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The Lima News' How to Guide, with helpful tips on everything in your life, published Sunday, Aug. 28.




Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Lima News

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Some consumer needs are simple. If you need eggs, you buy eggs at the store you like best — best price, most convenient location, best quality. But other needs are much more complicated. Perhaps you’ve moved to the country for the first time and are trying to understand your propane needs — what size tank, how deliveries work, how to choose a business. That’s where The Lima News comes in. This How To section explains “how to” on a variety of business in the area, offering a guide for consumers to educate themselves before entering a relationship with a company. In this section are stories on choosing an auto body shop to a bakery to a skilled nursing care provider. Each story, provided by Green Shoot Media, explains the process of doing business in these various categories and is meant as a blueprint for the consumer.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


How to choose an insurance agent
Get a recommendation from a friend or do your homework
Many people struggle to find the best insurance agent. It can be complicated knowing whether a specific agent is looking out for your needs or their own commission. Sometimes people do not know the best ways to go about finding an agent. It is important to ensure that you have the correct insurance in order to protect yourself, and you can do this with the help of an insurance agent. Before selecting the the type of insurance that you want, you will need to find an experienced agent. It is crucial to research agents and make sure that you are choosing one who is reputable. You may want to ask family members and friends if they recommend their insurance agents. If you are recommended an agent, chances are you will be just as pleased as your friends and family members. A good agent will do their work correctly and professionally in order to continue

Make sure that you pick a company that is highly reviewed. You will also want to consider making sure that all licensing is in order for the agent that you choose.

receiving referrals. If you choose an agent and are pleased, your agent will hope that you recommend their services to others. If you do not have an agent recommended to you, you can still do outside research. You may consider calling insurance brokers and individual insurance companies. If you choose to do business with a larger insurance company, their agents will often be more consistent from office to office because of standardized training and practices. Take a lot of care when shopping for the best agent. Treat this research as your would purchasing a new car or home. Make sure that you pick a company that is highly reviewed. You will also want to consider making sure that all licensing is

in order for the agent that your choose. Once you decide on some possible agents, it is a good idea to meet with the agents or brokers. Have a list of questions and concerns so that you can get any questions that you have answered. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the broker or agent’s answers. If you feel as if an agent is trying to get you to purchase a policy that is not appropriate, this is not a good sign. Some agents may try to hard to up-sell a policy. Alert your agent that you are looking for more information and are not ready to agree on a policy right away. If you choose a good agent, they will allow you to take your time and gather all of the important research needed to make your

decision. Also make sure that your agent is willing to have a relationship with you. You do not only want to have a policy sold to you. With a relationship, you will be able to contact your agent if you have any questions or concerns. This can include receiving help with filing a claim. Take caution to choose an agent that is reputable and well-established. If your agent has been in the business for many years, chances are they will better understand the policies that they sell and be able to take extra care to ensure that you are properly protected. It is important to get the correct insurance in order to protect you and your financial future. The right research needs to be done in order to assure that you are getting the right insurance policy. You, your family and your finances will benefit from your efforts. You will be better protected with the help of a good insurance agent.

George Diller George Diller Diller George Diller Insurance Agency Inc George ALLENTOWN RD George1727George Diller Insurance Agency Inc Diller Insurance Agency Inc 1727 ALLENTOWN RD 45805 1727LIMA OHLIMA OH 45805 ALLENTOWN RD (419)222-2424 (419)222-2424 [email protected] LIMA OH 45805 [email protected]



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Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Columbus, OH. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark and On Your Side ar service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Savings compared to standalone price of each policy, based on national new customer data from May 2010. Availability and discounts vary by state and other factors.
ADP-1230 (06/11)


Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Columbus, OH. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark and On Your Side are


Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Lima News

How to choose a propane company
Ottawa company provides service, coverage for its tanks
If you live in the country or have a gas grill, you need to have a plan on what propane company you are going to use. Choices are simpler for gas grill propane refills. Tank exchange stations are a popular outlet for those on the go. But small tanks may also be taken directly to a propane company for refill if you’d prefer. If you need a large tank for propane for your home, there are several decisions you need to make, according to a consumer guide offered by the Ohio Propane Gas Association. First, decide if you want to purchase your own tank or if you are comfortable with the propane company you decide to do business with owning your tank. If the company owns your tank, it assumes the responsibility of maintaining it and checking its safety. Brad Cherry co-owns Cherry’s Propane Service in Ottawa with his two sons. He explained his company has ownership of the tanks they use for safety reasons. “If you’re a customer and we have a propane tank, we want to own it,” he said. “We want to be responsible for the tank, and we insure it, and we take the liability of that tank there. We want you to be our customer and then we will take care of you.” Doing business with a propane company is much like any other purchase you may make. Propane companies sales practices are not governed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The propane consumer has the opportunity to choose a company, which in their opinion, is best suited to their lifestyle and financial situation. It is in your best interest to investigate credit terms and delivery policies when considering a propane company. As with any business, there are a number of questions you should answer before you decide to buy from a propane supplier, especially when considering a company which will supply fuel to heat your home or business. You should ask about appliance inspections, budget billing, volume pricing discounts, employee training, office hours, service call response time and how long it has been in business. Also, consider how near or far the company is from your home and if winter delivery will be difficult. “Price is important, but price is not everything,” Cherry said. All the company’s employees are certified, even the secretaries so they will know how to handle emergency calls. Cherry’s has policies to keep safety first. “Most of the safety problems out here that kill people is when a customer call in, they’re out of fuel, and the driver gets there, gets out and puts fuel in and get in the truck and goes,” he said. “We absolutely will not put fuel in an empty tank unless the people are there and we do what we call a leak test.” The big question is why is the tank empty, Cherry said. Is there a leak somewhere, and could an accident result? The propane industry is a very competitive industry. The price of propane is established by the individual company. Because each company operates how it sees fit, be sure to ask what product and services your dollar is buying so you can compare companies effectively. If you are on automatic delivery, your propane supplier will know when to fill your tank(s). They monitor your consumption and refill your tank accordingly. If you are on will-call delivery, most companies ask you to call your propane supplier when your tank gauge is at 30 percent to schedule a delivery. Many propane companies have some type of formal agreement between the propane company and the customer. The content of these agreements vary a great deal from company to company. It is highly recommended that the customer read and understand everything in the contract. The time to discuss concerns with the contract is before the contract is in place. Visit the Ohio Propane Gas Association’s website at www.OhioPropaneGas.org for details.

