went to Hinden!urg and the !efuddled old man signed
the decree “for the 1rotection of the #eo#le and the 0tate%
$he ;mergency >ecree stated:
“8estrictions on #ersonal li!erty, on the right of free e"#ression of o#inion, including freedom of
the #ress3 on the rights of assem!ly and association3 and violations of the #rivacy of #ostal,
telegra#hic and tele#honic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for
confiscations as well as restrictions on #ro#erty, are also #ermissi!le !eyond the legal limits
otherwise #rescri!ed%
Immediately, there followed the first !ig =a4i roundu# as truckloads of 0- and 00 roared
through the streets !ursting in on known )ommunist hangouts and !arging into #rivate homes%
$housands of )ommunists as well as 0ocial >emocrats and li!erals were taken away into
'#rotective custody' to 0- !arracks where they were !eaten and tortured%
.ifty one anti*=a4is were murdered% $he =a4is su##ressed all #olitical activity, meetings and
#u!lications of non*=a4i #arties% $he very act of cam#aigning against the =a4is was in effect
made illegal%
* htt#:UUwww%history#lace%comUworldwarLUr %%% U!urns%htm
$he following e"cer#t from 8ichard $errell's !ook, 8esurrecting the $hird 8eich, ca#tures the
#atriotic devotion of &ermans to their fatherland and the delusion that they were called to save
the world% $he #atriotism of the &erman #eo#le cou#led with an irrational (mythological)
#erce#tion of their origins and destiny was #sychologically mani#ulated !y Hitler to the #oint of
a national flight from reason:
(+hat was to take #ossession of the &erman consciousness was a militant romanticism%%%
-ccording to this way of thinking, the >ivine 0#irit is manifested in the s#irit of a #eo#le, in
their collective genius and total culture or Holkgeist%%% &ermany develo#ed a kind of communal
mysticism which contained its own $eutonic conce#t of a chosen #eo#le, called to redeem
civili4ation from its decadence%%%rallies were glorious #ageants that stirred the emotions, which
de#ended not on any revelation of 0cri#ture, !ut on #ure feeling%%% ;ven today, still #hotogra#hs
of these meetings have a #owerful and gri##ing #resence%%% $he Holkish conce#t of the social
organism was effectively sym!oli4ed in mass meetings that e"#ressed a sense of eternity, awe,
and mystery, effects stimulated !y cathedral of light nighttime mass meetings in which
antiaircraft lights sent !rilliant shafts of illumination into the darkened sky%
Marc 3" 0933. Hermann &Vring stated:
“I don't have to worry a!out /ustice3 my mission is only to destroy and e"terminate nothing
*o2ember ,0" 0933. 1resident .ranklin 8oosevelt wrote a letter to )ol% ;dward 9andell House,
1resident +oodrow +ilson's close advisor:
($he real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers
has owned the &overnment ever since the days of -ndrew Iackson%%% (
093J. $he D0 0enate =ye )ommittee hearings revealed 0amuel 1ryor, chairman of 8emington
-rms O founding director of !oth the D') O the -merican 0hi# O )ommerce )or#% had /oined
in a cartel agreement with I%&% .ar!en% $he committee also uncovered that the =a4is were armed
with mostly -merican arms%
;% +% +e!!, #resident of ;thyl )or#oration was advised that +ashington had learned of the
intention of (forming a &erman com#any with the I%&% to manufacture ethyl lead in &ermany%
$he +ar >e#artment indicated that there was considera!le criticism of this technological
transfer% $he ;thyl )om#any was then advised !y the -rmy -ir )or#s that (under no conditions
should you or the 'oard of >irectors of the ;thyl &asoline )or#oration disclose any secrets or
'know*how' in connection with the manufacture of tetraethyl lead to &ermany%
+ith Hitler in solid control of &ermany, the #rofits from the $hyssen*.lick union soared to over
a hundred million% 'oth Dnion 'ank and the 'ank voor Handel en 0chee#vaart were
overflowing with money% 1rescott 'ush !ecame managing director of Dnion 'ank and took over
the day*to*day o#erations of the &erman #lan%
Iohn .oster >ulles was #u!licly su##orting the =a4i #hiloso#hy% In 1EBF, he wrote a long article
for the -tlantic 9onthly entitled ($he 8oad to 1eace%( He e"cused &ermany?s secret
rearmament as an action taking !ack their freedom% Mnowing what he did a!out Inco and
&ermany?s munitions industry >ulles was misleading in asserting &ermany?s, Italy?s, and
Ia#an?s desires for #eace% <ater in the 1EBCs, >ulles hel#ed organi4e the -merican .irst grou#% -
month !efore 1earl Har!or he donated SFCC to the grou#% <ater he would claim no association
with the grou#% >ulles continued his su##ort of the =a4i line right u# to the time &ermany
invaded 1oland% >ulles e"cuse for the 1oland invasion was much like !laming the victim for the
$he ;"ternali4ation of the Hierarchy !y -lice -% 'ailey is #u!lished% 'ailey is an occultist,
whose works are channeled from a s#irit guide, the $i!etan 9aster @demon s#iritA >/wahl Muhl%
'ailey uses the #hrase (#oints of light( in connection with a (=ew &rou# of +orld 0ervers( and
claims that 1EBN marks the !eginning of (the organi4ing of the men and women%%% grou# work of
a new order%%% @withA #rogress defined !y service%%% the world of the 'rotherhood%%% the .orces of
<ight%%% @andA out of the s#oliation of all e"isting culture and civili4ation, the new world order
must !e !uilt%(
$he !ook is #u!lished !y the <ucis $rust, incor#orated originally in =ew :ork as the <ucifer
1u!lishing )om#any% <ucis $rust is a Dnited =ations =&2 and has !een a ma/or #layer at the
recent D%=% summits% <ater -ssistant 0ecretary &eneral of the D%=% 8o!ert 9ueller would credit
the creation of his +orld )ore )urriculum for education to the underlying teachings of >/wahl
Muhl via -lice 'ailey's writings on the su!/ect%
)hurch 1resident He!er I% &rant was vocal in his disa##roval of the #olicies of the thirty*second
1resident, es#ecially after the death of his #ro*8oosevelt first counselor, -nthony '% Ivins, in
0e#tem!er 1EBN% He would often !ecome u#set when discussing .>8, and in one heated
discussions slammed his cane on the desk of .ranklin I% 9urdock, shattering the glass deskto# in
his anti*8oosevelt fury% It comes as no sur#rise, then, that in the election of 1EBQ, 1resident
&rant o#enly endorsed the 8e#u!lican candidate for 1resident, -lf <andon% However, he #ointed
out that he was s#eaking for himself and not for the )hurch5-s the 1EBQ election drew near, an
unsigned, front*#age editorial in the )hurch*owned >eseret =ews accused .>8 of knowingly
#romoting unconstitutional laws and advocating )ommunism5.ormer .irst 1residency mem!er
9arion &% 8omney, a staunch >emocrat committed to vote for 8oosevelt, was dee#ly torn5
-fter fasting and three hours of #rayer 9arion concluded that the editorial was ins#ired and
given through the <ord?s #ro#het% He then reversed his #olitical loyalties and la!ored to dissuade
his friends from voting for 8oosevelt%
*o2ember 093J. 8etired 9a/or &eneral 0medley 'utler, at the time of his death the most
decorated 9arine in D%0% history, alleged the e"istence of a #olitical cons#iracy of +all 0treet
interests to overthrow 1resident 8oosevelt, a series of allegations that came to !e known in the
media as the 'usiness 1lot% - s#ecial committee of the House of 8e#resentatives headed !y
8e#resentatives Iohn +% 9c)ormack of 9assachusetts and 0amuel >ickstein of =ew :ork,
who was later alleged to have !een a #aid agent of the =MH> (1eo#les )ommissariat for
Internal -ffairs – communist secret #olice), heard his testimony in secret% $he 9c)ormack*
>ickstein committee was a #recursor to the House )ommittee on Dn*-merican -ctivities%
'utler went to 0enator Iohn 9c)ormack and told him that there was a fascist #lot to overthrow
1resident .ranklin 8oosevelt% 'utler claimed that on 1st Iuly 1EBN, &erald )% 9ac&uire and 'ill
>oyle, the de#artment commander of the -merican <egion in 9assachusetts, tried to recruit him
to lead a cou# against 8oosevelt% 'utler told the committee that a grou# of !usinessmen, saying
they were !acked !y a #rivate army of FCC,CCC e"*soldiers and others, intended to esta!lish a
fascist dictatorshi#% 'utler had !een asked to lead it, he said, !y &erald 1% 9ac&uire, a !ond
salesman with &rayson 9–1 9ur#hy O )o%
In its re#ort, the committee stated that it was una!le to confirm 'utler's statements other than the
#ro#osal from 9ac&uire, which it considered more or less confirmed !y 9ac&uire's ;uro#ean
re#orts% =o #rosecutions or further investigations followed, and historians have questioned
whether or not a cou# was actually close to e"ecution, although most agree that some sort of
(wild scheme( was contem#lated and discussed% $he news media initially dismissed the #lot,
with a =ew :ork $imes editorial characteri4ing it as a (gigantic hoa"(% +hen the committee's
final re#ort was released, the $imes said the committee (#ur#orted to re#ort that a two*month
investigation had convinced it that &eneral 'utler's story of a .ascist march on +ashington was
alarmingly true( and (%%% also alleged that definite #roof had !een found that the much #u!lici4ed
.ascist march on +ashington, which was to have !een led !y 9a/or% &en% 0medley >% 'utler,
retired, according to testimony at a hearing, was actually contem#lated(%
$he 9c)ormack*>ickstein )ommittee confirmed some of 'utler's accusations in its final re#ort%
(In the last few weeks of the committee's official life it received evidence showing that certain
#ersons had made an attem#t to esta!lish a fascist organi4ation in this country%%%$here is no
question that these attem#ts were discussed, were #lanned, and might have !een #laced in
e"ecution when and if the financial !ackers deemed it e"#edient%(
'utler claimed that the -merican <i!erty <eague was the main organi4ation !ehind the #lot% He
added the main !ackers were the >u 1ont family, as well as leaders of D%0% 0teel, &eneral
9otors, 0tandard 2il, )hase =ational 'ank, and &oodyear $ire and 8u!!er )om#any%
'utler also named 1rescott 'ush as one of the cons#irators% -t the time 'ush was along with +%
-verell Harriman, ;% 8oland Harriman and &eorge Her!ert +alker, managing #artners in 'rown
'rothers Harriman% 'ush was also director of the Harriman .ifteen )or#oration% $his in turn
controlled the )onsolidated 0ilesian 0teel )or#oration, that owned one*third of a com#le" of
steel*making, coal*mining and 4inc*mining activities in &ermany and 1oland% .riedrich .lick
owned the other two*thirds of the o#eration% .lick was a leading financial su##orter of the =a4i
1arty and in the 1EBCs donated over seven million marks to the #arty% - close friend of Heinrich
Himmler, .lick also gave the 0chut4 0taffeinel (00) 1C,CCC marks a year%
'y the end of 8oosevelt's (.irst 1CC >ays,( -merica's richest !usinessmen were in a #anic% $hey
felt 8oosevelt intended to conduct a massive redistri!ution of wealth from the rich to the #oor%
&en% 'utler's testimony descri!ed a #lot only #owerful men with money could design% .irst, they
#lanned to create a fascist army, like Italy's 'lack 0hirts and &ermany's 'rown 0hirts, for 'utler
to lead% 9ac&uire claimed to have FCC,CCC war veterans from the -merican <egion and each
man was a leader of 1C others, equaling F million men, if needed% - second fascist army was to
!e recruited from the )ivilian )onservation )or#s ()))) and financed with SGCC million% -rms
and equi#ment would !e o!tained from the 8emington -rms )o% and su##lied !y the >u 1ont
family% $hey would model their forces after the )roi"*de*.eu in .rance, one of several fascists
grou#s 9ac&uire studied while touring ;uro#e%
'acked u# !y such man#ower, +all 0treet #lotters wanted &en% 'utler to deliver an ultimatum
demanding either 8oosevelt #retended to !e inca#acitated !y #olio and allow 'utler to takeover
or !e forced out with the army of FCC,CCC war veterans from the -merican <egion%
9oney was no o!/ect according to 9ac&uire% He #rovided a !ank account with S1CC,CCC and
told 'utler that his +all 0treet !ackers had SBCC,CCC,CCC if necessary% 1rinci#al cons#irator and
founding mem!er of the -merican <i!erty <eague, the #rimary source of funds for the #lot,
8o!ert 0terling )lark, a =ew :ork !anker, told 'utler he would s#end SBC million% 2ther ma/or
!ackers were leaders of D%0% 0teel, &eneral 9otors, 0tandard 2il, )hase =ational 'ank, and
&oodyear $ire and 8u!!er )om#any%
9ost astoundingly, the 'ush family was a ma/or !acker of the cou#% 1rescott 'ush, a founding
#artner of 'rown 'rothers Harriman O )o%, (1EB1) was the +all 0treet front for several =a4i
com#anies and D%0% financial interests of .rit4 $hyssen% $hyssen was an early financial !acker of
the =a4i #arty% 'ush was a director and shareholder, along with &eorge Her!ert +alker, his
father*in*law, in the Dnion 'anking )or#oration (D')) which also ran a com#licated financial
we! that su##orted Hitler until 1ENL% D')'s assets were confiscated that year !y the government,
after 1res% 8oosevelt signed the $rading with the ;nemy -ct%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q- L 093-L09JH
093-. ;thyl )or#oration signed a /oint #roduction agreement with I%&% .ar!en in &ermany to
form ;thyl &%m%!%H% and with 9ontecatini in fascist Italy for the #roduction of tetraethyl lead%
$he directors of ;thyl &asoline )or#oration at the time of this transfer: ;%+% +e!!, #resident
and director3 )%.% Mettering3 8%1% 8ussell3 +%)% $eagle, 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey and trustee
of .>8's &eorgia +arm 0#rings .oundation3 .% -% Howard3 ;% 9% )lark, 0tandard 2il of =ew
Iersey3 -% 1% 0loan, Ir%3 >% 'rown3 I% $% 0mith3 and +%0%
1arish of 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey%
Iohn .oster >ulles narrowly missed !eing indicted in a case of Dnion ;lectric )om#any of
9issouri, a su!sidiary of the =orth -merica )om#any% $he 0;) had discovered the com#any
o#erated a slush fund to !ri!e legislators% $he fund received kick!acks from its local lawyers and
an insurance com#any% $he firm had !ri!ed the entire 9issouri legislator% 0;) general counsel
$ravis <ane cynically attri!uted the failure to the grand /ury to indict >ulles was due to his
=urem!erg <aws #assed in &ermany #aving the way for the Holocaust%
February 9" 093-. .rank Handerli#, twenty*five years after the meeting on Iekyll Island,
&eorgia cons#iring to esta!lish the .ederal 8eserve in the D%0% .arm 'oy to .inancier, 0aturday
;vening 1ost, ##% LF, GC:
“@$Ahere was an occasion, near the close of 1E1C, when I was as secretive6indeed, as furtive6
as any cons#irator%%%%I do not feel it is any e"aggeration to s#eak of our secret e"#edition to Iekyll
Island as the occasion of the actual conce#tion of what eventually !ecame the .ederal 8eserve
0ystem%5+e were told to leave our last names !ehind us% +e were told, further, that we should
avoid dining together on the night of our de#arture% +e were instructed to come one at a time
and as uno!trusively as #ossi!le to the railroad terminal on the =ew Iersy littoral of the Hudson,
where 0enator -ldrich's #rivate car would !e in readiness, attached to the rear end of a train for
the 0outh%52nce a!oard the #rivate car we !egan to o!serve the ta!oo that had !een fi"ed on
last names%5>iscovery, we knew, sim#ly must not ha##en, or else all our time and effort would
!e wasted%
Apri! 093-. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% states:
“$he statement of the <ord, RI have esta!lished the )onstitution? #uts it in the #osition in which
it would !e if it were written in this >O) itself% $his makes the constitution the +28> 2. $H;
<28> to us%
093/. $he 0chroeder 'ank in =ew :ork merges with the 8ockefellers to form 0chroeder,
8ockefeller O )om#any, Inc% )arlton 1% .uller of 0chroeder 'anking )or#oration !ecame
#resident and -very 8ockefeller, !ecame vice #resident%
0935. 'y the end of Ianuary 1EBG, >ulles had merged all his cloaking activities into one client
account, 'rown 'rothers Harriman*0chroeder 8ock% 0chroeder, of course, was the =a4i !ank on
whose !oard >ulles sat% $he '8ock' was the 8ockefellers of 0tandard 2il, who were already
coming under scrutiny for their =a4i deals% -t the request of 1rescott 'ush >ulles had cloaked
the 'ush*Harriman dealings with the =a4is%
+illiam ;% >odd, D%0% -m!assador to &ermany states:
“%%% I have had #lenty of o##ortunity in my #ost in 'erlin to witness how close some of our
-merican ruling families are to the =a4i 8egime%
I% 8eu!en )lark states:
“%%%%the end the revolutionists seek is fairly clear3 it is the overturning of the whole e"isting order,
#olitical, financial, economic, social, religious, the com#lete destruction of our )onstitution and
the government esta!lished under it, and then the setting u# of some sort of des#otism that shall
destroy, in all these fields, the free agency which the <ord gave to man%%% $here seems no dou!t
that this is their conscious, deli!erate, #lanned end%
$he <ife of I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% 0e#tem!er 1, 1EEL >elivered at the &rantsville High 0chool,
&rantsville, Dtah !y +% )leon 0kousen:
“$he #ower #eo#le are now #lanning another war for you% $hey have made this de#ression last
many more years than it would have ordinarily lasted% $hey got stock down to 1N cents on a
dollar% $hey /ust !ought u# everything at 1N cents on a dollar, and they?re now ready to make
additional !illions as they #ut you through another world war%
$hey?re going to have you #ay for it% :ou?re going to !e involved in it% :ou don?t think you?ll
get involved, !ut they?ll say that for the #eace of the world, you must come in, and you?ll feel so
soft*hearted a!out it, you?ll come in% It will !e /ust as !ig a mistake as +orld +ar I%
0934. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% states:
“2nce in de!t, interest is your com#anion every minute of the day and night3 you cannot shun it
or sli# away from it3 you cannot dismiss it3 it yields neither to entreaties, demands, or orders3 and
whenever you get in its way or cross its course or fail to meet its demands, it crushes you%
“$his gigantic worldwide struggle more and more takes on the form of war to the death% +e shall
do well and wisely so to face and so to enter it% -nd we must all take #art% Indeed, we all are
taking #art in that struggle, whether we will or not% D#on its final issue, li!erty lives or dies%
$his earth*wide conflict has taken the form of sei4ing without com#ensation from the man who
has, and giving to the man who has not3 of taking from the worker the fruits of his work, and
giving to the idler who does not work% It has from its very nature !ecome an economic,
uncom#ensated leveling downward, not u#wards of the whole mass% $hat this result may in one
country !e reached !y confiscatory ta"ation, and in another !y direct sei4ure, is a mere matter of
method% $he result is the same% In some countries outright sei4ure and confiscation are already
o#enly and shamelessly #racticed% -ll is done in the name of the state, as if it were deity – as if
the state, not &od gives all% ;ven into the field of family relationshi#, which, ne"t to man?s
relationshi# to &od, is the most #recious and dearest of all relationshi#s, this modern 0tate is
thrusting its #olluting hand% In some lands this new 0tate is ro!!ing the #arents of custody of
their children, it is for!idding the #arents to teach and admonish the children in the ways of
righteous living3 it is teaching the children that officers of 0tate, not &od, shall !e looked to for a
guide as to standards of lifeW Into the field of religion, the holy of holies of the soul of man, this
modern world 0tate also enters, to dethrone &od and e"alt the 0tate into &od?s #lace% $his is the
archest reason of them allW .or man ro!!ed of &od !ecomes a !rute% $his sin must !e felt, not
told, for words cannot measure the height and !readth of this iniquity3 nor can human mind
encom#ass the #unishment of those who shall commit this sin%
“$he great struggle which now rocks the whole earth more and more takes on the character of a
struggle of the individual verses the state% $his gigantic world*wide struggle takes on the form of
a war to the death% +e shall do well and wisely so to face and so to enter it% -nd we must all take
#art% Indeed, we all are taking #art in that struggle, whether we will or not% D#on its final issue,
li!erty lives or dies% $he #lain and sim#le issue now facing us in -merica is freedom or slavery%
+e have largely lost the conflict so far waged% 'ut there is time to win the final victory, if we
sense our danger, and fightW
0939. Hitler invades 1oland and 8ussia invades shortly thereafter5%the war starts in ;uro#e%
- D*!oat tor#edo hit the ocean liner -thenia near 'ritain with some 11CC #assengers, of which
B11 were -mericans% $he sea was calm and only 11J #eo#le on !oard lost their lives% $he shi#
was sunk !ecause it !ehaved like a military trans#ort, !lackened out and 4ig4agging% $his
incident wasn't enough to #reci#itate war, and the &ermans also refused to !e #rovoked !y
several -merican acts of war% -mericans confiscated &erman merchant shi#s, and -mericans
started to su##ort the 'ritish with various lend*lease items, D0 volunteer #ilots /oined the 8-.
and some 8-. #ilots were trained in the D0, D0 gave the 'ritish FC old !ut usa!le ++1
destroyers and LC modern tor#edo !oats, tanks, light !om!ers, fighter aircraft like 1*NCs and so
on% -merican destroyers also escorted the convoys !ound to 'ritain, and attacked &erman D*
!oats even far away from those convoys% $he D0 did not maintain a neutral stance attitude
towards the warring nations%
$he D0 naval intelligence, chief of Ia#an desk #lanned and suggested (J insults(, which should
!ring Ia#an into war with the D0% 1resident 8oosevelt e"ecuted this #lan immediately and also
added some other insults, enraging the Ia#an% $he most serious one was a total !lockade of
Ia#anese oil im#orts, as agreed !etween the -mericans, 'ritish and the >utch% .>8 also
declared an all*out em!argo against the Ia#an and for!ade them the use of 1anama )anal,
im#eding Ia#an's access to Hene4uelan oil%
$he .lying $igers volunteer air grou# successfully fighting the Ia#anese in )hina with some EC
fairly modern 1*NC's was another effective #rovocation that is not generally acknowledged !y
historical accounts of +orld +ar L, most of which fail to mention any air com!at action #rior to
Gth >ecem!er 1EN1% 'ut at that time the Ia#anese had already had lost a!out 1CC military
aircraft, mostly !om!ers, to the $igers% -fter 1earl Har!or these squadrons were some of the the
hardest*hitting ones in the D0 service%
$he attack on 1earl Har!our followed some Q months later% Having !roken the Ia#anese
encry#tion codes, the -mericans knew what was going to ha##en, when and where, !ut the
#resident did not dis#atch this information to 1earl Har!or% -mericans even gave their friends
the 'ritish B 9agic decry#ting machines which automatically o#ened encry#ted Ia#anese
military traffic% 'ut this same information was not availa!le to the commanders of Hawaii% $he
movement of the fleet was also visi!le in the very effective radio direction finding network%
Ia#an had an alliance with &ermany, and the &ermans u#held their #romises !y declaring the
war against the D0- right after the Ia#anese declaration%
$wo sca#egoats, the navy commander -dmiral Hus!and Mimmel, and the army commander <t%
&eneral +alter 0hort were found incom#etent and demoted as they were allowed to retire% 0hort
died 1ENE and Mimmel 1EFJ% In 1EEF, the D0 )ongress re*e"amined this decision and endorsed
it% $hen in LCCC some archive information came to light and the D0 0enate #assed a resolution
stating that !oth had served in Hawaii (com#etently and #rofessionally(% In 1EN1 they were
denied vital information, and even on #residential orders #ur#osefully mislead into !elieving that
the Ia#anese feet could !e e"#ected from the southwest% $hese commanders have yet to !e
reha!ilitated !y the 1entagon%
.arish's daughter 9artha married -verell Harriman's ne#hew, ;dward Harriman &erry%
)onsolidated 0ilesian 0teel )or#oration was located near the 1olish town of 2swiecim% +hen
the #lan to use 0oviet #risoners as forced la!or fell through, the =a4is !egan shi##ing Iews,
communists, gy#sies and other minority #o#ulations to the cam# the =a4is had set u#% $his was
the !eginning of -uschwit4% $he reason -uschwit4 was located there was !ecause of the
a!undant su##lies of coal which could !e #rocessed into aviation fuel% I%&% .ar!en soon !uilt a
#lant near -uschwit4 to take advantage of not only of the near!y coal de#osits !ut also of the
slave la!or su##ly availa!le at -uschwit4% -ccording to a >utch intelligence agent, 1rescott
'ush managed a #ortion of the slave la!or force in 1oland%
=ew +orld 2rder !y H% &% +ells #ro#oses a collectivist one*world state(' or (new world order(
com#rised of (socialist democracies%( He advocates (universal conscri#tion for service( and
declares that (nationalist individualism%%% is the world's disease%( He continues:
($he manifest necessity for some collective world control to eliminate warfare and the less
generally admitted necessity for a collective control of the economic and !iological life of
mankind, are as#ects of one and the same #rocess%( He #ro#oses that this !e accom#lished
through (universal law( and #ro#aganda (or education)%(
Kctober 0939. 8eu!en )lark, )onference 8e#ort:
“-gain I warn that there are amongst us evil influences #lotting and cons#iring to destroy all that
we hold sacred in our )hurch and in the nation% If we shall fall aslee# to these dangers, we shall
someday awaken to find ourselves their slavish victims%
>avid 2% 9cMay, )onference 8e#ort, ##% 1CL*1CB:
“$imely references and a##ro#riate warnings have !een given during this )onference on the
danger and evils of war% $here is another danger even more menacing than the threat of invasion
of a foreign foe% It is the un#atriotic activities and underhanded scheming of disloyal grou#s and
organi4ations within our own !orders% $his country is so situated geogra#hically that there need
!e little fear of invasion !y an outside enemy% .urthermore, the government knowing who and
where the enemy is can make am#le #re#aration to meet his attacks% 'ut the secret, seditious
scheming of an enemy within our own ranks, hy#ocritically #rofessing loyalty to the
government, and at the same time #lotting against it, is more difficult to deal with%
Kctober ,4" 0939. In an address !y Iohn .oster >ulles, later D%0% 0ecretary of 0tate, he
#ro#oses that -merica lead the transition to a new order of less inde#endent, semi*sovereign
states !ound together !y a league or federal union%
09JH. $he &eneral -uthorities once again drafted a /oint anti*8oosevelt statement% :et des#ite
all of the anti*8oosevelt sentiment against .>8, he carried Dtah all four times he ran, increasing
his total each election, a result that left 1resident &rant “dum!founded% 1resident &rant
regarded the su##ort for .>8 as “one of the most serious conditions that has confronted me since
I !ecame 1resident of the )hurch%
-llen >ulles served on the !oard of the 0chroeder !ank% Iohns .oster >ulles served as the legal
counsel for 0chroeder 'ank% 0chroeder 'ank acted as a financial arm of the =a4is%
$he =ew +orld 2rder is #u!lished !y the )arnegie ;ndowment for International 1eace and
contains a select list of references on regional and world federation, together with some s#ecial
#lans for world order after the war%
In Indochina in the 1ENCs and FCs, the .rench intelligence services Rena!led the o#ium trade to
survive government su##ression efforts,? and su!sequently, R)I- activities in 'urma hel#ed
transform the 0han states from a relatively minor #o##y*cultivating area into the largest o#ium*
growing region in the world%? $he )I- did this !y su##orting the Muomintang (M9$) army in
'urma for an invasion of )hina, and facilitated its mono#oli4ation and e"#ansion of the o#ium
trade, allowing the M9$ to remain in 'urma until a cou# in 1EQ1, when they were driven into
<aos and $hailand% $he )I- su!sequently #layed a very large role in the facilitation of the drugs
trade in <aos and Hietnam throughout the 1EQCs and into the 1EGCs%
June 0-" 09JH. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% states:
“2ur government with its li!erty and free institutions will not long survive a government trained
and su#ervised youth% 0uch a youth can !e a revolutionary machine% $he ravening wolves are
amongst us, from our own mem!ershi#, and they, more than any others, are clothed in shee#?s
clothing !ecause they wear the ha!iliments of the #riesthood5we should !e careful of them%
I% 8eu!en )lark, Im#rovement ;ra:
“I wish to say with all the earnestness I #ossess that when @youA see any curtailment of these
li!erties I have named, when you see government invading any of these realms of freedom which
we have under our )onstitution, you will know that they are #utting shackles on your li!erty, and
that tyranny is cree#ing u#on you, no matter who curtails these li!erties or who invades these
realms, and no matter what the reason and e"cuse therefore may !e%
December 0," 09JH. In $he )ongressional 8ecord an article entitled - =ew +orld 2rder Iohn
&% -le"ander calls for a world federation%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q/. 09J0L09J-
January 09J0. 9a" ;astman, e"tolling <eon $rotsky – $he )haracter and .ate of <eon $rotsky,
.oreign -ffairs, #% BBL:
“He gave us, in a time when our race is woefully in need of such restoratives, the vision of a
man% 2f that there is no more dou!t than of his great #lace in history%
Kctober 09J0. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% states:
“I have !een #reaching against )ommunism for twenty years% I still warn you against it, and I
tell you that we are drifting toward it more ra#idly than some of us understand, and I tell you that
when )ommunism comes the ownershi# of the things which are necessary to feed your families
is going to !e taken away from us% I tell you freedom of s#eech will go, freedom of the #ress will
go, and freedom of religion will go% I have warned you against #ro#aganda and hate% +e are in
the midst of the greatest e"hi!ition of #ro#aganda that the world has ever seen% Iust do not
!elieve all you read or hear% $he elect are !eing deceived%
Kctober 0/" 09J0. Henry 0timson, Infamy: 1earl Har!or and its -ftermath, #% LGF*GQ:
“+e face the delicate question of the di#lomatic fencing to !e done so as to !e sure Ia#an is #ut
in the wrong and makes the first !ad move 6 overt move5$he question was how we should
maneuver them into the #osition of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to
December 5" 09J0. 1earl Har!or !om!ed and war is declared%
09J,. <eo )rowley, the D0 -lien 1ro#erty )ustodian ordered the sei4ure of all #ro#erty of
Ha#ag*<loyd in -ugust%
Marc ,-" 09J,. D%0% -ssistant -ttorney &eneral $hurman -rnold announced that +illiam
0tam#s .arish had #leaded (no contest( to charges of criminal cons#iracy with the =a4is% .arish
was the #rinci#al manager of a cartel agreement !etween 0tandard 2il and I%&% .ar!en% $he
cartel !uilt an industrial #lant to #roduce artificial ru!!er and gasoline from coal at -uschwit4 to
take advantage of the slave la!or%
$he >eutsche*-merikanische 1etroleum -%&% (>-1-&), the 0tandard 2il su!sidiary in
&ermany, was EN*#ercent owned !y 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey% 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey
was re#resented in the inner circles of =a4iism !y Marl <indemann, director of >-1-& and
mem!er of Himmler?s )ircle of .riends and !y !oard mem!er ;mil Helfrich, who was an
original mem!er of the Me##ler )ircle% Marl <indemann connections e"tended into the
international !anking area as director of several !anks, including the >resdner 'ank, the
>eutsche 8eichs!ank, and the #rivate =a4i*oriented !ank of )% 9elchior O )om#any
Kctober 09J,. * I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir%, )onference 8e#ort, #% FJ:
“:ou and I have heard all our lives that the time may come when the )onstitution may hang !y a
thread% I do not know whether it is a thread, or a small ro#e !y which it now hangs, !ut I do
know that whether it shall live or die is now in the !alance%
>avid 2% 9cMay, )onference 8e#ort, #% 1B:
“0atan is making war against%%%the very foundations u#on which society, government, and
religion rest%%%He #lans to destroy freedom–economic, #olitical, and religious, and to set u# in
#lace thereof the greatest, most wides#read, and most com#lete tyranny that has ever o##ressed
men% He is working under such #erfect disguise that many do not recogni4e either him or his
methods% $here is no crime he would not commit, no de!auchery he would not set u#, no #lague
he would not send, no heart he would not !reak, no life he would not take, no soul he would not
destroy% He comes as a thief in the night3 he is a wolf in shee#'s clothing% +ithout their knowing
it, the #eo#le are !eing urged down #aths that lead only to destruction%%%
$en months after entering +orld +ar II, -merica was #re#aring its first assault against =a4i
military forces% 1rescott 'ush was managing #artner of 'rown 'rothers Harriman% His 1J*year*
old son &eorge, the future D%0% 1resident, had /ust !egun training to !ecome a naval #ilot%
Kctober ,H" 09J,. $he D%0% government ordered the sei4ure of =a4i &erman !anking o#erations
in =ew :ork )ity which were !eing conducted !y 1rescott 'ush% Dnder the $rading with the
