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How to Get Your Parents to Like Your Boyfriend

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METAPHORICAL THINKING A metaphor is a soft thinking technique connecting two different universes of meaning. Examples: Food chain, flow of time, fiscal watchdog. The key to metaphorical thinking is Similarity. The human mind tends to look for similarities. A road map is a model or metaphor of reality and useful for explaining thing, the Dolby Sound system is like a sonic laundry. Excessive logical thinking can stifle the creative process, so use metaphors as way of thinking differently about something. Make and look for metaphors in your thinking, and be aware of the metaphors you use. Metaphors are wonderful, so long as we remember that they don't constitute a means of proof, as by definition a metaphor must break down at some point. Imaging within another sensory or conceptual frame can help, eg. the visual images of spring which inspired Vivaldi's "Prima Vera", the dream that led to Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique," the art exhibition which Mussorsgy illustrated in "Pictures at an Exhibition," and so on. THE PROBLEM The problem at hand that we intend to solve using metaphorical thinking is ‘How to get your parents to like your boyfriend?’ Even after being born in this highly evolved and practical 21st century this problem is faced by the teenagers due to some of the following reasons: 1. Parents are protective and introvert. 2. Parents have a rigid notion that at this age, their children are not that experienced about the outside world. 3. They have gone through some similar situations in their teenage lives and do not want their child to commit the same mistakes. 4. They do not have confidence in their child that they can make such a big commitment at such a small age and they try to protect their children before they commit any major mistake and repent over it for the rest of their lives.

THE METAPHOR We find the problem and the situation analogous to that of being getting a child to eat veggies!! Just like the parents and the children don’t agree mutually on the subject of green vegetables, similarly, a child having a boyfriend is not something the parents are comfortable with. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS 1.Make the food look tempting The best way of getting children to eat vegetables is to dress them with tempting stuff like cherries, chocolates, jelly beans , peanut butter etc. The idea is to get the child t ignore anything that the child might find repelling about the healthy food. Metaphorically, when you introduce your boyfriend to your parents, have him dressed well, in a sophisticated mature manner, complying with the general traditions and beliefs of your family. The aim is to make the first impression as good as possible. 2. Give him something he likes first, so that he is happy & willing A child may be made to have a big glass of milk after he has eaten his Maggi or favorite pizza. The idea here is not to catch your parents off guard. Give them the perception or at least the illusion that you are mature, at a settled position in your life and capable of making mature independent decisions in your life. For e.g. such a situation can be when you buy your parents a gift from your first salary or win a scholarship for your dream Ph.D. at a leading university. 3. Make a deal with him, if he eats that food, he gets to do anything he wants. A child can be lured into eating spinach for his lunch by promising to allow him to ply football for an extra hour in the evening. Similarly, you could strike a deal with your parents to be willing to go to a (boring) family function only on the condition that the parents are willing to meet the man.

4. Enlist the advantages of eating that food A child can be made to have veggies by enlisting to him the advantages that come with him. Drinking a glass of milk everyday would help him grow tall. List the advantages of your boyfriend to your parents. Tell them that your friend is mature, has a good family background, wonderful parents, financially independent, and is sincere. 5. Encourage him to try just a spoonful first. Be friendly and ask him to just taste it first, giving him the option that if he doesn’t like it, he can leave it. Ask your parents to meet the guy first, and give him a chance. Convey your sincerity and respect to your parents by telling them that their opinion is important to you and that you will not go ahead with the relationship without their consent. 6. Set out a plate of the food when the child is the hungriest. When the child is hungry, he will be willing to eat something that he doesn’t like. Introduce your boyfriend not as your boyfriend, but as an ideal eligible bachelor when you know that they are looking for a suitable boy for you. Or if you think that your parents can handle it, you can be a little creative and show no interest in guys, so that your parents doubt your sexual orientation and then introduce your boyfriend, which comes as a welcome relief to your parents. 7. Cook it in a way that the food actually tastes good. You have to accept the fact that your parents will finally like the guy only if he is actually good and up to the standards that your parents have set. 8. Persist by offering him the food again and again. Sooner or later, the child will give up and come around to eating it.

Repeated request to your parents to accept your relationship will emphasize your commitment to the relationship and how much it actually means to you 9. Get his friends to like the food. Show your child his friends eat it and like it too. Children give in easily to what their friends do. If your father or mother to be the most averse to the idea of you having a boyfriend, the take your other parent, or elder sister/brother or relatives into confidence and them approach him/her. 10. Give him an ultimatum. Warn him that you would take away all his privileges, won’t allow him to play, take away all his toys and ground him if he doesn’t eat it. As a last resort, and if you believe that the guy is actually nice and are really committed to the relationship, then let it be known to your parents that you would go out with him anyway.

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