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IDA ID A Pro 5.x commercial version what are you missing? A muc much h enhanced graphical user interface interfac e The IDA Pro 5.x Graphical user interface is not  just eye-candy: eye-candy: it is the perfect perfect tool to grasp grasp the logic logic of a piece of code at a glimpse. Hard-core users will appreciate the ability to use a single keystroke to switch back and forth between the graphical view of  the disassembly and the more conventional textual representation. Both interfaces offer, of course, the interactivity that made IDA Pro’s reputation. See the IDA Pro 5.X interface in action here www.datarescue.be/freefiles/ida5preview.htm Support for more than 50 processor families While the 80x86 world w orld dominates today’s computing landscape, it is by no means the only realm where IDA Pro shines. IDA offers advanced support for the now ubiquitous ARM family of micro  processors,, the PowerPC architect  processors architecture, ure, the MIPS MIPS and the SH families of advanced micro-controllers. In total, the two versions of IDA Pro support more than 50 processor families. The whole list of supported  processors is visible here www.datarescue.com/  idabase/idaproc.htm But there is more! Should you feel adventur ous, adventur ous, you could even develop your own processor module, modu le, from scratch or by building on top of the source code of one of the 30+ full processor modules included in our SDK. Cutting edge binary analysis relying on advanced algorithms The output of a dumb disassembler wouldn’t be very useful: this is why IDA Pro has always focused on using advanced algorithms to improve the accuracy, readability and usefulness of the disassemblies it generates. Starting in the 90s with its revolutionary FLIRT (Fast (Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology)) which identified and labeled standard Technology library calls in binaries and which could be extended to virtually any library calls with FLAIR, IDA Pro added PIT to track parameters. That constant search © 1996-2007 DataRescue SA/NV - 40 Blvd Piercot - 4000 Liège - Belgium

for innovation goes on today and has led to the introduction, in IDA Pro 5.x of a much improved stack tracing technology based on optimization theory. Once a system of linear equations has been  built out of the available push-call information, the seemingly intractable stack tracing problem can  be restated as a simpler optimization problem whose solution can be approached by the simplex method (see Simplex Method in IDA Pro for more details). Commercial versions of IDA Pro support many more libraries, file formats, and type information libraries than the freeware version. Access to a large number of DataRescue and third party plugins. IDA Pro has always been characterized by an open architecture, meant to be extended. IDA Pro users can either rely on IDC for quick and dirty scripting projects ranging from memory decryption to debugger scripting or tackle more significant problems with our free SDK. There is virtually no limit to what C/C++ IDA plugins can achieve: simple processor extensions, full executable decryption and unpacking, graphic tricks, etc... Over the years, IDA Pro functionality has been extended by very advanced plugins such as Gergely Erdély’s IDA Python, Chris Eagle’s emulation plugin, Sabre-Security Bindiff and Binnavi or Ilfak Guilfanov’s Hex-Rays decompiler , a tour-de-force that greatly reduces the time required for the analysis of programs written in C/C++

 Right: the  Hex-Rays decompiler   plugin in action.

Cross platform debugging, 64 bit, Arm, Linux and OS X support, local debugging, remote debugging server. Do you want to debug the code of an Intel Mac OS X application from a Parallels Windows session or fr om a remote Windows machine? Do you want to debug and ARM based Windows CE application from your PC? A Linux application from a Windows 64 workstation and vice-versa? All these combinations, and more, are available through the IDA Pro 5.x remote debugger servers and clients. © 1996-2007 DataRescue SA/NV - 40 Blvd Piercot - 4000 Liège - Belgium

A comprehensive SDK Consisting of more that 100000 lines of source code, the IDA Pro 5.x free SDK is the ultimate resource for the advanced IDA Pro user. It gives developers source code, example projects and tools both for creating their own processor  modules and for developing extensions to IDA Pro. The source code includes 30+  processor modules, 20+ file loaders and several sample plugins such as a processor  extender, a pdb file loader, an executable decryptor, a graphing plugin, and more... Real 64 bit support. True 64 bits support is only available in the advanced commercial versions of IDA Pro. Fast and competent technical support We strive to respond to all customer’s queries about IDA Pro’s use or bug reports within one  business day, no small feat given the usual complexity of the issues involved. And while our free SDK is officially unsupported (a special developer support can be purchased separately) we keep an attentive eye on our customer’s bulletin board where we often provide informal SDK assistance. Access to private bulletin board The IDA Pro customer community is, by itself, an incredibly useful resource. Consisting mostly of luminaries in the IT security business, operating system development and embedded development communities. Share your knowledge: join our user community! More IDA Pro Host Platforms The GUI version of IDA Pro runs on Windows 32 and Windows 64. The console version of  IDA Pro runs on Windows 32 console, extended DOS, Linux and Intel Mac OS X. The supported  processors, file formats, and compilers supported are too numerous to list here. No restrictions on commercial use The freeware version of IDA Pro can’t be used commercially. The full version is not limited. IDA Pro 5.x Pricing information EURO Zone

Rest of the World

IDA Pro Named License Standard

360 EUR

515 USD

IDA Pro Computer License Standard

540 EUR

775 USD

IDA Pro Advanced Named License

690 EUR

985 USD

1035 EUR

1470 USD

IDA Pro Advanced Computer License

Prices, valid from October 2007, include one year of free updates, one year of e-mail technical support and bulletin board access. Prices do not include applicable taxes. Ω

DataRescue SA/NV 40 Blvd Piercot 4000 Liège Belgium VAT BE-0448.270.553

T: +32-4-3446510 - F: 32-4-3446514 www.datarescue.com [email protected]

© 1996-2007 DataRescue SA/NV - 40 Blvd Piercot - 4000 Liège - Belgium

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