;nemy -ct, the government took over the Dnion 'anking )or#oration, in which 'ush was a
director% $he D%0% -lien 1ro#erty )ustodian, <eo $% )rowley, sei4ed Dnion 'anking )or#%'s
stock shares, all of which were owned !y 1rescott 'ush, ;% 8oland ''unny' Harriman, three =a4i
e"ecutives, and two other associates of 'ush%
* ;% 8oland Harriman**BEE1 shares' @chairman and director of Dnion 'anking )or#% (D'))3 this
is ''unny' Harriman, descri!ed !y 1rescott 'ush as a #lace holder who didn't get much into
!anking affairs3 1rescott managed his #ersonal investmentsA
* )ornelis <ievense**N shares' @#resident and director of D')3 =ew :ork resident !anking
functionary for the =a4isA
* Harold >% 1ennington**1 share' @treasurer and director of D')3 an office manager em#loyed !y
'ush at 'rown 'rothers HarrimanA
* 8ay 9orris**1 share' @director of D')3 #artner of 'ush and the HarrimansA
* 1rescott 0% 'ush**1 share' @director of D'), which was co*founded and s#onsored !y his
father*in*law &eorge +alker3 senior managing #artner for ;% 8oland Harriman and -verell
* H%I% Mouwenhoven**1 share' @director of D')3 organi4ed D') as the emissary of .rit4
$hyssen in negotiations with &eorge +alker and -verell Harriman3 managing director of D')'s
=etherlands affiliate under =a4i occu#ation3 industrial e"ecutive in =a4i &ermany3 director and
chief foreign financial e"ecutive of the &erman 0teel $rustA
* Iohann &% &roeninger**1 share' @director of D') and of its =etherlands affiliate3 industrial
e"ecutive in =a4i &ermanyA
(all of which shares are held for the !enefit of %%% mem!ers of the $hyssen family, @andA is
#ro#erty of nationals %%% of a designated enemy country%%%%(
Kctober ,4" 09J,. $he government issued orders sei4ing two =a4i front organi4ations run !y
the 'ush*Harriman !ank: the Holland*-merican $rading )or#oration and the 0eamless 0teel
;qui#ment )or#oration%
*o2ember 05" 09J,. =a4i interests in the 0ilesian*-merican )or#oration, long managed !y
1rescott 'ush and his father*in*law &eorge Her!ert +alker, were sei4ed under the $rading with
the ;nemy -ct% In this action, the government announced that it was sei4ing only the =a4i
interests, leaving the =a4is' D%0% #artners to carry on the !usiness% 0ei4ure of the whole com#any
would have !een detrimental to the war effort%
$hese and other actions taken !y the D%0% government in wartime were, tragically, too little and
too late% 1resident 'ush's family had already #layed a central role in financing and arming -dolf
Hitler for his takeover of &ermany3 in financing and managing the !uildu# of =a4i war
industries for the conquest of ;uro#e and war against the D%0%-%3 and in the develo#ment of =a4i
genocide theories and racial #ro#aganda, with their well*known results%
- more com#lete list here –
$he leftist Institute of 1acific 8elations #u!lishes 1ost +ar +orlds !y 1%;% )or!ett:
(+orld government is the ultimate aim%%% It must !e recogni4ed that the law of nations takes
#recedence over national law%%% $he #rocess will have to !e assisted !y the deletion of the
nationalistic material em#loyed in educational te"t!ooks and its re#lacement !y material
e"#laining the !enefits of wiser association%(
Apri! 09JJ. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% stated:
“I say unto you with all the so!erness I can, that we stand in danger of losing our li!erties, and
that once lost, only !lood will !ring them !ack3 and we of this church will, in order to kee# the
)hurch going forward, have more sacrifices to make, and more #ersecutions to endure than we
have yet known% If the cons#iracy comes here it will #ro!a!ly come in its full vigor and there
will !e a lot of vacant #laces among those who guide and direct, not only this government, !ut
also this )hurch of ours%
I% 8eu!en )lark, )onference 8e#ort, # 11Q:
“'rethren, let us think a!out that, !ecause I say unto you with all the so!erness I can, that we
stand in danger of losing our li!erties, and that once lost, only !lood will !ring them !ack3 and
once lost, we of this )hurch will, in order to kee# the )hurch going forward, have more
sacrifices to make and more #ersecutions to endure than we have yet known, heavy as our
sacrifices and grievous as our #ersecutions of the #ast have !een%
09J-. $he $reasury >e#artment revealed to congress that Dnited 0teel #roduced the following
#ercentages of war munitions for the =a4is: 1ig iron FC%JX3 1i#e O tu!es NF%FX3 Dniversal #late
N1%NX3 &alvanised sheet BJ%FX3 Heavy #late BQX3 ;"#losives BFX3 +ire LL%1X% $his is the
same firm 1rescott 'ush acted, as !anker for% In effect, 1rescott was Hitler?s -merican !anker%
-llen >ulles sought out a young =aval 2fficer that had !een #ut in charge of some ca#tured
=a4i documents% If the documents surfaced it would have revealed >ulles as a traitor% In a deal to
!ury the documents, >ulles agreed to finance the young man?s first #olitical race% $his was the
!eginning of the #olitical career of 8ichard =i"on%
1ro/ect 1a#ercli# !egins to im#ort =a4is into the Dnited 0tates%
Apri! ,0" 09J-. 8oosevelt dies in office% ;lder Iose#h .ielding 0mith writes:
“there are some of us who have felt that it is really an act of #rovidence%
1resident I% 8eu!en )lark Ir% qui#s,
“$he <ord gave the #eo#le of the Dnited 0tates four elections in order to get rid of him, that they
failed to do so in these four elections, so He held an election of His own and cast one vote, and
then took him away%
June ,4" 09J-. 1resident $ruman endorses world government in a s#eech:
(It will !e /ust as easy for nations to get along in a re#u!lic of the world as it is for us to get
along in a re#u!lic of the Dnited 0tates%(
September 09J-. &eorge -l!ert 0mith, Idaho .alls $em#le >edicatory 1rayer:
“$here are those, our Heavenly .ather, !oth within and without our !orders, who would destroy
the constitutional form of government which thou hast so magnanimously given us, and would
re#lace it with a form that would curtail, if not altogether de#rive, man of his free agency%%%%+e
#ray thee that thou wilt ins#ire good and /ust men everywhere to !e willing to sacrifice for,
su##ort, and u#hold the )onstitution and the government set u# under it and there!y #reserve for
man his agency%%%%+e #ray that kings and rulers and the #eo#les of all nations under heaven may
!e #ersuaded of the !lessings en/oyed !y the #eo#le of this land !y reason of their freedom under
thy guidance and !e constrained to ado#t similar governmental systems, thus to fulfil the ancient
#ro#hecy of Isaiah that '% % % out of Tion shall go forth the law, and the word of the <ord from
Kctober ,J" 09J-. $he Dnited =ations )harter !ecomes effective% -lso on 2cto!er LN, 0enator
&len $aylor (>*Idaho) introduces 0enate 8esolution 1JB calling u#on the D%0% 0enate to go on
record as favoring creation of a world re#u!lic including an international #olice force%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q5. 09J/L09-H
09J/. 8ichard 9ilhous =i"on defeated Ierry Hoohris for congress (House of 8e#resentatives)
with the hel# of an influ" of money from =ew :ork centered !anks%
-lger Hiss is elected 1resident of the )arnegie ;ndowment for International 1eace% Hiss holds
this office until 1ENE% ;arly in 1EFC, he is convicted of #er/ury and sentenced to #rison after a
sensational trial and )ongressional hearing in which +hittaker )ham!ers, a former senior editor
of $ime, testifies that Hiss was a mem!er of his )ommunist 1arty cell%
$he $eacher and +orld &overnment !y former editor of the =;- Iournal (=ational ;ducation
-ssociation) Ioy ;lmer 9organ is #u!lished% He says:
(In the struggle to esta!lish an adequate world government, the teacher%%% can do much to #re#are
the hearts and minds of children for glo!al understanding and coo#eration%%% -t the very heart of
all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the
teacher, and the organi4ed #rofession%(
&ordon &ray and >r% )laude =ash Herndon conducted e"#eriments in (medical genetics( at
'owman &ray 9edical 0chool% >r% )larence &am!le, heir to the 1roctor and &am!le soa#
fortune, was the sterili4er?s national field o#erations chief% $he e"#eriment worked as follows%
-ll children enrolled in the school district of +inston*0alem, =%)%, were given a s#ecial
intelligence test% $hose children who scored !elow a certain ar!itrary low mark were then cut
o#en and surgically sterili4ed% In +inston*0alem and in @near!yA 2range )ounty, =orth
)arolina, the 0terili4ation <eague's field committee had #artici#ated in testing #ro/ects to
identify school age children who should !e considered for sterili4ation% $he #ro/ect in 2range
)ounty was conducted !y the Dniversity of =orth )arolina and was financed !y a 9r% Hanes, a
friend of )larence &am!le and su##orter of the field work #ro/ect in =orth )arolina% $he
+inston*0alem #ro/ect was also financed !y Hanes% Hanes was underwear mogul Iames &ordon
Hanes, a trustee of 'owman &ray 9edical 0chool%
$he $avistock Institute was founded !y a grou# of key figures at the $avistock )linic including
;lliott Iaques, Henry >icks, <eonard 'rowne, 8onald Hargreaves, Iohn 8awlings 8ees, 9ary
<uff and +ilfred 'ion, with $ommy +ilson as chairman, funded !y a grant from the
8ockefeller .oundation% $he $avistock Institute was informally known as the 'ritish
#sychological warfare unit and !egan !ehavior control research in the 1EFC?s% $he Institute also
#artnered with the 9ental Hygiene 0ociety, a #ro/ect of the 2rder of 0kull and 'ones of which
1rescott 'ush was a director% $he #artnershi# in con/unction with D0 )entral Intelligence
-gency along with )anadian and Dnited =ations agencies (would evolve into the )I-'s cultural
engineering effort of the 1EFCs, the drugs and !rainwashing adventure known as '9M*Dltra'%%%an
anti*-merican #ro/ect which #oured drugs into the country and worked to fa!ricate the drug*se"
youth culture%( Its notoriety for !rainwashing !y drugs, hy#nosis, electroshock, and other
tortures caused many !ooks to !e written a!out the #ro/ect, and the D%0% 0enate conducted
hearings which e"#osed many of its a!usive features% 1resident &erald .ord a##ointed a
commission headed !y Hice 1resident =elson 8ockefeller, to correct the )I-'s misconduct% $he
9ental Hygiene movement was organi4ed into the +orld .ederation of 9ental Health !y none
other than 9ontagu =orman, &overnor of the 'ank of ;ngland who, with H/almar 0chacht, the
financial engineer of the =a4i rearmament #rogram and mem!er of the 'ritish 8ound $a!le, and
'en/amin 0trong of the =ew :ork .ederal 8eserve 'ank, cons#ired to #reci#itate the &reat
>e#ression% Dnder -dolf Hitler, H/almar 0chacht was a##ointed 9inister of ;conomics%
“$he 9ental Hygiene movement was organi4ed into the +orld .ederation of 9ental Health !y
9ontagu =orman, former 'rown 'rothers #artner and 'ank of ;ngland &overnor% =orman had
a##ointed as the federation's chairman, 'rigadier Iohn 8awlings 8ees, director of the $avistock
1sychiatric )linic, chief #sychiatrist and #sychological warfare e"#ert for the 'ritish intelligence
'ehind the $avistock Institute and its !rainchild, 9M*Dltra, was the largesse of the 8ockefeller
.oundation, (a glo!al instrument for radical social change, using -merican money and 'ritish
strategy%( 'ritish #sychiatry: from eugenics to assassination !y -nton )haitkin reveals Iohn >%
8ockefeller's interest in #sychiatric genetics, which (a##lied to #sychiatry the conce#ts of
eugenics (otherwise known as race #urification, race hygiene, or race !etterment) develo#ed in
<ondon's &alton <a!oratory and its offshoot ;ugenics 0ocieties in ;ngland and -merica%(
'esides 8ockefeller and the 'ritish )rown, the families of +ar!urg and Harriman were the
#rimary funders of eugenics internationally%
($he foundations '&erman centers com!ined the search for organic signs of mental illness with
eugenic #ro/ects%%%% $he @Maiser +ilhelm Institute for 1sychiatry in 9unichA had initially !een
endowed with 11 million marks, contri!uted !y &ustav Mru## von 'ohlen und Hal!ach @head of
the Mru## steel and arms familyA and Iames <oe! @1aul +ar!urg's !rother*in*lawA, an e"#atriate
-merican of the Muhn*<oe! !anking family% <oe! mo!ili4ed his -merican*Iewish friends to
su##ort the institute,' and they invited the foundation to reorgani4e and e"#and the 9unich
enter#rise% <oe! also continued financing the institute% <oe!'s relatives, the +ar!urgs, owners of
Muhn <oe! !ank, were the intimate !anking #artners of +illiam 8ockefeller% $ogether with him
they had set u# the Harriman family in !ig !usiness, using ca#ital su##lied !y the 'ritish royal
family's #ersonal !anker, 0ir ;rnst )assell% $he three families, 8ockefeller, +ar!urg, and
Harriman, together with 'ritish )rown agencies, /ointly s#onsored much of the social
engineering enter#rise% $he 8ockefeller .oundation made an initial grant of SL%F million in 1ELF
to the 1sychiatric Institute in 9unich, gave it SBLF,CCC for a new !uilding in 1ELJ, and
continuously s#onsored the institute and its =a4i chief 8udin through the Hitler era% $he
foundation #aid for a 1EBC*BF anthro#ological survey of the 'eugenically worthwhile #o#ulation'
!y =a4i eugenicists 8udin, Herschuer, ;ugen .ischer, and others%(
$hrough funding the (research( of ;rnst 8udin and 2tmar Hon Herschuer, they also financed the
horrific e"#erimentation of Herschuer's medical commandant, Iosef 9engle, the (-ngel of
>eath( of -uschwit4 whose e"#eriments on children, es#ecially twins, #rovided scientific data
for the Maiser +ilhem Institute:
(2f the BCCC twins who #assed through 9engele's la!s, only LCC survived the war% >e#ending
on the ty#e of e"#eriment endured !y the twins, they were driven to various la!s at -uschwit4 or
neigh!oring 'irkenau cam#% 9ost received routine !lood and "*ray tests, often on a daily !asis%%%
9engele's e"#eriments !oth #hysical and #sychological3 e"#erimental surgeries #erformed
without anesthesia, transfusions of !lood from one twin to another, isolation endurance, reaction
to various stimuli, in/ections with lethal germs, se" change o#erations, the removal of organs and
lim!s, incestuous im#regnations%%% 9engele in/ected chemicals into the eyes of children in an
attem#t to change their eye color%%% Dnfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the e"#eriments
ena!led 9engele to do his work more effectively, and 'twins who were su!/ected to the most
gruesome #rocedures took his secrets to their graves%' $he full e"tent of his gruesome work will
never !e known !ecause the records he sent to >r% Hon Herschuer at the Maiser +ilhelm
Institute were shi##ed out 'in two truckloads' and destroyed !y the latter% -ny remaining notes
9engele carried with him on his esca#e to 0outh -merica and those were never found%(
>r% Iose#h 9engele of -uschwit4 notoriety was the #rinci#le develo#er of the 9M Dltra and
9onarch mind control #rograms% 9engele and hundreds of other high ranking =a4is were
secretly moved into the Dnited 0tates and 0outh -merica in the aftermath of +orld +ar II in an
2#eration designated 1a#ercli#% $he =a4is continued their work in develo#ing mind control and
rocketry technologies in secret underground military !ases% $he only thing we were told a!out
was the rocketry work with former =a4i star cele!rities like +arner Hon 'raun% $he killers,
torturers, and mutilators of innocent human !eings were ke#t discretely out of sight, !ut !usy in
their underground military facilities which soon !ecame home to thousands u#on thousands of
kidna##ed -merican children snatched off the streets and #laced into iron !ar cages stacked from
floor to ceiling% $hese children would !e used to further refine and #erfect 9engele's mind
control technologies% $hese children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would !ecome
future mind controlled slaves who could !e used for anything from se"ual !lackmail to
09J5. .ollowing the war, authorities seeking to locate the >utch 8oyal family?s /ewelry
discovered the transaction #a#ers of the 0ilesian -merican )or#oration in the !ooks of 'ank
voor Handel en 0chee#vaart% $he !ank manager, H%I% Mounhoven came under intense scrutiny
and was shocked !y the discovery% 0oon Mounhoven traveled to =ew :ork to inform 1rescott
'ush% $wo weeks later, the otherwise healthy >utch !anker died of a heart attack%
$he -merican ;ducation .ellowshi#, formerly the 1rogressive ;ducation -ssociation, organi4ed
!y Iohn >ewey, calls for the:
(%%% esta!lishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is su!ordinate
to world authority%%% (
Kctober" 09J5. =;- -ssociate 0ecretary +illiam )arr writes in the =;- Iournal that teachers
(%%% teach a!out the various #ro#osals that have !een made for the strengthening of the Dnited
=ations and the esta!lishment of a world citi4enshi# and world government%(
+alden II !y !ehavioral #sychologist '%.% 0kinner #ro#oses (a #erfect society or new and more
#erfect order( in which children are reared !y the 0tate, rather than !y their #arents and are
trained from !irth to demonstrate only desira!le !ehavior and characteristics% 0kinner's ideas
would !e widely im#lemented !y educators in the 1EQCs, GCs, and JCs as Halues )larification
and 2utcome 'ased ;ducation%
09J4. D=;0)2 #resident and .a!ian 0ocialist, 0ir Iulian Hu"ley, calls for a radical eugenic
#olicy in D=;0)2: Its 1ur#ose and Its 1hiloso#hy% He states:
($hus, even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic #olicy of controlled human !reeding
will !e for many years #olitically and #sychologically im#ossi!le, it will !e im#ortant for
D=;0)2 to see that the eugenic #ro!lem is e"amined with the greatest care and that the #u!lic
mind is informed of the issues at stake that much that is now unthinka!le may at least !ecome
$he #reliminary draft of a +orld )onstitution is #u!lished !y D%0% educators advocating regional
federation on the way toward world federation or government with ;ngland incor#orated into a
;uro#ean federation%
$he )onstitution #rovides for a (+orld )ouncil( along with a ()ham!er of &uardians( to
enforce world law% -lso included is a (1ream!le( calling u#on nations to surrender their arms to
the world government, and includes the right of this (.ederal 8e#u!lic of the +orld( to sei4e
#rivate #ro#erty for federal use%
Apri!" 09J4. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort, #% JF:
“It is no wonder that the 1ro#het Iose#h said6even though he knew he would suffer martyrdom
in this land6R$he )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates is a glorious standard3 it is founded in the
wisdom of &od% It is a heavenly !anner%?
:et, according to his contem#oraries, he foresaw the time when the destiny of the nation would
!e in danger and would hang as !y a thread% $hank &od he did not see the thread !reak% He also
indicated the im#ortant #art that this #eo#le should yet #lay in standing for the #rinci#les
em!odied in these sacred documents6the >eclaration of Inde#endence and the )onstitution%
Ju!y" 09J4. 'ritain's 0ir Harold 'utler, in the ).8's .oreign -ffairs, sees (a =ew +orld 2rder(
taking sha#e:
(How far can the life of nations, which for centuries have thought of themselves as distinct and
unique, !e merged with the life of other nations7 How far are they #re#ared to sacrifice a #art of
their sovereignty without which there can !e no effective economic or #olitical union7%%% 2ut of
the #revailing confusion a new world is taking sha#e%%% which may #oint the way toward the new
order%%% $hat will !e the !eginning of a real Dnited =ations, no longer cri##led !y a s#lit
#ersonality, !ut held together !y a common faith%(
Apri! 09J9. I% 8eu!en )lark, )onference 8e#ort:
“$he ravening wolves are amongst us, from our own mem!ershi#, and they, more than any
others, are clothed in shee#'s clothing, !ecause they wear the ha!iliments of the #riesthood5+e
should !e careful of them%
September ,-" 09J9. I% 8eu!en )lark, -merica .aces .reedom*0lavery Issue, )hurch =ews:
“8educed to its lowest terms, the great struggle which now rocks the whole earth more and more
takes on the character of a struggle of the individual versus the state% % % % >o not think that all
these usur#ations, intimidations, and im#ositions are !eing done to us through inadvertency or
mistake, the whole course is deli!erately #lanned and carried out3 its #ur#ose is to destroy the
)onstitution and our )onstitutional government%%%%+e have lost the conflict so far waged% 'ut
there is time to win the final victory, if we sense our danger, and fight%
09-H. 0outh Morean incursions (the $iger regiment etc%) into =orth Morea (1ENE) led to contrary
claims and into war% $he cause of this war #ro!a!ly was covert action involving leaders of
$aiwan, 0outh Morea and the D0 military*industrial com#le" (Iohn .oster >ulles has !een
mentioned as an organi4er of the hostilities%) -fter the un#u!lished hostilities in 1ENE, the
communist #owers were strongly !acking =orth Morea%
)hiang Mai 0ek was !eing a!andoned, isolated and falling #rey to the #owerful communist
)hinese o#erations% $he right*wing 0outh Morean ruler was e"#ected to loose the soon*to*!e*
elections% $he -merican military*industrial com#le" went into high gear again, and huge
government orders for equi#ment were flowing in%
$he -merican*led D= forces had difficult times early in the war, !ut after sufficient forces
arrived they advanced victoriously and #enetrated dee# into the =orth Morea% $he strong )hino*
8ussian intervention into the war once again turned the tides, the )hinese with vast armies on
ground, and the 0oviets less visi!ly with large num!ers of aircraft, nearly costing the D= forces
the war%
.inally the front sta!ili4ed along the original BJth #arallel armistice line% $he war resulted in the
death of B million Morean )hinese and the destruction of virtually all of the Morean cities, and
left $aiwan in strong -merican #rotection and 0outh Morea firmly in the hands of the right*wing
#resident 0yngman 8hee% 0ome FF,CCC -mericans lost their lives !y the end of the Morean +ar
in 1EFN%
1rescott 'ush defeated in his #olitical race due to his !ackground association with the -merican
eugenics movement% He was #u!licly e"#osed for !eing an activist in that section of the old
fascist eugenics movement% 1rescott 'ush lost the election !y a!out 1,CCC out of JQL,CCC votes%
In his foreword to a #o#ulation control #ro#aganda !ook, &eorge H+ 'ush wrote a!out that
1EFC election:
(9y own first awareness of !irth control as a #u!lic #olicy issue came with a /olt in 1EFC when
my father was running for Dnited 0tates 0enate in )onnecticut% >rew 1earson, on the 0unday
!efore ;lection day, Rrevealed? that my father was involved with 1lanned 1arenthood%%%% 9any
#olitical o!servers felt a sufficient num!er of voters were swayed !y his alleged contacts with
the !irth controllers to cost him the election%%%%(
In testimony !efore the 0enate .oreign 8elations )ommittee, international financier Iames 1
+ar!urg said:
(we shall have a world government, whether or not we like it% $he question is only whether
world government will !e achieved !y consent or !y conquest%(
1EFC and 1EF1, Iohn .oster >ulles, then chairman of the 8ockefeller .oundation, led Iohn >%
8ockefeller III on a series of world tours, focusing on the need to sto# the e"#ansion of the non*
white #o#ulations%
February 9" 09-H. $he 0enate .oreign 8elations 0u!committee introduces 0enate )oncurrent
8esolution QQ which !egins:
(+hereas, in order to achieve universal #eace and /ustice, the #resent )harter of the Dnited
=ations should !e changed to #rovide a true world government constitution%(
$he resolution was first introduced in the 0enate on 0e#tem!er 1B, 1ENE !y 0enator &len $aylor
(>*Idaho)% 0enator -le"ander +iley (8*+isconsin) called it (a consummation devoutly to !e
wished for( and said, (I understand your #ro#osition is either change the Dnited =ations, or
change or create, !y a se#arate convention, a world order%(
0enator $aylor later stated:
(+e would have to sacrifice considera!le sovereignty to the world organi4ation to ena!le them
to levy ta"es in their own right to su##ort themselves%(
Apri! 09-H. Iose#h .ielding 0mith, )onference 8e#ort:
“=ow I tell you it is time the #eo#le of the Dnited 0tates were waking u# with the understanding
that if they don?t save the )onstitution from the dangers that threaten it, we will have a change of
8*S'ALLM1*' Q4. 09-0L09/H
09-0. Dnion 'ank liquidated% $he 'ush family received S1%F million from its interest in Dnion
09-,. 1rescott 'ush elected to senate% 1rescott 'ush instrumental in the selection of =i"on as
vice #residential candidate%
Apri! 09-,. I% 8eu!en )lark, )onference 8e#ort, #% JC:
“I voiced a warning against what we then knew as 'olshevism and 0ocialism, and what we now
know as )ommunism% I thought I saw it coming, and it came%
5-nd there is nothing that we should not do to #reserve this country, and its li!erties, and its
free institutions%
5if @the cons#iracyA comes here it will #ro!a!ly come in its full vigor and there will !e a lot of
vacant #laces among those who guide and direct, not only this government, !ut also this )hurch
of ours%
Apri! 0," 09-,. Iohn .oster >ulles, later to !ecome 0ecretary of 0tate, says in a s#eech to the
-merican 'ar -ssociation in <ouisville, Mentucky, that (treaty laws can override the
)onstitution%( He says treaties can take #ower away from )ongress and give them to the
1resident% $hey can take #owers from the 0tates and give them to the .ederal &overnment or to
some international !ody and they can cut across the rights given to the #eo#le !y their
constitutional 'ill of 8ights% - 0enate amendment, #ro#osed !y &21 0enator Iohn 'ricker,
would have #rovided that no treaty could su#ersede the )onstitution, !ut it fails to #ass !y one
*o2ember 09-,. Iohn .oster >ulles and the 8ockefeller .oundation set u# the 1o#ulation
)ouncil, with tens of millions of dollars from the 8ockefeller family% $he -merican ;ugenics
0ociety, still cautious from the recent !ad #u!licity (Hitler), left its old headquarters at :ale
Dniversity% $he 0ociety moved its headquarters into the office of the 1o#ulation )ouncil, and the
two grou#s melded together% $he long*time secretary of the -merican ;ugenics 0ociety,
.rederick 2s!orne, !ecame the first #resident of the 1o#ulation )ouncil% $he &ray family's
child*sterili4er, >r% Herndon, !ecame #resident of the -merican ;ugenics 0ociety in 1EFB, as its
work e"#anded under 8ockefeller #atronage%
9eanwhile, the International 1lanned 1arenthood .ederation was founded in <ondon, in the
offices of the 'ritish ;ugenics 0ociety% $he undead enemy from +orld +ar II, renamed
(1o#ulation )ontrol(, had now !een revived%
*o2ember ,H" 09-,. I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir% states:
“I say to you that the #rice of li!erty is and always has !een !lood, human !lood, and if our
li!erties are lost, we shall never regain them e"ce#t at the #rice of !lood% $hey must not !e lostW
09-3. Iohn .oster >ulles a##ointed 0ecretary of 0tate%
-llen >ulles, Iohn?s !rother, a##ointed >irector of the )I- (to !ecome the longest running )I-
director in )I- history – from 1EFB until 1EQ1 when fired !y I.M)%
+ith money from 'rown 'rothers and Harriman, &eorge 'ush forms Ta#ata 2il )om#any, a
front for the )I-%
2#eration -I-P is successful% $he 1EFB )I- cou# in Iran was named “2#eration -/a" and was
engineered !y a )I- agent named Mermit 8oosevelt, the grandson of 1resident $heodore
8oosevelt% )a#itali4ing on the oil*nationali4ation showdown !etween Iran and &reat 'ritain,
which had thrown Iran into chaos and crisis, Mermit 8oosevelt skillfully used a com!ination of
!ri!ery of Iranian military officials and )I-*engendered street #rotests to #ull off the cou#%
In 1EF1, Iran's oil industry was nationali4ed with near*unanimous su##ort of Iran's #arliament in
a !ill introduced !y 9ossadegh who led the nationalist #arliamentarian faction% Iran's oil had
!een controlled !y the 'ritish*owned -nglo*Iranian 2il )om#any (-I2))% 1o#ular discontent
with the -I2) !egan in the late 1ENCs, a large segment of Iran's #u!lic and a num!er of
#oliticians saw the com#any as e"#loitative and a vestige of 'ritish im#erialism% >es#ite
9osaddegh's #o#ular su##ort, 'ritain was unwilling to negotiate its single most valua!le foreign
asset, and instigated a worldwide !oycott of Iranian oil to #ressure Iran economically% Initially,
'ritain mo!ili4ed its military to sei4e control of the -!adan oil refinery, the world's largest, !ut
1rime 9inister )lement -ttlee o#ted instead to tighten the economic !oycott while using Iranian
agents to undermine 9osaddegh's government% +ith a change to more conservative governments
in !oth 'ritain and the Dnited 0tates, )hurchill and the D%0% ;isenhower administration decided
to overthrow Iran's government though the #redecessor D%0% $ruman administration had o##osed
a cou#%
$he first stage of the cou#, however, was unsuccessful, and the shah, who had #artnered with the
)I- to oust 9ossadegh from office, fled $ehran in fear of his life% However, in the second stage
of the cou# a few days later, the )I- achieved its goal, ena!ling the shah to return to Iran in
trium#h %%% and with a su!sequent LF*year, D%0%*su##orted dictatorshi#, which included one of the
world?s most terrifying and torturous secret #olice, the 0avak%
.or years, the D%0% government, including the )I-, ke#t what it had done in Iran secret from the
-merican #eo#le and the world, although the Iranian #eo#le long sus#ected )I- involvement%
D%0% officials, not sur#risingly, considered the o#eration one of their greatest foreign*#olicy
successes %%% until, that is, the enormous convulsion that rocked Iranian society with the violent
ouster of the shah and the installation of a virulently anti*-merican Islamic regime in 1EGE%
It is im#ossi!le to overstate the magnitude of anger and hatred that the Iranian #eo#le had for the
D%0% government in 1EGE, not only !ecause their world*famous democratically elected #rime
minister had !een ousted !y the )I- !ut also for having had to live for the following LF years
under a !rutal and torturous dictatorshi#, a D%0%*government*su##orted dictatorshi# that also
offended many Iranians with its #olicies of +esterni4ation% In fact, the reason that the Iranian
students took control of the D%0% em!assy after the violent ouster of the shah in 1EGE was their
genuine fear that the D%0% government would re#eat what it had done in 1EFB%
>r% Harry ;lmer 'arnes, 1er#etual +ar for 1er#etual 1eace, ##% 1F*1Q, 1J:
“$he methods followed !y the various grou#s interested in !lacking out the truth a!out world
affairs since 1EBL are numerous and ingenious% 'ut, aside from su!terranean #ersecution of
individuals, they fall mainly into the following #atterns or categories: (1) ;"cluding scholars
sus#ected of revisionist @meaning o##osed to the cons#iracy*controlled esta!lishmentA views
from access to #u!lic documents which are freely o#ened to 'court historians', and other
a#ologists for the foreign #olicy of 1resident .ranklin 8oosevelt3 (L) Intimidating #u!lishers of
!ooks and #eriodicals, so that even those who might wish to #u!lish !ooks and articles setting
forth the revisionist #oint of view, do not dare to do so3 (B) Ignoring or o!scuring #u!lished
material which em!odies revisionist facts and arguments3 and (N) 0mearing revisionist authors
and their !ooks5%
-s a matter of fact, only two small #u!lishing houses in the Dnited 0tates6the Henry 8egnery
)om#any and the >evin*-dair )om#any6have shown any consistent willingness to #u!lish
!ooks which frankly aim to tell the truth with res#ect to the causes and issues of the second
+orld +ar% <eading mem!ers of the two largest #u!lishing houses in the country have told me
that, whatever their #ersonal wishes in the circumstances, they would not feel it ethical to
endanger their !usiness and the #ro#erty rights of their stockholders !y #u!lishing critical !ooks
relative to -merican foreign #olicy since 1EBB% -nd there is good reason for this hesitancy% $he
!ook clu!s and the main sales outlets for !ooks are controlled !y #owerful #ressure grou#s
which are o##osed to truth on such matters% $hese outlets not only refuse to market critical !ooks
in this field, !ut also threaten to !oycott other !ooks !y those #u!lishers who defy their !lackout
H% 8owan &aither, as re#orted !y =orman >odd, the director of the )ongressionally esta!lished
8eece )ommittee to investigate su!ersive activities of the ta" e"em#t foundations:
“9r% >odd, all of us here at the #olicy*making level have had e"#erience, either in the 2%0%0% or
the ;uro#ean ;conomic -dministration, with directives from the +hite House% +e o#erate
under those directives here% +ould you like to know what those directives are7 @>odd, re#lying
in the affirmative, &aither continued: A $he su!stance of them is that we shall use our grant*
making #ower so to alter our life in the Dnited 0tates that we can !e comforta!ly merged with
the 0oviet Dnion%
8esearch >irector for the House of 8e#resentatives =orman >odd, +eak <ink: $he
.emini4ation of the -merican 9ilitary:
“In the minutes of the )arnegie ;ndowment for International 1eace a!out 1E11A the trustees
raised a question% RIs there any means known to man more effective than war, assuming you wish
to alter the life of an entire #eo#le7? @-At the end of the year, they came to the conclusion that
there was no more effective means to that end known to man% 0o, then they raised question
num!er two, and the question was, RHow do we involve the Dnited 0tates in a war7?
