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How to Help Ideas

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To create a wiki-based website that becomes a go to portal if you want to help.The website's purpose is to inspire and help websurfers do something that makes a difference in the world on something they truly care about and to be used as a platform to share information themselves,Chris Anderson talks about combining crowd, light and desire in the referenced talk on How web video powers global innovationcrowd=people with common cause-burdenlight=TRULY open web platformdesire=database of info, inspiring content, support to get you to achieve what you want.I've contacted a few friends hoping they'll get back to me to help but I thought it's a good idea so why wait to put it out there, right?I've typed some notes. These are 2 links to the notes via scribd.com.if you think its interesting please use it or share it.I think this can work if it satisfies these conditions-it's easy to use, highly interactive, and maybe at first most importantly appealing to the eye-it's free, all cc licensing material,no ads, wiki driven, cloud driven and you have the invaluable support of the internet nerd community giving technical advice to change the website for better and to get rid of spammers and other profiteers/pranksters- it's primarily video based. Video allows you receive information on a broader, deeper level.Thanks :-DSarah



How2help ideas

http://www.volunteermanagers.org.uk/volunteering-videos http://wiki.volunteermanagers.org.uk/ http://mashable.com/2011/07/07/social-good-online/#192875-Get-a-Deal http://buy4.com/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huffington/move-your-money-a-newyea_b_406022.html http://www.we-care.com/ http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/search.html http://www.infinitefamily.org/http://www.icouldbe.org/ http://www.reasoningmind.org/job/index.php?page=volunteering http://www.lvsc.org.uk/lvsc-hr-advice.aspx http://www.smartvolunteer.org/ http://www.volunteermatch.org/ http://www.volunteering.co.uk/Volunteering_Videos--vv-volunteering-Nonprofit.htm http://www.volunteering.co.uk/Overseas_Volunteering.htm http://timebank.org.uk/ http://timebank.org.uk/volunteer-opportunities/reviews http://www.smallcharities.org.uk/ http://www.lvsc.org.uk/ http://www.lvsc.org.uk/about-lvsc/lvsc-centenary.aspx http://www.redochre.org.uk/ http://www.smallcharities.org.uk/volunteeringinfo0/ http://www.smallcharities.org.uk/as-an-organisation/ http://www.do-it.org.uk/ http://www.olmec-ec.org.uk/main.cfm http://www.olmec-ec.org.uk/main.cfm?type=STEPAHEAD

http://www.sel.org.uk/ http://www.unvolunteers.org/ http://www.youtube.com/unv http://www.unv.org/en/perspectives.html http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Main_Page http://dropbox.com https://www.dropbox.com/tour http://www.ted.com/conversations/questions/added http://wiki.python.org/moin/VolunteerOpportunities timebank.org.uk http://timebank.org.uk/be-a-partner http://timebank.org.uk/volunteer-opportunities givetime.com http://www.charityinsight.com

Network Managers associations that always edit Wikipedia http://www.ted.com/conversations/975/using_social_networks_to_gener.html http://www.youtube.com/unv google youtube Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation and email link websites that reposted it, passed it on. http://www.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olmec/176584955545 Arianna Huffington

http://sel.org.uk/the-transition-institute http://timebank.org.uk/contact

Huge “close this page button” on upper right of survey pages Webpage inbox made public and emails commentable http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/overview.html Need the best search engine and cross-tag referencing tool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY Good, elementary design. Logo based and primary colours The look of a basic vividly coloured online game for kids. Simple format. Dates on all entries. System to track chronological developments http://wiki.python.org/moin/VolunteerOpportunities Homepage has to give the feeling: “AHA! There’s the website I needed. Perfect. Everything’s here. It was so helpful and easy to navigate that I want to contribute content to the website and tell everybody I know that would like to know about it, about it.” Ideally just homepage gives you this feeling..so you act quickly in case you forget about it 30 minutes later. Homepage with small survey question box changes to net page by click yes/no buttons. Survey 1.What do you dislike, what gets you upset about the world.. Nothing. -OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better. 2..Do you want it to change. No. 3. Wanna tell us why. No-OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better. Yes-400 character form 4.Do you want to help in making that change. No-OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better.

Yes- 6. Do you need inspiration/help/ideas. No, OK, thanks for answering the survey and please tell us if we could do better Yes 7.Was that helpful. No. -OK, Thanks again 8. (Kinda, Very) Can you tell us what we could we add. No. -OK, Thanks again 9. Feel like putting us in the right direction. No-OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better. 10.Do you have the link/author’s name/production date. No-OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better. 11. Thanks so much. Your name/nickname will be added to our list of contributors if you want. Do you want to. No, thanks-OK, Thanks again and please tell us if we could do better. Yes-How much. Would you go in a bit more detail. No- OK, Thanks again. Yes-length, media quality, content thickness, bias, out of date/too far reaching, etc. Yes-you will be rated comeback and check your votes and comments on your contribution Yes-link youtube account, block facebook page linkedin

How much time. Where Option 2 is singular choice value: doesn’t matter

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