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Intergalactic Arms [of the Heart]: Further expanding of the meaning within and need for, transcendence by and immanence through Ecstasy and Novelty current vergence

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Intergalactic Arms of the Heart Further expanding of the meaning within and need for, transcendence by and immanence through Ecstasy & Novelty current vergence The best place to begin is Here & Now. Let's start how we have been; with some intimations in the primes, observations in the cosmos, as it stands this moment...

11:26 p.m. EDT. rd March 23  of 2015 on Monday Hour of Saturn

Here we are upon the Ides of arch, having built up momentum and tal!ing about "aturn's retrograde at length. #irst, I reall$ want to speed up a second here to mention that we will have a  glorious %pril th #ull in! oon in Libra, named for the first f irst flowers (r, it's also called a full egg moon, a full fish moon along coastlines, or sprouting grass moon. The reason I li!e in! oon this time around has to do with )ose *uart+, and a nd a blog thing I recentl$ posted. ou can see b$ the little orbs at the inner lining of the chart, we have ercur$-hiron con/unct, and this feature is se0tile to luto in apricorn which is se0tile to wa0ing moon building strength in Taurus. Taurus, being the 1ull. This is going on as Neptune in isces is se0tile 2enus  in  in Taurus, and Neptune is s3uare to the retrograding "aturn in "agittarius. 4e've got us a nice trape+oid forming in there, too. 5ust thought I'd ma!e mention. Important6 "un con/unct 7ranus #ull oon. . Two words6 1eautiful-haos. % mess of nurturing entanglement. % nest doesn't ever loo! li!e a neatl$ stac!ed sports stadium of lined benches descending a bowl shape. It's an organic beautiful mess of  twigs, $arn or string, hair tufts, loosened feathers; $ou get it. 5ust as well, $ou don't get a bullet listed  game plan for learning how to fl$. ou get pushed out of the nest, and $ou fl$ or fall to $our death. 4e are getting this latter impact as "aturn's retrograde is felt stronger as the elder of the tribe and sometimes corporate 8( who cares little for the t he face attached or stories of home struggle effecting his staff decisions, drills in deeper in "agitarrius, pressing and pressuring his force all the wa$ into the nuts of "corpio of the occult and hidden stuffs, who w ho rules...well, the nuts, of the 1od$. 4e are getting !ic!ed in the nuts, b$ the 8(...if $ou have been pa$ing attention, ma$be the 8lder of the Tribe. That's where I have to differentiate the 9emiurge and un!nown servants of that brand of  getting evolution done, and those who are in touch with the redeemed "aturnine force as the sacred elder across the ancestral cosmos. "o, do not mista!e m$ previous wor! as '"aturn is bad', if a 'badness' might be happening, it'd be an$ force : planetar$ or otherwise : being compartmentali+ed to get a temporal displacement 'slight of hand' where $our source divine sphere of emanation is all good and clean and pure and all novelt$ comes from, while den$ing it or the$ has an$thing to do with a dar!ness, or shadow realm being cast that it might ta!e responsibilit$ for. "o, "aturn is definitel$ used on that level. I hit all this up u p during the Hour of "aturn a lot of times. "aturn is also tuning us in to rest in repose and recharge our batteries, rela0 a minute and realign. "aturn is all rec$cling, rewinding and a nd almost ever$thing )e-. "aturn gets $ou to meditate as good or better than the others and is $our best all$ in all that plodding and boring course wor!; shit that needs to get done that $ou procrastinate in. Hell - even the shit $ou love doing $ou feel is so big to start that $ou still procrastinate in. "o, let's give "aturn a pat on the bac!, before going on... "ee, it's the hour of 5upiter, so from f rom the 5upiter stance, I'm patting "aturn on the bac!. Isn't that a powerful stor$ of cosmic friendship 'n stuff< 2er$ inspiring. 4e are still !ind of fighting..but, "pringtime