Ju!y 09-3. .indings of the ;ighty*$hird )ongress to investigate the su!versive funding activities
of some of the !iggest and !est*known ta"*e"em#t foundations (.ord, 8ockefeller, )arnegie,
etc%)% $he investigation led also to the ).8, which was, and is, thoroughly intertwined with these
foundations% .oundations: $heir 1ower and Influence:
“In the international field, foundations, and an interlock among some of them and certain
intermediary organi4ations, have e"ercised a strong effect u#on our foreign #olicy and u#on
#u!lic education in things international% $his has !een accom#lished !y vast #ro#aganda, !y
su##lying e"ecutives and advisers to government and !y controlling much research in this area
through the #ower of the #urse% $he net result of these com!ined efforts has !een to #romote
Rinternationalism? in a #articular sense6a form directed toward Rworld government? and a
derogation of -merican Rnationalism%? @$he ).8 has !ecomeA in essence an agency of the
Dnited 0tates &overnment @and itsA #roductions are not o!/ective !ut are directed
overwhelmingly at #romoting the glo!alist conce#t%
09-J. )I- under the direction of -llen >ulles hel# start a cou# against Iaco!o -r!en4 in
&uatemala to aid Dnited .ruit (a )I- front com#any)% 0chroeder 'ank was #artnered with
Dnited .ruit in the !anana !usiness% -llen >ulles was a sitting !oard mem!er of 0chroeder
'ank% 'oth Iohn .oster >ulles and -llen >ulles had investments in firms with heavy
investments in Dnited .ruit% In addition, the -merican am!assador at the D= was a stockholder
of Dnited .ruit and 1resident ;isenhower's #ersonal secretary was the wife of Dnited .ruit's
#u!lic relations director% $he >ulles !rothers convinced ;isenhower that -r!en4 was a threat to
-merican national security and got his a##oval to develo# a #lan to get rid of the &uatemalan
1rince 'ernhard of the =etherlands esta!lishes the 'ilder!ergers, international #oliticians and
!ankers who meet secretly on an annual !asis%
H% 8owan &aither, Ir%, 1resident * .ord .oundation said to =orman >odd of the )ongressional
8eese )ommission:
(%%% all of us here at the #olicy*making level have had e"#erience with directives%%% from the
+hite House%%% % $he su!stance of them is that we shall use our grant*making #ower so as to alter
our life in the Dnited 0tates that we can !e comforta!ly merged with the 0oviet Dnion%(
0enator +illiam Ienner said:
($oday the #ath to total dictatorshi# in the Dnited 0tates can !e laid !y strictly legal means,
unseen and unheard !y the )ongress, the 1resident, or the #eo#le%%% outwardly we have a
)onstitutional government% +e have o#erating within our government and #olitical system,
another !ody re#resenting another form of government, a !ureaucratic elite which !elieves our
)onstitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side%%%% -ll the strange develo#ments in
the foreign #olicy agreements may !e traced to this grou# who are going to make us over to suit
their #leasure%%%% $his #olitical action grou# has its own local #olitical su##ort organi4ations, its
own #ressure grou#s, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own
#ro#aganda a##aratus%(
May ,9" 09-J. >avid 2% 9cMay, )hurch =ews:
“<et every loyal mem!er of the )hurch look down with scorn u#on any man or woman who
would undermine @theA )onstitution%
August 09-/. .'I >irector I% ;dgar Hoover, $he ;lks 9aga4ine:
“:et the individual is handica##ed !y coming face to face with a cons#iracy so monstrous he
cannot !elieve it e"ists% $he -merican mind sim#ly has not come to a reali4ation of the evil
which has !een introduced into our midst% It re/ects even the assum#tion that human creatures
could es#ouse a #hiloso#hy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent%
09-4. +orld 1eace through +orld <aw is #u!lished, where authors &renville )lark and <ouis
0ohn advocate using the D%=% as a governing !ody for the world, world disarmament, a world
#olice force and legislature%
09-9. $he )ouncil on .oreign 8elations calls for a =ew International 2rder 0tudy =um!er G,
issued on =ovem!er LF, advocated:
(%%% new international order @whichA must !e res#onsive to world as#irations for #eace, for social
and economic change%%% an international order%%% including states la!eling themselves as 'socialist'
$he +orld )onstitution and 1arliament -ssociation is founded which later develo#s a >iagram
of +orld &overnment under the )onstitution for the .ederation of ;arth%
$he 9id*)entury )hallenge to D%0% .oreign 1olicy is #u!lished, s#onsored !y the 8ockefeller
'rothers' .und% It e"#lains that the D%0%:
(%%% cannot esca#e, and indeed should welcome%%% the task which history has im#osed on us% $his
is the task of hel#ing to sha#e a new world order in all its dimensions ** s#iritual, economic,
#olitical, social%(
September 9" 09/H. 1resident ;isenhower signs 0enate Ioint 8esolution 1GC, #romoting the
conce#t of a federal -tlantic Dnion% 1ollster and -tlantic Dnion )ommittee treasurer, ;lmo
8o#er, later delivers an address titled, $he &oal Is &overnment of -ll the +orld, in which he
(.or it !ecomes clear that the first ste# toward +orld &overnment cannot !e com#leted until we
have advanced on the four fronts: the economic, the military, the #olitical and the social%(
Kctober 09/H. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort:
“$hose who su!scri!e to this @totalitarianA #hiloso#hy sto# at nothing to achieve their
ends%%%force, trickery, lies, !roken #romises, mayhem, and individual and mass murder%
“'ut our civili4ation and our #eo#le are seemingly afraid to !e revolutionary% +e are too
R!roadminded? to challenge what we do not !elieve in% +e are afraid of !eing thought intolerant,
uncouth, ungentlemanly% +e have !ecome lukewarm in our !eliefs% -nd for that we #erha#s
merit the !itter condemnation stated in 8evelation B:1Q: R0o then !ecause thou art lukewarm, and
neither cold nor hot, I will s#ue thee out of my mouth%?
$his is a sad commentary on a civili4ation which has given to mankind the greatest achievements
and #rogress ever known% 'ut it is an even sadder commentary on those of us who call ourselves
)hristians, who thus !etray the ideals given to us !y the 0on of &od himself%
%%%%we've now covered from 1GGC to 1EQC%%%%%thoughts7 questions7 feed!ack7 errors7 additions7
8*S'ALLM1*' Q9. 09/HL09/-
09/0. $he D%0% 0tate >e#artment issues a #lan to disarm all nations and arm the Dnited =ations%
0tate >e#artment >ocument =um!er GLGG is entitled .reedom .rom +ar: $he D%0% 1rogram for
&eneral and )om#lete >isarmament in a 1eaceful +orld% It details a three*stage #lan to disarm
all nations and arm the D%=% with the final stage in which (no state would have the military
#ower to challenge the #rogressively strengthened D%=% 1eace .orce%(
)% >illon a##ointed 0ecretary of $reasury%
$he 'ay of 1igs fiasco% $wo of shi#s involved were named Houston and 'ar!ara which were
owned and o#erated !y Ta#ata 2il )om#any run !y &eorge H+ 'ush% $he )I- code name for
the 'ay of 1igs was 2#eration Ta#ata%
Iohn Mennedy fires -llen >ulles after the 'ay of 1igs%
Marc /" 09/0. .'I >irector I% ;dgar Hoover, testimony !efore the House )ommittee on
-##ro#riations regarding the communist cons#iracy $he ;lders of Israel and the )onstitution, #%
“$hey have infiltrated every conceiva!le s#here of activity: youth grou#s3 radio, $%H% and motion
#icture industries 3 church, school, educational and cultural grou#s3 the #ress3 nationality
minority grou#s and civil and #olitical units%
Apri! ,5" 09/0. 1resident Iohn .% Mennedy, -ddress !efore the -merican =ews#a#er 1u!lishers
“$he very word Rsecrecy? is re#ugnant in a free and o#en society3 and we are as a #eo#le
inherently and historically o##osed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret #roceedings%
Kctober 09/0. ;4ra $aft 'enson, 0ecret )om!inations, )onference 8e#ort:
“It is time, therefore, that every -merican, and es#ecially every mem!er of the #riesthood,
!ecame informed a!out the aims, tactics, and schemes of socialistic*communism% $his !ecomes
#articularly im#ortant when it is reali4ed that communism is turning out to !e the earthly image
of the #lan which 0atan #resented in the #re*e"istence% $he whole #rogram of socialistic*
communism is essentially a war against &od and the #lan of salvation6the very #lan which we
fought to u#hold during Rthe war in heaven%?
“In the war in heaven the devil advocated a!solute eternal security at the sacrifice of our
freedom% -lthough there is nothing more desira!le to a <atter*day 0aint than eternal security in
&od's #resence5$oday the devil as a wolf in a su##osedly new suit of shee#'s clothing is
enticing some men, !oth in and out of the )hurch, to #arrot his line !y advocating #lanned
government guaranteed security #rograms at the e"#ense of our li!erties% <atter*day 0aints
should !e reminded how and why they voted as they did in heaven% If some have decided to
change their vote they should re#ent6throw their su##ort on the side of freedom6and cease
#romoting this su!version%
December ,3" 09/0. ;dith Mermit 8oosevelt, ;lite )lique Holds 1ower in D%0%, Indiana#olis
=ews, #% Q:
“$he word R;sta!lishment? is a general term for the #ower elite in international finance,
!usiness, the #rofessions and government, largely from the northeast, who wield most of the
#ower regardless of who is in the +hite House% 9ost #eo#le are unaware of the e"istence of this
Rlegitimate 9afia%? :et the #ower of the ;sta!lishment makes itself felt from the #rofessor who
seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a ca!inet #ost or 0tate >e#artment /o!% It affects
the nation's #olicies in almost every area%
09/,. =ew )alls for +orld .ederalism% In a study titled, - +orld ;ffectively )ontrolled !y the
Dnited =ations, ).8 mem!er <incoln 'loomfield states:
(%%% if the communist dynamic was greatly a!ated, the +est might lose whatever incentive it has
for world government%(
$he .uture of .ederalism !y author =elson 8ockefeller is #u!lished% $he one*time &overnor of
=ew :ork, claims that current events com#ellingly demand a (new world order,( as the old order
is crum!ling, and there is (a new and free order struggling to !e !orn%( 8ockefeller says there is:
(a fever of nationalism%%% @!utA the nation*state is !ecoming less and less com#etent to #erform its
international #olitical tasks%%%%$hese are some of the reasons #ressing us to lead vigorously
toward the true !uilding of a new world order%%% @withA voluntary service%%% and our dedicated
faith in the !rotherhood of all mankind%%%% 0ooner #erha#s than we may reali4e%%% there will evolve
the !ases for a federal structure of the free world%(
Marc 0" 09/,. 0en% )lark s#eaking on the floor of the 0enate a!out 1< JG*LEG which calls for
the dis!anding of all armed forces and the #rohi!ition of their re*esta!lishment in any form
whatsoever% (%%% $his #rogram is the fi"ed, determined and a##roved #olicy of the government of
the Dnited 0tates%(
09/3. I% +illiam .ul!right, )hairman of the 0enate .oreign 8elations )ommittee s#eaks at a
sym#osium s#onsored !y the .und for the 8e#u!lic, a left*wing #ro/ect of the .ord .oundation:
($he case for government !y elites is irrefuta!le%%% government !y the #eo#le is #ossi!le !ut
highly im#ro!a!le%(
;4ra $aft 'enson, - 8ace -gainst $ime, ':D 0#eeches:
“0ince a!out the time of +oodrow +ilson, .a!ian 0ocialists have !een a!le to cuddle close to
key #eo#le in our government and those who e"ercise influence% I will not take the time to trace
their activities through the various administrations since +ilson?s time%
Kctober 0H" 09/3. ;4ra $aft 'enson:
“2ther officers in the kingdom have fallen, !ut never the 1residents% RMee# your eye on the
)a#tain? is still good counsel% $he words of a living #ro#het must and ever will take #recedence%
1resident 9cMay has said a lot a!out our tragic trends toward socialism and communism and the
res#onsi!ilities li!erty*loving #eo#le have in defending and #reserving our )onstitution% Have
we read these words from &od's mouth#iece and #ondered on them7
*o2ember ,," 09/3. Iohn .% Mennedy assassinated% 8oscoe +hite, who was in the same 9arine
)or#s unit with <ee Harvey 2swald, confessed to the murder as well as to the murder of I%>%
$i##et as well as NCY witnesses via a diary found !y his son after his death due to a factory
incident% ; Howard Hunt also confessed to !eing involved% &eorge H+ 'ush was in >allas that
day and #laced misleading calls in to #olice dis#atch%
December 09" 09/3. ;4ra $aft 'enson:
“+hen my son, 8eed, was invited to !e a state coordinator for the Iohn 'irch 0ociety, he asked
me if he should acce#t it% I had read the 'lue 'ook and other !asic materials of the 0ociety% I had
met 9r% +elch and other leaders and mem!ers% I had read 9r% +elch?s famous letter which has
since !een #u!lished in !ook form entitled R$he 1olitician?% I knew 8eed would !e enrolling in
an un#o#ular cause% I also knew he would receive a certain amount of vilification if he took this
/o!% =evertheless, I told him to go ahead if he thought this was the most effective way to defend
the )onstitution and fight the 0ocialist*)ommunist menace%5+hen he /oined I e"#ressed my
o#inion that I was convinced that the Iohn 'irch 0ociety was the most effective non*church
organi4ation in our fight against cree#ing 0ocialism and godless )ommunism%50ome #eo#le
have told me this was not good strategy, !ut I disagree% I feel it is always good strategy to stand
u# for the right, even when it is un#o#ular% 1erha#s I should say, ;0)1;)I-<<: when it is
;4ra $aft 'enson, 1ro#hets, 1rinci#les and =ational 0urvival, #% LEN
“1resident >avid 2% 9cMay received an invitation from former )ongressman Iohn 8ousselot,
asking that I !e authori4ed to give a #atriotic s#eech at a testimonial dinner for 8o!ert +elch%
1resident 9cMay after careful consideration told me I should take the talk and that I had his
#ermission and !lessing% -nd so the invitation was acce#ted%
$his talk was given at the Hollywood 1aladium, 0e#tem!er LB of this year% =early L,CCC heard
my talk that night and N,CCC Miwanians heard a similar message the following day when I s#oke
at their annual convention%
'oth talks dealt with the #reservation of the )onstitution and the need to resist the )ommunist
threat% -t the +elch $estimonial dinner I commended that Iohn 'irch 0ociety and encouraged
them to #rotect the #rinci#les of li!erty throughout our land%
2f course, as all of you know, this talk !rought an immediate outcry from some li!eral elements
in +ashington% $hese voices said that I, as a )hurch official, had no !usiness s#eaking at the
8o!ert +elch dinner% $hey said it was making me “controversial% 1atrick Henry and the
.ounding .athers were “controversial, as true #atriots have ever !een% 1erha#s they did not
reali4e that I had filled this assignment with the full a##roval of 1resident 9cMay% -nd #erha#s
they did not reali4e that 1resident 9cMay has not hesitated to s#eak out for freedom even if
some #eo#le have considered such #atriotism as “controversial%
09/J. $a"onomy of ;ducational 2!/ectives, Hand!ook II is #u!lished% -uthor 'en/amin 'loom
(%%% a large #art of what we call 'good teaching' is the teacher's a!ility to attain affective o!/ectives
through challenging the students' fi"ed !eliefs%(
His 2utcome*'ased ;ducation (2';) method of teaching would first !e tried as 9astery
<earning in )hicago schools% -fter five years, )hicago students' test scores had #lummeted
causing outrage among #arents% 2'; would leave a trail of wreckage wherever it would !e tried
and under whatever name it would !e used% -t the same time, it would !ecome crucial to
glo!alists for overhauling the education system to #romote attitude changes among school
Hisions of 2rder !y 8ichard +eaver is #u!lished% He descri!es:
(#rogressive educators as a 'revolutionary ca!al' engaged in 'a systematic attem#t to undermine
society's traditions and !eliefs%'(
&eorge H+ 'ush cam#aigns against the )ivil 8ights -ct in his !id for election% He lost the
August ," 09/J. $he destroyer D00 9addo", while #erforming a >;02$2 #atrol, was engaged
!y three =orth Hietnamese =avy tor#edo !oats of the 1BFth $or#edo 0quadron% - sea !attle
resulted, in which the 9addo" e"#ended over two hundred and eighty B*inch and F*inch shells,
and in which four D0= .*J )rusader /et fighter !om!ers strafed the tor#edo !oats% 2ne D0
aircraft was damaged, one 1N%F mm round hit the destroyer, three =orth Hietnamese tor#edo
!oats were damaged, and four =orth Hietnamese sailors were killed and si" were wounded3 there
were no D%0% casualties%
$he second $onkin &ulf incident was originally claimed !y the D%0% =ational 0ecurity -gency
to have occurred on -ugust N, 1EQN, as another sea !attle, !ut instead may have involved
($onkin &hosts( (false radar images) and not actual =H= tor#edo !oat attacks%
$he outcome of these two incidents was the #assage !y )ongress of the &ulf of $onkin
8esolution, which granted 1resident <yndon '% Iohnson the authority to assist any 0outheast
-sian country whose government was considered to !e /eo#ardi4ed !y (communist aggression(%
$he resolution served as Iohnson's legal /ustification for de#loying D%0% conventional forces and
the commencement of o#en warfare against =orth Hietnam%
In LCCF, an internal =ational 0ecurity -gency historical study was declassified3 it concluded that
the 9addo" had engaged the =orth Hietnamese =avy on -ugust L, !ut that there were not any
=orth Hietnamese =aval vessels #resent during the incident of -ugust N% $he re#ort stated:
It is not simply that there is a different story as to what happened; it is that no attack happened
that night. [...] In truth, Hanoi's navy was engaged in nothing that night but the salvage of two of
the boats damaged on ugust !.
09/-. - chemist working for &%>% 0earle O )om#any discovered -s#artame (=utra0weet,
-mino0weet, etc%) when he accidentally discovered its sweet taste !y licking his finger, which
had !ecome contaminated with as#artame, to lift u# a #iece of #a#er% -s#artame is
a##ro"imately 1JC to LCC times sweeter than sugar% $he #ro!lem is it decom#oses a!ove JFX
into the se#arate amino acids and methanol (wood alcohol)%
Apri! 09/-. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort:
“'rethren, if we had done our homework and were faithful, we could ste# forward at this time
and hel# save this country% $he fact that most of us are un#re#ared to do it is an indictment we
will have to !ear% $he longer we wait, the heavier the chains, the dee#er the !lood, the more the
#ersecution and the less we can carry out our &od*given mandate and world*wide mission% $he
war in heaven is raging on earth today% -re you !eing neutrali4ed in the !attle7
RHerily I say, men should !e an"iously engaged in a good cause and do many things of their own
free will, and !ring to #ass much righteousness3 .or the #ower is in them, wherein they are
agents unto themselves%? (>O) FJ:LG*LJ%)
“-s im#ortant as are all other #rinci#les of the gos#el, it was the freedom issue which
determined whether you received a !ody% $o have !een on the wrong side of the freedom issue
during the war in heaven meant eternal damnation% How then can <atter*day 0aints e"#ect to !e
on the wrong side in this life and esca#e the eternal consequences7 $he war in heaven is raging
on earth today% $he issues are the same: R0hall men !e com#elled to do what others claim is for
their !est welfare? or will they heed the counsel of the #ro#het and #reserve their freedom7
“2f course the government has #enetrated so much of our lives that one can hardly s#eak for
freedom without !eing accused of !eing #olitical% 0ome might even call the war in heaven a
#olitical struggle6certainly it was controversial% :et the valiant entered it with 9ichael% $hose
who su##ort only the #o#ular #rinci#les of the gos#el have their reward%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q0H. 09//L09/9
09//. &eorge H+ 'ush elected to congress%
1rofessor )arroll Kuigley was 'ill )linton's mentor at &eorgetown Dniversity% 1resident )linton
has #u!licly #aid homage to the influence 1rofessor Kuigley had on his life% In Kuigley's
magnum o#us $ragedy and Ho#e, he states:
($here does e"ist and has e"isted for a generation, an international %%% network which o#erates, to
some e"tent, in the way the radical right !elieves the )ommunists act% In fact, this network,
which we may identify as the 8ound $a!le &rou#s, has no aversion to coo#erating with the
)ommunists, or any other grou#s and frequently does so% I know of the o#erations of this
network !ecause I have studied it for twenty years and was #ermitted for two years, in the early
1EQCs, to e"amine its #a#ers and secret records% I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and
have, for much of my life, !een close to it and to many of its instruments% I have o!/ected, !oth
in the #ast and recently, to a few of its #olicies%%% !ut in general my chief difference of o#inion is
that it wishes to remain unknown, and I !elieve its role in history is significant enough to !e
“$he argument that the two #arties should re#resent o##osed ideals and #olicies, one, #erha#s, of
the 8ight and the other of the <eft, is a foolish idea acce#ta!le only to doctrinaire and academic
thinkers% Instead, the two #arties should !e almost identical, so that the -merican #eo#le can
Rthrow the rascals out? at any election without leading to any #rofound or e"tensive shifts in
&eorgetown Dniversity 1rofessor )arroll Kuigley, $ragedy and Ho#e, #% BLN:
“$he #owers of financial ca#italism had another far*reaching aim, nothing less than to create a
world system of financial control in #rivate hands a!le to dominate the #olitical system of each
country and the economy of the world as a whole% $his system was to !e controlled in a feudalist
fashion !y the central !anks of the world acting in concert, !y secret agreements arrived at in
frequent #rivate meetings and conferences%
&eorgetown Dniversity 1rofessor )arroll Kuigley, $ragedy and Ho#e, #% EF1:
“$he )ouncil on .oreign 8elations is the -merican !ranch of a society which originated in
;ngland @andA !elieves national !oundaries should e o!literated and one*world rule esta!lished%
;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort:
“5our stand for freedom is a most !asic #art of our religion3 this stand hel#ed get us to this
earth, and our reaction to freedom in this life will have eternal consequences% 9an has many
duties, !ut he has no e"cuse that can com#ensate for his loss of li!erty%
Kctober 09//. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort:
“$he scri#tures make clear that there was a great war in heaven, a struggle over the #rinci#le of
freedom the right of choice% In the war in heaven, what would have !een your reaction if
someone had told you /ust to do what is right6there's no need to get involved in the fight for
freedom7 2f course, the war in heaven over free agency is now !eing waged here on earth, and
there are those today who are saying R<ook, don't get involved in the fight for freedom% Iust live
the gos#el%? $hat counsel is dangerous, self*contradictory, unsound%
09/5. 8ichard =i"on calls for =ew +orld 2rder% In -sia after Hietnam, in the 2cto!er issue of
.oreign -ffairs, =i"on writes of nations' dis#ositions to evolve regional a##roaches to
develo#ment needs and to the evolution of a (new world order%(
Harvard Historian 'ernard I% 'ailyn, in his 1ulit4er 1ri4e*winning !ook $he Ideological 2rigins
of the -merican 8evolution:
“$hey @the foundersA saw a!out them, with increasing clarity, not merely mistaken, or even evil,
#olicies violating the #rinci#les u#on which freedom rested, !ut what a##eared to !e evidence of
nothing less than a deli!erate assault launched surre#titiously !y #lotters against li!erty !oth in
;ngland and -merica%
January 09/5. ;4ra $aft 'enson, Im#rovement ;ra, #% LQ:
“.rom the fifth grade through the fourth year of college, our young #eo#le are !eing
indoctrinated with a 9ar"ist #hiloso#hy, and I am fearful of the harvest%
Apri! 09/5. ;4ra $aft 'enson% )onference 8e#ort:
“-ny )hristian constitutionalist who retreats from this !attle /eo#ardi4es his life here and
hereafter% 0eldom has so much res#onsi!ility hung on so few, so heavily3 !ut our num!ers are
increasing, and we who have !een warned have a res#onsi!ility to warn our neigh!or%
09/4. 8ichard =i"on elected 1resident%
&eorge +% 'ush /oins the $e"as -ir =ational &uard, a coveted #osition that ensures he doesn't
have to serve in Hietnam% +hile a mem!er of the &uard, 'ush meets and !efriends Iim 'ath, a
former -ir .orce #ilot and !udding entre#reneur%
Ioy ;lmer 9organ, former editor of the =;- Iournal #u!lishes $he -merican )iti4ens
Hand!ook in which he says:
(the coming of the Dnited =ations and the urgent necessity that it evolve into a more
com#rehensive form of world government #laces u#on the citi4ens of the Dnited 0tates an
increased o!ligation to make the most of their citi4enshi# which now widens into active world
Apri! 09/4. ;4ra $aft 'enson * -mericans are >estroying -merica, &eneral )onference:
“Dnless those in authority in the Dnited 0tates can !e influenced to a!andon the suicidal course
on which they have em!arked–or unless they can !e re#laced !y men who will–we cannot ho#e
to restore in our nation the kind of domestic #eace and order which has made our many
generations #roud to !e -mericans%
“If -merica is destroyed, it may !e !y -mericans who salute the flag, sing the national anthem,
march in #atriotic #arades, cheer .ourth of Iuly s#eakers 6 normally good -mericans, !ut
-mericans who fail to com#rehend what is required to kee# our country strong and free 6
-mericans who have !een lulled away into a false security%
“If -merican freedom is lost, if -merica is destroyed, if our !lood*!ought freedom is
surrendered, it will !e !ecause of -mericans% % % % $he facts are clear% 2ur #ro!lem centers in
+ashington, >%)% -nd this a##lies to the administration of !oth #olitical #arties%
Ju!y ,/" 09/4. =elson 8ockefeller #ledges su##ort of the =ew +orld 2rder% In an -ssociated
1ress re#ort, 8ockefeller #ledges that, (as 1resident, he would work toward international creation
of a new world order%(
09/9. Ta#ata 2il )o% attem#ted to !uyout Dnited .ruit another com#any with strong ties to the
)I- and involved in the overthrow of reformed*minded )entral -merican countries%
;4ra $aft 'enson, -n ;nemy Hath >one $his, #% QL:
“=o #eo#le can maintain freedom unless their #olitical institutions are founded u#on faith in &od
and !elief in the e"istence of moral law% &od has endowed men with certain unaliena!le rights
and no legislature and no ma/ority, however great, may morally limit or destroy these% $he
function of government is to #rotect life, li!erty and #ro#erty and anything more or less than this
is usur#ation and o##ression%
$he )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates was #re#ared and ado#ted !y courageous men acting under
ins#iration from the -lmighty% It is a solemn contract !etween the #eo#les of the states of this
nation which all officers of government are under duty to o!ey% $he eternal moral laws e"#ressed
therein must !e adhered to or individual li!erty will #erish% It is the res#onsi!ility of government
to #unish crime and #rovide for the administration of /ustice and to #rotect the right and control
of #ro#erty% 'ut today these !asic #rinci#les and conce#ts are !eing flaunted, disregarded and
challenged, even !y men in high #laces% $hrough the e"ercise of #olitical e"#ediency the
government is condoning the !reakdown of law and order%
$here are #eo#le today all over the world who in their own courageous and sometimes quiet
ways are working for freedom% In many cases we will never know until the ne"t life all they
sacrificed for li!erty% $hese #atriots are receiving heaven's a##lause for the role they are #laying,
and in the long run that a##lause will !e louder and longer than any they could receive in this
+hich leads me to the second !lind s#ot of those who hesitate to get into the fight% -nd that is
their failure to reali4e that we will win in the long run, and for kee#s, and that they #ass u# great
!lessings !y not getting into the !attle now when the odds are against us and the rewards are
$he only questions, !efore the final victory, are, first, R+hat stand will each of us take in this
struggle7? and second, RHow much tragedy can !e avoided !y doing something now7?