We have 5 Bulk Storage locations to better serve our customers Vaughnsville, Ottawa, Rawson, Pandora and North Findlay.

We are now accepting new customers.

by Brad, Greg and Brad Cherry. Our Qualified Team of Employees are Lori Anspach, Lisa Cherry, Russ Cramer, Brian Goecke, Tom Green, Bill Imm, Mike Lugibihl, Tom Niese, Jeff Niese, Chris Wilson. Family owned & operated and plan to stay that way!

We are Family Owned and Operated

We have NO first time customer gimmicks.
We have a set beside program. No tank rental charge (except the small 124 gal. tank). No charge for tank installation, (except for copper line if needed).

Propane is a very safe source of heat and we train our people by following all the guidelines set by National & Ohio Propane Gas Association, including our office personnel.

For further information call Lori, Lisa, or Chris at 866-963-0101.

CHERRY’SSR 224 Ottawa, Ohio 45875 LTD. PROPANE SERVICE 5393


The Lima News

How to choose a jeweler
Try to focus on a skilled, experienced, attentive salesperson
When the time comes to purchase new jewelry, such as an engagement, graduation or just because, the choice of which jeweler to go to is an important one. A jeweler’s reputation is one of their most valuable assets. Ask family and friends to provide references. Your jeweler should be someone who will make you feel comfortable while assisting you in making an informed and educated jewelry purchase. Scott Koenig of Don Jenkin’s Jewelers says along with trust, longevity in business is a large factor. “Don Jenkin’s Jeweler is three generations strong, with his grandfather opening the jewelry store in 1945. The most enjoyable part is talking to customers who have been second-, third- and fourth-generation customers,” Koenig said. “It’s fun to reminisce about my grandfather and his days, and my dad and his days” A professional jeweler should have training and knowledge to help you make an informed purchase. Look for credentials that indicate professional experience. When searching for a jeweler it is imperative you find someone you feel comfortable with and someone who is willing to work with you when you have questions about jewelry, repairs and special orders. However, the jeweler’s business is not entirely about skill and expertise. Instead, a jeweler’s skill is coupled with how much care is offered for to each customer for his or her specific needs and wishes. When an individual makes a purchase, the product should be more than just a ring or a necklace. Christine Franklin, general manager of Don Jenkin’s Jewelers, says the staff is happy to spend time with customers to educate them about jewelry and what is currently available. Your jeweler should be willing and able to show you a variety of gemstones and jewelry in different shapes, sizes and qualities and should stock a broad selection of styles to enable you to decide which best fits your pocketbook. Honesty is a must. Your jeweler also should be able to help you learn to see with your own eyes why some diamonds of similar size differ greatly in value, or from a practical perspective, how you might reasonably select from a variety of different sizes, all priced similarly to fit your budget. All of us like to feel that we receive a good value when we make a major purchase. Take time to find out what you want and where you want to buy it. Diamonds, for instance, can be confusing. Even if two diamonds are the same size, color and clarity, differences in the way they were cut, their finish and fluorescence can cause on to be worth much more than the other. Understand fine cutting as it relates to your purchase. The staff should be able to show you fine cutting with the latest technology available. For those who have created a personal, working relationship a jeweler, it is possible to have faith in finished product. However, these relationships cannot be forged without first choosing and working with a jeweler for a long time. While price is an important factor to consider, choosing a jeweler on the basis of price alone is not always the best idea. While a jeweler may offer a solid price, they might not deliver in terms of quality or other important factors. Deciding between all the available options can be a challenge, but by focusing on finding a skilled, experienced, and attentive jeweler, the process is certain to be a success. By demonstrating these qualities, jewelers become well-known in the industry, so figuring out who they are should not be difficult once you know what to look for.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


From vintage jewelry to brilliant new creations our jewelry collections are truly stunning.

Let Us Show You The Difference

117 N. Elizabeth Street • Downtown Lima GIA Gemologist • M-F 9:30-5:30 Sat 9:30-2


il l a

Three Generations Strong


Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Lima News

What to look for when buying windows
Choosing appropriate windows for a residence or commercial building can be a dizzying experience. Functionality, aesthetics, placement, cost and efficiency are all factors which must be weighed equally. Moreover, window terminology can be daunting and confusing, but with just a little education, you, too, can become a fenestration expert.

Window glazing
The glazing of a window refers to the actual glass in a window. Today, most structures are built with double-glazed windows — meaning that there are two panes of glass in each frame. Many older buildings and homes still feature single-glazed windows, but caveat emptor: windows with a single pane of glass aren’t very energy-friendly. Tripleglazed windows are the best, and as a result, more expensive.

An R-value measures a window’s thermal resistance. In laymen’s terms, R-values indicate the amount of heat lost through a window. The higher the R-value of a window, the more efficient it is. Typically, the lowest acceptable value for a residence is R-3.

A U-value — technically known as the overall heat transfer coefficient — measures the level at which windows conduct heat. JUSTIN A. SHAW photos • The Lima News For residential windows, if efficiency is a concern, it’s important to use windows Lima Building Supply was founded in 1968, is family owned, and specializes in windows, cabinets, exterior doors and garage doors. that let out the least amount of heat. ThereIf left unchecked, continued erosion can fore, the lower the U-factor of a window, render the window less efficient. the better. Other factors For those who live in colder windy climates, equal importance should be placed As taught in elementary school science on the U- and R-values of a window. classes, when there’s a large difference between indoor and outdoor temperaLow-e tures, condensation will form on glass. Low-emissive, or low-e, windows are That’s why you should choose a window one of the latest innovations in the energyappropriate for your climate. efficiency market. Simply stated, low-e Window placement is another factor to glass traps heat. consider when building. Low-e is achieved by placing a thin If you are looking to increase a strucmetallic coating on the appropriate pane ture’s passive solar efficiency, consider of a window. Like U-values, those who the position and location of the building live in more frigid climates should give relative to the sun. Windows that face the serious consideration to low-e windowing south let in more heat than north-facing because indoor radiant heat is reflected back inside, thereby lessening the work of building by causing furniture and carpets diminishes air seepage, and when wind windows. Also, frames and seals can deteriorate to fade in color. That’s why a window pushes against the glass, the window seal your home’s heater. Conversely, in the summer, infrared heat with high ultra-violet blockage is recom- becomes tighter, further reducing leakage. quickly when dealing with extreme temGenerally speaking, casement windows peratures. It’s vital to choose windows from the sun is reflected away — thus mended, especially for people who live in are hinged on the sides, while windows with warm-air technology and decent hotter climates. making low-e windows a good choice for hinged at the top are known as awning spacers. people in warmer regions as well. Casement windows Lastly, to avoid fines and/or expensive windows and bottom-hinged windows are UV factors If energy efficiency is of the utmost called hoppers. re-windowing construction, be sure to UV rays from solar penetration can concern, casement windows are the best Hinged windows must be maintained research and adhere to any area building wreak havoc on items inside a home or option. The simple hinge-and-crank design properly, as the seal erodes over time. codes.

