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Introd uction

NxtGen~ Infinite Datacenter

Documents form the heart of any enterprise. From business plans to designs to sensitive customer data, it is very essential for the enterprise to secure these documents. Traditional ways of document management allowed enterprises to secure these documents and restrict access to only authorised users. Enterprises had to rely on other expensive tools and invest in hardware to ensure that they maintain copies of the documents to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster. With the rapid adoption of smart mobile devices, the workforce today is very familiar with the benefits offered by public cloud services. These services enable mobility and lets employees access their documents anywhere, anytime and lets them share files easily. But such consumer grade services pose an imminent threat to the confidentiality of the enterprise documents. Moreover, by allowing employees to put data on a public cloud, enterprises lose the administration capability and control over the way the employees access and share critical data. Thus, there is an increasing need for the enterprise to enable their mobile workforce to access critical data on the move, provide backup for their end point devices and facilitate easy sharing of documents and folders within and outside the organization. All this has to be accomplished without compromising on the enterprise class administration, security and control. This will also help enterprises increase productivity of its workforce while discouraging the use of free public services where the confidentiality of the documents may be compromised. Infinitevault from NxtGen is a secure file sync and share appliance that will allow enterprises to backup end point devices, enable mobility and share large files and folders easily within or outside the organization.


- The Secure Vault for Enterprise

InfiniteVault acts as a secure vault to store all your critical enterprise documents. Employees can access and share documents from any computing device such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or through a third party computer using a browser. Common files can be shared between departments in your organization by allowing only the required users to access the relevant files. Documents can be shared between users by only providing a link to the shared location. This helps users share bulky documents between a large group of users without loading the mail servers or creating multiple copies of files. Flexibility in deployment is one of the key aspects of InfiniteVault. Enterprises can choose to have hosted, on-premise or hybrid models depending on the compliance requirements. The appliances also come in a variety of sizes allowing you to choose the storage size based on your requirements. The appliances are dedicated for each enterprise and will provide complete administration capabilities to your IT department. Enterprises also have the option of having the appliance on-premise and use the NxtGen cloud for periodic backups to ensure disaster recovery. InfiniteVault integrates seamlessly to the enterprise environment. It provides complete control to the IT administrator to set folder access permissions and monitor the files shared between users. By enabling mobility, enterprises can also expect significant gains in employee productivity


Infinite Datacenter

Features Backup and File synchronization

     

Desktop clients for Windows/Mac

to continuously sync from your desktop/laptop

Choose any folder to sync from your desktop/laptop Native clients for iOS and Android to access and share files on the move Online file browser with version history and ability to restore a particular version Incremental backup from client Compression and de-duplication

at server

Security and Controls      

AES 256-bit encryption for data in transit and at rest Group-level policy control to enable access to specific groups of people Sharing restrictions with ability to password protect links and share on read-only mode Integration with Active Directory for authentication Active Directory synchronization

for user provisioning and de-provisioning

Complete activity log with log access, administrative for detailed audit trail

actions, sharing activities and file transfers

Mobility    

Conveniently access files and share on the move with mobile devices Open and view common document types Securely share files from mobile devices Receive file change notifications as files change

Sharing    

Automatic push sync of content changes to all users and all devices

Send large files via Secure Shared Links

Share files/folders

between users or groups of users

Share internally or externally with ease Share folders with specific permissions to protect files from unwanted updates

Advantages of InfiniteVault 1. 2.

3. 4.

Enterprises can chose to deploy Infinitevault on a hosted or on-premise model On a hosted model, the server is dedicated solely for a specific enterprise only. This is unlike other public cloud models where you get one slice from a big block. We can always point you to the exact server where your data resides. If you chose to move out, we can provide you the server and all your data. The on-premise appliance is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, thereby giving you the flexibility of operation out of your own premise. Infinitevault integrates with your active directory for authentication and SSO. It will also integrate with your existing document management systems like sharepoint, thereby providing you the comfort of operating with your existing systems.


Typical Use Cases

Infinite Datacenter

Secure back up for desktops/laptops: Organizations are generally concerned about the enterprise applications and ensure timely backup of these. However, most organizations ignore backing up the end point devices which will contain crucial documents and files. In the event of any disaster or a more frequent event like a disk crash, precious data will be lost. Using InfiniteVault desktop clients, enterprises can ensure that the data on end point devices is backed up periodically. This data can be restored as and when required. Mobility: Workforce today is increasingly mobile and are operating out of different locations. This is especially true for specific departments like sales, where there is a need to access important presentations, proposals and customer data on the move. At the same time, the enterprises have to enable employees to access this data securely to prevent unauthorised access. If this facility is not enabled by the enterprises, the employees might resort to using free public cloud services for convenience thereby compromising on the confidentiality of the documents. InfiniteVault has mobile apps across popular mobile platform to address these needs. Enterprises can also enable secure access to critical data for employees on the move without sacrificing on the administrative controls. Easy Sharing: Across many industries, there is a frequent need to share huge files such as drawings, media content and other proprietary content. Use of emails for such files is not convenient due to file size limits. Using Infinitevault, you can generate secure links to files/folders and then share it either internally or externally. Additional security features such as password protection for links and specifying date from when the link becomes inactive are available. With all these features, sharing becomes quick and easy.

Comparison Featur Dropbo InfniteVa es x ults Standard EFSS features: -Conveniently sync and share files from multiple devices   -AES-256 encryption in transit and rest -Administration and policy based sharing -Share files internally and externally   Simple client deployment using AD group policies Select specific folders to backup Specify files to be available in cloud only Password-protect shared links Hosted on dedicated appliance for each Enterprise OPEX model for hosted or on-premise deployment 24X7 monitoring of on premise installation Enterprise support included in price Compression and De-duplication at server

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