$ime is on the side of truth6and truth is eternal% $hose who are fighting against freedom may
feel confident now, !ut they are shortsighted%
$his is still &od's world% $he forces of evil, working through some mortals, have made a mess of
a good #art of it% 'ut it is still &od's world% In due time, when each of us has had a chance to
#rove ourselves*including whether or not we are going to stand u# for freedom6&od will
inter/ect himself, and the final and eternal victory shall !e for free agency% -nd then shall those
com#lacent #eo#le on the sidelines, and those who took the wrong !ut tem#orarily #o#ular
course, lament their decisions% $o the #atriots I say this: $ake that long eternal look% 0tand u# for
freedom, no matter what the cost% 0tand u# and !e counted% It can hel# to save your soul*and
may!e your country%
;4ra $aft 'enson, -n ;nemy Hath >one $his, #QE:
“+e are going through what I% 8eu!en )lark, Ir%, once termed the greatest #ro#aganda cam#aign
of all time% +e cannot !elieve all we read, and what we can !elieve is not all of the same value%
+e must sift% +e must learn !y study and #rayer%
;4ra $aft 'enson, $he $eachings of ;4ra $aft 'enson, #% Q1C:
“It is a firm #rinci#le that the smallest or lowest level that can #ossi!ly undertake the task is the
one that should do so%5 $his is merely the a##lication to the field of #olitics of that wise and
time*tested #rinci#le of never asking a larger grou# to do that which can !e done !y a smaller
grou#% -nd so far as government is concerned the smaller the unit and the closer it is to the
#eo#le, the easier it is to guide it, to kee# it solvent and to kee# our freedom%
Apri! 09/9. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort, #% B1E:
“$he #rece#ts of man have gone so far in su!verting our educational system that in many cases a
higher degree today, in the so*called social sciences, can !e tantamount to a ma/or investment in
error% Hery few men !uild firmly enough on the rock of revelation to go through this kind of
indoctrination and come out untainted%
August 3H" 09/9. ;4ra $aft 'enson, -merica at the )rossroads:
“$here is one and only one legitimate goal of Dnited 0tates foreign #olicy% It is a narrow goal, a
nationalistic goal: the #reservation of our national inde#endence% =othing in the )onstitution
grants that the #resident shall have the #rivilege of offering himself as a world leader% He is our
e"ecutive3 he is on our #ayroll3 he is su##osed to #ut our !est interests in front of those of other
nations% =othing in the )onstitution nor in logic grants to the #resident of the Dnited 0tates or to
)ongress the #ower to influence the #olitical life of other countries, to Ru#lift? their cultures, to
!olster their economies, to feed their #eo#le, or even to defend them against their enemies%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q00. 095HL0959
095H. ;ducation and the mass media #romote world order% In $hinking -!out - =ew +orld
2rder for the >ecade 1EEC, author Ian 'aldwin, Ir% asserts that:
(%%% the +orld <aw .und has !egun a worldwide research and educational #rogram that will
introduce a new, emerging disci#line ** world order ** into educational curricula throughout the
world%%% and to concentrate some of its energies on !ringing !asic world order conce#ts into the
mass media again on a worldwide level%(
Ierome Horowit4, $he ;lders of Israel and the )onstitution, #% 1QQ:
“2f )ourse $here Is - )ons#iracy $here are many today who loudly #roclaim that there is no
cons#iracy in this country seeking the destruction of the -merican constitutional system% It is a
tri!ute to the #ower of #ro#aganda over common sense that anyone would seriously !elieve that
there is not a massive su!versive cons#iracy at work in this country% $he ty#ical method of
socialist conquest, whether in the name of communism or some other name, is !y infiltration and
su!version% $he Dnited 0tates is !oth the greatest #otential o!stacle to socialist conquest of the
world, and the greatest #ri4e to conquer% +ith these facts in mind, it is unthinka!le that there
would not !e a tremendous cons#iratorial effort #ut forth to immo!ili4e and to conquer
>r% 'ella H% >odd, former D%0% )ommunist 1arty leader * $he =aked )a#italist:
“I think the )ommunist cons#iracy is merely a !ranch of a much !igger cons#iracy%
Kctober 095H. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )onference 8e#ort:
“$he tenth #lank in Marl 9ar"'s 9anifesto for destroying our kind of civili4ation advocated the
esta!lishment of Rfree education for all children in #u!lic schools%? $here were several reasons
why 9ar" wanted government to run the schools%5one of them @was thatA RIt is ca#a!le of e"act
demonstration that if every #arty in the 0tate has the right of e"cluding from #u!lic schools
whatever he does not !elieve to !e true, then he that !elieves most must give way to him that
!elieves least, and then he that !elieves least must give way to him that !elieves a!solutely
nothing, no matter in how small a minority the atheists or agnostics may !e%?
It is self*evident that on this scheme, if it is consistently and #ersistently carried out in all #arts of
the country, the Dnited 0tates system of national #o#ular education will !e the most efficient and
wides#read instrument for the #ro#agation of atheism which the world has ever seen%
0950. &eorge H+ 'ush a##ointed as am!assador to the Dnited =ations%
June 03" 0950. $he $imes #u!lished the first of nine e"cer#ts and commentaries on the G,CCC
#age collection of the 1entagon 1a#ers revealed !y 9arine )or#s veteran >r% >aniel ;lls!erg%
$hey were officially titled Dnited 0tates – Hietnam 8elations, 1ENF–1EQG: - 0tudy 1re#ared !y
the >e#artment of >efense, is a Dnited 0tates >e#artment of >efense history of the Dnited
0tates' #olitical*military involvement in Hietnam from 1ENF to 1EQG% - 1EEQ article in $he =ew
:ork $imes said that the 1entagon 1a#ers (demonstrated, among other things, that the Iohnson
-dministration had systematically lied, not only to the #u!lic !ut also to )ongress, a!out a
su!/ect of transcendent national interest and significance(% $he re#ort was declassified and
#u!licly released in Iune LC11%
June 05" 0950. $he +ar on >rugs is launched !y 8ichard 9 =i"on% - drug #ro!lem was found
within the army in Hiet =am around 1EQJ #rom#ting action towards the end of the war% $he
street #rices of illicit drugs have not changed significantly in the D0- des#ite the military action
in foreign drug*#roducing countries%
$his (war( actually seems to !e a #rete"t for military invasions into less develo#ed countries,
where covert (!ad( drug lords on !ehalf of western intelligence services are #roducing drugs for
distri!ution !y clandestine agencies into the D0 and first world markets% $his o#eration #roduces
huge incomes, generating !lack !udget money for those intelligence services managing the
glo!al drug o#erations%
095,. +atergate scandal eru#ts during =i"on?s reelection cam#aign
&eorge H+ 'ush a##ointed chairman of the 8e#u!lican 1arty% 'ush #roceeds to set u# the
ethnic heritage grou#s in the #arty% In short, these grou#s are nothing more than a haven for =a4i
ZmigrZs from ;astern ;uro#e% 9em!ers of the 8e#u!lican Heritage &rou#s )ouncil included
<a4lo 1as4or, Hungary -rrow )ross mem!er, 8adi 0lavoff, 'ulgarian fascist, =icolas
=a4arenko former 00 officer in the )ossack >ivision, .lorian &addu, 8omanian Iron &uard
mem!er, 9ethod 'alco 0lovakian fascist% 'oth -llen >ulles and =i"on !elieved these ZmigrZs
were useful in getting out the vote%
1resident =i"on visits )hina% In his toast to )hinese 1remier )hou ;n*lai, former ).8 mem!er
and now 1resident, 8ichard =i"on, e"#resses (the ho#e that each of us has to !uild a new world
&eorge H+ 'ush, as D%0% am!assador to the Dnited =ations in 1EGL, #ushed the D%0% -gency
for International >evelo#ment to make an official contract with the old 0terili4ation <eague of
-merica% $he <eague had changed its name twice, and was now called the (-ssociation for
Holuntary 0urgical )ontrace#tion%( $he D%0% government !egan #aying the old fascist grou# to
sterili4e non*whites in foreign countries% $he &ray family e"#eriment had succeeded%
May 04" 095,. In s#eaking of the coming of world government, 8oy 9% -sh, director of the
2ffice of 9anagement and 'udget, declares that:
(within two decades the institutional framework for a world economic community will !e in
#lace%%% @andA as#ects of individual sovereignty will !e given over to a su#ernational authority%(
Ju!y 095,. ;4ra $aft 'enson, )ivic 0tandards for the .aithful 0aints, ;nsign, #% FE:
“2ur wise founders seemed to understand, !etter than most of us, our own scri#ture, which states
that Rit is the nature and dis#osition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority 5
they will immediately !egin to e"ercise unrighteous dominion%?
“Iose#h 0mith said that the 'ook of 9ormon was the Rkeystone of our religion? and the Rmost
correct? !ook on earth% $his most correct !ook on earth states that the downfall of two great
-merican civili4ations came as a result of secret cons#iracies whose desire was to overthrow the
freedom of the #eo#le% R-nd they have caused the destruction of this #eo#le of whom I am now
s#eaking,? says 9oroni, Rand also the destruction of the #eo#le of =e#hi%? =ow undou!tedly
9oroni could have #ointed out many factors that led to the destruction of the #eo#le, !ut notice
how he singled out the secret com!inations, /ust as the )hurch today could #oint out many
threats to #eace, #ros#erity, and the s#read of &od?s work, !ut it has singled out the greatest
threat as the godless cons#iracy% $here is no cons#iracy theory in the 'ook of 9ormon 6 it is a
cons#iracy fact%
Ju!y ,-" 095,. $he $uskegee sy#hilis e"#eriment !ecomes front #age news as the result of 1eter
'u"ton leaking to Iean Heller of the +ashington 0tar%
0953. 1resident =i"on negotiated a (#eace with honour( in the Hietnam conflict%
$he $rilateral )ommission is esta!lished% 'anker >avid 8ockefeller organi4es this new #rivate
!ody and chooses T!igniew 'r4e4inski, later =ational 0ecurity -dvisor to 1resident )arter, as
the )ommission's first director and invites Iimmy )arter to !ecome a founding mem!er%
Humanist 9anifesto II is #u!lished:
($he ne"t century can !e and should !e the humanistic century%%% we stand at the dawn of a new
age%%% a secular society on a #lanetary scale%%%% -s non*theists we !egin with humans not &od,
nature not deity%%% we de#lore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds%%%% $hus we
look to the develo#ment of a system of world law and a world order !ased u#on transnational
federal government%%%% $he true revolution is occurring%(
095J. .ollowing =i"on?s resignation as 1resident, &erald .ord !ecame the new D0 1resident%
Henry Missinger remained as 0ecretary of 0tate and .ord !rought into his administration two
names that would come to #lay im#ortant roles in the future of the -merican ;m#ire: >onald
8umsfeld as .ord?s )hief of 0taff, and >ick )heney, as >e#uty -ssistant to the 1resident% $he
Hice 1resident was =elson 8ockefeller, >avid 8ockefeller?s !rother% +hen >onald 8umsfeld
was #romoted to 0ecretary of >efense, >ick )heney was #romoted to )hief of 0taff% .ord had
also a##ointed a man named &eorge H%+% 'ush as )I- >irector%
;4ra $aft 'enson, &od, .amily, )ountry: 2ur $hree &reat <oyalties –
“I !elieve in honest money, the gold and silver coinage of the )onstitution, and a circulating
medium converti!le into such money without loss% I regard it as a flagrant violation of the
e"#licit #rovisions of the )onstitution for the federal government to make it a criminal offense to
use gold or silver coin as legal tender or to issue irredeema!le #a#er money%
Apri!" 095J. .ormer D% 0% >e#uty -ssistant 0ecretary of 0tate, $rilateralist and ).8 mem!er
8ichard =% &ardner's article $he Hard 8oad to +orld 2rder is #u!lished in the ).8's .oreign
-ffairs where he states that:
“+e are witnessing an out!reak of shortsighted nationalism that seems o!livious to the
economic, #olitical and moral im#lications of interde#endence%5 $he Rhouse of world order?
will have to !e !uilt from the !ottom u# rather than from the to# down5, an end run around
national sovereignty, eroding it #iece !y #iece, will accom#lish much more than the old*
fashioned frontal assault5
$he +orld )onference of 8eligion for 1eace, held in <ouvain, 'elgium is held% >ouglas 8oche
#resents a re#ort entitled +e )an -chieve a =ew +orld 2rder%
$he D%=% calls for wealth redistri!ution: In a re#ort entitled =ew International ;conomic 2rder,
the D%=% &eneral -ssem!ly outlines a #lan to redistri!ute the wealth from the rich to the #oor
095-. =orth Hietnam finally conquered 0outh Hietnam officially ending the Hietnam +ar%
- study titled, - =ew +orld 2rder, is #u!lished !y the )enter of International 0tudies,
+oodrow +ilson 0chool of 1u!lic and International 0tudies, 1rinceton Dniversity%
)ol!y reveals information a!out secret domestic o#erations !y the )I-: 9ocking!ird, 9k*Dltra%
)heney seeks )ol!y's removal%
In )ongress, BL 0enators and EL 8e#resentatives sign - >eclaration of Interde#endence, written
!y historian Henry 0teele )ommager% $he >eclaration states that:
(we must /oin with others to !ring forth a new world order%%% =arrow notions of national
sovereignty must not !e #ermitted to curtail that o!ligation%(
)ongresswoman 9ar/orie Holt refuses to sign the >eclaration saying:
(It calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organi4ations% It declares
that our economy should !e regulated !y international authorities% It #ro#oses that we enter a
'new world order' that would redistri!ute the wealth created !y the -merican #eo#le%(
8etired =avy -dmiral )hester +ard, former Iudge -dvocate &eneral of the D%0% =avy and
former ).8 mem!er, writes in a critique that the goal of the ).8 is the (su!mergence of D% 0%
sovereignty and national inde#endence into an all #owerful one*world government%%% (
Missinger on the )ouch is #u!lished% -uthors 1hyllis 0chlafly and former ).8 mem!er )hester
+ard state:
(2nce the ruling mem!ers of the ).8 have decided that the D%0% government should es#ouse a
#articular #olicy, the very su!stantial research facilities of the ).8 are #ut to work to develo#
arguments, intellectual and emotional, to su##ort the new #olicy and to confound, discredit,
intellectually and #olitically, any o##osition%%% (
May 095-. ;4ra $aft 'enson, Iesus )hrist6&ifts and ;"#ectations:
“$he%%%mem!ers of the )hurch everywhere should know the 'ook of 9ormon !etter than any
other !ook% =ot only should we know what history and faith*#romoting stories it contains, !ut
we should understand its teachings% If we really did our homework and a##roached the 'ook of
9ormon doctrinally, we could e"#ose the errors and find the truths to com!at many of the
current false theories and #hiloso#hies of men, including socialism, humanism, organic
evolution, and others%
;4ra $aft 'enson, $he 'ook of 9ormon Is the +ord of &od, ;nsign, #% QB:
“Is the 'ook of 9ormon true7 :es%
+ho is it for7 Ds%
+hat is its #ur#ose7 $o !ring men to )hrist%
How does it do this7 'y testifying of )hrist and revealing his enemies%
Ju!y 4" 095-. -leksandr Isayevich 0ol4henitsyn, )ongressional 8ecord, 1roceedings of the ENth
)ongress, Holume 1L1, 1art 1G, ##% L1NFB:
“$here also e"ists another alliance 6 at first glance a strange one5 the alliance !etween or
)ommunist leaders and your ca#italists% $his alliance is not new5 +e o!serve continuous and
steady su##ort !y the !usinessmen of the +est of the 0oviet )ommunist leaders%
095/. &eorge 'ush a##ointed )I- director !y 1resident &erald .ord, a former mem!er of the
#ro*=a4i grou#, -merican .irst% >uring his tenure, 'ush hel#s #rovide training for the 0audi
royal family's #alace guard, cementing a relationshi# that #roves critical to the 'ush family's
fortunes% 'ush also #rivati4es various )I- assets, with Iim 'ath considered one of the
!eneficiaries !ecause of his involvement in the aircraft !usiness% 'ath will later tell a !usiness
associate he works for the )I- and was recruited !y 'ush 0r%
0alem 'in <aden, older !rother to future al Kaeda leader 2sama, enters into a trust agreement
with Iim 'ath, where!y 'ath will act as the !in <aden family's re#resentative in =orth -merica,
investing money in various !usiness ventures% 'ath also !ecomes the !usiness re#resentative of
Mhalid !in 9ahfou4, a mem!er of 0audi -ra!ia's most #owerful !anking family and owners of
the =ational )ommercial 'ank, the #rinci#al !ank of the 0audi royal family%
-s )I- director, &eorge H%+% 'ush Rcemented strong relations with the intelligence services of
!oth 0audi -ra!ia and the shah of Iran% He worked closely with Mamal -dham, the head of
0audi intelligence, !rother*in*law of Ming .aisal and an early '))I insider%? -dham had
#reviously acted as a Rchannel !etween @HenryA Missinger and @;gy#tian 1residentA -nwar
0adat? in 1EGL%
Iran, ;gy#t, and 0audi -ra!ia formed a coalition of intelligence agencies called the 0afari )lu!
Rto conduct through their own intelligence agencies o#erations that were now difficult for the
)I-,? which was largely organi4ed !y the head of .rench intelligence, -le"andre de 9arenches%
$his marked the discreet and highly covert coordination among various intelligence agencies,
which would last for decades% It formed at a time when the )I- was em!roiled in domestic
scrutiny over the +atergate scandal and a )ongressional investigation into covert )I- activities,
forcing the )I- to !ecome more covert in its activities% &eorge H+ 'ush was one of the chief
architects of this intelligence #artnershi#%
$he 0afari )lu!, a newly formed secret ca!al of intelligence agencies, decides it needs a network
of !anks to hel# finance its intelligence o#erations% 0audi Intelligence 9inister Mamal -dham is
given the task%
“+ith the official !lessing of &eorge H% +% 'ush as the head of the )I-, -dham transformed a
small 1akistani merchant !ank, the 'ank of )redit and )ommerce International ('))I), into a
world*wide money*laundering machine, !uying !anks around the world to create the !iggest
clandestine money network in history%
'))I was founded in 1EGL !y a 1akistani named -gha Hasan -!edi, who was an associate of
-dham?s% 'ush himself has an account at '))I esta!lished while still director of the )I-%
.rench customs will later raid the 1aris '))I !ranch and discover the account in 'ush?s name%
'ush, -dham, and other intelligence heads work with -!edi to contrive “a #lan that seemed too
good to !e true% $he !ank would solicit the !usiness of every ma/or terrorist, re!el, and
underground organi4ation in the world% $he intelligence thus gained would !e shared with
Rfriends? of '))I% )I- o#erative 8aymond )lose works closely with -dham on this% '))I
ta#s “into the )I-?s stock#ile of misfits and malcontents to hel# man a 1,FCC*strong grou# of
assassins and enforcers% 0oon, '))I !ecomes the fastest growing !ank in the world% $ime
maga4ine will later descri!e '))I as not /ust a !ank, !ut also “a glo!al intelligence o#eration
and a 9afia*like enforcement squad% 2#erating #rimarily out of the !ank?s offices in Marachi,
1akistan, the 1,FCC*em#loyee !lack network has used so#histicated s#y equi#ment and
techniques, along with !ri!ery, e"tortion, kidna##ing and even, !y some accounts, murder% $he
!lack network6so named !y its own mem!ers6sto#s at almost nothing to further the !ank?s
aims the world over%
&eorge 'ush allowed the e"ecution of )hilean dissident 2rlando <etelier !y the fascist regime
of 1inochet% 'ush was fully informed of the o#eration of the )hilean 2#eration )ondor #rogram
to e"ecute dissidents% 2#eration )ondor was an e"tensive o#eration !y several 0outh -merican
countries led !y )hile to conduct assassinations world wide of dissidents to the fascist military
regimes in 0outh -merica%
Henry Missinger, in a !ook !y 'o! +oodward and )arl 'ernstein (0imon O 0chuster, 1EGQ) $he
.inal >ays, #% 1EN:
“In @&eneral -le"ander Haig'sA #resence, Missinger referred #ointedly to military men as Rdum!,
stu#id animals to !e used? as #awns for foreign #olicy%
8I2: 8esha#ing the International 2rder is #u!lished !y the glo!alist )lu! of 8ome, calling for a
new international order, including an economic redistri!ution of wealth%
;4ra $aft 'enson, .reeman Institute, 1rovo, Dtah:
“2ur great )onstitution has !een !eaten and torn until now it hangs !y a single thread, and that
thread is our franchise to vote%
0955. $he $hird $ry at +orld 2rder is #u!lished% -uthor Harlan )leveland of the -s#en
Institute for Humanistic 0tudies calls for:
(changing -mericans' attitudes and institutions( for (com#lete disarmament (e"ce#t for
international soldiers)( and (for individual entitlement to food, health and education%(
Im#erial 'rain $rust !y <aurence 0hou# and +illiam 9inter is #u!lished% $he !ook takes a
critical look at the )ouncil on .oreign 8elations with cha#ters such as: 0ha#ing a =ew +orld
2rder: $he )ouncil's 'lue#rint for &lo!al Hegemony, 1EBE*1ENN and $oward the 1EJC's: $he
)ouncil's 1lans for a =ew +orld 2rder%
$he $rilateral )onnection a##ears in the Iuly edition of -tlantic 9onthly% +ritten !y Ieremiah
=ovak, it says:
(.or the third time in this century, a grou# of -merican schools, !usinessmen, and government
officials is #lanning to fashion a =ew +orld 2rder%%% (
<eading educator 9ortimer -dler #u!lishes 1hiloso#her at <arge in which he says:
(%%% if local civil government is necessary for local civil #eace, then world civil government is
necessary for world #eace%(
+hen Iimmy )arter !ecame 1resident in 1EGG, he a##ointed over two*do4en mem!ers of the
$rilateral )ommission to his administration, which was an international think tank formed !y
T!igniew 'r4e4inski and >avid 8ockefeller in 1EGB% 'r4e4inski had invited )arter to /oin the
$rilateral )ommission, and when )arter !ecame 1resident, 'r4e4inski !ecame =ational 0ecurity
-dviser3 )yrus Hance, also a mem!er of the )ommission, !ecame 0ecretary of 0tate3 and
0amuel Huntington, another )ommission mem!er, !ecame )oordinator of =ational 0ecurity and
>e#uty to 'r4e4inski% -uthor and researcher 1eter >ale 0cott deserves much credit for his
com#rehensive analysis of the events leading u# to and during the Iranian 8evolution in his
!ook, R$he 8oad to EU11?,[ which #rovides much of the information !elow%
0amuel Huntington and T!igniew 'r4e4inski were to determine the D0 #olicy #osition in the
)old +ar, and the D0*0oviet #olicy they created was termed, R)oo#eration and )om#etition,? in
which 'r4e4inski would #ress for R)oo#eration? when talking to the #ress, yet, #rivately #ush for
Rcom#etition%? 0o, while 0ecretary of 0tate )yrus Hance was #ursuing dZtente with the 0oviet
Dnion, 'r4e4inski was #ushing for -merican su#remacy over the 0oviet Dnion% 'r4e4inski and
Hance would come to disagree on almost every issue%
&eneral Tia Dl Haq in 1akistan launched a military cou#, Rim#osed a harsh martial*law regime,?
and e"ecuted former 1resident Tulfiqar -li 'hutto (father to 'ena4ir 'hutto)% +hen Tia came to
#ower, the 1akistani I0I was a Rminor military intelligence unit,? !ut, under the Radvice and
assistance of the )I-,? &eneral Tia transformed the I0I Rinto a #owerful covert unit and made it
the strong arm of his martial*law regime%?
$he )I- and 0audi money flowed not only to wea#ons and training for the 9u/ahideen, !ut also
into the drug trade% 1akistani 1resident Tia*ul*Haq a##ointed &eneral .a4le Haq as the military
governor of 1akistan?s =orth*+est .rontier 1rovince (=+.1), who would Rconsult with
'r4e4inski on develo#ing an -fghan resistance #rogram,? and who !ecame a )I- asset% +hen
)I- >irector )asey or Hice 1resident &eorge H%+% 'ush reviewed the )I- -fghan o#eration,
they went to see Haq3 who !y 1EJL, was considered !y Inter#ol to !e an international narcotics
trafficker% Haq moved much of the narcotics money through the '))I%
0954. )harles +% ('ill( +hite, a former -nna#olis graduate and D0 =avy #ilot, graduates from
Harvard's !usiness school% He is then introduced to Iim 'ath who is looking for someone to
manage his real estate com#any% 'ath hires +hite as his #artner% 9oney from the !in <aden and
!in 9ahfou4 families is invested in 'ath's real estate com#any% -mong other things, 'ath !uys
the 0audis an air#ort, office and a#artment !uildings, and invests in $e"as !anks% ;ventually,
0alem 'in <aden and Mhalid !in 9ahfou4 !uy an enormous mansion in 8iver 2aks, Houston's
most affluent neigh!orhood%
&eorge +% 'ush starts u# an oil com#any in $e"as called -r!usto% 'ath will invest money from
0alem !in <aden and Mhalid !in 9ahfou4 in this new com#any% 'ill +hite is told !y 'ath that
more than S1*million of the 0audis' money was #um#ed into 'ush's venture%
T!igniew 'r4e4inski gave a s#eech in which he stated, R-n arc of crisis stretches along the
shores of the Indian 2cean, with fragile social and #olitical structures in a region of vital
im#ortance to us threatened with fragmentation% $he resulting #olitical chaos could well !e filled
!y elements hostile to our values and sym#athetic to our adversaries%? $he -rc of )risis stretched
from Indochina to southern -frica, although, more s#ecifically, the #articular area of focus was
Rthe nations that stretch across the southern flank of the 0oviet Dnion from the Indian
su!continent to $urkey, and southward through the -ra!ian 1eninsula to the Horn of -frica%?
.urther, the Rcenter of gravity of this arc is Iran, the world's fourth largest oil #roducer and for
more than two decades a citadel of D%0% military and economic strength in the 9iddle ;ast% =ow
it a##ears that the BG*year reign of 0hah 9ohammed 8e4a 1ahlavi is almost over, ended !y
months of rising civil unrest and revolution%?
+ith rising discontent in the region, R$here was this idea that the Islamic forces could !e used
against the 0oviet Dnion% $he theory was, there was an arc of crisis, and so an arc of Islam could
!e mo!ili4ed to contain the 0oviets% It was a 'r4e4inski conce#t%? - month #rior to 'r4e4inski?s
s#eech, in =ovem!er of 1EGJ, R1resident )arter named the 'ilder!erg grou#?s &eorge 'all,
another mem!er of the $rilateral )ommission, to head a s#ecial +hite House Iran task force
under the =ational 0ecurity )ouncil?s 'r4e4inski%? .urther, R'all recommended that +ashington
dro# su##ort for the 0hah of Iran and su##ort the fundamentalist Islamic o##osition of -yatollah
Mhomeini%? &eorge 'all?s visit to Iran was a secret mission%
$he #rogressive $araki government in -fghanistan managed to incur the anger of the Dnited
0tates due to Rits egalitarian and collectivist economic #olicies%? $he -fghan government was
widely #ortrayed in the +est as R)ommunist? and thus, a threat to D0 national security% $he
government, did, however, undertake friendly #olicies and engagement with the 0oviet Dnion,
!ut was not a )ommunist government%
-s the new government came to #ower, almost immediately the D0 !egan covertly funding re!el
grou#s through the )I-%
$hroughout 1EGJ, the 0hah was under the im#ression that Rthe )arter administration was #lotting
to to##le his regime%? In 1EGJ, the Kueen and 0hah?s wife, told 9anouchehr &an/i, a minister in
the 0hah?s government, that, RI wanted to tell you that the -mericans are maneuvering to !ring
down the 0hah,? and she continued saying that she !elieved Rthey even want to to##le the
regime%? $he D0 -m!assador to Iran, +illiam 0ullivan, thought that the revolution would
succeed, and told this to 8amsey )lark, former D0 -ttorney &eneral under the Iohnson
administration, as well as #rofessor 8ichard .alk, when they were visiting 0ullivan in Iran in
1EGJ% )lark and .alk then went from Iran to 1aris, to visit Mhomeini, who was there in e"ile%
Iames 'ill, a )arter adviser, felt that, Ra religious movement !rought a!out with the Dnited
0tates? assistance would !e a natural friend of the Dnited 0tates%?
-lso interesting is the fact that the 'ritish '') !roadcast #ro*Mhomeini 1ersian*language
#rograms daily in Iran, as a su!tle form of #ro#aganda, which Rgave credi!ility to the #erce#tion
of Dnited 0tates and 'ritish su##ort of Mhomeini%? $he '') refused to give the 0hah a #latform
to res#ond, and [email protected]#eated #ersonal a##eals from the 0hah to the '') yielded no result%?
September /" 0954. $he 0hah of Iran !anned demonstrations, and the following day, !etween
GCC and LCCC demonstrators were gunned down, following Radvice from 'r4e4inski to !e firm%?
$he D0 -m!assador to the D=, -ndrew :oung, a $rilateral )ommission mem!er, said that,
RMhomeini will eventually !e hailed as a saint,? and the D0 -m!assador to Iran, +illiam
0ullivan, said, RMhomeini is a &andhi*like figure,? while )arter?s adviser, Iames 'ill, said that
Mhomeini was a man of Rim#ecca!le integrity and honesty%?
0959. $he )arter administration, through the )I-, !egins to fund the fledgling mu/ahadeen in
-fghanistan – si" months !efore the 0oviet invasion – in the ho#es of drawing the D008 into its
own Hietnam%
2sama !in <aden was re#orted to have !een #ersonally recruited !y the )I- in 1EGE in Istan!ul%
He had the close su##ort of 1rince $urki !in .aisal, his friend and head of 0audi intelligence,
and also develo#ed ties with Hekmatyar in -fghanistan, !oth of whom were #ivotal figures in
the )I-*0afari )lu! network% &eneral -khtar -!dul 8ahman, the head of the 1akistani I0I from
1EJC to 1EJG, would meet regularly with 2sama !in <aden in 1akistan, and they formed a
#artnershi# in demanding a ta" on the o#ium trade from warlords so that !y 1EJF, !in <aden and
the I0I were s#litting the #rofits of over S1CC million #er year%
'arry &oldwater, retiring 8e#u!lican 0enator from -ri4ona, #u!lishes his auto!iogra#hy +ith
=o -#ologies% He writes:
(In my view $he $rilateral )ommission re#resents a skillful, coordinated effort to sei4e control
and consolidate the four centers of #ower ** #olitical, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical%
-ll this is to !e done in the interest of creating a more #eaceful, more #roductive world
community% +hat the $rilateralists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic #ower
su#erior to the #olitical governments of the nation*states involved% $hey !elieve the a!undant
materialism they #ro#ose to create will overwhelm e"isting differences% -s managers and
creators of the system they will rule the future%(
.oreign -ffairs, the /ournal of the )ouncil on .oreign 8elations, descri!ed the -rc of )risis,
saying that, R$he 9iddle ;ast constitutes its central core% Its strategic #osition is unequalled: it is
the last ma/or region of the .ree +orld directly ad/acent to the 0oviet Dnion, it holds in its
su!soil a!out three*fourths of the #roven and estimated world oil reserves, and it is the locus of
one of the most intracta!le conflicts of the twentieth century: that of Tionism versus -ra!
nationalism%? It went on to e"#lain that #ost*war D0 #olicy in the region was focused on
Rcontainment? of the 0oviet Dnion, as well as access to the regions oil% $he article continued,
e"#laining that the most Ro!vious division? within the 9iddle ;ast is, Rthat which se#arates the
=orthern $ier ($urkey, Iran, -fghanistan) from the -ra! core,? and that, R-fter +orld +ar II,
$urkey and Iran were the two countries most immediately threatened !y 0oviet territorial
e"#ansionism and #olitical su!version%? Dltimately, Rthe =orthern $ier was assured of a serious
and sustained -merican commitment to save it from sharing the fate of ;astern ;uro#e%?
