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How can India become a developed nation? Where
are we lagging now?
There was a nice village that had a big well in the centre. One day, there was a big robber raid on that
village and many villagers jumped into the well to save themselves. Some of them fell by accident, others
were pulled into it while rescuing others. Some were confused, some were just like a sheep following the
leader. Few fell in to be with their friends and a few others were forced into. Eventually, everyone was in the
well. Many died in the process.
A few generations grew inside the well, making use of the water and little resources. By then, the external
attacks were long gone. But, the villagers didn't realize that. Scores died, living in the squalor, and there was
misery all around. As the number of generations grew, people started forgetting that there was a once village
above the well.
One day, a guy named Mohan finally rose up from the well and saw that there was a world around him. He
started grouping others and slowly people started getting out of it.
The challenge now is broken down into 4 parts:
1. Convincing people about the life outside the well, in the village.
2. Getting them out in an orderly fashion .
3. Finding enough ropes .
4. Advocating the patience as it is going to take a lot of time taking a million people out of the well.

This was the state of India and many other countries 60 years ago. Leaders in many countries have since
then brought the ropes to pull out the people.
India was a little slow than a few other countries, but we still pulled out as many people out as Japan and
Germany did. India's middle class with college education and profession jobs is more than the population of
Germany. However, Indian well had a lot of people to start out with and thus while Germany was done with
pulling 80 million people out, India is not yet done even after pulling out 150 million people since 1947.
You can take people out of the well only so fast and it takes time.
However, we can drive the process faster if:

1. We can get a lot more ropes and
2. Dig a few more holes on the side to create alternate paths.
The ropes are in these case jobs. For a long time, our government was the only provider of good jobs and
there are only so many jobs (ropes) to pull out people. What other countries have done is bring more ropes entrepreneurs and dig more side holes (foreign investments) to get the people out. Most successful countries
have done - Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Europe. Most recently China (flooded with foreign
investments and entrepreneurs).
Here is how India can jumpstart its well rescue process aka journey towards a developed society. I will
focus on the practical stuff.

Step 1: Make it easy for entrepreneurs
Who took Japan to its heights? Its government did its part, but the bulk load was by its entrepreneurs. The
guys who created Toyota, Honda, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitatchi, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Nissan... In the case of
Germany it was Daimler, Siemens, SAP, BMW and millions of smaller manufacturers. The same for US,
Europe, Singapore and now China.
The ONLY way a country can get out of misery is by enabling its entrepreneurs, who will bring more ropes
to pull out the people. No country has ever became developed without involving its entrepreneurs India is
the world's worst place to do business. I know it both from statistics and cutting my teeth running business
India ranks 132nd in ease of doing biz among 185 economies:World Bank
This can be fixed by dismantling our "License raj". Some of these are easy fixes - make it easy to register a
"Private Limited", have more predictable rules (unlike the infamous "Vodafone" witch hunt) and enable
quick approvals throughout the system. Get the government out of the way.

Step 2: Get the women involved
Our women are under utilized in the process of pulling the people out. We give them useless tasks and don't
get them to fire up. India has among the lowest percentage of women workers in a professional capacity.
India has the lowest workforce participation rate of women among the BRICS
All developed societies had a huge jump in women entering the workforce around the Second World War.
That's how they got developed. If we can get the women to join the workforce - we get twice more hands
and grow twice as fast. It should be simple maths, right?
We need to have a substantial push in getting the women in politics, business and professional workplaces.
If it takes some reservation to do the initial push, let's do it: Is the proposed Women's Reservation Bill (33%
reservation) good for India?

Step 3: Get every child going to a good school
We whine incessantly about our education system. If there was a World Cup in whining, Indians would get it
for their daily complaints on the education system. For all its faults, India's best schools fill up Wall Street,
Silicon Valley, Canary Wharf, Mckinsey, Microsoft, Harvard and Oxford. In a dozen places I studied, I don't
of know a single friend who is not doing well. Thus, the primary problem is less in our best schools, but the
fact that 95% of the population don't have access to good schools.

If we can get every Indian kid to have the standard of education of even a Kendriya Vidyalaya or DAV or
DPS, India can have a 20X boost in productivity. That means more schools, more good teachers, better tech.