The Lima News


Sunday, August 28, 2011


You’re choosing more than windows and doors.
Marvin products are built to be long lasting energy-efficient, in plants that have been winning environmental manufacturing awards for over 10 years. Add our innovative recycling and reuse practices and you get more than ordinary windows and doors. You get products with the performance and durability to help you make a difference in your home and the environment for years to come.

Learn more at marvin.com/green.

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Monday – Friday 8-5; or by Appt. (Available on Most Products)

Sales – Service – Installation
Serving the area for over 40 years at the same location

Lima’s Best Secret

419-227-3264 or 800-422-5462 Visit us at 227 S. Main St. · Lima
Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:00 & By Appointment

Come find out what contractors already know: For Service, Quality, Selection & Experience


Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to choose carpet
Small stores put focus on service, often have better training
One of the best ways to change the way a room looks is to change the floor covering, and for many people that floor covering might be new carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. Today the options are amazing. The purchase of floor covering can be a large investment, so it is very important to find the best place to shop. There are a number of things to keep in mind when looking for flooring, so here are some tips that will help you find just the right floor covering for your needs. The type of store you visit can range from a small retail store to a large “box” warehouse store. With the advent of online shopping, consumers can also make flooring choices via the Internet. However, most consumers prefer to see and feel the floor covering they may be purchasing, which can only be done in a store or in a showroom. Small carpet stores put their focus on service. They may not be as large but quite often their selections are just as large if not larger than the warehouse store. Many times the smaller stores are members of buying groups which gives them greater buying power to compete with the larger stores. For many consumers, dealing with a local retailer is very important to them when buying floor covering. They feel more comfortable dealing with someone they can get to know on a more personal basis. They feel more confident with their installation and the follow-up that a smaller store has to offer is extremely important. Another important aspect of small retail vs. warehouse stores is that usually the staff of the warehouse stores are not as well trained as in the small retail stores. They may not be able to answer all of the questions about performance of a particular type of floor covering, the stain resistance of a carpet fiber, or installation issues pertaining to hardwood or ceramic tile. Not only is finding the right style and color important but making sure you are getting a product that is best suited for your area is a key part of protecting the investment you are about to make. Buying floor covering is an important part of beautifying a home, but it is also one of the more expensive parts of home décor. Find a store that you feel confident working with.


The Lima News

Cut Pile: The best-selling type of carpet is textured cut pile. Cutting looped carpet fibers at the top creates cut pile with yarn bundles standing straight. Preshearing cut pile several times creates a luxurious appearance. Cut pile is less resistant to crushing than other types of carpet. Level loop pile: Made by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both ends. This type of carpet is very durable and track resistant because of its strong loops. Cut and loop pile: combines cut and looped fibers. It provides a variety of surface textures or sculptured effects for medium durability. The different levels in this type of carpet can hide dirt and footprints in formal and informal areas. Carpet tiles: About the size of a traditional 18 inch square, one tile can easily be replaced if damaged. They are an especially good option for children’s playrooms and other high-traffic areas.

it’s a



savings event

You’re invited to a special demonstration of the incredible stain resistance of Lees® carpet. Juice, coffee, soy sauce, red wine, and more are no match for this incredible carpet. And we’ll prove it. See you there!



2119 Elida Rd. Lima, Ohio 419-227-3793 www.carpet1lima.com

The Lima News


Sunday, August 28, 2011


How to choose a hearing aid
Consult with a doctor, then meet with a hearing specialist
More than 40 million Americans experience some form of hearing loss. Because of this, hearing aids are a popular way to correct these hearing issues. Loss of hearing can be devastating, but there is no reason to allow this to control your life. It is easy to be self-conscious about the appearance and feel of the hearing aid. Because the aids are unnatural, it is not uncommon for patients to feel deficient when they need them. The majority of modern hearing aids are very discreet and blend into the ear area in terms of design and color, though. Because of this, it is often quite difficult for other people to notice that the patient is wearing the aid. One popular hearing aid is the kind that can fit completely within the ear canal. Hearing aids that were first used were big, bulky and obvious. The hearing aid that is placed within the ear canal, however, allows patients to receive all ben-

Always ensure you are aware of the price of the hearing aid before you agree to purchase any of the available devices. All aids are quite expensive.

efits that can correct moderate hearing loss while at the same time maintaining the natural appearance of the ear. Another style of hearing aid which has become increasingly popular is one located behind the ear. This type of aid is particularly popular with women as long hair is able to cover the hearing aid so that it cannot be seen by other people. They are also popular because they provide greater hearing magnification for patients who have worse hearing loss. For the most part, individuals who are suffering from severe hearing loss were given large hearing aids that filled the whole inner ear. Fortunately, there is an answer for these individuals who have

severe hearing loss but do not want to have to wear large devices that protrude extensively from their ear. In order to determine whether you will need a hearing aid, you need to consult with a doctor who specializes in hearing. This physician will be able to assess the hearing loss level that you are experiencing. Physicians who specialize in these issues will be able to correctly determine the cause of the hearing loss so that they can determine the best way to fix the problem. There are numerous specialists who are licensed and able to treat patients using hearing aids once the doctor is able to determine the reason for the hearing loss

and prescribe the correct aid. A hearing aid specialist will then be consulted in order to determine the right hearing aid style that will be the most comfortable and will also successfully correct your hearing. Always ensure that you are aware of the price of the hearing aid before you agree to purchase any of the available devices. All aids, particularly the smaller ones that are placed within the ear canal, are quite expensive. Even the hearing aids which are traditional and are placed on the outer ear cost significant amounts of money. Ensure also that the provider describes all of the costs to you before you purchase the hearing aid. This will make your decision more informed. Hearing aids are vital devices for improving the quality of your life, and they need to be carefully studied in order to know with 100 percent certainty that you have the right hearing aid for your needs.