T!igniew 'r4e4inski worked closely with his aid from the )I-, 8o!ert &ates (who was currently
0ecretary of >efense), in shifting 1resident )arter?s Islamic #olicy% -s 'r4e4inski said in a 1EEJ
interview with a .rench #u!lication:
(-ccording to the official version of history, )I- aid to the 9u/ahadeen !egan during 1EJC, that
is to say, after the 0oviet army invaded -fghanistan, LN >ec 1EGE% 'ut the reality, secretly
guarded until now, is com#letely otherwise: Indeed, it was Iuly B, 1EGE that 1resident )arter
signed the first directive for secret aid to the o##onents of the #ro*0oviet regime in Ma!ul% -nd
that very day, I wrote a note to the #resident in which I e"#lained to him that in my o#inion this
aid was going to induce a 0oviet military intervention%(
'r4e4inski ela!orated, saying he RMnowingly increased the #ro!a!ility that @the 0ovietsA would
invade,? and he recalled writing to )arter on the day of the 0oviet invasion that, R+e now have
the o##ortunity of giving to the D008 its Hietnam war% Indeed, for almost 1C years, 9oscow had
to carry on a war unsu##orta!le !y the government, a conflict that !rought a!out the
demorali4ation and finally the !reaku# of the 0oviet em#ire%? +hen asked a!out the
re#ercussions for such su##ort in fostering the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, 'r4e4inski
res#onded, R+hat is most im#ortant to the history of the world7 $he $ali!an or the colla#se of
the 0oviet em#ire7 0ome stirred*u# 9oslems or the li!eration of )entral ;uro#e and the end of
the cold war7?
January 0959. $he 0hah was also very sick in late 1EGJ and early 1EGE% 0o the 0hah fled Iran in
Ianuary of 1EGE to the 'ahamas, allowing for the revolution to take #lace% It is es#ecially
interesting to understand the relationshi# !etween >avid 8ockefeller and the 0hah of Iran% >avid
8ockefeller?s #ersonal assistant, Iose#h H% 8eed, had !een Rassigned to handle the shah?s
finances and his #ersonal needs3? 8o!ert -rmao, who worked for Hice 1resident =elson
8ockefeller, was sent to Ract as the shah?s #u!lic relations agent and lo!!yist3? and 'en/amin H%
Mean, Ra longtime associate of )hase 9anhattan 'ank chairman >avid 8ockefeller,? and >avid
8ockefeller?s R#ersonal #hysician,? who was sent to 9e"ico when the shah was there, and
advised that he R!e treated at an -merican hos#ital%?
It is im#ortant to note that 8ockefeller interests Rhad directed D%0% #olicy in Iran since the )I-
cou# of 1EFB%? .ollowing the 0hah?s flight from Iran, there were increased #ressures within the
Dnited 0tates !y a handful of #owerful #eo#le to have the 0hah admitted to the Dnited 0tates%
$hese individuals were T!igniew 'r4e4inski, former 0ecretary of 0tate Henry Missinger, Iohn I%
9c)loy, former statesman and senior mem!er of the 'ilder!erg &rou#, $rilateral )ommission
and the )ouncil on .oreign 8elations, who was also a lawyer for )hase 9anhattan, and of
course, >avid 8ockefeller%
-s the 0hah of Iran was a!out to leave the country, the -merican >e#uty )ommander in =-$2,
&eneral Huyser, arrived and over a #eriod of a month conferred constantly with Iranian military
leaders% His influence may have !een su!stantial on the military's decision not to attem#t a cou#
and eventually to yield to the Mhomeini forces, es#ecially if #ress re#orts are accurate that he or
others threatened to withhold military su##lies if a cou# were attem#ted%? =o cou# was
su!sequently undertaken, and Mhomeini came to #ower as the -yatollah of the Islamic 8e#u!lic
of Iran%
February 0959. Mhomeini was flown out of 1aris on an -ir .rance flight, to return to Iran, Rwith
the !lessing of Iimmy )arter%? -yatollah Mhomeini named 9ehdi 'a4argan as #rime minister of
the 1rovisional 8evolutionary &overnment on .e!ruary N, 1EGE% -s Mhomeini had demanded
during his 1aris meeting in Ianuary 1EGE, that western #owers must hel# in avoiding a cou# !y
the Iranian -rmy3 in that same month, the )arter administration, under the direction of
'r4e4inski, had !egun #lanning a military cou#%
-s tensions increased among the #o#ulation within Iran, the D0 sent Rsecurity advisers? to Iran to
#ressure the 0hah?s 0-H-M (secret #olice) to im#lement Ra #olicy of ever more !rutal
re#ression, in a manner calculated to ma"imi4e #o#ular anti#athy to the 0hah%? $he )arter
administration also !egan #u!licly critici4ing the 0hah?s human rights a!uses%
Iran had !een taking Rste#s to market its oil inde#endently of the +estern oil ma/ors% $he 0hah
!eing acce#ted into the Dnited 0tates, under #u!lic #ressure from Henry Missinger, T!igniew
'r4e4inski and >avid 8ockefeller, #reci#itated the hostage crisis, which occurred on =ovem!er
N% $en days later, )arter fro4e all Iranian assets in D0 !anks, on the advice of his $reasury
0ecretary, +illiam 9iller% 9iller /ust ha##ened to have ties to )hase 9anhattan 'ank%
)hase 9anhattan 'ank had more interests in Iran than any other D0 !ank% In fact, the 0hah had
Rordered that all his government?s ma/or o#erating accounts !e held at )hase and that letters of
credit for the #urchase of oil !e handled e"clusively through )hase% $he !ank also !ecame the
agent and lead manager for many of the loans to Iran% In short, Iran !ecame the crown /ewel of
)hase?s international !anking #ortfolio%?
Iranian assets are fro4en, Reffectively restricting the access of Iran to the glo!al oil market, which
!ecame a ma/or factor in the huge oil #rice increases of 1EGE and 1EJ1%? -dded to this, in 1EGE,
'ritish 1etroleum cancelled ma/or oil contracts for oil su##ly, which along with cancellations
taken !y 8oyal >utch 0hell, drove the #rice of oil u# higher% +ith the first ma/or oil #rice rises
in 1EGB (urged on !y D0 0ecretary of 0tate Henry Missinger), the $hird +orld was forced to
!orrow heavily from D0 and ;uro#ean !anks to finance develo#ment% +ith the second oil #rice
shocks of 1EGE, the D0 .ederal 8eserve, with 1aul Holcker as its new )hairman, (himself having
served a career under >avid 8ockefeller at )hase 9anhattan), dramatically raised interest rates
from LX in the late GCs to 1JX in the early JCs% >evelo#ing nations could not afford to #ay such
interest on their loans, and thus the 1EJCs de!t crisis s#read throughout the $hird +orld, with the
I9. and +orld 'ank coming to the Rrescue? with their 0tructural -d/ustment 1rograms (0-1s),
which ensured western control over the develo#ing world?s economies%
;4ra $aft 'enson * - +itness and a +arning, &eneral )onference, =ov% ;nsign, 1EGE, #% B1:
“0o, I say with all the energy of my soul that unless we as citi4ens of this nation forsake our sins,
#olitical and otherwise, and return to the fundamental #rinci#les of )hristianity and of
constitutional government, we will lose our #olitical li!erties, our free institutions, and will stand
in /eo#ardy !efore &od%
May 0959. 1rior to the >ecem!er invasion of the 0oviet Dnion into -fghanistan, a )I- envoy
met with -fghan resistance leaders in a meeting organi4ed !y the I0I% $he I0I Roffered the )I-
envoy an alliance with its own -fghan client, &ul!uddin Hekmatyar,? who led a small guerilla
grou#% $he )I- acce#ted, and over the following decade, half of the )I-?s aid went to
Hekmatyar?s guerillas% Hekmatyar !ecame -fghanistan?s leading mu/ahideen drug lord, and
develo#ed a Rcom#le" of si" heroin la!s in an I0I*controlled area of 'aluchistan (1akistan)%?
September 0959. Hafi4ullah -min, a to# official in $araki?s government, who many !elieved to
!e a )I- asset, orchestrated a cou# and Re"ecuted $araki, halted the reforms, and murdered,
/ailed, or e"iled thousands of $araki su##orters as he moved toward esta!lishing a
fundamentalist Islamic state% 'ut within two months, he was overthrown !y 1>1 remnants
including elements within the military%? $he 0oviets also intervened in order to re#lace -min,
who was seen as Run#redicta!le and e"tremist? with Rthe more moderate 'ar!ak Marmal%?
8*S'ALLM1*' Q0,. 094HL0949
094H. &eorge H%+% 'ush runs for the #residential nomination of the 8e#u!lican 1arty, !ut loses
to 8onald 8eagan% He !ecomes 8eagan's running mate and eventual vice*#resident%
$he D0 su!sequently, through the 1EJCs, in con/unction with 0audi -ra!ia, gave Hekmatyar
more than S1 !illion in armaments% Immediately, heroin !egan flowing from -fghanistan to
-merica% 'y 1EJC, drug*related deaths in =ew :ork )ity rose GGX since 1EGE% 'y 1EJ1, the
drug lords in 1akistan and -fghanistan su##lied QCX of -merica?s heroin% $rucks going into
-fghanistan with )I- arms from 1akistan would return with heroin R#rotected !y I0I #a#ers
from #olice search%?
Haq, the )I- asset in 1akistan, Rwas also running the drug trade,? of which the !ank '))I Rwas
com#letely involved%? In the 1EJCs, the )I- insisted that the I0I create Ra s#ecial cell for the use
of heroin for covert actions%? ;la!orating:
($his cell #romoted the cultivation of o#ium and the e"traction of heroin in 1akistani territory as
well as in the -fghan territory under 9u/ahideen control for !eing smuggled into 0oviet
controlled areas in order to make the 0oviet troo#s heroin addicts%(
$his #lan a##arently originated at the suggestion of .rench intelligence chief and founder of the
0afari )lu!, -le"andre de 9arenches, who recommended it to )I- >irector )asey%
In the 1EJCs, one #rogram undertaken !y the Dnited 0tates was to finance 9u/ahideen
#ro#aganda in te"t!ooks for -fghan schools% $he D0 gave the 9u/ahideen SNB million in Rnon*
lethal? aid for the te"t!ook #ro/ect alone, which was given !y D0-I>: R$he D%0% -gency for
International >evelo#ment, @D0-I>A coordinated its work with the )I-, which ran the wea#ons
#rogram,? and R$he D%0% government told the -I> to let the -fghan war chiefs decide the school
curriculum and the content of the te"t!ooks%? $he te"t!ooks were Rfilled with violent images and
militant Islamic teachings,? and Rwere filled with talk of /ihad and featured drawings of guns,
!ullets, soldiers and mines%? ;ven since the covert war of the 1EJCs, the te"t!ooks Rhave served
since then as the -fghan school system's core curriculum% ;ven the $ali!an used the -merican*
#roduced !ooks%? $he !ooks were develo#ed through a D0-I> grant to the RDniversity of
=e!raska*2maha and its )enter for -fghanistan 0tudies,? and when the !ooks were smuggled
into -fghanistan through regional military leaders, R)hildren were taught to count with
illustrations showing tanks, missiles and land mines%? D0-I> sto##ed this funding in 1EEN%
'etween 1EJC and 1EJE, roughly SQCC million was #assed through 2sama !in <aden?s charity
front organi4ations, s#ecifically the 9akta! al*Mhidamat (9-M), also known as -l*Mifah% $he
money mostly originated with wealthy donors in 0audi -ra!ia and other areas in the 1ersian
&ulf, and was funneled through his charity fronts to arm and fund the mu/ahideen in
In the 1EJCs, the 'ritish 0#ecial .orces (0-0) were training mu/ahideen in -fghanistan, as well
as in secret cam#s in 0cotland, and the 0-0 is largely taking orders from the )I-% $he )I- also
indirectly !egins to arm 2sama !in <aden% 2sama !in <aden?s front charity, the 9-M, Rwas
nurtured? !y the 1akistani I0I% .earing a di#lomatic incident, )I- and other D0 agents rarely
venture into -fghanistan% &enerally s#eaking, soldiers from the 'ritish elite 0#ecial -ir 0ervice
(0-0) work with and train the mu/aheddin instead% $he 0-0 #rovides wea#ons training in
-fghanistan until 1EJL when 8ussian soldiers find the #ass#orts of two 'ritish instructors in a
training cam#% -fter that, mu/aheddin are trained in secret cam#s in remote #arts of 0cotland%
+hen the D0 decides to su##ly 0tinger missiles to the mu/aheddin in 1EJQ, it is the 0-0 who
#rovide the training in how to use them (see 0e#tem!er 1EJQ)% 'ut the 0-0 is taking orders from
the )I-% $he )I- also indirectly gives wea#ons to 2sama !in <aden and other mu/aheddin
leaders% 2ne former D0 intelligence official said in 1EEE, “@D0 agentsA armed @!in <aden?sA men
!y letting him #ay rock*!ottom #rices for !asic wea#ons% 'ut this #erson notes the relationshi#
will later #rove to !e em!arrassing to !in <aden and the )I-% “2f course it?s not something they
want to talk a!out%
9arilyn .erguson descri!es the cons#iracy as a (networking( of like*minded individuals in high
#laces to achieve a common goal, in her =ew -ge insider classic, $he -quarian )ons#iracy% $he
fundamental !asis of the =ew -ge movement is that &od is in 9an and thus 9an has the
ultimate #ower% $he im#lementation #lan is !ased on revolution – the (conservative revolution(
today, some new movement tomorrow5thus shifting away from a!solute truth% $he Iudeo*
9asonic cons#irators #lan to take the masses through revolutions fomented out of the dialectical
o#eration toward a synthesis of all #oints of view ** the $hird +ay #olitics of the radical center
** to a society !ased on natural law, man's determination of morality in #lace of &od's% 9arilyn
.erguson's -quarian )ons#iracy #erce#tively descri!es the nature and course of revolutions **
a!andonment of the moral values which ins#ired the revolution ** a #henomenon which is
coming to #ass !efore our very eyes:
(9ost historical movements have their last will and testament along with their manifesto% $hey
have known more surely what they o##ose than what they are% 'y taking a firm #osition, they
trigger an inevita!le countermotion, one that will disorient their fragile identity almost at once%
$hen ra#id metamor#hosis and self*!etrayal: #acifists who !ecome violent, law*and*order
advocates who tram#le law and order, #atriots who undo li!erties, '#eo#le?s revolutions' that
em#ower new elites, new movements in the arts that !ecome as rigid as their #redecessors,
romantic ideals that lead to genocide%(
Apri! 094H. .ive months !efore Iraq invaded Iran, T!igniew 'r4e4inski o#enly declared the
willingness of the D0 to work closely with Iraq% $wo months !efore the war, 'r4e4inski met
with 0addam Hussein in Iordan, where he gave su##ort for the desta!ili4ation of Iran% +hile
0addam was in Iordan, he also met with three senior )I- agents, which was arranged !y Ming
Hussein of Iordan% He then went to meet with Ming .ahd in 0audi -ra!ia, informing him of his
#lans to invade Iran, and then met with the Ming of Muwait to inform him of the same thing% He
gained su##ort from -merica, and financial and arms su##ort from the -ra! oil #roducing
countries% -rms to Iraq were funneled through Iordan, 0audi -ra!ia and Muwait% $he war lasted
until 1EJJ and resulted in over a million deaths%
September ,," 094H. Iraq invaded Iran, launching a simultaneous invasion !y air and land into
Iranian territory% Iraq was aiming to re#lace Iran as the dominant 1ersian &ulf state% -lthough
Iraq ho#ed to take advantage of the revolutionary chaos in Iran and attacked without formal
warning, they made only limited #rogress into Iran and within several months were re#elled !y
the Iranians who regained virtually all lost territory !y Iune 1EJL% .or the ne"t si" years, Iran
was on the offensive%
$he D0 has !uilt #ower !ases in the 9iddle ;ast in Iran starting with the )I-*organi4ed cou#
1EFB called 2#eration -I-P (initiated to secure Iran?s #lentiful oil reserves for 'ritish
1etroleum), where Iranian #rime minister 9ossadeq was re#laced with the 0hah of Iran 8e4a
1ahlavi and he !y his son 9ohammad 8e4a 1ahlavi% Iran was equi##ed with the !est western
military equi#ment, including the -merican .*1N fighters with 1hoeni" missiles and the 'ritish
)hieftain 9'$s% Dnfortunately, in 1EGE a cou# of ayatollah Mhomeini re#lacing the 0hah and
founding an Islamite nation%
-fter this, the D0 warmed u# relations with 0addam Hussein (whom the )I- had trained and
assisted for over two decades in gaining leadershi# of Iraq), and started to !uild a nation ca#a!le
of challenging the Iranians% Iraq acquired large num!ers of effective wea#ons including factories
a!le to #roduce older versions of gas warfare agents% $hese would later !e called +9>s, which
of course they were not, !eing the ++1*vintage wea#ons%
$he war !roke out and was fought to e"haustion !ecause third*#arty #owers, es#ecially Israel,
were carefully monitoring the #ower !alance su##lying more wea#ons to the side which seemed
to !e losing% ($oo !ad they !oth cannot lose( is how Missinger evaluated this situation%
Kctober 094H. 'ruce 8% 9c)onkie, &eneral )onference:
($he way ahead is dark and dreary and dreadful% $here will yet !e martyrs3 the doors in )arthage
shall again enclose the innocent% +e have not !een #romised that the trials and evils of the world
will entirely #ass us !y%
“$his is the great day of 0atan?s #ower% &adianton ro!!ers fill the /udgment seats in many
nations% .or those who finish their /ourney to 9ount Tion, to stand with the <am!, the way
ahead is dark and dreary and dreadful% 2ur worst #ersecution is =2$ !ehind us% $he doors of
)arthage shall again enclose the innocent% +e shall yet wee# more tears for Tion than we have
ever known !efore%
0940. 2sama !in <aden, son of the founder of the 'in <aden &rou#, the largest construction
com#any in 0audi -ra!ia, travels to -fghanistan to hel# the mu/ahadeen in their !loody war
against the 0oviet Dnion%
It was during the 1EJCs that Rthe )I-?s covert war in -fghanistan transformed )entral -sia from
a self*contained o#ium 4one into a ma/or su##lier of heroin for the world market,? as:
“Dntil the late 1EGCs, tri!al farmers in the highlands of -fghanistan and 1akistan grew limited
quantities of o#ium and sold it to merchant caravans !ound west for Iran and east to India% In its
decade of covert warfare against the 0oviet occu#ation of -fghanistan, the )I-?s o#erations
#rovided the #olitical #rotection and logistics linkages that /oined -fghanistan?s #o##y fields to
heroin markets in ;uro#e and -merica%
-ll of the 0;) records of Ta#ata 2il )om#any !etween 1EQC and 1EQQ disa##eared%
>irector )asey of the )I- worked with 0audi 1rince $urki !in .aisal who ran the 0audi
intelligence agency &I>, and the 1akistani I0I Rto create a foreign legion of /ihadi 9uslims or
so*called -ra! -fghans%? $his idea had Roriginated in the elite 0afari )lu! that had !een created
!y .rench intelligence chief -le"andre de 9arenches%?
$he 0oviet invasion thus #rom#ted the D0 national security esta!lishment to undertake the
largest covert o#eration in history% +hen 8onald 8eagan re#laced Iimmy )arter in 1EJ1, the
covert assistance to the -fghan 9u/ahideen not only continued on the #ath set !y 'r4e4inski !ut
it ra#idly accelerated, as did the overall strategy in the R-rc of )risis%? +hen 8eagan !ecame
1resident, his Hice 1resident !ecame &eorge H%+% 'ush, who, as )I- director during the .ord
administration, had hel#ed esta!lish the 0afari )lu! intelligence network and the 'ank of )redit
and )ommerce International ('))I) in 1akistan% In the Rcam#aign to aid the -fghan re!els %%%
'))I clearly emerged as a D%0% intelligence asset,? and )I- >irector R)asey !egan to use the
outside – the 0audis, the 1akistanis, '))I – to run what they couldn?t get through )ongress%
@'))I #residentA -!edi had the money to hel#,? and the )I- director had Rmet re#eatedly? with
the #resident of '))I%
January 0940. >onald 8umsfeld, );2 of 0earle, states in a sales meeting that he is going to
make a !ig #ush to get as#artame a##roved within the year% 8umsfeld says he will use his
#olitical #ull in +ashington, rather than scientific means, to make sure it gets a##roved%
January ,0" 0940. 8onald 8eagan is sworn in as 1resident of the Dnited 0tates% 8eagan
im#lements a transition team for the .>- which includes >onald 8umsfeld% $he $ransition team
#icks >r% -rthur Hull Hayes Ir% to !e the new .>- )ommissioner% >r% Hayes, a #harmacologist,
had no #revious e"#erience with food additives !efore !eing a##ointed director of the .>-% $he
current .>- )ommissioner, Iere &oyan is called at B -9 and fired !y mem!er of the transition
team (he was a!out to sign an order !anning as#artame)% $hen 8eagan writes an ;"ecutive 2rder
making the .>- #owerless to do anything until the new .>- )ommissioner is in #lace% $he
;"ecutive 2rder is e"#unged from the record (illegal !y the way) after the transition occurs%
Marc 0940. Iames 'aker, a mem!er of 8eagan's ca!inet at the time, states:
“'ush is functioning much like a co*#resident%
Marc 3H" 0940. &eorge 'ush 0r% stays in the Hotel where Iohn .% Mennedy Ir% later s#ent the
final night of his life% Iohn Hinckley Ir% shoots 1resident 8eagan, lodging a !ullet in his chest
less than an inch from his heart% Iohn Hinckley Ir%'s family donated su!stantial amounts of
money to 'ush during the 1EJC #rimaries when he ran for 1resident%%%as admitted in several
news#a#ers at the time !y =eil 'ush%
Marc 30" 0940. $he Houston 1ost ran a story that read:
“0cott Hinckley, the !rother of Iohn Hinckley Ir%, who is charged with shooting 1resident
8eagan and three others, was to have !een a dinner guest $uesday night at the home of =eil
'ush, son of Hice 1resident &eorge 'ush, $he Houston )hronicle has learned%
=eil 'ush and Iohn Hinckley !oth were #roven to have lived in <u!!ock, $e"as in 1EGJ%
&eorge H+ 'ush, as leader of the ca!inet, came to the decision that this was not #art of a
domestic cons#iracyW $here was no investigation into the family connections%
May 09" 0940. $hree of si" in*house .>- scientists who were res#onsi!le for reviewing the
!rain tumor issues, >r% 8o!ert )ondon, >r% 0atya >u!ey, and >r% >ouglas 1ark, advise against
a##roval of =utra0weet, stating on the record that the 0earle tests are unrelia!le and not adequate
to determine the safety of as#artame%
Ju!y 0-" 0940. In one of his first official acts, >r% -rthur Hayes Ir%, the new .>- commissioner,
overrules the 1u!lic 'oard of Inquiry, ignores the recommendations of his own internal .>-
team and a##roves =utra0weet for dry #roducts% In order to accom#lish this feat, Hayes had to
overlook the scuttled grand /ury investigation of 0earle (concerning criminal charges against
officials in the &% >% 0earle )om#any (for concealing material facts and making false
statements( in re#orts of safety tests on =utra0weet and another drug, -ldactone * a diuretic),
overcome the 'ressler 8e#ort (Ierome 'ressler !lew the whistle on the fraudulent animal studies
and his re#ort was ke#t under .>- seal for B decades until 2ct LCCE), ignore the 1u!lic 'oard of
Inquiry's (1'2I) recommendations and #retend as#artame did not chronically sicken and kill
thousands of la! animals% Hayes says that as#artame has !een shown to !e safe for its' #ro#osed
uses and says few com#ounds have withstood such detailed testing and re#eated close scrutiny%
094,. ;lder 'ruce 8% 9c)onkie, $he 9illennial 9essiah: $he 0econd )oming of the 0on of
9an, #% QF:
“-ny nation that #ermits a secret com!ination to gain control of its government shall !e
destroyed3 such is the everlasting decree of a /ust &od%
Kctober 0-" 094,. $he .>- announces that 0earle has filed a #etition that as#artame !e
a##roved as a sweetener in car!onated !everages and other liquids%
0943. $he &renadian leader, 9aurice 'isho#, favoring the left and having invited )u!ans to
hel# !uild the infrastructure including !y e"tending the air#ort to accommodate long range
0oviet aircraft, was de#osed and e"ecuted in 2cto!er 1E, 1EJB% 0i" days later the D0 invaded,
with the #roffered reason that the -merican medical students studying in the &renada were in
danger due the )u!an #resence% $he new leader su##orted !y the D0 favored more traditional
values and the right%
Ju!y 0" 0943. $he =ational 0oft >rink -ssociation (=0>-) urges the .>- to delay a##roval of
as#artame for car!onated !everages #ending further testing !ecause as#artame is very unsta!le in
liquid form% +hen liquid as#artame is stored in tem#eratures a!ove JF degrees .ahrenheit, it
!reaks down into >M1 (>iketo#i#era4ine) and formaldehyde, !oth of which are known to"ins%
*o2ember 0943. Hayes left his #ost at the .>- amid accusations that he was acce#ting
cor#orate gifts for #olitical favors% Iust !efore leaving office in scandal, Hayes a##roved the use
of as#artame in !everages% -fter Hayes left the .>- under allegations of im#ro#riety, he served
!riefly as 1rovost at =ew :ork 9edical )ollege, and then took a #osition as a high*#aid senior
medical advisor (consultant with 1C yr contract) with 'urson*9arsteller, the chief #u!lic
relations firm for !oth 9onsanto and &> 0earle%
094J. -r!usto ;nergy Inc founded !y &eorge + 'ush is sold after #roving to !e a failure%
$he 1ower to <ead is #u!lished% -uthor Iames 9c&regor 'urns admits:
($he framers of the D%0% constitution have sim#ly !een too shrewd for us% $he have outwitted us%
$hey designed se#arate institutions that cannot !e unified !y mechanical linkages, frail !ridges,
tinkering% If we are to 'turn the .ounders u#side down' ** we must directly confront the
constitutional structure they erected%(
094-. =orman )ousins, the honorary chairman of 1lanetary )iti4ens for the +orld +e )hose, is
quoted in Human ;vents:
(+orld government is coming, in fact, it is inevita!le% =o arguments for or against it can change
that fact%(
)ousins was also #resident of the +orld .ederalist -ssociation, an affiliate of the +orld
-ssociation for +orld .ederation (+-+.), headquartered in -msterdam% +-+. is a leading
force for world federal government and is accredited !y the D%=% as a =on*&overnmental
-!dul 0hams who was the economic advisor to -fghanistan's 1resident Hfi4ullah -min,
descri!ed the media in relation to the 0oviet attacks on his country which slaughtered over one
million #eo#le and turned millions more into refugees% $he 8eview of the =ews:
“$he ma/or -merican news media have ignored what is ha##ening in -fghanistan and they have
also ignored -fghans like me who try to tell what is ha##ening% 'ut the smaller news#a#ers and
radios and $H stations have !een very coo#erative%5;very day, hundreds or thousands of my
#eo#le are killed and the networks and ma/or news media say nothing% 'ut if one #erson is killed
in 0outh -frica, immediately the media start screaming%5I have talked to many, many #eo#le
here in the Dnited 0tates, many of them refugees from )ommunist countries themselves and they
cannot !elieve the things they see in the ma/or news media% $hey say that -merican news media
are on the other side% 9uch of the time, I am forced to !elieve that they are correct%(
9onsanto )om#any !uys &%>% 0earle, and the as#artame !usiness !ecomes a se#arate 9onsanto
su!sidiary, the =utra0weet )om#any% >onald 8umsfeld re#ortedly received a S1L million !onus%
2sama !in <aden?s !rother, 0alem, stated that 2sama was Rthe liaison !etween the D0, the 0audi
government, and the -fghan re!els%?
094/. 'ill +hite and Iim 'ath have a falling out% 'ath then launches LJ frivolous lawsuits
against +hite, leading to +hite's financial ruin and e"#ulsion from Houston's !usiness
community% +hite fights the lawsuits, refusing to take a huge #ay off to kee# silent a!out his
knowledge of 'ath's relationshi# to the 0audis and 'ush family%
-fter a tri# to 'urma to interview drug king#in Mhun 0a regarding #ossi!le locations of D%0%
12+s, Iames “'o &rit4 returned from 'urma with a videota#ed interview of Mhun 0a
#ur#orting to name several officials in the 8eagan administration involved in narcotics
trafficking in 0outheast -sia (said he would reveal all the D0 government officials he had !een
working with for the #ast LC years in return for economic stimulus to hel# his #eo#le without
#roducing heroin)% -mong those named was 8ichard -rmitage, who most recently served as
>e#uty 0ecretary of 0tate during &eorge +% 'ush's first term as 1resident% &rit4 !elieved that
those same officials were involved in a coveru# of missing -merican 12+s%
>uring this #eriod &rit4 >uring this #eriod &rit4 esta!lished contacts with the )hristic Institute,
a #rogressive grou# which was then #ursuing a lawsuit against the D%0% government over charges
of drug trafficking in !oth 0outheast -sia and )entral -merica%
the )I- !acked a #lan !y the 1akistani I0I Rto recruit #eo#le from around the world to /oin the
-fghan /ihad%? 0u!sequently: 9ore than 1CC,CCC Islamic militants were trained in 1akistan
!etween 1EJQ and 1EEL, in cam#s overseen !y )I- and 9IQ, with the 0-0 @'ritish 0#ecial
.orcesA training future al*Kaida and $ali!an fighters in !om!*making and other !lack arts% $heir
leaders were trained at a )I- cam# in Hirginia% $his was called 2#eration )yclone and
continued long after the 0oviets had withdrawn in 1EJE%
)I- funding for the o#erations Rwas funneled through &eneral Tia and the I0I in 1akistan%?
