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Teaching in the UAE with IAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Introduction Thank you for your application to teach in the UAE with IAT. We understand you may have a number of questions about the positions so please read the answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding both teaching and life in the UAE prior to your interview. You should have researched IAT and the UAE in order to prepare for this fantastic opportunity.

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Contents Introduction .................................................................... 1 Contents ......................................................................... 2 Teaching ......................................................................... 3 Life in the UAE ................................................................ 6 The Contract ................................................................... 9 Logistics ........................................................................ 11 Requirements ............................................................... 15

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Teaching What will I be teaching?

Teachers with IAT must be specialists in their subject and are required to teach that subject to senior high school students.

How many hours will I teach per week?

Normal working hours are generally 40 hours per week or as dictated by particular requirements for the position. Students have 40 periods per week and each period is 45 minutes in length.

The work week runs from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being the weekend. As this is a salary, teachers are not paid for any overtime or extended hours works.

Please see below for the distribution of the subjects:

Source: http://point.iat.ac.ae/En/ATHS%2 1

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Cluster Courses refers to periods designated to career cluster courses. Students will pursue one of the following cluster options based on their career of choice: 

The Engineering Sciences – General

The Engineering Sciences – Energy

Applied Engineering - Electrical

Applied Engineering - Mechanical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Health Science and Technology

What type of curriculum will I be teaching?

IAT has adopted the Career-Technical Education (CTE) model in which academic core knowledge is integrated with technological and workplace skills; the former is required to pursue postsecondary education and the latter provides students with a higher level of career clusterrelated experience. Students are taught English, Mathematics, Science, Computer & Information Technology (CIT), Arabic, Islamic Studies, Citizenship and Life Skills, and Health and Physical Education. Foreign teachers do not teach Arabic, Islamic Studies or Citizenship and Life Skills. Driven by UAE industry needs, IAT has developed a curriculum targeting 4 career clusters: Engineering Sciences Cluster, Applied Engineering Cluster, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Cluster, and Health Science & Technology (HST) Cluster. In the Engineering Science Cluster, students can study general science subjects or energy related topics; where in the Applied Engineering Cluster, they can focus on Electrical or Mechanical subjects. You can read more about the curriculum structure here. As you can see from the matrix above, the curriculum varies based on the subject taught. It has been designed to offer standards-based rigorous academic core combined with hands-on cluster based courses.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

Yes, if you show leadership and excel at your job you could be promoted to Head of Faculty.

Will I be working with other ex-pat teachers?

Yes, IAT hires many foreign teachers.

Will I work with a co-teacher?

No, you will have the sole responsibility of your class. Footprints Recruiting Inc.



Will I be teaching boys or girls?

All campuses are gender segregated. Females can teach males, but males cannot teach females.

Will I be observed?

IAT will conduct a formal evaluation of an employee’s performance at least once in an academic year. This is to correct and enhance job performance and used as a basis for decision on contract renewal, compensation, training and promotion.

When will I know what and where I will be teaching?

You will be recommended for a particular position after your interview with IAT. If offered employment, IAT will outline the exact position and campus you will be employed for. IAT campuses are located in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, Al Gharbia, Ras Al-Khaimah, Dubai and Fujairah. An approximate start date is also included on the employment contract.

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Life in the UAE Where is the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is located in the Persian Gulf region. The largest of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, borders Saudi Arabia and Oman.

What is life like in the UAE?

It depends on where you are in the country. Life can be drastically different depending on where you are located. For example, Abu Dhabi City is a vast metropolis where you will have access to all the modern amenities you are used to. Al-Ain, a city of almost 600,000 people, is the traditional summer retreat for Emiratis due to its cooler climate and laid back lifestyle. Al Gharbia (the Western Region) is made up of multiple oases and smaller communities. You will get a more authentic cultural experience and join a very close-knit group of teachers there. Wherever you end up in the UAE you can expect to be greeted with warmth and be no more than three hours from the capital city.

Where will I be placed?

Depending on the position you applied for and the current vacancies with IAT, you will be placed in one of the many schools in the United Arab Emirates. IAT is opening two new schools in Abu Dhabi so many of the positions will be there. IAT campuses are located in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, Al Gharbia, Ras Al-Khaimah, Dubai and Fujairah.

