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How to Recover PIX Firewall Image Using Monitor Mode

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How to recover PIX Firewall image using monitor mode? Today tip will help you to install the IOS on the Cisco PIX firewall 501, 506, 506E, 515E, 515, 525 and 535 series. First make sure, you have installed and configured any TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server over the LAN port. If you are trying to boot up your PIX firewall without an IOS, the nonworking firewall will boot up in ROM monitor mode, or turn the power switch off and back on to recycle the power then press you can press the ctrl and break keys simultaneously. The monitor> prompt is displayed and the firewall first prompt will look like this: monitor> Follow the step-by-step procedure to recover the IOS of Cisco PIX Firewall: First make sure, you have connected your PC to the Ethernet and Console port of PIX Firewall using any emulation software.

Now use the interface command to specify the interface of PIX Firewall use for traffic. monitor>interface 1 0: i8255X @ PCI(bus:0 dev:13 irq:11) 1: i8255X @ PCI(bus:0 dev:14 irq:8 ) Now use the address command to assign the IP address of PIX Firewall interface. monitor>address address Issue the server command to assign the IP address of the remote or TFTP server. monitor>server server Issue the gateway command to specify the gateway address through which the server is accessible. monitor>gateway gateway Now issue the file command to identify the file name PIX firewall image. monitor>file firewall-ios file firewall-ios Now use the tftp command to start the IOS recovery process of the PIX Firewall, and then following message will appear. monitor> tftp tftp [email protected] via Received 63729 bytes PIX admin loader (3.0) #0: Sun Oct 19 11:23:01 PDT 2008 Flash=AT29C040A @ 0x300

Flash version 7.0, Install version 7.1 Installing to flash

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