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hunger games

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Befor i began i hold no rights to the hunger games by Suzanne Collins. When i wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers strech out seeking Prims warmth but finding only the rough canvascover of the mattress. She must o f had a bad dreams and climed in with mother. of course she did. this is the day of the reapping. I prop myself up on one elbow. Thers enough light in the bedro om to see Prim curled up on her side cocooned im my mothers body. Thei cheeks pr essed together. I can go on about the hunger games but that was only a little from the first cha pter ever since it has came out i love it i think the only time i cried was when Rue died and Katniss is with her huging her crying and just sitting there you k now i w as kinda glad katniss killed him and when petta camofloged him self pur e geunius and very usefull when your in that tipe of situation. It is very sad t o know that your son or even daughter have to go through that and even the pple from the district watch i mean i under stand but to see your son or daughter get killed it is just dreadfull. And its so sad for katniss crush i forget his name to see her kiss peeta i would be heart broken. B ut favorite part is when she i s the girl in flames that it is awsome also pure genius but and in conclusion ka tniss peeta prim and there familys are happy there are alive

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