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My grandfather was a veteran, his name is Made Sena, estimated she was born on 31 December 1920, because in the past there has been no birth certificate, so he just an estimate. if it true means now age has reached 95 years. skin color brown, white hair, when she was healthy before he walks with a cane, but now if you want to go anywhere like getting out of bed onto the porch of the house, or go to the bathroom had to be led, for the first hand is not strong holding a stick, which both his legs were already weak and not strong enough to sustain his body. although he is not strong running or holding something, but if he is talking or discussing about the colonial era, he was a spirit, as if his spirit blazing within her, she told me when she was being tortured, and told him when he killed one of the invaders. other than that he's now become forgetful, he often asked the same question in a conversation, such as asking "what time is it?" ; "What date is it now ?" ; "In what now?" I do not understand why it happened while the already light she still remembered as when the colonial period. she really likes to eat satay coconut in the regional language "satay nyuh" and the like with a cinnamon vegetables and vegetable lablab, it should be any food he eats. and I am caring for my grandfather when I was still time, I wholeheartedly take care of my grandfather, because when I was little I was often taken for a walk, and often buy toys and snacks when I cry, and I still remember it, and my grandfather always advised me to be diligent to learn that what is expected to be reached

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