Step 4: Time to add more judges and police
India has too few courts and judges. Added with archaic laws and processes, we have a dysfunctional
judicial system. When the judiciary is dysfunctional, society cannot progress. Enable legal reforms to
simplify the processes. But, more importantly add 1000s of judges and millions of new policemen. We
cannot have better security until our police and judiciary levels reach international levels. First, fix the
quantity and then fix the quality.
Acute shortage of judges at all levels ails our judicial system
India’s Police Force Lags Much of the World

Step 5: Fighting graft (corruption)
This is a complex process and there is no one-step silver bullet. I have a detailed answer on this point: How
can corruption be eradicated from India?

Step 6: National level skill development
In the next 20 years, we need to bring out 500 million people out of agriculture. I have said this many times.
We don't need 600 million people working in farming. It is again simple math - if 600 million people are
required to produce food for 1.2 billion people, we either have to drastically push up food prices or have the
farmers live in poverty.
However, if 100 million people can produce food for 1.2 billion people, the farmer salaries can go up 6X
without pushing up food inflation. Simple, maths right? And all developed economies have pulled this off.
This is not rocket science.
Now, what will these 500 million people do for a living? This is where we need a national level skill
development. Let us produce new industrial workers, new accountants, new doctors, new mechanics, new
drivers... Millions of Indian businesses are suffering from not having access to quality people. In our family
business everyday there is a struggle to find quality people.
Skills shortage is costing India dear
Where Are India's Skilled Workers?

Step 7: This is rocket science
India went to mobile revolution, without touching landlines. We directly went into software before we even
had factories or toilets. India needs to leapfrog, wherever it is possible. Let's leverage technology to the hilt.
Let us be the most efficient guys to go to space. Let us be the leader in online education. Let us be the leader
in robotics, 3d manufacturing and Internet of things (IoT) - 3 things that are going to drastically alter the
world's economy in the next 10 years.
Just like ISRO, we need to have a national center of robotics, national center for IoT and a national institute
of 3D manufacturers. Get on to this, before the world, even realizes this. America and Britain fully used
Industrial revolution as they didn't have big industries before that and were able to leapfrog India and China.
Now, it is time for the next cycle. We don't have many industries to lose now and this is when we can