Interestingly, 8o!ert &ates, who #reviously served as assistant to 'r4e4inski in the =ational
0ecurity )ouncil, stayed on in the 8eagan*'ush administration as e"ecutive assistant to )I-
director )asey, and who is then currently 0ecretary of >efense%
0945. Harken ;nergy, a com#any that &eorge +% 'ush's failed oil com#anies have !een folded
into, receives SLF*million stock offering underwritten !y significant #layers connected to the
'ank of )redit and )ommerce International ('))I), a 9iddle ;astern !anking concern% 'ush is
key to Harken o!taining the money%
$he 0ecret )onstitution and the =eed for )onstitutional )hange is s#onsored in #art !y the
8ockefeller .oundation% 0ome thoughts of author -rthur 0% 9iller are:
(%%% a #ervasive system of thought control e"ists in the Dnited 0tates%%% the citi4enry is
indoctrinated !y em#loyment of the mass media and the system of #u!lic education%%% #eo#le are
told what to think a!out%%% the old order is crum!ling%%% =ationalism should !e seen as a
dangerous social disease%%% - new vision is required to #lan and manage the future, a glo!al
vision that will transcend national !oundaries and eliminate the #oison of nationalistic
solutions%%% a new )onstitution is necessary%(
May 0945. ;4ra $aft 'enson, $he 0avior?s Hisit to -merica, ;nsign, #N:
“0ecret com!inations flourished !ecause, as Helaman tells us, the &adianton ro!!ers Rhad
seduced the more #art of the righteous until they had come down to !elieve in their works and
#artake of their s#oils? (Helaman Q:BJ)%%% even as today%
0944. 0ilverado 'anking 0avings O <oan shut down !y regulators% =eil 'ush son of the Hice
1resident and candidate for 1resident was a director% $he sei4ure and investigation had !een
delayed to after the election%
.red 9alek, a well*known =a4i colla!orator was #art of 'ush?s cam#aign for 1resident% 9alek
would again serve 'ush in his 1EEL race for reelection% 0everal 'ush cam#aign staffers forced to
resign after it was disclosed they were e"*=a4i war criminals including <as4lo 1astor and
:aroslav 0tetsko%
+illiam >ra#er served as head of 'ush?s cam#aign funding% His grandfather had founded the
1ioneer .und to #romote eugenics%
$he '))I scandal !reaks% $he !ank is e"#osed as a massive criminal enter#rise, having catered,
during it's history, to some of the most notorious villains of the LCth century, including 0addam
Hussein, 9anuel =oriega, terrorist leaders -!u =idal, and the 9edellin drug cartel, as well as
for !eing involved in money laundering and the Iran contra scandal and for #ilfering investors'
cash% .ollowing '))I's sei4ure in 1EE1, Mhalid 'in 9ahfou4 was indicted in =ew :ork 0tate on
the grounds that he had withdrawn si4a!le investments in the !ank /ust !efore it was sei4ed% In
the end, all the charges and claims were dro##ed after he made #ayments of SLLF million into a
.ederal 8eserve settlement account mainly for the !enefit of de#ositors and creditors who had
suffered losses and SLNF million to '))I's court*a##ointed <iquidators also for the !enefit of
de#ositors and creditors%
'in <aden discussed Rthe esta!lishment of a new military grou#,? which would come to !e
known as -l*Kaeda% 2sama !in <aden?s charity front, the 9-M, (eventually to form -l*Kaeda)
founded the al*Mifah )enter in 'rooklyn, =ew :ork, to recruit 9uslims for the /ihad against the
0oviets% $he al*Mifah )enter was founded in the late 1EJCs with the su##ort of the D%0%
government, which #rovided visas for known terrorists associated with the organi4ation,
including -li 9ohamed, the R!lind sheik? 2mar -!del 8ahman and #ossi!ly the lead EU11
hi/acker, 9ohamed -tta%
$his coincided with the creation of -l*Kaeda, of which the al*Mifah )enter was a recruiting
front% .oot soldiers for -l*Kaeda were Radmitted to the Dnited 0tates for training under a s#ecial
visa #rogram%? $he .'I had !een surveilling the training of terrorists, however, Rit terminated
this surveillance in the fall of 1EJE%? In 1EEC, the )I- granted 0heikh 2mar -!del 8ahman a
visa to come run the al*Mifah )enter, who was considered an Runtoucha!le? as he was R!eing
#rotected !y no fewer than three agencies,? including the 0tate >e#artment, the =ational 0ecurity
-gency (=0-) and the )I-%
8o!in )ook, a former 'ritish 91 and 9inister of .oreign -ffairs wrote that -l*Kaeda, Rliterally
Rthe data!ase?, was originally the com#uter file of the thousands of mu/ahideen who were
recruited and trained with hel# from the )I- to defeat the 8ussians%? $hus, R-l*Kaeda? was !orn
as an instrument of western intelligence agencies% $his account of al*Kaeda was further
corro!orated !y a former .rench military intelligence agent, who stated that, RIn the mid*1EJCs,
-l Kaida was a data!ase,? and that it remained as such into the 1EECs% He contended that, R-l
Kaida was neither a terrorist grou# nor 2sama !in <aden's #ersonal #ro#erty,? and further:
“$he truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist grou# called -l Kaida% -nd any informed
intelligence officer knows this% 'ut there is a #ro#aganda cam#aign to make the #u!lic !elieve in
the #resence of an identified entity re#resenting the 'devil' only in order to drive the '$H watcher'
to acce#t a unified international leadershi# for a war against terrorism% $he country !ehind this
#ro#aganda is the D0 and the lo!!yists for the D0 war on terrorism are only interested in making
$he creation of -l*Kaeda was thus facilitated !y the )I- and allied intelligence networks, the
#ur#ose of which was to maintain this Rdata!ase? of 9u/ahideen to !e used as intelligence assets
to achieve D0 foreign #olicy o!/ectives, throughout !oth the )old +ar, and into the #ost*)old
+ar era of the Rnew world order?%
.ormer Dnder*secretary of 0tate and ).8 mem!er &eorge 'all in a Ianuary LN interview in the
=ew :ork $imes says:
($he )old +ar should no longer !e the kind of o!sessive concern that it is% =either side is going
to attack the other deli!erately%%% If we could internationali4e !y using the D%=% in con/unction
with the 0oviet Dnion, !ecause we now no longer have to fear, in most cases, a 0oviet veto, then
we could !egin to transform the sha#e of the world and might get the D%=% !ack to doing
something useful%%% 0ooner or later we are going to have to face restructuring our institutions so
that they are not confined merely to the nation*states% 0tart first on a regional and ultimately you
could move to a world !asis%(
$he D%0% -gency for International >evelo#ment signed its latest contract with the old
0terili4ation <eague (a%k%a% -ssociation for Holuntary 0urgical )ontrace#tion), committing the
D%0% government to s#end SJC million over five years% Having gotten away with sterili4ing
several hundred =orth )arolina school children, the identical grou# was then authori4ed !y
1resident 'ush to do it to FJ countries in -sia, -frica and I!ero*-merica% $he grou# modestly
claims it has directly sterili4ed only two million #eo#le, with JG #ercent of the !ill #aid !y D%0%
ta"#ayers% 9eanwhile, >r% )larence &am!le, 'oyden &ray's favorite soa# manufacturer, formed
his own (1athfinder .und( as a s#lit*off from the 0terili4ation <eague% &am!le's 1athfinder
.und, with additional millions from D0-I>, concentrates on #enetration of local social grou#s in
the non*white countries, to !reak down #sychological resistance to the surgical sterili4ation
January 0944. ;4ra $aft 'enson, - +itness and a +arning: - 9odern*>ay 1ro#het $estifies
of the 'ook of 9ormon, #% JC:
“2ur families may !e corru#ted !y worldly trends and teachings unless we know how to use the
@'ook of 9ormonA to e"#ose and com!at the falsehoods in socialism, organic evolution,
rationalism, humanism, and so forth%5-nd our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read
and heed the words of the &od of this land, Iesus )hrist, and quit !uilding u# and u#holding the
secret com!inations which the 'ook of 9ormon tells us #roved the downfall of !oth #revious
-merican civili4ations%
*o2ember 0944. ;4ra $aft 'enson, I $estify, ;nsign, #JG:
“I testify that wickedness is ra#idly e"#anding in every segment of our society% It is more highly
organi4ed, more cleverly disguised, and more #owerfully #romoted than ever !efore% 0ecret
com!inations lusting for #ower, gain, and glory are flourishing% - secret com!ination that seeks
to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries is increasing its evil influence and
control over -merica and the entire world%
December 5" 0944. In an address to the D%=%, 9ikhail &or!achev calls for mutual consensus:
(+orld #rogress is only #ossi!le through a search for universal human consensus as we move
forward to a new world order%(
0949. &eorge H+ 'ush takes oath of office as 1resident #lacing his assets in a !lind trust
managed !y +illiam .arish III, grandson of the +illiam 0% .arish that su##lied Hitler with gas%
+illiam .arish III managed the fortune of his !est friend, &eorge H%+% 'ush, during his terms as
Hice 1resident and 1resident of the Dnited 0tates% +illiam .arish's father, whose daughter
married -verell Harriman's ne#hew, was #resident of 0tandard 2il of =ew IerseyU8ockefeller%
)iting )harles Higham's $rading +ith $he ;nemy, the 'ush !iogra#hers state:
(In 1EBB, as what Hitler called his '=ew 2rder' a##eared, Iohn >% 8ockefeller, Ir% a##ointed
+illiam 0% .arish the chairman of 0tandard 2il )o% of =ew Iersey (in 1EBG he was made
#resident and chief e"ecutive)% .arish moved his offices to 8ockefeller )enter, =ew :ork, where
he s#ent a good deal of time with Hermann 0chmit4, chairman of I%&% .ar!en3 his com#any #aid
a #u!licity man, Ivy <ee, to write #ro*I%&% .ar!en and #ro*=a4i #ro#aganda and get it into the
D%0% #ress%(
$he +ar!urgs, 8ockefeller's #artners in !anking and the develo#ment of =a4i eugenics, initially
directed I%&% .ar!en, which was essentially the same entity as 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey%
+illiam 0% .arish then directed this concern which o#ened -uschwit4 in 1ENC%
($he &erman chemical com#any I& .ar!en and 8ockefeller's 0tandard 2il of =ew Iersey were
effectively a single firm, merged in hundreds of cartel arrangements% I& .ar!en was led, u# until
1EBG !y the +ar!urg family, 8ockefeller's #artners in !anking and in the design of =a4i &erman
eugenics% .ollowing the =a4i invasion of 1oland in 0e#tem!er 1EBE, 'ritain and &ermany
declared war on each other and +orld +ar II !egan% 'ut later that month, 0tandard 2il
e"ecutives flew to the =etherlands on a 'ritish 8oyal -ir .orce !om!er and met with I& .ar!en
e"ecutives% 0tandard 2il #ledged to kee# the merger with I& .ar!en going even if the Dnited
0tates entered the war% $his was e"#osed in 1ENL !y 0en% Harry $ruman's investigating
committee, and 1resident .ranklin 8oosevelt took hundreds of legal measures during the war to
counter the 0tandard 2il*I& .ar!en cartel's su##ly o#eration for the enemy war machine% In
1ENC*N1, I& .ar!en !uilt a gigantic factory at -uschwit4 in 1oland, to utili4e the 0tandard 2il*
I& .ar!en #atents with concentration cam# slave la!or to make gasoline from coal% $he 00
guarded the Iewish and other inmates and selected for killing those who were unfit for I& .ar!en
slave la!or% 0tandard*&ermany 1resident ;mil Helfferich testified after the war that 0tandard 2il
funds hel#ed #ay for the 00 guards at -uschwit4% 2n 9arch LQ, 1ENC, si" months after the
0tandard 2il*I& .ar!en meeting, ;uro#ean 8ockefeller .oundation official >aniel 2''rian wrote
to the foundation's chief medical officer -lan &regg that 'it would !e unfortunate if it was chosen
to sto# research which has no relation to war issues%' $he 'non*war* related' research continued%
\$he 8ockefeller .oundation defends its record !y claiming that its funding of =a4i &erman
#rograms during +orld +ar II was limited to #sychiatric research%(
)arl 'ernstein's (+oodward and 'ernstein of +atergate fame) !ook <oyalties: - 0on's 9emoir
is #u!lished% His father and mother had !een mem!ers of the )ommunist #arty% 'ernstein's
father tells his son a!out the !ook:
(:ou're going to #rove @0en% Iose#hA 9c)arthy was right, !ecause all he was saying is that the
system was loaded with )ommunists% -nd he was right%%% I'm worried a!out the kind of !ook
you're going to write and a!out cleaning u# 9c)arthy% $he #ro!lem is that every!ody said he
was a liar3 you're saying he was right%%% I agree that the 1arty was a force in the country%(
'oyden &ray was chief legal advisor to &eorge H%+% 'ush as #resident% &ray's grandfather,
'owman &ray, owned 8%I% 8eynolds $o!acco )o% and his father, &ordon &ray, founded
'owman &ray 9edical 0chool in +inston*0alem, =) as a center for eugenicsUsterili4ation
research% 'oyden &ray's father organi4ed the #ilot #ro/ect for the #resent worldwide sterili4ation
#rogram% >r% )laude =ash Herndon, who was #rofessor of medical genetics at 'owman &ray
9edical 0chool, !ecame #resident of the -merican ;ugenics 0ociety in 1EFB at which time the
society merged with the 1o#ulation )ouncil under 8ockefeller #atronage%
$he 0oviets #ull out of -fghanistan after the )I- s#ends (D0) SB*!illion on the largest covert
o#eration in its history (2#eration )yclone)% 2sama !in <aden returns to 0audi -ra!ia, angry
with how the -mericans a!andoned -fghanistan after the 0oviet retreat%
+hen the 0oviets withdrew from -fghanistan, the fighting continued !etween the -fghan
government !acked !y the D008 and the 9u/ahideen !acked !y the D0, 0audi -ra!ia, and
1akistan% +hen the 0oviet Dnion colla#sed in 1EE1, so too did its aid to the -fghan government,
which itself was overthrown in 1EEL% However, fighting almost immediately !roke out !etween
rival factions vying for #ower, including Hekmatyar%
In the early 1EECs, an o!scure grou# of R1ashtun country folk? had !ecome a #owerful military
and #olitical force in -fghanistan, known as the $ali!an% $he $ali!an Rsurfaced as a small militia
force o#erating near Mandahar city during the s#ring and summer of 1EEN, carrying out vigilante
attacks against minor warlords%? -s growing discontent with the warlords grew, so too did the
re#utation of the $ali!an% $he $ali!an acquired an alliance with the I0I in 1EEN, and throughout
1EEF, the relationshi# !etween the $ali!an and the I0I accelerated and R!ecame more and more
of a direct military alliance%? $he $ali!an ultimately !ecame Ran asset of the I0I? and Ra client of
the 1akistan army%? .urther, R'etween 1EEN and 1EEQ, the D0- su##orted the $ali!an #olitically
through its allies 1akistan and 0audi -ra!ia, essentially !ecause +ashington viewed the $ali!an
as anti*Iranian, anti*0hia, and #ro*+estern%?
0elig Harrison, a scholar with the +oodrow +ilson International )entre for 0cholars and Ra
leading D0 e"#ert on 0outh -sia,? said at a conference in India that the )I- worked with
1akistan to create the $ali!an% Harrison has Re"tensive contact? with the )I-, as Rhe had
meetings with )I- leaders at the time when Islamic forces were !eing strengthened in
-fghanistan,? while he was a senior associate of the )arnegie ;ndowment for International
1eace% -s he further revealed in LCC1, R$he )I- still has close links with the I0I%? 'y 1EEQ, the
$ali!an had control of Mandahar, !ut still fighting and insta!ility continued in the country%
May 0949. ;4ra $aft 'enson, 'eware of 1ride, ;nsign:
“1ride results in secret com!inations which are !uilt u# to get #ower, gain, and glory of the
world% $his fruit of the sin of #ride, namely secret com!inations, !rought down !oth the Iaredite
and the =e#hite civili4ations and has !een and will yet !e the cause of the fall of many nations%
“=ow we are assured that the )hurch will remain on the earth until the <ord comes again6!ut at
what #rice7 $he 0aints in the early days were assured that Tion would !e esta!lished in Iackson
)ounty, !ut look at what their unfaithfulness cost them in !loodshed and delay%
May 0," 0949. 1resident 'ush invites the 0oviets to /oin +orld 2rder% 0#eaking to the
graduating class at $e"as -O9 Dniversity, 9r% 'ush states that the Dnited 0tates is ready to
welcome the 0oviet Dnion (!ack into the world order%(
June 0949. Hugh '% 1earce was killed in a helico#ter accident%
August 03" 0949. <arkin 0mith >ied in an air#lane accident
8*S'ALLM1*' Q03. 099HL0999 out of heart for this #ro/ect%%%will finish u# with what I have%
099H. .ollowing the &ulf +ar, 'ahrain awarded an offshore drilling contract to Harken 2il3 a
firm affiliated with &eorge +% 'ush the son of the 1resident% &eorge +% sells his stake in
Harken and one week later the share #rice colla#ses%
$he +orld .ederalist -ssociation faults the -merican #ress% +riting in their 0ummerU.all
newsletter, >e#uty >irector ;ric )o" descri!es world events over the #ast year or two and
(It's sad !ut true that the slow*witted -merican #ress has not gras#ed the significance of most of
these develo#ments% 'ut most federalists know what is ha##ening%%% -nd they are not frightened
!y the old !ug*a*!oo of sovereignty%(
Apri! ,9" 099H. 9r% 1aul =eri of the =ational 0ecurity -gency died%
May 099H. >allin H% 2aks, +ealthy +all 0treet elitists, ena!led and em#owered these and
many other mass murderers% $he documentation for this can !e found in several !ooks including
the works of -ntony 0utton% +orld 1eace, ;nsign:
“-s we seek to understand the causes of wars, #ersecutions, and civil strife, we can see that they
are almost always rooted in wickedness%
$he mass*murders of the twentieth century are among the !loodiest crimes ever committed
against humanity% +e can hardly com#rehend the magnitude of the =a4i holocaust murders of
over five million Iews in ;uro#e, 0talin?s #urges and la!or cam#s that killed five to ten million
in the 0oviet Dnion, and the two to three million noncom!atants who were killed or who died of
hunger in the 'iafran +ar%
-ll of these slaughters, and others like them, were rooted in the ancient wickedness 0atan taught
6that a man could murder to get gain% (0ee 9oses F:B1) $he mass*murderers of this century
killed to acquire #ro#erty and to secure #ower over others%
-nd 0atan said unto )ain: 0wear unto me !y thy throat, and if thou tell it thou shalt die3 and
swear thy !rethren !y their heads, and !y the living &od, that they tell it not3 for if they tell it,
they shall surely die3 and this that thy father @-damA may not know it3 and this day I will deliver
thy !rother -!el into thine hands% -nd 0atan sware unto )ain that he would do according to his
commands% -nd all these things were done in secret% -nd )ain said: $ruly I am 9ahan, the
master of this great secret, that I may murder and get gain% +herefore )ain was called 9aster
9ahan, and he gloried in his wickedness%(0ee 9oses F:LE*B1)
September 00" 099H. 1resident 'ush calls the &ulf +ar an o##ortunity for the =ew +orld
2rder% In an address to )ongress entitled $oward a =ew +orld 2rder, 9r% 'ush says:
($he crisis in the 1ersian &ulf offers a rare o##ortunity to move toward an historic #eriod of
coo#eration% 2ut of these trou!led times%%% a new world order can emerge in which the nations of
the world, east and west, north and south, can #ros#er and live in harmony%%%% $oday the new
world is struggling to !e !orn%(
September ,-" 099H. In an address to the D%=%, 0oviet .oreign 9inister ;duard 0hevardnad4e
descri!es Iraq's invasion of Muwait as (an act of terrorism @thatA has !een #er#etrated against the
emerging =ew +orld 2rder%( 2n >ecem!er B1, &or!achev declares that the =ew +orld 2rder
would !e ushered in !y the &ulf )risis%
Kctober 0" 099H. In a D%=% address, 1resident 'ush s#eaks of the:
(%%% collective strength of the world community e"#ressed !y the D%=% %%% an historic movement
towards a new world order%%% a new #artnershi# of nations%%% a time when humankind came into
its own%%% to !ring a!out a revolution of the s#irit and the mind and !egin a /ourney into a%%% new
-uthor <inda 9ac8ae*)am#!ell #u!lishes How to 0tart a 8evolution at :our 0chool in the
#u!lication In )onte"t% 0he #romotes the use of (change agents( as (self*acknowledged
revolutionaries( and (co*cons#irators%(
0990. 0addam Hussein asked for #ermission from the D0 to invade Muwait (via their
am!assador -#ril &illes#ie) and got an answer that the D0 does not care a!out -ra! quarrels%
$hat was a tra#, and after 0addam occu#ied Muwait, &eorge 'ush 0r% mo!ili4ed a coalition of
some NC nations to (li!erate Muwait( and to smash the recently*!uilt Iraqi military #ower !ase%
$his also involved a media hoa", where the daughter of Muwaiti D0 am!assador #layed nurse on
$H and testified to (witnessing( Iraqi soldiers throwing !a!ies out of incu!ators in Muwait which
was later determined to !e fa!ricated%
2sama !in <aden urges the 0audi royal family to find an -ra! solution, !y raising an army on
their own to fight Hussein% +hen the royal family invites the D%0% in to do the /o! instead, 'in
<aden !ecomes disenchanted with the House of al*0aud% His anger grows when after the war the
D0 leaves LC,CCC troo#s !ehind in 0audi -ra!ia% 0oon 'in <aden makes a deal with the 0audi
royal family: he is allowed to leave the kingdom with his fortune, and will receive funding for al
Kaeda from various 0audi charities and !anks, !ut in return he must not launch attacks against
the royal family% 'in <aden settles in the 0udan, aiming his ire at the D0%
1resident 'ush #raises the =ew +orld 2rder in a 0tate of Dnion 9essage:
(+hat is at stake is more than one small country, it is a !ig idea ** a new world order%%% to
achieve the universal as#irations of mankind%%% !ased on shared #rinci#les and the rule of law%%%%
$he illumination of a thousand #oints of light%%%% $he winds of change are with us now%(
+illiam H% >ra#er III's agency asserts in a D0-I> re#ort that LFN million cou#les will !e
surgically sterili4ed over the course of the 1EECs3 and that if #resent trends continue, JC #ercent
of the women in 1uerto 8ico and 1anama will !e surgically sterili4ed% $he Dnited =ations
1o#ulation .und claims that BG #ercent of contrace#tion users in I!ero*-merica and the
)ari!!ean have already !een surgically sterili4ed% -ll #aid for directly !y the D0 government –
via ta"#ayers%
0#okes#ersons for D0-I> also said that surgical sterili4ation is the 'ush administration's Rfirst
choice? method of #o#ulation reduction in the $hird +orld%
+illiam >ra#er III @).8A was co*chairman for finance of &eorge H%+% 'ush's vice #residential
cam#aign and directed D%0% -id to International >evelo#ment (D0-I>), the Dnited =ations
de#o#ulation organi4ation, under the 'ush administration% >ra#er's father, &en% +illiam H%
>ra#er, Ir%, founded the 1o#ulation )risis )ommittee and the >ra#er .und, was vice #resident of
1lanned 1arenthood and advised 1resident Iohnson to esta!lish D0-I>, which uses D%0%
ta"#ayer monies to surgically sterili4e large #ortions of the #o#ulations of under#rivileged
nations% ($he rationale for esta!lishing D0-I> was to safeguard -merica from the (security
threat( of over#o#ulation in underdevelo#ed countries%)
“In -frica, according to the -merican government in 1EGQ and ever since, there is a threat to
-merican national security interests: #o#ulation growth% $he -gency for International
>evelo#ment (D0-I>) was given the res#onsi!ility of defending -merica from this grave
&eneral >ra#er had !een a high official of >illon 8eed's &erman )redit and Investment )or#%
which managed the financial interests of .rit4 $hyssen, Hitler's chief s#onsor, along with Dnion
'anking )or#%
8o!ert 8etherford, (;ast*+est Institute, Hawaii3 funded !y D0-I>) !ecame #resident of the
-merican ;ugenics 0ociety, (from 1EGB called the 0ociety for the 0tudy of 0ocial 'iology) until
Henry Missinger, at the 1EE1 'ilder!erger )onference held in ;vians, .rance:
“$oday, -merica would !e outraged if D= troo#s entered <os -ngeles to restore order%
$omorrow they will !e gratefulW $his is es#ecially true if they were told that there was an outside
threat from !eyond, whether real or #romulgated, that threatened our very e"istence% It is then
that all #eo#le of the world will #lead to deliver them from this evil% $he one thing every man
fears is the unknown% +hen #resented with this scenario, individual rights will !e willingly
relinquished for the guarantee of their well*!eing granted to them !y the +orld &overnment%
January 0/" 0990. &eorge H% +% 'ush:
“+e have !efore us the o##ortunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world
order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the /ungle, governs the conduct of nations%
+hen we are successful, and we will !e, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order
in which a credi!le Dnited =ations can use its #eacekee#ing role to fulfill the #romise and vision
of the D%=%'s founders%
February /" 0990. 1resident 'ush tells the ;conomic )lu! of =ew :ork:
(9y vision of a new world order foresees a Dnited =ations with a revitali4ed #eacekee#ing
June" 0990. $he )ouncil on .oreign 8elations co*s#onsors an assem!ly 8ethinking -merica's
0ecurity: 'eyond )old +ar to =ew +orld 2rder which is attended !y QF #restigious mem!ers
of government, la!or, academia, the media, military, and the #rofessions from nine countries%
<ater, several of the conference #artici#ants /oined some 1CC other world leaders for another
closed door meeting of the 'ilder!erg 0ociety in 'aden 'aden, &ermany% $he 'ilder!ergers also
e"ert considera!le clout in determining the foreign #olicies of their res#ective governments%
+hile at that meeting, >avid 8ockefeller said in a s#eech:
(+e are grateful to the +ashington 1ost, $he =ew :ork $imes, $ime 9aga4ine and other great
#u!lications whose directors have attended our meetings and res#ected their #romises of
discretion for almost forty years% It would have !een im#ossi!le for us to develo# our #lan for the
world if we had !een su!/ected to the lights of #u!licity during those years% 'ut, the world is
now more so#histicated and #re#ared to march towards a world government% $he su#ranational
sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world !ankers is surely #refera!le to the national auto*
determination #racticed in #ast centuries%(
Ju!y" 0990. $he 0outheastern +orld -ffairs Institute discusses the =ew +orld 2rder% In a
#rogram, to#ics include, <egal 0tructures for a =ew +orld 2rder and $he Dnited =ations: .rom
its )once#tion to a =ew +orld 2rder% 1artici#ants include a former director of the D%=%'s
&eneral <egal >ivision, and a former 0ecretary &eneral of International 1lanned 1arenthood%
-t a Dnited 0tates -gency for International >evelo#ment (D0-I>) strategy session on
sterili4ation, 9e"ico is first among targeted nations followed !y India and 'ra4il% 2n contract
with the 'ush administration, D%0% #ersonnel are working from !ases in 9e"ico to #erform
surgery on millions of 9e"ican men and women% $he acknowledged strategy in this #rogram is
to sterili4e those young adults who have not already com#leted their families%
Late Ju!y" 0990. 2n a )a!le =ews =etwork #rogram, ).8 mem!er and former )I- director
0tansfield $urner (8hodes scholar), when asked a!out Iraq, res#onded:
(+e have a much !igger o!/ective% +e've got to look at the long run here% $his is an e"am#le **
the situation !etween the Dnited =ations and Iraq ** where the Dnited =ations is deli!erately
intruding into the sovereignty of a sovereign nation%%% =ow this is a marvelous #recedent (to !e
used in) all countries of the world%%% (
Kctober ,9" 0990. >avid .under!urk, former D% 0% -m!assador to 8omania, tells a =orth
)arolina audience:
(&eorge 'ush has !een surrounding himself with #eo#le who !elieve in one*world government%
$hey !elieve that the 0oviet system and the -merican system are converging%( $he vehicle to
!ring this a!out, said .under!urk, is the Dnited =ations, (the ma/ority of whose 1QQ mem!er
states are socialist, atheist, and anti*-merican%(
.under!urk served as am!assador in 'ucharest from 1EJ1 to 1EJF, when he resigned in
frustration over D%0% su##ort of the o##ressive regime of the late 8umanian dictator, =icolae
Kctober 3H" 0990. 1resident &or!achev at the 9iddle ;ast 1eace $alks in 9adrid states:
(+e are !eginning to see #ractical su##ort% -nd this is a very significant sign of the movement
towards a new era, a new age%%% +e see !oth in our country and elsewhere%%% ghosts of the old
thinking%%% +hen we rid ourselves of their #resence, we will !e !etter a!le to move toward a new
world order%%% relying on the relevant mechanisms of the Dnited =ations%(
;lsewhere, in -le"andria, Hirginia, ;lena <enskaya, )ounsellor to the 9inister of ;ducation of
8ussia, delivers the keynote address for a #rogram titled, ;ducation for a =ew +orld 2rder%
099,. &eorge H% +% 'ush loses to 'ill )linton% ;ventually the former #resident !ecomes an
adviser to the )arlyle &rou#, a #owerful +ashington*!ased #rivate investment firm with
interests in the defense industry% -mong his duties, 'ush hel#s strengthen )arlyle's ties to the
0audi royal family% He will later visit 0audi -ra!ia and the !in <aden family com#ound% $he !in
<adens eventually invest in the )arlyle &rou#% )arlyle !uys a com#any called Hinnell )or#%,
which #rovides training to the 0audi #alace guard% &eorge +% 'ush !riefly sits on the !oard of
directors of one of )arlyle's su!sidiaries%
&eorge H+ 'ush #ardons all of the #rinci#al #layers in the Iran*)ontra scandal%
$he $wilight of 0overeignty !y ).8 mem!er (and former )iticor# )hairman) +alter +riston is
#u!lished, in which he claims:
(- truly glo!al economy will require %%% com#romises of national sovereignty%%% $here is no
esca#ing the system%(
$he Dnited =ations )onference on ;nvironment and >evelo#ment (D=);>) ;arth 0ummit
takes #lace in 8io de Ianeiro this year, headed !y )onference 0ecretary*&eneral 9aurice 0trong%
$he main #roducts of this summit are the 'iodiversity $reaty and -genda L1, which the D%0%
hesitates to sign !ecause of o##osition at home due to the threat to sovereignty and economics%
$he summit says the first world's wealth must !e transferred to the third world%
1resident 'ush addressing the &eneral -ssem!ly of the D%= said:
(It is the sacred #rinci#les enshrined in the Dnited =ations charter to which the -merican #eo#le
will henceforth #ledge their allegiance%(
$he ).8's .oreign -ffairs #u!lishes ;m#owering the Dnited =ations !y D%=% 0ecretary &eneral
'outros*'outros &hali, who asserts:
(It is undenia!le that the centuries*old doctrine of a!solute and e"clusive sovereignty no longer
stands%%% Dnderlying the rights of the individual and the rights of #eo#les is a dimension of
universal sovereignty that resides in all humanity%%% It is a sense that increasingly finds e"#ression
in the gradual e"#ansion of international law%%% In this setting the significance of the Dnited
=ations should !e evident and acce#ted%(
D0-I> said its 1o#ulation -ccount @!irth controlA would receive SBCC million, a LC #ercent
increase over the #revious year% +ithin this #ro/ect, a significant sum is s#ent on #olitical and
