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Impound FAQ

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30-Day Impound FAQ No License – No Car – No Excuses Frequently Ased Questions !" #$y %as %as my car impou impounded nded& &  Your vehicle was  Your was impounded because because you or another individual individual driving driving your vehicle has: a suspended license' a re(oed license' or' does not $a(e a (alid license" Cali)ornia *e$icle Code +ections !,0." AND !,0/" On January 1st 1995, new laws were enacted relating to unlicensed drivers.  These laws, laws, ali!ornia ali!ornia "ehicle "ehicle ode #ections #ections 1$%&'.% and and 1$%&(.%, authori)e authori)e law en!orcement agencies agencies to tow and impound vehicles !or *& days when driven by unlicensed, suspended or revo+ed drivers. There is a possibility the vehicle could be !or!eited ta+en ta+en !rom you- i! you have a prior conviction !or driving while unlicensed, or with a suspended or revo+ed license. !,0/",  !,0/",   The /egislature /egislature 0nds and declar declares es all o! the !ollowing: a. riving a motor vehicle on the public streets and highways is a privilege not a right. b. O! all drivers involved in !atal accidents more than '& percent are not licensed to drive. 2 driver with a suspended license is !our times as li+ely to be involved in a !atal accident as a properly licensed driver. c. 2t any given time, the epartment o! 3otor "ehicles "ehicles 3"estimates that out o! appro4imately '& million drivers licenses issued to ali!ornians, ('&,&&& are suspended or revo+ed. 6urthermore, 1,&&&,&&& persons are estimated to be driving without ever having been licensed. d. Over $,&&& persons are +illed in tra7c accidents in ali!ornia annually and another **&,&&& persons su8er inuries. e. ali!ornians who comply with the law are !reuently victims o! tra7c accidents caused by unlicensed drivers. These innocent victims su8er considerable pain and property loss at the hands o! people who ;aunt the law. The 3" estimates that (5< o! all drivers whose driving privilege has been withdrawn continue to drive regardless o! the law. !. =t is necessary and appropriate to ta+e additional steps to prevent unlicensed drivers !rom driving, including the civil !or!eiture o! vehicles used by unlicensed drivers. The state has a critical interest in the protection o! the health, sa!ety, and wel!are o! ali!ornians !rom the harm o! unlicensed drivers, who are involved in a dispropor disproportionate tionate

number o! tra7c incidents, and the avoidance o! the associated destruction and damage to lives and property.

." o% lon1 %ill my (e$icle 2e impounded&  The vehicle will be impounded !or *& calendar days. The registered owner will have to pay !or the towing and the *&day storage !ee to get the vehicle bac+ at the end o! that period.

3" It %as a minor in)raction %$y %as my car impounded& >oth 1$%&'.% and 1$%&(.% o! the ali!ornia "ehicle ode give law en!orcement o7cers the authority to impound your vehicle when it is being operated by an unlicensed, suspended or revo+ed driver. Your car is being impounded because you have committed a misdemeanor, not an in!raction. >y operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver?s license you have committed a serious o8ense. =n addition to the citation, the vehicle you are operating will be impounded and held !or *& days or possibly !or!eited.

," I don4t understand %$y 30 days& I a2solutely need my car5  The legislature intended to provide sa!er roads !or ali!ornia?s motoring public by removing the vehicles driven by unlicensed, suspended or revo+ed drivers !or *& days. 2 serious violation o! the law calls !or a serious response. The *& day impound begins on the calendar day that the car is towed and will be released at the conclusion o! the *&th day.

6" #$at $appens to my car %$o impounds t$e car&  Your car will be stored at a tow yard and you will be given a receipt.

" #$y is dri(in1 %it$out a (alid license so serious& riving in ali!ornia is a privilege, not a right. 2n unlicensed driver is a potential danger to all other motorists on the road. 2 driver who is unlicensed, suspended, or revo+ed has been ordered not to drive because o! previous driving violations. ontinuing to drive shows a ;agrant disregard to the sa!ety o! other motorists.

/" o% do I 1et my car released& 2t the end o! *& days, you must obtain a release !rom the #ausalito @olice epartment. The vehicle may be released prior to the end o! the *&day period when the driver reinstates his or her drivers license or acuires a drivers license and proper insurance. You will be given a release a!ter paying an administrative !ee related to the towing, processing and storage o! your vehicle.

7$e )ollo%in1 excuses %ill not $elp %$en your (e$icle is 2ein1 dri(en 2y an unlicensed dri(er and t$en stopped 2y a la% en)orcement o8cer )or any reason9 •

:y 2rot$er 2orro%ed t$e car" I did not no% $is license %as suspended" Ander section 1$%&$ ", the owner o! a motor vehicle has the duty to assure the person driving their vehicle has a valid licenseB however, i! you allow or permit anyone, including your wi!e, son, daughter, !riend or relative to drive your vehicle and that person does not have a valid license, then you will be responsible !or the towing and storage !ees. You will not have access to the vehicle !or *& days.

+$e too my car %it$out my permission" I am t$e o%ner' and I $a(e a (alid license"  To say someone has ta+en your car without your permission is not a valid e4cuse. 2s+ yoursel! CDow did this happenEC Dave you allowed himFher to use your car be!oreE id you as+ to see hisFher licenseE 2ny vehicle impounded !or this violation will be released to the registered owner a!ter *& days. GOTH: =! it is determined your car was ta+en by an unlicensed driver without your +nowledge or permission, then a stolen vehicle report must be 0led. The person charged with this crime will be arrested.

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