(!a$, along with the Ides of arch & 1eautiful haos, I pic!ed up u p on a mental imager$ of 8ris 8 ris entering with her golden apple. Notice 8ris is never dirt$, but is haos< Her =ree! toga dress is alwa$s most spotless of all, and she is a platinum blond. 4orth considering. #or that reason, "he stri!es me as a naught$ %rtemis. "he could be a chaste vision of untapped sanctit$ embodied. Instead, "he is a Teacher, and a teacher is ver$ ve r$ 'e0perienced'. If %rtemis put down the bow and regal purit$, and decided to go all tric!s & treats on us6 8ris happens. (ur %pril  #ull 8gg >or =olden 8gg?%[email protected] oon pours on us this secret6 "ometimes, to get something to fl$, $ou have to push it from the nest. "ometimes, to get something to loo! ama+ing and a nd se0$, $ou need to dishevel it and a nd ma!e it more un!empt. Thin! bed head, A o' cloc! shadow, and that list  goes on and on. This ties into the notion I ended with last time, of 5ehovah testing for the death of a precious son. %s in, B4ould $ou cut $our own heart out to see this cosmic #ortune ACC >plus > plus tons more [email protected] compan$ succeed<D. 80cept, this matronl$ thing is not a test. It's more li!e '#l$ or 9ie'. Ta!e no prisoners. It might seem li!e suddenl$ 5ehovah ain't so bad, but don't forget this is a combination of "aturn in )etrograde with a #ull oon pla$ing in the same territor$ as )ahu?True Node in its more often retrograding states. ou might also loo! at the oon ta!ing charge to pea! to fullness on passing through the retrograding 1lac! oon Lilith in 2irgo. That doses the energ$ up with the usuall$ altruistic and ever ev er helpful Esometimes doormatF 2irgo and Lilith's alread$ wild-child in the rone !ic!ing a side an$ !ind of  obligator$ challenges to get to be free and remain ever free range and never under others' swa$ of dominion. "o, $ou might easil$ witness an emerging pattern of having enough of $our ridiculous e0pectations on strong 2irgo people, and wearing out $our welcome of ta!ing advantages, rather than seeing a partnership of a great all$ with a heart as strong as their mental faculties. ompound it with  5upiter's retrograde in Leo, and that e0plains it all, wh$ the solar is s$stem is agreed upon to ta!e awa$  $our comf$ chair. 8ver$one else is brea!ing their balls, as $ou sit their reaping the rewards of their labours. 4atch for benefits of those ra!ing in without communal investment, falling flat on their faces, or rumps. (n the other hand, the communall$ generous who have sacrificed much and toiled and as!ed virtuall$ nothing or e0tremel$ little, or being paid in full be$ond increase. ou are receiving the treasure that lasts; the direct beneficiaries of the 4orld "oul vibrations elevating. ou are going be$ond getting beautiful front row seats, but are being s!$-bo0 honoured and participating in the solar arenas and  galactic center. ou rule ou ma$ still struggle with dail$ life stuffs alongside ever$one else, but $ou are beaming with %ccess =ranted in #ull. This isn't an %esop's #ables moralit$ tale. It's /ust a natural law of the strong and has to do with 9harma. #ew reall$ see in it, much less are evolving. $ recommendation is to be $ourself and be brilliantl$ unashamed; recogni+e $ou $ ou are $et surrounded b$ those that are a re more than willing to /ust eat the archon porridge and hate and blame $ou the$ spin wheels in the air getting