Hearing Aids From: • Nu-Ear •Magnatone • Finetone
FREE HEARING EVALUATION Call for appointment

Hughes Maico, The Name You’ve known since 1960 is now

Our 2nd Generation dba Hughes Maico Hearing Aid Service

419-222-1751 Or 1-800-222-4327

1215 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima





Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to choose a bakery
The promise of one-stop shopping meant that people began to turn from visiting a separate bakery and get their baked goods at the nearest supermarket instead. However, markets offer the most unsubstantial items at the highest prices. While many baked goods today are produced in a factory and then shipped, the bakery you choose should guarantee that its products are always freshly made and, of course, delicious. At Pat’s Donuts & Kreme, the mission is simple. The bakers at Pat’s make all their doughnuts by hand. While some modern bakeries are trying to emulate faster chains and sell as many goods as possible, Pat’s Donuts & Kreme is still as devoted to the quality of the products being sold. Every good local Mom and Pop food establishment has a staple food item that they can do better then others. For Pat’s Donuts & Kreme, that’s doughnuts. The Pats Donuts & Kreme bakery has been using many of the same recipes for more than 28 years. Therefore, if the items can last in popularity for that long, they must be delicious enough to keep people coming back for more. Ed Ezzelle, owner of Pat’s Donuts & Kreme for seven years, said the two most important things to take into consideration are the bakery’s history and experience. If a bakery can prove that its products and customer loyalty can withstand the test of time, then take it as a definite sign that it is doing something right. Best of all, when you choose a locally owned bakery, not only are you going to get a big tasty item full of flavor, you’re supporting your local businessman. Ezzelle said many repeat customers also enjoy the experience of coming to a doughnut shop that has been around for so long. When you shop at Pat’s, you are guaranteed to get an item you can rely on to be as great tasting as it was the last time you ordered it. While the bakery of your choosing should be able to provide the staples like doughnuts, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cakes, pies and breads, it’s rewarding to find a shop that is not scared to switch things up every now and then. For instance, the bakers at Pat’s often choose to come up with new varities of doughnuts like the Butter Cream Bear Claw, the Peanut Butter Cup Doughnut or their latest new doughnut, the Bacon Maple Doughnut. If you’re looking for a bakery, then you should begin by thinking about what you’d like. Some bakeries specialize in items that others don’t. Does a delicious sweet treat Your service should be prompt. Another thing most high-end bakeries do is give out samples so you know that you’ll always be introduced to something new or never considered before.


The Lima News


The bakery should consistently make good quality items. You should know that the cakes will be just as good as the cookies or breads. You should feel comfortable that any day of the week you can walk in and buy something confidently knowing it’s going to satisfy you. They should never cut corners to improve their bottom line like a corporate food establishment would suggest. Instead, the place should take pride in the food they produce.


This matter is kind of subjective. Is it really worth it to drive out of your way to go to a better bakery? If you’re searching for something that makes your life just a little bit better, then the answer is probably a resounding, “Yes!” It’s the convenience of supermarkets that allows them to get away with lower quality items. So, if you’re really in it to spice up your taste buds, then location really shouldn’t be that big of an issue. If the bakery delivers or has sub-outlets, that might make it more convenient for you, though.


JUSTIN A. SHAW • The Lima News

Ed Ezzelle (center), owner of Pat’s Donuts & Kreme, and his team make all their products from scratch. They specialize in glazed doughnuts, butter creme long John’s, ice cream, soft-serve, coffee, cappuccinos and lattes. make it worth your while? After that, here buds. The most important thing is that you are some things to think about that can should be able to taste the difference for help you locate a good bakery near you. the better.

High quality ingredients
If you can’t taste the difference, then it’s not worth going to the bakery. You might as well head back to the grocery store for mediocre quality items stuffed with average sugar. The ingredients should make themselves pleasantly known to your taste

Every place has a feeling about it. It’s the mood that sets the tone. Bakeries should feel upbeat and energizing. You should expect to be greased with a pleasant smile. The baker should look happy to be doing their work because they enjoy it.

Some bakeries make items that you just can’t find anywhere else, and that’s what makes them so good. To know you’ll be enjoying that one little treat that brightens your day is often worth it. Specialties can gourmet doughnuts, zero trans fat products, organic items, gluten-free products, ethnic products or anything else that happens to delight you. Look for specialties that you really enjoy because you know it’s one of the few places you can get it. Pat’s Donuts & Kreme has been making doughnuts fresh for their customers every morning since 1983. The bakers at Pat’s begin making doughnuts around 8 p.m. and finish around 4 a.m. Pat’s bakers make their own buttercream and icing daily, and they also make their own pizza dough daily. Pat’s also bakes buns daily. Stop by see why it does well in The Lima News’ Best of the Region. At the Elida Road location, Pat’s customers take advantage of ordering pizza, doughnuts and ice cream 24/7. Pat’s new Delphos location offers a full menu and is open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and has 32 flavors of Hershey’s hard dip ice cream. Check out www.patsdonuts.com for menus and locations.

The Lima News


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Treat Yourself To The Best!

Its time to make the donuts!
Pat’s Donuts & Kreme has been making donuts fresh for their customers every morning since 1983. The bakers at Pat’s begin making their famous donuts around 8pm in the evening and finish up around 4am in the morning. That way you have fresh donuts 24 hours a day. Pat’s bakers make their own Buttercream and Icing daily and they also make their own pizza dough daily using a old Italin recipe. Pat’s Bakers also bake fresh daily their buns for breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Stop by and eat at Pat’s and you’ll see why they were voted Best of the Region once again! At the Elida Rd location Pat’s customers take advantage of ordering Pizza, Donuts & Ice Kreme 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long. Pat’s new Delphos location offers a full menu and is open daily from 5am-9pm featuring 32 flavors of Hersheys Hard Dip Ice Kreme. What a treat! Check out www.patsdonuts.com for their menu and locations. Start your day the smart way at Pat’s Donuts & Kreme.