Should I be worried about my safety?

The UAE is very safe. Crime rates are low and there is a high expatriate population. That being said we always recommend that teachers exercise caution while teaching abroad and register with their nation’s embassy.

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CULTURE What are some dos and don’ts in terms of culture?

There are some cultural practices that you should be aware of prior to travelling to the UAE, such as: 

You should not eat with your left hand

You should not cross your legs or expose the soles of your shoes

Appropriate discussion topics include family, food and travel and inappropriate discussion topics include sex, spouses, religion and politics.

What is the dress code for IAT?

IAT has a policy on appropriate dress for the workplace to maintain a professional atmosphere and environment conducive to learning. All staff are expected to take care in their appearance, adhering to the following guidelines: Males 1. Clean shaven or tidy short beard/moustache 2. Well groomed short hair 3. Shirt with long sleeves and without large pattern. 4. Suit or formal trousers with tie 5. Polished full shoes 6. GCC National employees only may wear the local dress of their country

Women 1. Formal Suit, dress or skirt worn below the knee and top with high neckline and shoulders and upper arms covered. 2. Full Shoe or Sandals 3. GCC Nationals only may wear the national dress of their country with the exception of ‘Niquab’ which may not be worn for security reasons.

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Are alcohol and partying permitted in the UAE?

Yes, alcohol and partying are permitted with discretion. Public intoxication is illegal, and alcohol is only sold in some hotel restaurants/bars and at the liquor store to those with permits. Alcohol permits from the government are available upon application.

Are teachers permitted to practice their own religion in the UAE?

Freedom of religion is provided by the constitution of the UAE, although Islam is the official religion of the country. The UAE has many churches, temples, and mosques where teachers are free to practice their respective faiths.

Will I have to learn Arabic?

You do not need to speak Arabic fluently, but you should pick up some common Arabic phrases as you are a foreigner in their country.

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The Contract How long is the contract?

The contract is three years in duration and contingent upon obtaining satisfactory reference check, securing the mandatory preemployment approval from the Immigration and Naturalization Department, medical examination and securing a UAE residency and employment visa.

What is included in the contract?

The contract includes: - Twelve month tax-free salary (paid monthly) plus a thirteenth month base salary bonus - Airfare to and from the UAE for you and one eligible dependent. - Visa assistance - Housing allowance - Hotel stay for five days to allow time to find permanent accommodation. - 20,000 AED relocation allowance used to furnish your apartment - Two months’ vacation plus all national holidays - Travel allowance for you and one eligible dependent. - Medical insurance for you and your dependents (your spouse and up to three biological children under 18). - Education allowance of up to 60,000 AED per family per year.

How much vacation time will I receive?

The school calendar varies every year, but approximately two months in the summer, one week in October, three weeks around Christmas and two weeks around Easter plus all national holidays.

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I have a wedding/family event to attend during my contract, what should I do? Simple, either don’t go to the wedding or don’t go to the UAE. Of course emergency leave is

permitted for things like a death in the family however, if you know that you have a commitment during the school year that will require your attendance please hold off on this opportunity.

Can I take on private students to make some extra money?

No. Your contract is with the Institute of Applied Technology. If you are caught you could be deported.

Is there a probationary period?

Yes, all new employees are subject to a compulsory probationary period of three months. During this period, either party may terminate the employment contract by giving one month’s notice.

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Logistics When will I need to be in the UAE?

IAT provides an approximate start date for all candidates on the employment contract. The exact date of departure will depend upon the visa process. If you submit all of the required visa documents to IAT as soon as possible, you will put yourself in the best position to leave on time. NOTE: Some candidates will have a delayed departure due to their visa and everyone is required to plan accordingly.

TRANSPORTATION Why do I need a driver’s license?

The UAE very much has a car culture so you will be expected to drive. It is your responsibility to get to and from work.

What type of transportation is available in the UAE?

The typical method of transportation in the UAE is by automobile. The majority of teachers lease or purchase second hand cars during their placement. Taxis are used frequently and are not very expensive. Carpooling is also an excellent option.

DEPENDENTS Can I bring my family?