Step 8: Tap our Sun and get out of foreign energy

India can't forever depend on Saudi Arabia and other countries for our oil. Coal will kill our environment
like it is doing to China. Hydro power will kill our forests. Thus, we need to use solar energy as a national
priority. Even if it is expensive for now, we must put all our national efforts and get the economies of scale.
This will give us the energy security and the one who has the energy will be one with metaphoric power.
India has 200,000 sq km of deserts in the western side (Thar Desert and Rann of Kutch). These are hot
almost throughout the year and in the summers can get as hot as 52C.
A big chunk of this desert is not really populated and the government owns a lot of it. What if we could take
a 400 sq km land out of it for solar power?
400 sq km = 400,000,000 sq m
As you can see the orange region below, a big chunk of Western India is capable of generating 2500 kWh/sq
Thus, total production from the 400 sq km =2.5 Mwh * 400 million = 1 PWh.
This is the total electricity production of India (Electricity sector in India). In short, with less than 0.2% of
our desert, we can almost completely wean ourselves of foreign energy.
See how bountiful is our solar resource. Unlike most countries, our solar resource is spread throughout the
nation, in case power distribution gets too expensive.
Best Answer: 1. Implement "Equal Rights" for all citizens by removing the mess of
"Quota and reservation"
2. Bring legislation for exemplary punishments (Including public hangings) for corrupt
government officials and politicians.
3. Bring speedy justice to masses by improving on present judicial system
4. Bring "Two party" political System
5. Prevent brain drain and Invest in R&D
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India CAN become a developed country .
All Indians should work together and abolish poverty in India.
When poverty is abolished and basic education is given to all,half the job is over
Technological improvement will only do the remaining 50% of the work. India
has really advanced and it is 100% true that all Multi-National companies from
many parts of the world are trying to come into the Indian market.The process
has to speed up.For Ex :-The Broadband Download limit has to be abolished
totally. Many developed countries in the world do not have the concept of
limiting the internet usage.Everyone should be trained in basics of technology.
Bribery cannot be abolished by us now but we can help the country by NOT
TAKING BRIBES on any account. Today's youth will rule tomorrow's country.
Have a better India in mind . Let the common Indian Blood make us all work for
a better India !!!
Jai Hind !!!
Make no mistake, the aspirations of ours to become a Superpower or even a developed nation by 2020 is
quite a lofty one, considering the present scenario of us as a people, more than that of as a nation. That is
because there are many things that constitute a how a developed nation should be, and infrastructure is just
one of them. But it depends more on the people of the Nation. Whatever it may be, here I present 20 things
that would identify India as a developed country, the one that we all dream of!
Activist types, please note that this list does not contain “Non-corrupt politicians and bureaucrats”. Before
outraging, please to understand that whatever given here will be the result of people putting aside their
personal ambitions and working for the country, Hence resulting in development. Corruption or no
corruption, I don’t care. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a bit of corruption if the country were to be the greatest in
the World, as long as they don’t loot it. Tall order? Yes. Within 2020? I don’t think so.
Roads. Real Expressways, Highways and Interstates.
“If you want to be rich, you have to build roads!” Is an old Chinese Proverb. If you look at any developed
country today, there is one thing they all have in common. Roads. Not two-bit highways like we have, but
real 4 lane expressways stretching hundreds of kilometers without touching any major city and with real
multiple grade interchanges and entry/exit points. Development does not bring roads, roads bring
development. Infrastructure heaven.
How Bangalore Silk Board Junction Would Look Like in Developed India
More Women than there are Men
If we are kind to our women, all our social indices will improve automatically, and the country will prosper
on its own. If all our little girls are allowed to be born and to live, that alone will bless our country infinitely
more than outraging against pictures of goddesses on swimsuits.
Save the Girl Child!
The Best Railway Network in the World
A look at the Indian Railways will show you why biggest isn’t always best. A well-developed rail network
is the hallmark of any developed country, one which allows people to travel in dignity (like no shit on the
tracks), comfort, punctuality and space. And there will be no Tatkal system as it simply won’t be required.
Ernakulam – Trivandrum Vanchinad Express in Developed India.

LPG Connections which can be bought Online!
From Flipkart for instance. Complete deregulation of everything, a totally decentralized market based
structure will be the only thing that can ever cure corruption and Nitro-boost India’s economy.
People With Incredible Civic Sense
This is asking for the impossible. Can you imagine an India where people do not defecate in the open, spit
Paan and tobacco all over the place, do not throw garbage on the roads and in water bodies and keep all their
surroundings clean and recycle? No? OK.
When all Places in India are as clean as Metro Stations are!
Bureaucracy that Treats Citizens as Human Beings
One of the main things that will change the face of a country is a bureaucracy that works for it like a well
oiled machine, and not a set of holier-than-thou uber-citizens who sit behind grilled and dusty ancient
counters partially hidden by mounds of papers treating their salary-payers as dirt and work only at the smell
of minted paper.
India Post is an Exception, mostly. (Post Office at Kottakkal, Kerala)
Public Transport Heaven!
Mobility will liberate India. Metros in all cities will be linked to mobility hubs where road, rail, water and
air converge. This seamlessly integrated public connectivity will ensure that you will reach wherever you
should in no time. And I need not have to mention that the equipment used here will be World-Class, like no
more obsolete front engined buses on back-breaking truck chassis.
World’s Most Sensible and Grounded People
People with a sense of humor, who care about the fellow being and something other than money, who do not
give a hoot about religion, caste, superstitions and rituals, who do not get “offended” by random comments,
who know and accept realities, follow rules and shun jugaad. People who are not hypocrites. Asking for too
much I know.
Also, the Mombatti Mafia will be out of Business
A Pan-India Uniform License Plate and Highway Code
I have always thought that a country which cannot enforce something as simple and basic as uniform
number plates throughout, which every other country in the World has, cannot expect anything much else.
Same goes for the highway code, one of the basic set of norms any civilized nation follows and is enforced
to the T.
The World’s Most Disciplined Drivers
Driving obeying laws, and not like rabid rabbits mating. As we know, today if there is anything that has the
entire World laughing at our claim to progress, social indices apart, is our “free-for-all” driving culture.
Operating vehicles is not a means to display ego and skills, it is operating a machine in a public space
according to a set of rules.

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