1835 Harding Hwy., Lima OPEN AT 4:00 A.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK PH: 419-229-PATS

2102 Elida Rd., Lima OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK PH: 419-229-2125

662 Elida Ave., Delphos OPEN AT 5A.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK PH: 419-692-0007

Coming Soon the Bacon Maple Donut and the Peanut Butter n Jelly Donut! A must try for any donut lover!



Sunday, August 28, 2011


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How to choose a transmission repair shop
Transmissions are the emissaries of power. They take the twisting torque force that the engine produces, and they modulate that force into a usable gear ratio that does not put undue stress on the engine, while creating optimum pulling power. The early transmissions were quite simple, manual machines. The automatic transmission was developed in the early 20th century but did not achieve a level of sophistication until the 1940s when the hydramatic transmissions were developed with torque converters that harnessed all the force generated by the engine. Those early automatic transmissions relied upon hydraulic pressure to foment shifts, as do their modern descendants, which brings into play the necessity of transmission fluid. Unfortunately, this fluid must be periodically replaced because it breaks down over time and can no longer lubricate transmission shifts properly, which causes the corrosion and failure of components in the very complex modern transmission. This transmission breakdown necessitates the services of the transmission repair shop.

Geared toward maintenance
Today’s transmissions have hundreds of parts and are the most complex aspect of automotive technology. If the car owner does not have the transmission serviced or flushed at least every 20,000 miles, it is inevitable that problems will ensue. Power flushing removes and replaces all the fluid, which is more thorough than simple servicing. Many manufacturers state that their transmissions only need to be serviced every 50,000 miles. The problem with this for the car owner is that car manufacturers are in the business of perpetually selling new cars, and the breakdown of a transmission frequently means the purchase of a new car.

transmission to respond properly. There should be verifiable evidence that the mechanics have had extensive training in repairing a wide range of transmissions. Never go to a general auto repair shop for transmission work. They will often subcontract the work to a transmission shop and charge 50 to 100 percent more than the shop charges them. Some dealer service centers also use this ploy.

Remanufactured rebuilding
Finding a sterling transmission repair shop is just one facet of repairing a transmission. A decision must also be made in terms of what type of repair work is to be done. Unfortunately, to work on transmissions requires that the transmissions be removed from the vehicle. The process of removing and replacing these big parts is very labor intensive, which can be a $500 expense in itself. Once the transmission is pulled, there is no such thing as a minor problem. Even if the problem is minor, the economic realities demand that a transmission be thoroughly rebuilt once the process is started. The owner of a defective transmission has several alternatives once he or she decides to make the repairs. An absolutely new transmission built by the car manufacturer is not generally available today. Manufacturers do, however, remanufacture transmissions from used cores, replacing all the moving parts. Remanufactured transmissions are the most thoroughly rebuilt transmissions and are virtually equivalent to placing a new transmission in the vehicle.

AAA credibility

A job geared for specialists
Deciding to repair a defective transmission absolutely requires the employment of a highly specialized transmission shop with an extensive record of properly repairing transmissions the first time the work is performed. Unfortunately, many repair shops do not repair transmissions properly the first time, necessitating several visits to get the

The Automobile Club of America will grace repair shops that have met its stringent standards with its seal of approval. These shops have been thoroughly analyzed and have to deal with AAA mediation in case of disputes concerning service. There are other very competent transmission shops that render precise and consistent service. Checking with the Better Business Bureau can generally highlight those shops that have a number of complaints against them. For those considering national chain transmission repair companies, the Bureau of Consumer Investigations can be of assistance in illuminating those repair companies that are not reputable.

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How to choose an appliance store
Check consumer reviews to find a shop with fair prices and good service
Since appliances are a big investment, it’s definitely a great idea to know how to choose which appliance store to shop. So if you’re looking to find out how to choose an appliance store, here are some tips to help you make your decision. Home appliances are labor-saving devices which will reduce your time spent in the kitchen and laundry room. Your appliances are time saving, energy efficient and esthetically pleasing additions to your home, so should be chosen with care. The right appliance store can ensure that you get the items you need at an affordable price. It may be helpful to look for consumer reviews. Thank goodness for consumer reviews, which help you learn from other people’s experiences (both positive and negative) while shopping at an appliance store or appliance dealers. For a store to meet the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation standards, for example, the business must be judged reputable and reliable, and that it effectively addresses consumer complaints made on its products or services. You, as the customer must determine your budget and appliance needs. On your visit to your local store: • Share the dimensions and required features with the store salesperson • Discuss needs and pricing • Be clear with the sales person about special pricing, such as delivery and installation • Special discounts are often given for multiple purchases, so be sure to ask • Order items in advance, so you have them for the date needed and schedule delivery at your convenience After the delivery, read the instructional manuals for optimum use of your appliance and a quick resolution to any questions. If you continue to have questions or concerns, contact the store you purchased your appliances at for assistance. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new appliance. Jeff Tracy of Tracy Appliances states, “Picking the proper appliance, with the proper price, the proper delivery and the proper satisfaction will make you a satisfied customer.”

• Keep in mind appliance sales run in seasons. In the winter, it’s easier to find good sales on washers and dryers. In the spring, look for sales on refrigerators. And cooking appliances usually go on sale in the fall. • Be practical. Of course, it’s always a great idea to look for appliance stores near your area. If a store offers free appliance transport to your home, the maybe it’s worthwhile to shope there even if it’s a little farther away. • Shop for new appilances with a checklist. This will help remind you of the factors that are important when making your purchase. • Check out advertisements. It is important to stay up to date on which stores are offering what deals. Also, some stores will offer promotional pricing; they will match any offer you have as long as you bring an advertisement. • Try to do your research ahead of time to avoid making a snap decision. Doing the research before your refrigerator stops working takes the stress away from the purchase. • Evaluate store policies on warranties and repairs before you make a purchase. Understanding the life cycle of your appliances is helpful so you can be prepared when something does wear out and needs to be replaced.