#sychological mani#ulations of target nations, and rather !latant su!version of their religions and
Ju!y ,H" 099,. $ime maga4ine #u!lishes $he 'irth of the &lo!al =ation !y 0tro!e $al!ott,
8hodes 0cholar, roommate of 'ill )linton at 2"ford Dniversity, ).8 >irector, and $rilateralist,
in which he writes:
(-ll countries are !asically social arrangements%%% =o matter how #ermanent or even sacred they
may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and tem#orary%%% 1erha#s national
sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all%%% 'ut it has taken the events in our own wondrous
and terri!le century to clinch the case for world government%(
-s an editor of $ime, $al!ott defended )linton during his #residential cam#aign% He was
a##ointed !y 1resident )linton as the num!er two #erson at the 0tate >e#artment !ehind
0ecretary of 0tate +arren )hristo#her, former $rilateralist and former ).8 Hice*)hairman and
>irector% $al!ott was confirmed !y a!out two*thirds of the D%0% 0enate des#ite his statement
a!out the unim#ortance of national sovereignty%
September ,9" 099,. -t a town hall meeting in <os -ngeles, $rilateralist and former ).8
#resident +inston <ord delivers a s#eech titled )hanging 2ur +ays: -merica and the =ew
+orld, in which he remarks:
($o a certain e"tent, we are going to have to yield some of our sovereignty, which will !e
controversial at home%%% @DnderA the =orth -merican .ree $rade -greement (=-.$-)%%% some
-mericans are going to !e hurt as low*wage /o!s are taken away%(
<ord !ecame an -ssistant 0ecretary of 0tate in the )linton administration%
0993. $he first attack on the +orld $rade )entre, which is connected to 2sama !in <aden and al
Kaeda, occurs%
0tro!e $al!ott receives the =orman )ousins &lo!al &overnance -ward for his 1EEL $ime
article, $he 'irth of the &lo!al =ation and in a##reciation for what he has done (for the cause of
glo!al governance%( 1resident )linton writes a letter of congratulation which states:
(=orman )ousins worked for world #eace and world government%%%% 0tro!e $al!ott's lifetime
achievements as a voice for glo!al harmony have earned him this recognition%%% He will !e a
worthy reci#ient of the =orman )ousins &lo!al &overnance -ward% 'est wishes%%% for future
=ot only does 1resident )linton use the s#ecific term, (world government,( !ut he also e"#ressly
wishes the +.- (future success( in #ursuing world federal government% $al!ott #roudly acce#ts
the award, !ut says the +.- should have given it to the other nominee, 9ikhail &or!achev%
May J" 0993. )ouncil on .oreign 8elations ().8) #resident <eslie &el! said on $he )harlie
8ose 0how that:
(%%% you @)harlie 8oseA had me on @!eforeA to talk a!out the =ew +orld 2rderW I talk a!out it all
the time% It's one world now% $he )ouncil @).8A can find, nurture, and !egin to #ut #eo#le in the
kinds of /o!s this country needs% -nd that's going to !e one of the ma/or enter#rises of the
)ouncil under me%(
1revious ).8 chairman, Iohn I% 9c)loy (1EFB*GC), actually said they have !een doing this since
the 1ENCs (and !efore)%
Ju!y 04" 0993. ).8 mem!er and $rilateralist Henry Missinger writes in the <os -ngeles $imes
concerning =-.$-:
(+hat )ongress will have !efore it is not a conventional trade agreement !ut the architecture of
a new international system%%% a first ste# toward a new world order%(
Ju!y ,H" 0993. Hincent .oster, a +hite House de#uty counsel and long*time #ersonal friend of
'ill and Hillary's, is found of dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth ** a death ruled suicide%
August ,3" 0993. )hristo#her Hitchens, 0ocialist friend of 'ill )linton when he was at 2"ford
Dniversity, says in a )*01-= interview:
(%%% it is, of course the case that there is a ruling class in this country, and that it has allies
Kctober 3H" 0993. +ashington 1ost om!udsman 8ichard Harwood does an o#*ed #iece a!out
the role of the ).8's media mem!ers:
($heir mem!ershi# is an acknowledgment of their ascension into the -merican ruling class
@whereA they do not merely analy4e and inter#ret foreign #olicy for the Dnited 0tates3 they hel#
make it%(
*o2ember 0993. Iohn .% 9c9anus, .inancial $errorism:
“If the warning we are issuing isn't heeded, the -merican #eo#le will surely find themselves in
!ondage% -nd children of the future who ask their #arents why such a fate wasn't #revented will
receive little more than guilt*ridden and totally deficient res#onses%
099J. &eorge +% 'ush !ecomes governor of $e"as%
$he ).8's .oreign -ffairs #rints an o#ening article !y ).8 0enior .ellow 9ichael )lough in
which he writes that the (+ise 9en( (e%g% 1aul =it4e, >ean -cheson, &eorge Mennan, and Iohn
I% 9c)loy) have:
(assiduously guarded it @-merican foreign #olicyA for the #ast FC years%%% $hey ascended to
#ower during +orld +ar II%%% $his was as it should !e% =ational security and the national
interest, they argued must transcend the s#ecial interests and #assions of the #eo#le who make u#
-merica%%% How was this small !and of -tlantic*minded internationalists a!le to trium#h %%%
;astern internationalists were a!le to sha#e and staff the !urgeoning foreign #olicy institutions%%%
-s long as the )old +ar endured and nuclear -rmageddon seemed only a missile away, the
#u!lic was willing to tolerate such an undemocratic foreign #olicy making system%(
In the Human >evelo#ment 8e#ort, #u!lished !y the D= >evelo#ment 1rogram, there was a
section called (&lo!al &overnance .or the L1st )entury(% $he administrator for this #rogram
was a##ointed !y 'ill )linton% His name is Iames &ustave 0#eth% $he o#ening sentence of the
re#ort said:
(9ankind's #ro!lems can no longer !e solved !y national government% +hat is needed is a
+orld &overnment% $his can !est !e achieved !y strengthening the Dnited =ations system%(
September ,3" 099J. >avid 8ockefeller, 0tatement to the Dnited =ations 'usiness )ouncil:
“+e are on the verge of a glo!al transformation% -ll we need is the right ma/or crisis and the
nations will acce#t the =ew +orld 2rder%
099-. .ive -merican soldiers are killed in a car !om! in 0audi -ra!ia% $he 0audis quickly
e"ecute the sus#ects they arrest, ignoring wishes from the .'I to interrogate them !eforehand%
$he $ali!an come to #ower in -fghanistan with the !acking of 1akistan's notorious intelligence
agency, the I0I%
$he 0tate of the +orld .orum took #lace in the fall of this year, s#onsored !y the &or!achev
.oundation located at the 1residio in 0an .rancisco% .oundation 1resident Iim &arrison chairs
the meeting of who's*whos from around the world including 9argaret $hatcher, 9aurice 0trong,
&eorge 'ush, 9ikhail &or!achev and others% )onversation centers around the oneness of
mankind and the coming glo!al government% However, the term (glo!al governance( is now
used in #lace of (new world order( since the latter has !ecome a #olitical lia!ility, !eing a
lightning rod for o##onents of glo!al government%
-urthur 0chlesinger Ir% .oreign -ffairs:
“In defense of the +orld 2rder%%% D%0% soldiers would have to kill and die%5 +e are not going to
achieve a =ew +orld 2rder without #aying for it in !lood, as well as in words and money%
$he .>- is forced, under the .reedom of Information -ct, to release a list of as#artame
sym#toms re#orted !y thousands of victims% .rom 1C,CCC consumer com#laints, the .>-
com#iled a list of EL sym#toms, including death% -ccording to >r% 9artini, as#artame has
!rought more com#laints to the .>- than any other additive and is res#onsi!le for GFX of such
com#laints to that agency%
February 5" 099-. 8ush <im!augh, an outs#oken critic of anyone claiming a #ush for glo!al
government, said on his #rogram:
(:ou see, if you amount to anything in +ashington these days, it is !ecause you have !een
#lucked or hand#icked from an Ivy <eague school ** Harvard, :ale, Mennedy 0chool of
&overnment ** you've shown an a#titude to !e a good Ivy <eague ty#e, and so you're #lucked so*
to*s#eak, and you are assigned success% :ou are assigned a certain role in government
somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the #luckers and
the hand#ickers can #ut you%(
099/. 2sama !in <aden is forced to move from the 0udan to -fghanistan under #ressure from
the )linton administration% =either the D0 nor the 0audis make an effort to arrest him – des#ite
the o##ortunity offered u# to them !y the 0udanese government%
- truck !om! !lows u# the al*Mho!ar !arracks, housing D0 air force #ersonnel in 0audi -ra!ia,
killing 1E soldiers% - grou# called 0audi He4!ollah claims res#onsi!ility% ;ventually, the )linton
administration dro#s the investigation !ecause it does not want to u#set relations !etween 0audi
-ra!ia and Iran – the country that funds He4!ollah%
- meeting of #rominent 0audis occurs in a 1aris hotel% -mong the attendees is the head of 0audi
intelligence, $urki !in .aisal% $hey meet with a re#resentative of al Kaeda and agree to e"tend
the earlier arrangement made !etween the 0audi royal family and 2sama !in <aden – where!y in
return for cash, al Kaeda agrees not to attack inside 0audi -ra!ia%
$he )I- #roduces an internal re#ort that documents the numerous 0audi charities that are
funding terrorists% 2sama !in <aden's name is mentioned%
&eorge H+ 'ush #raises 0un 9yung 9oon in 'uenos -ires% $he 9oon organi4ation is full of
e"*=a4is and closely affiliated with the +orld -nti*)ommunist <eague which is also full of e"*
$he Dnited =ations NLC*#age re#ort 2ur &lo!al =eigh!orhood is #u!lished% It outlines a #lan for
(glo!al governance,( calling for an international )onference on &lo!al &overnance in 1EEJ for
the #ur#ose of su!mitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification !y
the year LCCC%
$he .>- removed all restrictions from as#artame, allowing it to !e used in all foods%
&ary +e! #u!lishes his (>ark -lliance( series of articles (later condensed into a !ook under the
that title) written for the 0an Iose 9ercury =ews% In the three*#art series, +e!! investigated
=icaraguans linked to the )I-*!acked )ontras who had allegedly smuggled cocaine into the
D%0% $heir smuggled cocaine was distri!uted as crack cocaine in <os -ngeles, with the #rofits
funneled !ack to the )ontras% +e!! also alleged that this influ" of =icaraguan*su##lied cocaine
s#arked, and significantly fueled, the wides#read crack cocaine e#idemic that swe#t through
many D%0% cities during the 1EJCs% -ccording to +e!!, the )I- was aware of the cocaine
transactions and the large shi#ments of drugs into the D%0% !y )ontra #ersonnel% +e!! charged
that the 8eagan administration shielded inner*city drug dealers from #rosecution in order to raise
money for the )ontras, es#ecially after )ongress #assed the 'oland -mendment, which
#rohi!ited direct )ontra funding%
May /"099/. 8etired )I- director, +illiam )ol!y, was found dead after his wife re#orted him
missing on -#ril LG,1EEQ% -##arently, )ol!y decided to go on a im#rom#tu canoeing e"cursion
and never returned% )ol!y who had /ust started writing for 0trategic Investment newsletter,
worried many in the intelligent community% )ol!y's #ast history of divulging )I- secrets in the
#ast were well known% 0trategic Investor had covered the Hince .oster suicide and had hired
handwriting e"#erts to review .oster's suicide note%
0994. -l Kaeda makes it most audacious attack to date !y !lowing u# D0 em!assies in Menya
and $an4ania, killing LLN #eo#le%
Apri! 0999. $e"as &overnor &eorge +% 'ush #roclaimed a week of remem!rance for the
Holocaust% He said, (I urge $e"ans to never forget the inhumanity of those who #er#etrated the
Holocaust, and reflect u#on our own humanity and our res#onsi!ility to res#ect all #eo#les%(
May /" 0999. &ordon '% Hinckley, Mee# .aith with -merica:
“@$he )onstitutionA is the keystone of our nation% It is the guarantee of our li!erty% $hat original
document, with the 'ill of 8ights, constitutes the charter of our freedom% $hrough all of the
years that have followed we have had some am!itious men who have sought to su!vert the great
#rinci#les of the )onstitution%%%
8*S'ALLM1*' Q0J. ,HHHL %%%unfortunately more s#arse (ho#ing to include many of the great
quotes from the last several conferences%%%es#ecially references to (!ehind enemy lines(%%%%as well
as #oliticalUnews quotes%%%%as well as historical facts as I understand them)
,HHH. &eorge +% 'ush a##ointed 1resident !y F*N vote of the 0u#reme )ourt%
January ,HHH. Tiad Iarrah, #ilot of .light EB, which would crash into a field in 1ennsylvania on
EU11, is sto##ed and interrogated at an air#ort in Dnited -ra! ;mirates (D-;)% He is returning
from al Kaeda training cam#s in -fghanistan and is carrying Islamic religious material on him%
$he D0 is informed of the interrogation !ut not the details%
- high*#owered meeting of al Kaeda occurs in an a#artment com#le" in Muala <um#ur in
9alaysia% -ttending the meeting is Mhalid 0haykh 9ohammed, the num!er three man in al
Kaeda and mastermind !ehind the 1EEJ D0 em!assy attacks, and architect of the D00 )ole and
EU11 attacks to come% -lso at the meeting is Mhalid al*9ihdhar and =awaf al*Ha4mi, two 0audi
citi4ens who would end u# as hi/ackers on .light GG, the #lane that crashes into the 1entagon on
$he )I- learns a!out the meeting !eforehand and asks the 9alaysian secret #olice to #lace it
under surveillance% Hideo footage and #hotogra#hs of the do4en men in attendance are taken,
though no ta#e recording is #ossi!le% -fter the meeting !reaks u#, -l*Ha4mi and al*9ihdhar fly
to the D0 on their own #ass#orts, landing in <os -ngeles% $here they are met !y 2mar al*
'ayoumi, a 0audi national who works for the 0audi civil aviation authority% Iust #rior to #icking
u# the two would*!e hi/ackers, -l*'ayoumi meets with a mem!er of the 0audi consulate in <- –
a man connected to terrorist activity%
-l*'ayoumi takes al*9ihdhar and al*Ha4mi to 0an >iego, #uts them u# in an a#artment, signs a
lease, holds a #arty for them, enrolls them in flight school and gives them money% <ater, the .'I
concludes that al*'ayoumi is likely a 0audi intelligence agent% -l*'ayoumi also #asses on
thousands of dollars to the hi/ackers that originate from 1rincess Haifa, wife of 1rince 'andar
0audi am!assador to the D0%
MayL June ,HHH. 9em!ers of the Ham!urg cell, including ringleader 9ohammed -tta, enter
the D0% $hey are traveling on 0audi visas, all of which contain errors on them%
September ,HHH. -l*Ha4mi and -l*9ihdhar move into the home of a local imam in 0an >iego,
-!dussattar 0haikh% $he imam is an .'I informant% In fact, 0haikh holds meetings with his .'I
handler while al*Ha4mi and al*9ihdhar sit in a room ne"t door% 0haikh contends he was never
told what mission the hi/ackers were on% His .'I handler, meanwhile, was never informed !y his
su#eriors to look out for al*Ha4mi and al*9ihdhar%
Kctober ,HHH. $he D00 )ole, sitting in a har!our off the coast of :emen, is attacked !y a !oat
laden with e"#losives, killing 1G sailors%
*o2ember ,HHH. &eorge +% 'ush is elected #resident of the D0 in a contested election% 0u##ort
for his cam#aign from the oil industry is generous%
*o2ember ,5" ,HHH. Hunter 0% $hom#son, ;01=:
“$here was one e"act moment, in fact, when I knew for sure that -l &ore would =ever !e
1resident of the Dnited 0tates, no matter what the e"#erts were saying ** and that was when the
whole 'ush family suddenly a##eared on $H and o#enly scoffed at the idea of &ore winning
.lorida% It was =onsense, said the )andidate, Dtter nonsense % % % -ny!ody who !elieved 'ush
had lost .lorida was a .ool% $he 9edia, all of them, were <iars O >unces or treacherous whores
trying to sa!otage his victory% % Here was the whole !loody .amily laughing O hooting O
sneering at the dum!ness of the whole world on =ational $H% $he old man was the real ti#*off%
$he leer on his face was almost frightening% It was like looking into the eyes of a tall hyena with
a living shee# in its mouth% $he shee#'s fate was sealed, and so was -l &ore's%
,HH0. In the months leading u# to EU11, the )I-, .'I and =ational 0ecurity -gency receive a
!urgeoning mountain of intelligence that a terrorist attack of some magnitude, and launched !y
-l Kaeda, is imminent% $hey assume the attack will ha##en overseas%
January ,HH0. $he )I- and .'I !egin to #iece together the im#ortance of the individuals who
met a year earlier in 9alaysia% >es#ite the information they have, neither al*Ha4mi nor al*
9ihdhar are #laced on the 0tate >e#artment and )ustoms watch list%
Apri! ,HH0. -l*Ha4mi is sto##ed for s#eeding in 2klahoma% He is let go !ecause his name does
not a##ear in the #olice officer's data !ank as a wanted man%
May ,HH0. $he )I- will later determine that Mhalid 0haykh 9ohammed, architect of EU11 and
al Kaeda's other attacks, was entering the D0 as late as this month, des#ite the fact he is a well*
known figure in the terrorist netherworld, his name first !ecoming known to the )I- as early as
June ,HH0. )I- and .'I meet to talk a!out al*9ihdhar% 'ut the )I- does not hand over critical
information to the .'I% -gain, the men are not #laced on any watch list and a search for them is
not initiated%
Ju!y ,HH0. - 1hoeni", -4%*!ased .'I counter*terrorism agent writes a lengthy memo in which
he says it has !een noticed that a high num!er of -ra!s, #ossi!ly with connections to al Kaeda,
are taking flying lessons in local flight schools% His memo is ignored !y .'I headquarters%
August /" ,HH0. $he )I- gave 1resident 'ush the 1resident's >aily 'rief headlined ''in <aden
>etermined $o 0trike in D0,' the #resident had seen a stream of alarming re#orts on al Kaeda's
intentions #rior to this re#ort% % % In -#ril and 9ay LCC1, for e"am#le, the intelligence community
headlined some of those re#orts ''in <aden #lanning multi#le o#erations,' ''in <aden network's
#lans advancing' and ''in <aden threats are real%' $o this day, the 'ush +hite House refuses to
release the contents of this !riefing to )ongressional inquiries into EU11%
September 00" ,HH0. $errorist attack%
$he morning of the attack &eorge 'ush 0r% is meeting with mem!ers of the )arlyle &rou# at the
8it4 )arlton Hotel in +ashington% 'in <aden's own !rother is at the meeting% 9em!ers of the
'in <aden family are allowed to leave the D%0% without questioning two days later%
September ,H" ,HH0. 1resident 'ush announced that he had created the ca!inet*level 2ffice of
Homeland 0ecurity, with 1ennsylvania governor $om 8idge as its head% 9ost #eo#le were
utterly unaware of the significance of 'ush's new !ureaucracy% $he Homeland >efense -gency
was not a new idea% )onceived !y a !i*#artisan commission headed !y former senators &ary
Hart and +arren 8udman, this )linton*era conce#tion called “$he 1hase III 8e#ort 2f $he D%0%
)ommission 2n =ational 0ecurityUL1st )entury is !asically the framework for a #ermanent
military*!ureaucratic -merican #olice state%
$he new Homeland >efense -gency is the lynch#in of a #lan that e"tensively reorgani4es !oth
the e"ecutive and legislative functions of the D%0% government% -mong other things, the #lan
makes the =ational &uard a national #olice force% It e"tensively federali4es !oth the study and
the work of science, mathematics, and engineering% It creates numerous new su!*!ureaucracies%
$he Homeland 0ecurity agency itself is to '!e !uilt u#on the .ederal ;mergency 9anagement
-gency, with the three organi4ations currently on the front line of !order security * the )oast
&uard, the )ustoms 0ervice, and the 'order 1atrol * transferred to it%' $he #lan calls for the new
agency to oversee activities of the >e#artment of >efense, as well as to assume a variety of
duties now held !y agencies from the >e#artment of )ommerce to the .'I%
$he -nti*$errorism -ct of LCC1 * $he D%0% House of 8e#resentatives Iudiciary )ommittee
steamrolled through the )ongress a !ill which would dramatically increase the #ower of D%0% law
enforcement agencies% -ttorney &eneral Iohn -shcroft insisted that the .'I needed additional
surveillance and enforcement #owers immediately and the >e#artment of Iustice demanded the
!ill !e enacted !y 0e#tem!er LJ% $he House Iudiciary committee was scheduled to vote on the
'ush administration's !ill on the morning of 0e#tem!er LF3 however, in res#onse to an outcry the
vote was rescheduled to take #lace only two days after the catastro#hic attacks on the +orld
$rade )enter and the 1entagon% $he 0enate voted for anti*terrorist legislation which increased
Internet surveillance after senators were given /ust BC minutes to read the measure%
)overage on 9onday, 0e#tem!er LN, of the -nti*$errorism -ct was limited to -ttorney &eneral
Iohn -shcroft's testimony urging hasty #assage of the swee#ing new #olice #owers sought !y the
'ush administration% -lthough -shcroft?s testimony was o#en to television cameras, the
committee's 8e#u!lican staff ordered camera crews to leave when civil li!erties and free*s#eech
advocates were called to testify% $his ha##ened in violation of House rules which state,
(+henever a hearing or meeting conducted !y a committee or su!committee is o#en to the
#u!lic, those #roceedings shall !e o#en to coverage !y audio and visual means%
+ithin two weeks of the +$)U1entagon attacks, 28-)<; )hairman and );2 <arry ;llison
called for the Dnited 0tates to create a national identification system to thwart terrorists and
offered to donate the software for this massive enter#rise% Dnder ;llison's #ro#osal, -mericans
would !e #hotogra#hed and finger#rinted and the information would !e #laced on a data!ase
used !y air#ort security officials to verify the identities of travelers at air#lane gates%
Kctober ,HH0. $he +ar on $error is launched%
Kctober 5" ,HH0. 2#eration ;nduring .reedom (-fghanistan invasion) was launched% +ithout
any evidence, the former )I-*asset, a 0audi*-ra!ian 2sama !in <aden was claimed to !e the
mastermind !ehind the EU11 strikes at the +$) and the 1entagon% 0uch a com#le" o#eration, if
actually e"ecuted, would !e much !eyond the ca#a!ilities of anything in -fghanistan% 2nly some
to# ten intelligence services in the world could ho#e to !e successful in such an o#eration
involving forgery, infiltration, living (underground( in a foreign non*9uslim country,
coordination of moves, illegal arms, hi*quality flight training, and accurate aircraft navigation in
no*visi!ility conditions and so on% 1erha#s even less, !ecause the friends of the D0 (at that time,
still most of the world) would also have !een interested in sto##ing the attack%
*o2ember 0" ,HH0. 1resident &eorge + 'ush signs ;"ecutive 2rder 1BLBB, under which a
former #resident's #rivate #a#ers can !e released only with the a##roval of !oth that former
#resident (or his heirs) and the current one% 'efore that e"ecutive order, the =ational -rchives
had controlled the release of documents under the 1residential 8ecords -ct of 1EGJ, which
sti#ulated that all #a#ers, e"ce#t those #ertaining to national security, had to !e made availa!le
1L years after a #resident left office% =ow, however, 9r% 'ush can #revent the #u!lic from
knowing not only what he did in office, !ut what 'ill )linton, &eorge H% +% 'ush and 8onald
8eagan did in the name of democracy% (-lthough 9r% 8eagan's term ended more than 1L years
!efore the e"ecutive order, the 'ush administration had filed #a#erwork in early LCC1 to sto# the
clock, and thus his #a#ers fall under it%)
$he administration's effort to grandfather the 8eagan #a#ers under the act also raised a red flag%
1resident 'ush's signature sto##ed the =ational -rchives from a #lanned release of documents
from the 8eagan era, some of which might have shed light on the Iran*contra scandal and
illuminated the role #layed !y the vice #resident at the time, &eorge H% +% 'ush%
,HH,. $he 0audi intelligence chief, 1rince $urki !in .aisal gave a s#eech to the &eorgetown
Dniversity alumni in which he stated that in res#onse to the )I-?s need for more discretion, Ra
grou# of countries got together in the ho#e of fighting )ommunism and esta!lished what was
called the 0afari )lu!% $he 0afari )lu! included .rance, ;gy#t, 0audi -ra!ia, 9orocco, and Iran
@under the 0hahA%? However, R$he 0afari )lu! needed a network of !anks to finance its
intelligence o#erations% +ith the official !lessing of &eorge H%+% 'ush as the head of the )I-,?
0audi intelligence chief, Mamal -dham, Rtransformed a small 1akistani merchant !ank, the 'ank
of )redit and )ommerce International ('))I), into a world*wide money*laundering machine,
!uying !anks around the world to create the !iggest clandestine money network in history%?
(-nd now I will go !ack to the secret that I #romised to tell you% In 1EGQ, after the +atergate
matters took #lace here, your intelligence community was literally tied u# !y )ongress% It could
not do anything% It could not send s#ies, it could not write re#orts, and it could not #ay money% In
order to com#ensate for that, a grou# of countries got together in the ho#e of fighting
)ommunism and esta!lished what was called the 0afari )lu!% $he 0afari )lu! included .rance,
;gy#t, 0audi -ra!ia, 9orocco, and Iran% $he #rinci#al aim of this clu! was that we would share
information with each other in countering 0oviet influence worldwide, and es#ecially in -frica%
In the 1EGCs, there were still some countries in -frica that were coming out of colonialism,
among them 9o4am!ique, -ngola, and I think >/i!outi% $he main concern of every!ody was
that the s#read of )ommunism was taking #lace while the main country that would o##ose
)ommunism was tied u#% )ongress had literally #araly4ed the work not only of the D%0%
intelligence community !ut of its foreign service as well% -nd so the Mingdom, with these
countries, hel#ed in some way, I !elieve, to kee# the world safe at the time when the Dnited
0tates was not a!le to do that% $hat, I think, is a secret that many of you don't know% I am not
saying it !ecause I look to tell secrets, !ut !ecause the time has gone and many of the actors are
gone as well%
;"#loiting the threat of communism was common#lace within the dialectical climate of the )old
+ar% )onflict invaria!ly gives rise to security discourses% In turn, security discourses are
dominated !y fear% +hen the #olitics of fear !ecome the order of the day, conce#ts such as civil
li!erty and the rule of law are automatically su!ordinated to security concerns% 0uch
circumstances tend to engender contem#t toward democratic #rocesses and, eventually,
contrarians are #ortrayed as enemies of the 0tate% 9ore and more #ower !ecomes concentrated
within the 0tate, an entity that is already susce#ti!le to the harmful influences of indifferent
#olitical and technical elites% =aturally, such a state of affairs would #rove advantageous to
-merica?s ruling class, who continually #romoted their own variety of socialism as an alternative
to communism% $hus, the +estern elite had a vested interest in maintaining the dialectical
climate of the )old +ar% $he 0afari )lu!, which em!odied the coalition !etween -merican
oligarchs and the 0audi royal family, was instrumental in reali4ing this goal%
>avid 8ockefeller, 9emoirs, #% NCF:
“.or more than a century, ideological e"tremists at either end of the #olitical s#ectrum have
sei4ed u#on well*#u!lici4ed incidents to attack the 8ockefeller family for the inordinate
influence they claim we wield over -merican #olitical and economic institutions% 0ome even
!elieve we are #art of a secret ca!al working against the !est interests of the Dnited 0tates,
characteri4ing my family and me as (internationalists( and of cons#iring with others around the
world to !uild a more integrated glo!al #olitical and economic structure 6 one world, if you
will% If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am #roud of it%
Marc 03" ,HH,. 1resident &eorge +% 'ush:
“I don't know where !in <aden is% I have no idea and really don't care% It's not that im#ortant% It's
not our #riority%
September 0-" ,HH,. $he 0unday Herald:
(- 0;)8;$ !lue#rint for D0 glo!al domination reveals that 1resident 'ush and his ca!inet
were #lanning a #remeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even !efore he took #ower
in Ianuary LCC1% $he !lue#rint, uncovered !y the 0unday Herald, for the creation of a 'glo!al 1a"
-mericana' was drawn u# for >ick )heney (now vice*#resident), >onald 8umsfeld (defence
secretary), 1aul +olfowit4 (8umsfeld's de#uty), &eorge + 'ush's younger !rother Ie! and
<ewis <i!!y ()heney's chief of staff)% $he document, entitled 8e!uilding -merica's >efences:
0trategies, .orces -nd 8esources .or - =ew )entury, was written in 0e#tem!er LCCC !y the
neo*conservative think*tank 1ro/ect for the =ew -merican )entury (1=-))(
January ,5" ,HH3. Ianeane &arofalo, the +ashington 1ost, (two months !efore the war in Iraq
“$here is no evidence of wea#ons of mass destruction% :ou never even get that idea floated in
the mainstream media% If you !ring it u#, they hate the messenger%
Marc ,H" ,HH3. 2#eration ;nduring Iustice later known with less irony as 2#eration Iraqi
.reedom was launched% $he claimed reason of the attack was that Iraq was a clear and #resent
danger to the D0 with +9>'s% 0ince no +9>'s were found, and after the Iraqi?s scra##ed some
JCC long range 0cud style missiles #rior to the D0 coalition attack, the reason for the invasion
was changed into (!ringing democracy to Iraq(%
Kctober 0H" ,HH3. ('ush * =a4i <ink )onfirmed( !y Iohn 'uchanan in the =ew Ham#shire
“+-0HI=&$2= * -fter QC years of inattention and even denial !y the D%0% media, newly*
uncovered government documents in $he =ational -rchives and <i!rary of )ongress reveal that
1rescott 'ush, the grandfather of 1resident &eorge +% 'ush, served as a !usiness #artner of and
D%0% !anking o#erative for the financial architect of the =a4i war machine from 1ELQ until 1ENL,
when )ongress took aggressive action against 'ush and his 'enemy national' #artners%
$he documents also show that 'ush and his colleagues, according to re#orts from the D%0%
>e#artment of the $reasury and .'I, tried to conceal their financial alliance with &erman
industrialist .rit4 $hyssen, a steel and coal !aron who, !eginning in the mid*1ELCs, #ersonally
funded -dolf Hitler's rise to #ower !y the su!version of democratic #rinci#le and &erman law%
.urthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that 'ush and his associates, who included ;%
8oland Harriman, younger !rother of -merican icon +% -verell Harriman, and &eorge Her!ert
+alker, 1resident 'ush's maternal great*grandfather, continued their dealings with the &erman
industrial !aron for nearly eight months after the D%0% entered the war%%%
,HHJ. 9icah 'urnett:
“$he <atter*>ay 0aints have an advantage, in that they have !een given a crutch to lean u#on
until they can stand on their own two feet with the facts of a cons#iracy%
Apri! ,HHJ. 'oyd M% 1acker, &eneral )onference -ddress:
“+e live in dangerously trou!led times% $he values that steadied mankind in earlier times are
!eing tossed away% +e must not ignore 9oroni 's words when he saw our day and said, R:e
@mustA awake to a sense of your awful situation?
