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How to Get Free Domains and Hosting

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How to get FREE Domains + Hosting
I recommand you to have the following programs: – Google Chrome (for translating the website) // https://www.google.com/chrome/ – HideMyIP (or any else IPHider) // http://hide-my-ip.com/

Does this method always work? I personally used this method 50 times and succeed most of the times. This DOESN'T say that it can fail. Before you are starting please check all my tips! – Use HideMyIP or any iphider. – Clear your cookies. – Never use your personal email. – Logon your FTP every month so it will keep active. I put here a list of downloads and links for you.

Hotmail // www.hotmail.com // Sorry for now direct link. I've done this so many times it screws up.

Mijndomein // http://www.mijndomein.nl/

Step 1: Create a hotmail account. Link above

Step 2: After signing up login with your account and go to your inbox.

Step 3: Put your IP Hider on (if you have it) and go to Mijndomein (Link above). Once there let Google Chrome translate it from Dutch to English.

Step 4: Check if your domain name is free by putting your domain in the topbar. Click “controleer” to check it.

Step 5: On the page we're all the domains are listed choose a domain and pick out the “webhosting pakket”. Scroll down and click “volgendestap”.

Step 6: The current price is now 29.99€. Choose a maximum of 3 domains. After that click “volgende stap”.

Step 7: On this page we will putting in adress details. Pick one of the following adresses! Dont use your own or you will fail using this method!

Confirmed to work info! _____________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Address: Bommelstraat 18 Postal Code: 6525 SN Area thing?: Nijmegen Phone Number: 06-34731236 (Remove the dash when entering it) _____________________________________________________________________________________ __________

Oostermaat 7 7623 CS Borne

Or use this one!

Waterstraat 47 3511 BW Utrecht

~If these don't work use the info provided below. Bryan K. Damiano Oerdonk 68 6641 LH Beuningen Phone:06-47399643 Website:MRequest.com Email: Use the fake one you created! Mother's Maiden name:Dantonio Birthday:July 10, 1944 (66 years old) MasterCard:5195 9345 4958 2751 Expires:3/2011 Occupation:Milling and planing machine operator UPS Tracking Number:1Z 064 574 10 9086 049 5 Blood type:AB+ Weight:219.1 pounds (99.6 kilograms)

Height:5' 11" (181 centimeters)

Step 8: On this page we will be filling the payment details in. On the part “rekeningnummer” fill in a 5 digit number! If the green sentence will show up you have an good number, if not try another. After filling in all the details click “volgende stap”.

Step 9: On the check page click you heard the website from Google. And click the checkbox under it, and click after that “afrekenen”.

Step 10: Click on the left side “overzicht domeinen”. If it says it is creating the structure and creating the DNS you've succesfully created your free domain with a host!

You will recieve the FTP details in a day or two.


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