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concealed, a smaller pistol will serve you better. While you won’t have the weight to help absorb recoil, or the longer sight plane, you won’t have to worry about it nearly as much. Most concealed carry guns are designed to be used at close ranges, as well as remain hidden when not in use. Caliber is an important consideration as well. Larger caliber weapons will deal more damage with every hit, but at the cost of recoil and size of the weapon. While your objective shouldn’t be to kill an attacker, you’ll want to choose a large enough caliber to put a stop to any threat you might face. Smaller calibers will work better for novice shooters and those who need a smaller weapon outright. switching the safety on and off before you attempt to use the weapon. When it comes to handguns, there are two variations: the automatic and the revolver. The automatics are the typical magazine-fed modern handgun and usually come in smaller calibers, also known as “auto calibers.” Automatics are complicated machines and can be trickier to clean and operate than a revolver, but they make up for it by being fast to fire and easy to reload. Revolvers are much simpler machines and have been around a lot longer than automatics. They have a wider range of calibers available, are easier to clean, but firing speed and reload time is significantly reduced. A revolver is a good option for a beginner, but there are good automatics for novices as well. It is more important to have a gun with point-and-shoot accuracy instead of sighted accuracy when it comes to selfdefense. If you are being assaulted, you are probably not going to have the need to draw a bead on your attacker, nor will you have the time. When you’re shooting for self-defense, you’re usually firing fast

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Auto or revolver? How to choose your first handgun
Choosing a handgun, whether for home defense or concealed carry, is a decision which takes a lot of consideration, a lot of shopping, and if you’re new to the market, probably a lot of talking to merchants and other gun owners. Being properly informed is your first step on the road to responsible gun ownership. and instinctively, so it’s good to have a gun that reflects your firing style.

As with any weapon, be familiar with the use and care of your gun before you attempt to deploy it in a self-defense maneuver. Spend plenty of time with your weapon at the firing range and become familiar with the limitations of your weapon. Responsible gun ownership starts with gun safety. Always make sure you are handling your weapon in a manner that is safe for you and those around you, and never leave your pistol where children can get their hands on it. Always treat the weapon like it’s loaded, and never point at anyone you don’t intend to shoot. If you have further questions, your local gun shop will be the place to get answers. Most of the time the staff is very passionate about their trade and will be more than happy to help you select a weapon within your price range and abilities. Remember to ask plenty of questions, and if you don’t quite like the answers, feel free to ask other gun shops or gun owners.

Size and caliber
Whatever your level of ability, there is usually a handgun on the market that will fit your needs, both technically and physically. It’s a good idea to always make sure you physically shop for a handgun at some point, regardless of how you intend to buy it. Pistol comes in many shapes, sizes and calibers, and the choice might seem a bit overwhelming. The first thing you should consider is size. If you aren’t going to be carrying the pistol on your person, a largerframed pistol will serve you just fine. You’ll be able to hold more ammunition in the magazine, and your recoil and sighting will be much more manageable. If you’re trying to find a handgun to carry

Other things to consider
There are a few other important decisions to make when it comes to choosing your handgun to make sure you’re buying the correct weapon. First off, you should be able to operate the weapon easily and without complication. Take time to learn about the gun you choose, and make sure you know about loading, firing and

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When you’re ready to buy a recreational vehicle, there are going to be a lot of questions running through your mind. A little research will go a long way toward making sure you get the best deal for your money, as well as making sure your RV is functional for years to come. A good resource when you’re getting ready for your first RV is other RV owners. If you have friends or family who are RV owners, ask to see their vehicles. Walk around and get a feel for what your money will buy you, which brands stand the test of time and which don’t, as well as what issues RV owners of today seem to have problems with. Also, it’s a good idea to research on the Internet. RV message boards are a dime a dozen as the nomadic lifestyle becomes more popular, and by reading up on brands and styles, you’ll save yourself a lot of wondering at the lot. Much like used cars, RVs are available previously owned from both dealers and private parties. These can range from affordable trailers or campers which fit on the back of a truck, to ultra-luxury “land yachts” with features such as plasma TVs and full-service kitchens. Knowing what

How to choose a recreational vehicle
you want out of your RV experience is important. Ask yourself questions about what you want out of your RV. What kind of size, style, or brand are you looking for? How much are you willing to spend? Are you intent on the idea of a new RV or are you willing to buy a used one? What level of service fits you best? Answering these questions, as well as any others you can think of, will put you on the salesman’s level when you reach the lot, and you’ll be able to converse confidently without becoming confused. Size is an important issue with RVs as well. Will you be living out of your vehicle for an extended period of time while you tour the country, or will you be using it for one or two vacations a year? How many people will typically be traveling with you? Some RV parks have restrictions on size, so which RV’s are more widely accepted than others? If you’re buying from a dealer, you’ll want to be sure that they offer a factory warranty, as well as a vehicle report if you’re buying used. These reports are common in the car industry, but pitiful few potential RV buyers ever request one. There’s a bevy of damaged and repaired vehicles on both the used and new RV markets, and requesting a Carfax report, or a report from a similar service, is essential to making your new RV didn’t spend a month underwater before you bought it. Checking with the Better Business Bureau and the state attorney general’s office will help you find dealers who garner a large number of complaints, or even lawsuits. By studying the data from these sources, you won’t be able to find a reputable dealer, but it will help rule out the sellers you want to avoid. Many dealers will also provide incentives to buy from them, such as free upgrades or excellent terms of finance. While these add-ons can rope you in, always be skeptical of whether or not you’re getting a good deal, or if you’re just being suckered into a bad one. Once again, education on the subject comes in handy here. It’s a good idea to take an RV owner with you to the lot, if possible. Most RV owners will be able to share their experiences and assure that you don’t get snowed under by special

deals designed to rid the lot of faulty merchandise or overpriced vehicles. If you need a bit more out of your RV, consider a made-to-order model. Many manufacturers will gladly build a particular model to customer specification if the features you want are not available. Some dealers will even make an effort to retrofit existing models, both used and new, with features you desire. Make sure your dealer has an on-site service department, or at the very least a contract with a reputable RV repair shop. RV repairs are very specialized and different from regular vehicles, and the last thing you want is to have an awesome warranty on your RV that is backed up by a sub-par service shop. With a little bit of research, you can make a wise choice in your RV, and probably get an excellent deal to boot. Browse many lots, many Web sites, and talk to RV owners to see what they say about particular models or manufacturers. Read magazines with reviews on RVs, especially the type you’re looking for. By educating yourself, you’ll ensure that you get the most out your RV for years to come.

