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How to use the Android Color eBook Reader

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Introduction of basic Use application and Setting for Android color ebook reader



SmartQ T7
Introduction of basic Use application and Setting for Android color ebook reader

1. Product Overview 1.1 Notes 1.2 Function parameters 1.3 accessories of product 2. Basic function 2.1 Power 2.2 dormancy, reboot ,shutdown and sound mode 2.3 charging and battery 2.4. Desktop

3 Operations:
3.1 connect wifi: 3.2 3G Dial: 3.3 Install the application in T7-3G: 3.4 Uninstalling the application: 3.5 Setting the Date and Time

3.6 Volume control: 3.7 Setting screen brightness 3.8 Setting screen timeout 3.9 Screen calibration 3.10 G-sensor:



● This product is a high-precision electronic product, please do not disassemble it. ● Handle the product gently. ● Avoid using the product where it is subject to: high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dust, powerful magnetic fields, and long exposure to sunlight. ● Do not use chemicals to clean the product. ● Using the headphone at high volume for a long time may cause hearing damage. ● Don't use the headphones while crossing the road, driving a motor vehicle, or riding a bicycle. ● Only use the manufacturer’s batteries, chargers, and accessories. The use of any other types of products will be in violation of the warranty and may be dangerous. ● Please follow your local environmental laws when disposing of obsolete machines and accessories. ● If you have any questions about use, please contact your local dealer or directly with our Customer Service Center. ● Our company does not have any responsibility for the loss of memory due to maintenance or other reasons. ● Please follow the manual to operate the device.

This manual base on SmartQ T7-3G Android2.1 V1.0 firmware version Smartdevices reserves the right to improve products, specifications and design subject to change without notice.

1.2 Function parameters:

T7-3G Features

Operating System

Android 2.1 , firmware upgrading to V2.2


Support mainstreaming E-book and cartoon formats such as PDF, EPUB,TXT,HTML,CHM,RTF etc.

Full featured MID, Internet connectivity via WiFi and 3G [1]wireless network Full featured Internet browser Receiving and sending email, RSS news, displaying pictures Support all mainstreaming video formats, including RMVB、 AVI、 MKV、 WMV, Other MPEG,DAT,MP4. 1080P video playback video/audio playback, Internet radio and Internet Television SMS messages can be sent

Built-in 3G module to support WCDMA \ TD-SCDMA \ CDMA2000-EVDO Characteristic (T7-3G verrion only) Drag pages in PDF documents with fingers on touch screen. Gravity sensor, rotate screen according to direction of the device



T7 Hardware Specs


ARM11 architecture processor



256MB DDR II 400 RAM Virtual Cache


2GB Nand Flash, 512MB available to users support SD/SDHC card with a maximum capacity of 32GB


IEEE 802.11 b/g network


USB 2.0 HighSpeed OTG port

3.5mm earphone port Audio high-quality stereo loudspeaker built-in microphone


7.0 inches

Resolution Screen Colors

SVGA (800×600)

16 million colors


Anti-glare resistive touch-screen


About 205mm(length) ×136mm(width) ×16mm(depth)



Weight Others

About 420 g

4700mAH Built-in Li-poly battery More than 8 hour e-book reading Battery 4 hour internet surfing via wireless network or High-definition video playback about 10 day standby


power adapter(DC 5.0V/2.0A), USB Cable, quick user guidance, certificate of quality, warranty card

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

1.3 accessories of product:

Standard Accessories
● ● ● ● ●
power adapter(DC 5.0V/2.0A) USB Cable

Quick guide Warranty card
certificate of quality

2.Basic function:
2.1 Power on: Press the button , " " two seconds, When desktop appears, T7-3G power on 2.2 dormancy, reboot ,shutdown and sound mode: At power on status Press " " <1 sec, T7-3G to sleep , press again, wakeup machine. or

Press " " >2 secs, appear "Options" , you can choose “ sound on / off” , reboot power off machine seconds to force shutdown. 2.3 charging and battery: T7-3G built-a high-energy lithium-ion polymer battery, battery icon at the top right of desktop. plug the power adapter plug Into the T7-3G DC charging port and connected to the 220V power outlet .at Shutdown mode, when charging ,Power light is flashing red light battery is fully charged, the power light that turns green long.

Function Definition panel buttons Power key: used to start / shutdown, and standby / wake-up; Return key: used to return to the previous screen; Arrow keys: up and down options for the left and right direction for the volume control; The main interface key: Short press for direct return to the desktop; long press will Show last run of the program; Menu button: Used to open the menu;


This is android 2.1 of T7-3G default desktop . It has “3G dial”, “Gallery”, “Browser”, “Rotate Screen” icon at desktop You can add or delete or move incon at desktop: Delete: click the icon >2 secs, drag it to the trash Move: click the icon > 2 secs, drag it to where you want Add: drap “ ” , click the fuction icon you like > 2 secs, the fuction icon will be add to

default desktop

Return: back to the last menu

Arrow key:

up and down to select menu Left and right to Adjust the volume


press shortly time, back to desktop Press long time, back to the lastest running menu open main menu



Arrow Key




connect wifi: T7-3G can via Wi-Fi hotspots connected with the Internet. Drag the " " ----- "Settings" -> "Wireless and networks" -> “Wi-Fi settings”

click the name of wireless link you search, appear setting window, fill in password, wait about 10 secs, the system will auto connect.


3G Dial: T7-3G has three type: WCDMA, CDMA2000 or TD-SCDMA 3G Please check the type whether fit for your local 3G net at first. Put 3G Sim card into slot " ----- click “ 3G Dial”to

Drag the "

green,-----auto search and connect 3G net

it is successful when success to connect,

3G connection icon will display at top left bar ,

If you need to change the APN information, please drag the" -> "Wireless and network" -> "Dial settings", -----fill in your

" ------"Settings"

APN information,


Install the application in T7-3G: the application can be copied at the SD card or through android market to install method A : download APK file from PC and copy at SD card, put SD card into machine, use “ ES file Explorer” to open APK file and install method B: through Wifi or 3G dial connect internet, and click “ market” directly to install application at machine.

3.4 Uninstalling the application: Drag, " "--- "Settings" -> "Applications”--" Management Applications “

select the application you want to delete, click “Uninstall” 3.5 Setting the Date and Time Drag " "-- "Settings" ----drag the menu, select the "Date & time "

set time, date, time zone and format. 3.6 Volume control: Drag " "-- "Settings" ----select the "Sound & display " dragging the bar to adjust the volume , tap the" OK "to save

click" media volume ", Settings; 3.7 Setting screen brightness Drag "

"-- "Settings" ----select the "Sound & display ", drag the menu bar dragging the bar to adjust the screen light , tap the" OK "to save

select" Brightness ", Settings; 3.8 Setting screen timeout Drag "

"-- "Settings" ----select the "Sound & display ", drag the menu bar

select" Screen timeout ", select and click the time you want “from 15 sec to 30 mins”

3.9 Screen calibration: turned off machine at first, press and hold " " key, power on, Until the calibration

screen interface, and then click "+ " icon to complete screen calibration 3.10 G-sensor: Drag " "-- "Settings" ----select the "Sound & display "

click" Rotate screen ", select whether need auto rotate screen


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