Yes, IAT will pay for the visa costs and medical insurance for your spouse and up to three dependents. They only pay for the flights of teachers and one approved dependent.

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Where will my children go to school in the UAE?

IAT is one of the few employers in the UAE that provides an allowance towards the cost of schooling for approved dependents under 18 years of age. IAT will pay up to a maximum of 60,000 AED per family towards tuition, books and mandatory exam fees. Tuition fees are not payable for nursery, kindergarten or post-secondary education. All expatriate children will need to study at a private international school or be home-schooled. Costs for private schools vary tremendously depending on the school and the facilities offered. It is wise to research schools prior to departure and enrol your kids in the school of choice as soon as you are informed of your location. IAT is not responsible for helping teachers find schooling for their dependent children.

Can I bring my parents/brother/friend/common-law spouse?

IAT will only sponsor your spouse and up to three biological children under the age of 18. Teachers planning to come to the UAE with a partner must be married, and the marriage certificate will need to be authenticated from the appropriate offices.

PETS Can I bring a pet?

Yes, but we do NOT recommend it. It is expensive and depending on what country you are bringing your pet from it may need to be quarantined. It is also traumatic for the animal and pet-friendly accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

ACCOMMODATION AND LIVING EXPENSES Is teacher accommodation provided?

An accommodation allowance is provided each month and is paid on top of your monthly wage. Therefore, your salary will have two parts, your basic monthly salary and accommodation allowance. The value of the accommodation allowance will vary based on your location.

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You are responsible to negotiate your Tenancy Agreement with the landlord and to cover all service charges e.g. electricity, municipality taxes, gas and water, telephone and internet connection. In Abu Dhabi, utilities usually amount to no more than 300 AED per month and many places require a security deposit.

Is internet and TV available in the UAE?

Yes, internet and TV is available in the UAE. Teachers will be responsible for setting it up and any incurred costs.

How can I communicate with my family back home?

You can call or email them, but the best way is through Skype. As long as you both have a Skype account and video capabilities, you can speak to loved ones while looking at them. Skype also offer reduced rates for international calls. Find out more here. You will need to use a VPN to access Skype as well as some other government blocked sites in the UAE.

How much money should I bring with me to the UAE?

Teachers are encouraged to bring approximately $1500-$3500 USD to help with settling in, depending on the teacher’s family situation and spending habits. Teachers should budget as if

the first pay check will arrive 6 weeks after arrival in the country, although it is scheduled to be paid at the end of the first month of employment.

What is the cost of living in the UAE?

Daily expenses in the UAE vary depending on the teacher’s lifestyle. Typically, teachers should plan on spending money on food, utilities, phone, clothes and entertainment.

How much money can I save in the UAE?

Depending on their lifestyle, teachers can expect to save between 60-70% of their monthly salary.

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BANKING When and how will I get paid?

Teachers will be paid at the end of each month through direct deposit. Salary is paid in AED (dirhams) and starts when you arrive in the UAE. You will be paid your salary for twelve months as well as a thirteenth month salary for each year you complete of your three-year contract. It is the teac her’s responsibility to open a bank account so do your research on banks before you arrive and seek advice from teachers there. Signing up is a simple process once you have the paperwork together.

I have debts back home so can I send money home?

Yes, you will find many places in the UAE that teachers can use to send money home safely and efficiently.

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Requirements What teaching qualification do I need?

You have to have a recognized current national, state or provincial teaching certification/license. Unfortunately a substitute or provisional teacher’s license will not suffice. Also, if your

teaching license has been revoked in the past you will not be accepted.

How much experience do I need?

You need at the very least TWO years of post-certification teaching experience at an accredited school.

What kind of experience counts?


Full-time classroom experience Substitute teaching experience (must have records of employment from school/school board). International school experience (must be North American or British curriculum) Experience in public schools in other countries i.e. EPIK or JET

What kind of experience does not count?


Special education (unless it was with a full class, 15 or more students) Tutoring Private language schools Student teaching (practicums) Corporate training Music teaching

PLEASE NOTE : This information is given by the employer. Footprints understands all of the

above mentioned teaching experiences are valuable, however, they are not accepted by the employer to meet their minimum qualifications or for salary scale purposes.

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