June 4" ,HHJ. 'ush and )heney !oth hire #rivate criminal defense attorneys in antici#ation of
#ossi!le indictments%
December 0H" ,HHJ. &ary +e!! (author of >ark -lliance) was found dead from two gunshot
wounds to the head, which the coroner's office /udged a suicide%
August ,HH-. &ordon '% Hinckley, also stated ver!atim in his 1EJ1 work 'e $hou an ;"am#le%
.irst 1residency 9essage, ;nsign:
“$he 'ook of 9ormon narrative is a chronicle of nations long since gone% 'ut in its descri#tions
of the #ro!lems of today's society, it is as current as the morning news#a#er and much more
definitive, ins#ired, and ins#iring concerning the solutions of those #ro!lems%
I know of no other writing which sets forth with such clarity the tragic consequences to societies
that follow courses contrary to the commandments of &od% Its #ages trace the stories of two
distinct civili4ations that flourished on the +estern Hemis#here% ;ach !egan as a small nation,
its #eo#le walking in the fear of the <ord% 'ut with #ros#erity came growing evils% $he #eo#le
succum!ed to the wiles of am!itious and scheming leaders who o##ressed them with
!urdensome ta"es, who lulled them with hollow #romises, who countenanced and even
encouraged loose and lascivious living% $hese evil schemers led the #eo#le into terri!le wars that
resulted in the death of millions and the final and total e"tinction of two great civili4ations in two
different eras%
May J" ,HH-. Heteran )I- analyst 8ay 9c&overn, referring to the Iuly LCCL >owning 0treet
(=ever in our wildest dreams did we think we would see those words in !lack and white%%%and
!eneath a 0;)8;$ stam#, no less% .or three years now, we in Heteran Intelligence 1rofessionals
for 0anity (HI10) have !een saying that the )I- and its 'ritish counter#art, 9I*Q, were ordered
!y their countries' leaders to (fi" facts( to (/ustify( an un#rovoked war on Iraq% 9ore often than
not, we have !een greeted with stares of incredulity% It has !een a hard learning % % % that folks
tend to !elieve what they want to !elieve% % % $hanks to an unauthori4ed disclosure !y a
courageous whistle!lower, the evidence now lea#s from official documents % % % this time
authentic, not forged% % % (
December ,H" ,HH-. $he -tlanta Iournal*)onstitution:
(-fter 0e#tem!er 11, we did not, for e"am#le, change from a democracy to a dictatorshi#, from
a nation of laws to a nation in which one man endows himself with the authority to act a!ove the
law, immune to its dictates and limitations% +e are not that country% +e must never !ecome that
country% However, to hear 1resident 'ush, we are that country already%(
December ,0" ,HH-. $he )hattanoogan:
($his is a government takeover and 'ush and )heney are running it%(
December 3H" ,HH-. Iames 8idgeway, $he Hillage Hoice:
($he E*11 attacks #rovided the rationale for what amounts to a 'ush family cou# against the
January ,0" ,HH/. 9aureen >owd, the =ew :ork $imes:
“$he +hite House has always seemed less com#elled to ca#ture 2sama than to use him as a
#rete"t for invading Iraq and as a #olitical selling #oint% Marl 8ove, coming out of his '#lease
don't indict me' crouch, tried to chase away the taint of the -!ramoff scandal with a new round
of terror*mongering for LCCQ: '+e need a commander in chief and a )ongress who understand
the nature of the threat and the gravity of this moment% 1resident 'ush and the 8e#u!lican 1arty
do% Dnfortunately the same cannot !e said for many >emocrats%
January 3H" ,HH/. .ormer +all 0treet Iournal and =ational 8eview assistant editor 1aul )raig
“9uch of the #ro!lem is the media itself, which serves as a disinformation agency for the 'ush
administration% .o" '=ews' and right*wing talk radio are the worst, !ut with #ro#agandistic
outlets setting the standard for truth and #atriotism, all of the media is affected to some degree%
September ,9" ,HH/. <ou >o!!s $onight, )== * )== )orres#ondent )hristine 8omans:
“1lans for an integrated =orth -merican community !y LC1C, moving ahead swiftly and under
the radar% 8o!ert 1astor is an author of the )ouncil on .oreign 8elations document, seen as the
#ro/ect?s road ma#5% 8o!ert 1astor says a more o#en #u!lic discussion would quiet what he
calls cons#iracy theorists5%Iust yesterday )ongressman Hirgil &oode of Hirginia introduced a
resolution o##osing a =-.$- su#erhighway and various elements of a =orth -merican Dnion,
as the critics call it% -nd 8o!ert 1astor, <ou, he says, you?re one of those critics, you?re #art of a
cons#iracy theory that /ust is not founded%
<ou >o!!s res#onded:
“$hat I?m a cons#iracy theorist7 +ell, I 6 that?s very flattering on the #art of 9r% 1astor% +hat
he is, is an out of control elitist, who hasn?t !een elected or is in any way nominated !y this
government to do a darn thing that he?s doing% -nd the fact that this administration and some of
this country?s largest cor#orations are #ushing ahead with this, with some of )anada?s leading
elites and 9e"ico?s 6 there?s not a single thing in this that even remotely has legitimacy and the
fact that this )ongress, thank goodness that Hirgil &oode ste##ed u# here, the fact that this
)ongress is not demanding an investigation into this right now is sickening% $his is elitism run
ram#ant and it?s /ust 6 to me, it?s /ust ine"#lica!le why it?s !eing tolerated%
htt#:UUtranscri#ts%cnn%comU$8-=0)8I1$0U %%% dt%C1%html
June ,HH5. &ordon '% Hinckley, -n Dnending )onflict, a Hictory -ssured, ;nsign:
“@$he war in heavenA, so !itter, so intense, has never ceased% It is the war !etween truth and
error, !etween agency and com#ulsion5%His enemies have used every stratagem in that conflict%
$hey?ve indulged in lying and deceit% $hey?ve em#loyed money and wealth% $hey?ve tricked the
minds of men% $hey?ve murdered and destroyed and engaged in every kind of evil #ractice to
thwart the work of )hrist%
September 0J" ,HH4. 9icah 'urnett:
“9oroni wasn?t s#eculating a!out a cons#iracy, he said very #lainly that in our day there would
!e the same kind of secret com!ination, at the head of government, that was the cause of the
destruction of !oth the Iaredite and =e#hite civili4ations% He said our duty was to not turn a !lind
eye to it, or #retend that it doesn?t e"ist, !ut do everything in our #ower to e"#ose it and
overthrow it% He also taught us how to identify it% -nd /ust to !e sure, so that we would !e left
without e"cuse, #ro#hets in our day have confirmed it% 'ut the only thing I hear in the latter*day
saint community, as with the rest of the world, when someone asserts “cons#iracy is to ridicule
and get angry, or ignore the #erson making the assertion% If someone has evidence of what
9oroni said would !e among us, you would think that latter*day saints of all #eo#le would want
to know what it was, and study it out%
+e fail to reali4e the magnitude of what we?re facing, and the result is a more casual attitude
a!out the gos#el, than what would !e if we were armed with the truth%
May ,HH9. 8es#ected -merican /ournalist 0eymour Hersh shared a shocking revelation during
an -ra! $H interview% -ccording to Hersh, 1akistan's former #rime minister, 'ena4ir 'hutto,
was a victim of a “s#ecial death squad formed !y former D%0% vice*#resident >ick )heney
(“D%0% s#ecial squad killed 'ena4ir)% $his squad was “headed !y &eneral 0tanley 9c)hrystal,
the newly*a##ointed commander of D%0% army in -fghanistan with )heney using his #osition as
chief of the Ioint 0#ecial 2#eration )ommand to “clear the way for the D%0% !y e"terminating
o##onents through the unit and the )I- (i!id)%
Hersh has s#eculated that 'hutto was assassinated !ecause she shared her o#inion that 2sama
'in <aden had !een assassinated !y 2mar 0aeed 0heikh (i!id)% )ould there !e, however, a
dee#er reason for the 'hutto hit7 $hese writers suggested as much during interviews on several
radio shows shortly after the >ecem!er LG, LCCG assassination% -t that time, many in the media
were !laming al Kaeda for the hit% $he chief source for this claim seems to have !een an
“o!scure Italian +e! site that alleged that its re#orter had received a tele#hone call from
9ustafa -!u al*:a4id, al Kaeda's commander in -fghanistan (8oss)% >uring the call, al*:a4id
su##osedly stated: “+e terminated the most #recious -merican asset which vowed to defeat
@theA mu/ahedeen (i!id)% $he +e! site further contended that -yman al Tawahri, al Kaeda's
num!er two leader, decided it was time to do away with 'hutto !ack in 2cto!er LCCG (i!id)%
+hile all of this sounded like a smoking gun, the claim was anything !ut conclusive% -ccording
to -')'s 'rian 8oss, D%0% intelligence officials said they could not confirm the claim of
res#onsi!ility for the attack (i!id)%
+hile al Kaeda may very well have !een involved in the assassination, it should !e understood
that al Kaeda is merely #art of a larger cons#iratorial infrastructure, so it may not !e accurate to
#lace the !lame solely at the doorste# of a single terrorist organi4ation% 'hutto had vowed to do
many things that would invite violent re#risal if she was re*elected #rime minister% 2ne #romise
that #ro!a!ly set off several alarm !ells among the world's wealthy and #owerful a##eared in a
0e#tem!er LQ, LCCG re#ort in the $imes of India% -ccording to the re#ort, 'hutto #romised to
allow ins#ectors from the Dnited =ation's International -tomic ;nergy -gency (I-;-) to
question -%K% Mhan, the metallurgist nuclear !lack marketer and father of 1akistan's “Islamic
'om! (“'hutto commits to letting I-;- question -%K% Mhan)%
>uring a visit to +ashington !efore returning to 1akistan from her self*im#osed e"ile, the
former #rime minister stated !efore the 9iddle ;ast Institute: “+hile we do not agree at this
stage to have any +estern access to -%K% Mhan, we do !elieve that I-;-%%% would have the right
to question -%K% Mhan (i!id)% 'hutto almost certainly understood that Mhan's revelations to the
ins#ectors would im#licitly suggest that wealthy and #owerful individuals who com#rise the
glo!al oligarchical esta!lishment were involved in the creation and she#herding of the Mhan
nuclear #roliferation network% +hile she did not overtly say as much, 'hutto su!tly suggested
that Mhan was anything !ut a rogue when she stated: “9any 1akistanis are cynical a!out whether
-%K% Mhan could have done this without any official sanction (i!id)% $he former #rime minister
was signing her own death warrant !y ri##ing the veil off of one of the oligarchs' dee#est,
darkest, and closely*guarded secrets: the #ower elite and dark factions within the intelligence
community had assisted Mhan in making the world a more dangerous #lace%
$he Mhan network was created !y an alliance !etween the -merican elite and the 0audi elites
known as the 0afari )lu!% $hanks to this alliance, 0audi -ra!ia su##lanted Israel as the )I-'s
chief source of regional intelligence ($rento EE)% .or quite some time, counterintelligence chief
Iames -ngleton had maintained a “s#ecial relationshi# with Israel, an association that the )I-
resented (EE)% However, -ngleton?s dismissal in 1EGN #reci#itated the decline of the #ro*Israel
elements within the -gency (EE)% +ith these elements significantly weakened, the )I- was free
to forge ties with the 0audi royals in 1EGQ% -t the time, the -gency had !een struggling with a
su!stantial lack of #olitical ca#ital% In 1EGB, -merica's ground involvement in Hietnam met with
an ignominious end% $his humiliating anti*clima" was com#ounded !y the fall of 0aigon two
years later% In addition, 1EGN witnessed the startling revelations of the +atergate scandal, which
generated considera!le #u!lic outrage% 'y 1EGQ, -merica?s #atience with the )I- had !een
e"hausted% $he infamous (:ear of Intelligence( had !egun%
Holuminous instances of unlawful activity within the intelligence community eventually came
under the indignant scrutiny of the )hurch and 1ike )ommittees% )ongress defunded all
intelligence o#erations a!road, necessitating the -gency?s solicitation of the 0audis for !adly
needed funds% $he 0audi royal family cemented their control over -merica?s intelligence
financing with the formation of the 0afari )lu! (1CL)% $he all*#ur#ose !anner of anti*
communism su##lied an e"#edient rationale for this questiona!le #artnershi#%
January 00" ,H0H. 1resident 'arack 2!ama signs e"ecutive order creating !asis of government
in the event of martial law – 1C governors%
“$he 1resident today signed an ;"ecutive 2rder (attached) esta!lishing a )ouncil of &overnors
to strengthen further the #artnershi# !etween the .ederal &overnment and 0tate &overnments to
#rotect our =ation against all ty#es of ha4ards% +hen a##ointed, the )ouncil will !e reviewing
such matters as involving the =ational &uard of the various 0tates3 homeland defense3 civil
su##ort3 synchroni4ation and integration of 0tate and .ederal military activities in the Dnited
0tates3 and other matters of mutual interest #ertaining to =ational &uard, homeland defense, and
civil su##ort activities%
$he !i#artisan )ouncil will !e com#osed of ten 0tate &overnors who will !e selected !y the
1resident to serve two year terms% In selecting the &overnors to the )ouncil, the +hite House
will solicit in#ut from &overnors and &overnors? associations% 2nce chosen, the )ouncil will
have no more than five mem!ers from the same #arty and re#resent the =ation as a whole%
.ederal mem!ers of the )ouncil include the 0ecretary of >efense, the 0ecretary of Homeland
0ecurity, the -ssistant to the 1resident for Homeland 0ecurity and )ounterterrorism, the
-ssistant to the 1resident for Intergovernmental -ffairs and 1u!lic ;ngagement, the -ssistant
0ecretary of >efense for Homeland >efense and -mericas? 0ecurity -ffairs, the D%0% =orthern
)ommand )ommander, the )ommandant of the )oast &uard, and the )hief of the =ational
&uard 'ureau% $he 0ecretary of >efense will designate an ;"ecutive >irector for the )ouncil%
$he )ouncil of &overnors will #rovide an invalua!le 0enior -dministration forum for
e"changing views with 0tate and local officials on strengthening our =ational resilience and the
homeland defense and civil su##ort challenges facing our =ation today and in the future%
$he formation of the )ouncil of &overnors was required !y the .iscal :ear LCCJ =ational
>efense -uthori4ation -ct which stated, “$he 1resident shall esta!lish a !i#artisan )ouncil of
&overnors to advise the 0ecretary of >efense, the 0ecretary of Homeland 0ecurity, and the
+hite House Homeland 0ecurity )ouncil on matters related to the =ational &uard and civil
su##ort missions% (=>-- .:LCCJ, 0ec 1JLL)
August 9" ,H0H * 0enator $ed 0tevens of -laska, JQ, the longest*serving 8e#u!lican senator in
history, was among nine #eo#le on !oard when the 1EFG >eHavilland >H)*B 2tter, crashed into
a !rush* and rock*covered mountainside 9onday afternoon a!out 1G miles north of the
southwest -laska fishing town of >illingham, federal officials said% 0tevens was the reci#ient of
a whistle!lower's communication relative to the '1 2il >isaster !low*out #reventer, and a
cons#iracy of secrecy to hide the facts from the #u!lic%
(:ou and your fellow )ommittee mem!ers may wish to require '1 to e"#lain what action was
ultimately instituted to cease the #ractice of falsifying '21 tests at '1 1rudhoe drilling rigs% It
was a cost saving !ut dangerous #ractice, again endangering the '1 workforce, until I e"#osed it
to 0enator $ed 0tevens, the ;1-, and the -laska 2il and &as )onservation )ommission%( $he
cause of the crash is still an 21;= investigation !y the =$0'%
Marc ,H00. ;very ma/or media outlet re#orted on the (=orthern 9anhattan 0tudy( which
linked diet soda to strokes and vascular disorders% $his study consisted of L,FQN individuals over
the age of NC who were followed for ten years% $he results of the study showed that those who
drank diet soda daily increased their risk of stroke !y NJX and vascular disorders !y Q1X
com#ared to those who did not drink diet soda%
Mormon" %ook of Mormon" 3 *epi 5./"00.
(-nd the regulations of the government were destroyed, !ecause of the secret com!ination of the
friends and kindreds of those who murdered the #ro#hets5notwithstanding they @the tri!esA
were not a righteous #eo#le, yet they were united in the hatred of those who had entered into a
covenant to destroy the government%
8saia ,4.0- L
“5+e have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement5we have made lies
our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves5%
Moroni" 'e %ook of Mormon" 1ter 9./ L
“.or so great had !een the s#reading of this wicked and secret society that it had corru#ted the
hearts of all the #eo#le3
1ter ,.0H"0, L 0H.
(.or !ehold, this is a land which is choice a!ove all other lands3 wherefore he that doth #ossess it
shall serve &od or shall !e swe#t off3 for it is the everlasting decree of &od% -nd it is not until
the fulness of iniquity among the children of the land, that they are swe#t off%
'ehold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall #ossess it shall !e free from !ondage,
and from ca#tivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will !ut serve the &od of the
land, who is Iesus )hrist, who hath !een manifested !y the things which we have written%(
Moroni" 1ter 4.,0L,-" %ook of Mormon.
“-nd they have caused the destruction of this #eo#le of whom I am now s#eaking, and also the
destruction of the #eo#le of =e#hi% -nd whatsoever nation shall u#hold such secret
com!inations, to get #ower and gain, until they shall s#read over the nation, !ehold, they shall !e
destroyed3 for the <ord will not suffer that the !lood of his saints, which shall !e shed !y them,
shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance u#on them and yet he avenge them not%
+herefore, 2 ye &entiles, it is wisdom in &od that these things should !e shown unto you, that
there!y ye may re#ent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous com!inations shall get
a!ove you, which are !uilt u# to get #ower and gain6and the work, yea, even the work of
destruction come u#on you, yea, even the sword of the /ustice of the ;ternal &od shall fall u#on
you, to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to !e% +herefore, the <ord
commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense
of your awful situation, !ecause of this secret com!ination which shall !e among you3 or wo !e
unto it, !ecause of the !lood of them who have !een slain3 for they cry from the dust for
vengeance u#on it, and also u#on those who !uilt it u#% .or it cometh to #ass that whoso !uildeth
it u# seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries3 and it !ringeth to #ass
the destruction of all #eo#le, for it is !uilt u# !y the devil, who is the father of all lies3 even that
same liar who !eguiled our first #arents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to
commit murder from the !eginning3 who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have
murdered the #ro#hets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the !eginning%
Moroni" %ook of Mormon" Mormon 9.30 L
“)ondemn me not !ecause of mine im#erfection, neither my father, !ecause of his im#erfection,
neither them who have written !efore him3 !ut rather give thanks unto &od that he hath made
manifest unto you our im#erfections, that ye may learn to !e more wise than we have !een%
Mormon" %ook of Mormon" He!aman /.34LJH L
“-nd it came to #ass%%%that the =e#hites did !uild them u# and su##ort them, !eginning at the
more wicked #art of them, until they had overs#read all the land of the =e#hites, and had
seduced the more #art of the righteous until they had come down to !elieve in their works and
#artake of their s#oils, and to /oin with them in their secret murders and com!inations% -nd thus
they did o!tain the sole management of the government, insomuch that they did tram#le under
their feet and smite and rend and turn their !acks u#on the #oor and the meek, and the hum!le
followers of &od% -nd thus we see that they were in an awful state, and ri#ening for an
everlasting destruction%
'e 2oice of te Lord speaking to te peop!e of *epi after eartOuakes and destruction"
%ook of Mormon" 3 *epi 9.9 L
“-nd !ehold, that great city Iaco!ugath, which was inha!ited !y the #eo#le of king Iaco!, have I
caused to !e !urned with fire !ecause of their sins and their wickedness, which was a!ove all the
wickedness of the whole earth, !ecause of their secret murders and com!inations3 for it was they
that did destroy the #eace of my #eo#le and the government of the land3 therefore I did cause
them to !e !urned, to destroy them from !efore my face, that the !lood of the #ro#hets and the
saints should not come u# unto me any more against them%
Doctrine and Co2enants" 44.55L59 L
“-nd I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another%%%in all things%%%that are
e"#edient for you to understand3 2f things !oth in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth3
things which have !een, things which are, things which must shortly come to #ass3 things which
are at home, things which are a!road3 the wars and the #er#le"ities of the nations, and the
/udgments which are on the land3 and a knowledge also of countries and of kingdoms6that ye
may !e #re#ared in all things
Mormon" 'e %ook of Mormon" He!aman ,.03 L
“-nd !ehold in the end of this !ook ye shall see that this &adianton did #rove the overthrow, yea
almost the entire destruction of the #eo#le of =e#hi% 'ehold I do not mean the end of the !ook of
Helaman, !ut I mean the end of the !ook of =e#hi, from which I have taken all the account
which I have written%
He!aman 5.,- L
“Having !een commanded !y the <ord to do so, =e#hi !oldly told the #eo#le that they had
united themselves to this !and of ro!!ers:
:ea wo !e unto you !ecause of that great a!omination which has come among you3 and ye have
united yourselves unto it, yea to that secret !and which was esta!lished !y &adiantonW(
1!der %ruce &+ McConkie" Mi!!ennia! Messia" p+ // L
“=e"t 9oroni turns the key so that all who have ears to hear can understand what the secret
com!ination is and can identify those who !uild it u#% R.or it cometh to #ass,? he says, Rthat
whoso !uildeth it u# seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries%? $his
is a worldwide cons#iracy%
H+ 7er!an Andersen" Many are Ca!!ed %ut Fe: are Cosen.
“;very modern day #ro#het from Iose#h 0mith to 1resident 9cMay has condemned
)ommunism and 0ocialism as satanic system of #lunder !y government, and yet how many
<atter*day 0aints have come down to acce#t and !elieve in those very welfare state #ractices
which the )ommunist 9anifesto #ro#oses to !ring a!out socialism7 How many !elieve in and
acce#t the government !onus, the su!sidy, the welfare check, the minimum wage, and the
mono#olistic #rotection which the #olice #ower gives them7 Is it not o!vious that we also have
come down to !elieve in their works and #artake of their s#oils7
“2ne can only imagine that those righteous =e#hites who has !een seduced into u#holding,
su##orting, and #artaking of the s#oils of the 8o!!ers were #rofoundly shocked when charged
with having united with a criminal cons#iracy% 1eo#le in our nation today are ofttimes startled
and angered when told that the welfare state #ractices they favor are the identical #olitical
#rograms #ro#osed !y the )ommunists to !ring a!out socialism5%$he record is clear that the
reason the cons#iracy had succeeded in ca#turing control of the government was that the
=e#hites had !een seduced into #artaking of its s#oils% (Helaman Q:BJ–BE)
+++:en :e ear of martia! !a: or dictatorsip :e need to take remembrance of te
fo!!o:ing promise in te 0Ht capter of ,nd *epi )
“'ut !ehold, this land, said &od, shall !e a land of thine inheritance, and the &entiles shall !e
!lessed u#on the land%
And tis !and sa!! be a !and of !iberty unto te Genti!es" and tere sa!! be no kings upon
te !and, who shall raise u# unto the &entiles%
-nd I will fortify this land against all other nations%
-nd he that fighteth against Tion shall #erish, saith &od%
For e tat raiset up a king against me sa!! peris" for 8" te Lord" te king of ea2en"
:i!! be teir king" and 8 :i!! be a !igt unto tem fore2er, that hear my words%
+herefore, for this cause, that my covenants may !e fulfilled which I have made unto the
children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh, 8 must needs destroy te
secret :orks of darkness" and of murders" and of abominations%
+herefore, he that fighteth against Tion, !oth Iew and &entile, !oth !ond and free, !oth male
and female, shall #erish3 for they are they who are the whore of all the earth3 for they who are not
for me are against me, saith our &od%
$he revelation given to Iohn $aylor, as recorded !y +ilford +oodruff, and #u!lished in Mraut's
Hisions of the <atter >ays, descri!es the horror in -merica:
(I continued on my way #assing through 2maha, )ouncil 'luffs, and Iowa, and saw many
women moving a!out in an e"cited manner% 0ickness and death #revailed on all sides% $he
inha!itants of Illinois and 9issouri were in dreadful condition, the men and women killing each
other in the most !rutal manner%
(=e"t I visited the )ity of +ashington >) and found the #lace deserted and in ruins% .rom there
I went to 'altimore and on the square, where stands the monument of 1J1L, dead !odies of the
inha!itants of the #lace were #iled in hea#s% +hile there I saw mothers cut the throats of their
own children and drink the !lood in order to quench their thirst% $he waters of )hesa#eake 'ay
were so !efouled from the effect of the dead !odies that the water could not !e used% 0ickness
and death #revailed throughout the city and the stench was something awful%%%(
$aylor then visited 1hiladel#hia and =ew :ork, which suffered likewise:
($he sights that met my view on all sides were so horri!le to look u#on that it would !e
im#ossi!le for me to descri!e them%
(-fter these scenes had #assed, I found myself standing on the left !ank of the 9issouri 8iver,
/ust o##soite to where stood the )ity of Inde#endence and soon discovered that the states of
Illinois, 9issouri, and #art of Iowa had !een swe#t clean of its inha!itants and the surrounding
country was a com#lete wilderness%%%
(I then looked over the country3 in every direction as far as I could see, a similar condition
#revailed% I then #assed eastward a!ove the earth and looking down saw many #eo#le coming
west, mostly women who were carrying small !undleson their !acks, and I thought it strange that
there were so few men among them% $hey were on their way to the mountains, and I wondered
how they could get there as the railroads were a!andoned and the rails were in !ad condition%%%(
* M8-D$, 2gden: $he +hite Horse 1ro#hecy3 1EEB, 1ioneer 1ress
(-ll that you know now can scarcely !e called a #reface to the sermon that will !e #reached with
fire and sword, tem#ests, earthquakes, hail, rain and fearful destruction% +hat matters the
destruction of a few railway cars7 :ou will hear of magnificent cities, now idoli4ed !y the
#eo#le, sinking in the earth entom!ing its inha!itants% $he sea will heave itself !eyond its
!ounds, engulfing many cities% .amine will s#read over the nation, and nation will rise against
nation, kingdom against kingdom, states against states, in our own country and in foreign lands%(
'righam :oung * 9odin, >%: O )omstock, $amara: 1ro#hecy 1EGB*LCCC3 1EGL, Hermes House
(+hat then will !e the condition of the #eo#le when the great and dreadful war will come7 It
will !e very different from the war !etween the =orth and 0outh% It will !e neigh!orhood against
neigh!orhood, city against city, town against town, state against state, and they will go forth
destroying and !eing destroyed% 9anufacturing will almost cease, great cities will !e left
desolate% $he time will come when the great city of =ew :ork will !e left without inha!itants%%%
(+hen that day shall come (when the missionaries will !e called home) there shall !e wars, not
such wars as have come in centuries and years that are #ast and gone, !ut a dsolating war% +hen
I say desolating, I mean that it will lay these euro#ean nations in waste% )ities will !e left
vacated, without inha!itants% $he #eo#le will !e destroyed !y the sword of their own hands% =ot
only this !ut many other cities will !e !urned3 for when contending armies are wrought u# with
the terri!le anger, without the 0#irit of &od u#on them, when they have not that s#irit of
humanity that now characteri4es many of the wars amongst nations, when they are left to
themselves, there will !e no quarter given, no #risoners taken, !ut a war of destruction, of
desolation, of the !urning of the cities and villages, until the land is laid desolate%(
* 2rson 1ratt (I% >isc% LC: 1FC)
(+hile I continued to stare and marvel at the wondrous work !efore me, all of a sudden the
scene vanished, and a new era, resultant, however, from the forces of the religious agencies
!efore mentioned, !urst u#on my view% $he history of -merican Inde#endence, with the actors
therein, #assed !efore me% $he )onstitution of the Dnited 0tates was em!la4oned u#on an
immense distance% )ivil and religious toleration was general throughout the land% 9an re/oiced
in the #rivilege of worshi##ing &od according to the dictates of conscience% 1ros#erity reigned%
-ngels smiles% Heaven a##roved% $he fetters of #olitical and religious intolerance, forged !y the
monarchs of the eastern world, were sundered, shall it !e said forever7 0uch was my thought% I
was full of /oy at the sight3 !ig tears of /oy rolled down my cheeks, when all of a sudden, my
attention was directed to a #ersonage standing !y my !edside, and who was attired in a white and
flowing ro!e% -ddressing me, he said, '0on of 9ortality, look%('
(I looked and !eheld a scene most revolting to my senses, from the fact that it was the reverse of
the #ros#erity and religious freedom I had !efore witnessed% I saw the re#resentatives of one
!ranch of the 8e#u!lic holding in their hands fetters they themselves had forged%
($he #ersonage, again addressing me, said,'(Mnowest thou the meaning of these7'
(I answered, '=o%'
(He re#lied, '$hese are the chains with which certain sons of the 8e#u!lic, who have tasted the
fruit of the tree of li!erty, desire to !ind their fellows% $hese are they who seek to su!vert the
cause of human freedom% $hese seek to enslave one #ortion of the children of freedom who
differ from them in religious !elief and #ractice% Mnow thou, my son, that their o!/ect is filthy
lucre% $hey #lot to take away human rights, and to destroy the freedom of the soul, to #ossess the
homes of the industrious without fee or reward% $heir souls shall !e in derision, and the heavens
shall laugh at their folly% $heir calamity slum!ereth not% 'ut cast thine eyes eastward and look%'
(I looked and !eheld that the !ands that held society together during the reign of the re#u!lic,
were sna##ed asunder% 0ociety had !roken loose from all restraints of #rinci#le and good
conscience% 'rotherhood had dissolved% 8es#ect for common rights and even the rights of life
and #ro#erty had fled from the land% I saw faction after faction arise and contend with each other%
1olitical strife was everywhere% .ather and son alike contended in these awful feuds% $he s#irit
of deadly hate%%% #assed through the 8e#u!lic% 'lood was written every !anner% $he s#irit of
!loodshed a##eared to #ossess every heart%
($urning to the #erson in white I e"claimed, '0urely this means the total destruction of our
($ouching my eyes with his finger, he re#lied: '<ook again%'
(I looked and !eheld that many who were angry with the rulers of the 8e#u!lic, for the
su!version of the )onstitutional law, and their wholesale #lunder of the #u!lic moneys, arose
and #roclaimed themselves the friends of the )onstitution in its original form% $hese looked
around for some others to sustain the country's flag inviolate, #ledging themselves and their
fortunes and sacred honours to that end%
(- voice was suddenly heard declaring these words: 'In the distant mountain to#s are to !e found
the true lovers of freedom and equal rights, a #eo#le who have never made war u#on each other%
&o there, for only there can your lives and #ro#erty !e secure from the s#oiler% $here alone can
the flag you love wave #roudly for the #rotection of all #eo#le, irres#ective of creed and color%'
(+hile thus engaged I cast my eyes to the far west, when suddenly a##eared on ;nsign 1eak,
near 0alt <ake )ity, a !eautiful flag whereon was written these words: '.riends of Human
<i!erty throughout the world, all hailW +e greet you under the flag of freedom, our country's
flag%' 2ne shout of '+elcome' from the 9ountain 0ons of .reedom rent the air% I !eheld that the
multitude we#t with /oy% $he laws were again administered in #urity% $he #eo#le #ros#ered%
$yrants were hurled down% -ll religious !odies were equally #rotected !efore the law% =o =orth,
no 0outh, no ;ast, no +est, !ut one un!roken nation whose !anner waved for all the world% 2n
this I awoke in tears of /oy%(
'isho# )harles >% ;vans * 9odin, >%: O )omstock, $amara: 1ro#hecy 1EGB*LCCC3 1EGL,
Hermes House
($here will !e two great #olitical #arties in this country% 2ne will !e called the 8e#u!lican, and
the other the >emocrat #arty% $hese two #arties will go to war and out of these two #arties will
s#ring another #arty which will !e the Inde#endent -merican 1arty% $he Dnited 0tates will
s#end her strength and means warring in foreign lands until other nations will say, '<et's divide
u# the lands of the Dnited 0tates'3 then the #eo#le of the D0 will unite and swear !y the !lood of
their forefathers, that the land shall not !e divided% $hen the country will go to war, and they will
fight until one half of the D0 -rmy will give u#, and the rest will continue to struggle% $hey will
kee# on until they are very ragged and discouraged, and almost ready to give u# *** when the
!oys from the mountains rush forth in time to save the -merican -rmy from defeat and ruin%
-nd they will say, ''rethren, we are glad you have come3 give us men, henceforth, who can talk
with &od'% $hen you will have friends, !ut you will save the country when its li!erty hangs !y a
hair, as it were%(
Iose#h 0mith * 9odin, >%: O )omstock, $amara: 1ro#hecy 1EGB*LCCC3 1EGL, Hermes House

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