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How to choose a mattress
Adjustable beds are ideal for couples but cost a bit more
Pillowtop mattresses usually require a larger bottom sheet due to extra thickness.


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In order to function at your optimum level, you need the proper amount of sleep. If you are trying to sleep on an old mattress or a mattress that is too firm or soft for your physical needs, you are not getting the restful sleep you need. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood, your job performance and your overall physical health. You should definitely take the time to shop for a mattress that is more comfortable than the old or inappropriate one you are currently sleeping on. A new, better quality mattress can improve both the quality of sleep you get each night and your quality of life each day. Before you decide on a mattress, you should consider the size of bed that is most comfortable for you. If you share a bed with someone, you will need to consider their sleep requirements and physical needs also. Adjustable beds are ideal for some couples but they may not be an affordable option for everyone. Keep in mind that

the purchase of such a bed is a longterm investment, so the cost may be one that you can justify even if it temporarily strains your budget. Once you decide on the best size of bed for you, you will need to explore the mattress options available. One of the newest and very popular mattress options is a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress contours to the body shape of each person sleeping on it. This can be beneficial to people who often lose sleep due to back, neck and leg pain. There is an element of stability with a memory foam mattress. The movement of one person is less likely to disturb the sleep of the other person. Pillowtop mattresses are also a popular choice. These mattresses have an extra

layer of softness for additional comfort. They are probably not the mattress for you if you are seeking a really firm surface to sleep on. However, the mattresses are rated on a scale that indicates their level of firmness. This makes it possible to find the firmest and most comfortable pillowtop for you. Even though they are very comfortable, there are certain things to consider before investing in a pillowtop mattress. They usually require a larger bottom sheet due to their extra thickness. A mattress is not an item you want to buy without having the opportunity to personally check it out. You need to be able to touch it, sit on it and even lie down on it to see how it feels to you. There are numerous areas in bedroom

design and decor where you can cut corners by purchasing bargain priced items. The bed and the mattress you will be sleeping on are not the place to skimp on quality. You should buy the best quality mattress that you can afford. If your budget is tight, you may need to wait for stores to put the mattress you want on sale, but in the long run, it will be worth the wait. If you have physical pain such as back pain or neck pain or if you have circulation problems, you may want to seek advice from your physician, a physical therapist or a chiropractor concerning the best type of mattress for your specific physical condition. A mattress that contours to your body and adjusts according to your body’s temperature may be the ideal mattress for you. These are a good option when you share a bed with someone. The mattress will adjust accordingly to each individual person’s body design and temperature.

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How to choose an auto body shop
A trustworthy repair team can save you money in long run
Your car, van, SUV or truck is one of the most important things to your everyday life. It is there for the transportation of you and your loved ones, keeps your family safe on the road, and it even gives you a unique way to express yourself. It is important that you do everything you can to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, especially if something unexpected happens. There are some people out there who are mechanically inclined and can take care of most of their car’s issues on their own. You may even have a favorite mechanic for changing the oil and belts, or even doing major maintenance under the hood. However, it is just as important to know what you are going to do for your car or truck if it is ever in an accident. Even if you are an extremely careful driver, following the rules and obeying the speed limit, there are still other people out there who are not. Accidents

When at the shop, make sure to check for certification, guarantees and prices. The least expensive quote may be cutting corners or leaving items off for a lower price.

happen every day, and not everyone on the road is being extra careful. If you are ever in an accident, even if it is a fender bender that does not seem to have done much damage, it can still cause lots of problems and annoyance. If you have a trustworthy auto body shop that does quality work, they can help make the situation go by with fewer troubles, and possibly even save you money in the long run. If you do not already have an auto body shop that you know and trust, it can be very helpful to get advice from your friends and neighbors who live nearby. Someone you know has likely already dealt with some of the auto body shops in your area and can tell you about their

experiences, whether they are good or bad. Once you have a couple of recommendations, you can use the Internet to find out even more about the shops you are thinking of. Doing an Internet search can be great, not only because you may be able to find the auto body shop’s Web site which should tell you a bit about their practices, but you may also be able to find out about other people’s experiences. If you find a lot of negative feedback about one of the shops you are thinking of, it is likely a good idea to pick a different one. Also, if you can’t get any recommendations from your friends and family, the Internet is a great place to start your search.

Once you have found a few shops that look promising, it is time to hop on the phone. Call around to the shops you are thinking of, and describe that problem or even the accident to the person you speak with. If you are paying attention, you might be able to tell if they feel optimistic about the job, or if they seem less than enthusiastic. Some shops are very busy, and if you pick one that is not happy about doing your work, you may not be getting the best deal or work on what you need. If it seems like the shop is interested and glad to have your business, you will need to get a price quote. The body shop will need to see your vehicle to present you with an accurate quote. When at the shop, make sure to check for certification, guarantees and prices. Carefully compare your quotes. The least expensive may be cutting corners or leaving items off to appear to be the best price.

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Discussing death is not an easy thing to do, especially when it involves you or something you love. Because of this, many people find themselves at a loss when tragedy strikes; already crushed at the realization that their love one is gone, few family members and friends know what their next steps should be. If you want to make certain your death is as easy as possible for those closest to you, it is important that you make decisions about your arrangements long before that unfortunate day ever comes. Discussing your wishes, wants and needs with family members takes a lot of the emotional burden from your family, yet allows them times to grieve and mourn your passing. Cremation options have become popular and are much more accepted in our communities. Cremation can be a freeing and peaceful process, just as a traditional funeral options. Both options allow those left behind the opportunity acknowledge a life that has been lived and to begin the mourning process. While the cost of cremation is normally

How to choose cremation services
less expensive than a traditional burial, the cost may not be the first and foremost reason to consider cremation. Care for the environment, the ability to retain cremated remains, or have a meaningful scattering memorial service are other reason to consider cremation. If you are interested in cremation, you should first learn what is involved in the process. By learning about cremation, you will be able to understand what will happen to your body or a loved one after they are gone. Our funeral home will be able to explain the process to you along with the breakdown of costs. There are many fables and misconceptions about cremation; however, after talking with our funeral home staff, you will be able to understand exactly what the process is all about. It is important to know in advance so that you or your loved ones will be comfortable with the decision. Those considering cremation can contact Chiles-Laman Funeral and Cremation Services. Our staff will work with you and your family to address care of the deceased, costs involved, the entire process, and how to permanently memorialize the cremated remains. Chiles-Laman Funeral and Cremation Services staff makes every effort to meet the need of you and your family. Personalization of a memorial service is our highest goal. We will discuss your options as far as how you with the disposition of your cremated remains. It may be a traditional burial at a cemetery, scattering at a location meaningful to you, or placed in a columbarium or niche. These are decisions that can be made ahead of time so, again, your wishes can be followed. If it is important to you, referrals for grief counseling for family members who have trouble dealing with the death can be provided. While death is not a pleasant subject and not something we enjoy planning for, you need to know that you and your loved ones have a plan in place and on file at the funeral home when that unfortunate day arrives now or in thirty years. By choosing traditional burial, or cremation, now you can rest assured that those you care about will not be left with the financial burden and will not be left making decision in their grief.

A 2005 memorial industry study randomly surveyed 371 people who planned to be cremated and asked their reasons for their choice. Saves Money (30% of those surveyed): Cremation certainly can be less expensive than traditional burial. The cremation process can cost thousands of dollars less than a traditional burial. Saves Land (13%): People are concerned about filling cemeteries with caskets designed to last for ages. Simpler (8%): Cremations, because they do not necessarily require an elaborate funeral, are certainly simpler than traditional burials. Those who enjoyed a simple life are, perhaps, best memorialized in a simple way. Body Not in Earth (6%):For many people, the idea of a body slowly decomposing underground in a casket is undignified and even frightening. Cremation’s quick and clean disposal of a body is comforting to these people. Preference (6%): Many people choose cremation without knowing exactly why. It is simply their preference.

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and administer medications according to prescriptions, including intravenous care, wound care and more. Skilled nursing facilities are also becoming instrumental in the rehabilitation of individuals transitioning from a hospital stay back to their home. Often, an extended stay in a hospital has left them too weak to safely return home. The skilled nursing facility can often provide just a few weeks of physical, occupational or speech therapy and return the person to their previous level of functioning, allowing them to safely return to their home environment. At Lima Convalescent Home we have an entire wing dedicated just to providing Rehabilitative care, as well as a Memory Care area and an area for our longer term residents. It is important to choose a facility that is highly rated by whichever state governing agency is applicable for your area. Lima Convalescent Home is proud of our fourstar rating that can be found in the nursing home compare website at Medicare.gov. Here you can compare various facilities inspection results, staffing patterns and quality measure scores. While no rating process is perfect, including this one, it does give you some objective information to compare. It is important to select a facility that is close to family and/or friends who will be able to visit the person frequently. This will assist them with the transition from independent home living into a skilled nursing environment. The best way to determine if a facility is right for you, though, is to go and visit in person. Any reputable facility will be happy to schedule an interview with its director of admissions and provide a full tour of the facility, including the living areas. Sights, sounds and smells should be noted closely as you tour the facility as these are some of the best indicators of the quality of care provided. Also, ask about the tenure of key personnel and nurse and nurse assistant staffing ratios. These are also key indicators of staff responsiveness to resident needs. Any facility that is reluctant or refuses to provide a full tour should be immediately crossed off your list of potentials. Word of mouth is another good method of finding the best facility. Almost everyone knows someone with a loved one in a nursing home. They have been through this decision and often know the reputation of area facilities. Ask them their opinion on the area facilities you should consider. Finances are always an issue regarding medical care, and moving your loved one

Sunday, August 28, 2011


How to choose a skilled nursing facility for your loved one
Choosing to place a loved one in a skilled nursing facility is often a heartbreaking and difficult decision for all involved. Both the loved one and the family making the decision can find it painful and confusing to make a choice from the multiple facilities in the community. It is a rare thing for a nursing facility to make headlines, unless something bad happens. Most skilled nursing facilities never make the news and never rise to infamy; they are quietly providing dedicated and loving care to those who can no longer care for themselves. Often, safety awareness is the primary reason for admission to a skilled nursing facility. A skilled nursing facility more closely supervises residents than an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are designed for older individuals to live in a somewhat private setting, with staff on duty for minimal assistance. A skilled nursing facility is designed to care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves due to infirmity or severe illness and therefore have a greater number of staff. The training level of staff at skilled facilities also tends to be higher and regulated more closely than the staff at an assisted living facility. Skilled nursing facilities have staff that are authorized to provide to a skilled nursing facility is no different. Because a skilled nursing facility provides a much higher level of care than an assisted living facility, the cost involved would normally be higher. If finances are tight, the admissions person at your facility of choice can give you some general advice on how to resolve affordability issues. It is important to remember this decision is not a final one. If your loved one is not receiving the care that you expect or if they are showing signs of abuse or lack of care, you are entitled, and perhaps obligated, to remove them and place them in a different facility. Frequent visits to your loved one will tell you if they are getting the care you expect and also alert you to any problems right away. It is important to place your loved one in the proper skilled nursing facility if they are no longer able to care for themselves on their own. Proper research and frequent visits to your loved one will ensure their quality of life is the best it can be and they are provided with the level of care they deserve. Please feel free to contact Randy Cox, executive director, or Amy Menchhofer, director of resident services, at Lima Convalescent Home with any questions you may have in your search for the best facility for your loved one.

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Celebrating Business
We celebrate the innovation of local businesses in our community and recognize their ability to serve the people of West Central Ohio...

We also celebrate who we are...
We are more than a city, more than a country; we are a place that’s more than the simple sum of all its people and places. Here, our strength comes from our Midwestern work ethic and values. Our productivity, culture and way of life are sacred gifts passed down to us from those who came before. They’re the kinds of things all Americans want - but few actually possess.

Real American Strength

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