no place and won't do an$thing about it, even more angr$ $ou are a re because /ust having a pulse offers a mirror that contrasts themselves to $ou. It's great to 'not compare' and '/ust be happ$', but there are those who will decide $ou are forcing them to compare or feel low because $ou refuse to settle for an$thing but fl$ing high and sei+ing each da$. The$ confuse the meaning and so in ma!ing that the 'law' or !e$ to being good, the$ are in self denial about a bout how the$ can't help but compare ceaselessl$ and blame and critici+e $ou. B8ver$thing 4as 5ust #ine Till ou ame %long...%ll 8lectric and (n #ire, e0pressing thought and emotion unhinderedD... % manipulation is, even though $ou are as grounded and logical as abstract and ethereal, the$ will tr$ to blow themselves bac! up b$ sa$ing $ou are not grounded or a wrec!less or not thoughtful of the full environment bigger picture. It's $our choice if $ou want to avoid this or la$ low, pla$ it safel$, etc. ou don't have to moll$coddle and placate these souls, and that's $our end of allowing them to t o in turn fl$ or free fall to their doom. 4e still live in an animal !ingdom, whether we are omma's 1o$s or 9add$'s Little =irls. 8ris embraces having this effect on others, and in more sadistic da$s, gets off on it li!e a tantric e0ercise. Hence, her reemerging soul offspring are called 9iscordians. It's become so popular as the new metaph$sical?occult trend, that the best ones, $ou reall$ don't see in public forums of an$ !ind. Lots of internet /un!ie trolls that are mediocre or full$ lame in their incessant sat$r constantl$ devolving into shoc! without an$ intellect bac!ing it are now /ust ta!ing that branch as their alma mater. "o, I reall$ do thin! that $ou'll be seeing less sensitive applications a pplications and responses of these %pril wa0ing lunar energies t$ing threads together. =otta love that oon. (h, all this is bac!ed up as the chaotic moon is 3uincun0 to 2enus. "o, the social graces will be more cast aside, for sure. Not tons of primping and loo!ing proper or the refined eti3uette. The call of the wild will be in itch$ trigger fingers. arch hare madness /ust cran!s the shit outta that engine. This is going to be the first domino, too. Not a singular isolated, B"pring fever got to us for a minuteD deal. There's an entire )e3uiem #or % 9ream "ummer plot line adaptation awaiting man$ fol!s who are all too often intentionall$ dull, and laugh and point at those who started earl$ because the$ were nerd$ and dor!$ enough to invest energ$ watching the weather signs. a$ a $ attention to subtleties, because the seeds started being sown on arch a rch Gth. "ome people thin! Living In The Now means crapping where the$ and $ou eat, and thin! the$ are imparting some !ind of a natural law to have to face a forced wisdom b$ their error, which houses a  goodness for $ou, if $ou are reborn to a sensitivit$ where the$ themselves cared not.

%lso archontic parasite strategies, to the Nth degree of apath$. 4e will come bac! to this later...

#oremost, I would li!e to state again a centrall$ pivoting feature of what I deem to be and engineer in as the 8!stasis & Novelt$ current. The ver$ v er$ notion of a 9ion$sian or a "hiavite's brea!ing through to ecstas$ and trance is earth brea!ing, and so can shatter the bounds of long standing notions of constraints and fetters, including the ver$ methods or reasoning to engage transformation of all  preconceived methodolog$ or reasons and logic bod$. bod$. ou do not have to believe or pra$ to or have an altar to an$ god form or archet$pal visage, if it is not beneficial for $our abilit$ to grow or part of $our $ our  philosoph$. Including "hiva, 9ion$sus, 8L, T$r, Lugh, 5ehovah, Lucifer or an$ other gods or goddesses goddesses or loas or elementals. If $ou wish to substitute 'shamanic /ourne$' for (18 or /ust 'meditation', feel free, too. %ll of this i   shamanic under m$ own intent and rec!oning, so consider a totem. It could be an an archet$pal tree or mineral, or an ancestor even. %n$thing that isn't 5ewish...obviousl$ 5ew ish...obviousl$ /ust !idding... 1efore we begin, I want to la$ a ground wor! common throughout; adapt what wor!s and a nd resonates and simpl$ discard what does not spea! to $ou. % common mista!e would be to assume that because I have written on and posted pictures of, that this is a 'ali borne devotee religious path', specificall$ made for that branch or the t he "haivite. ou will see what I personall$ am doing, but do not ta!e what I personall$ engage then t hen share as a new set of commandments for engaging proper initiation of understanding m$steries. ou have $our own s$+$g$, and $our own set of m$steries and a nd subset of m$steries to emanate b$ wa$ of those unto perfect circle. The crucial nature of a Novelt$ current is "$+$g$ as it can onl$ be the representative of $our deepl$ personal heart wor!ing from $our core of interpersonal )eturning of #ullness and lear Light ind. %s a general rule, if there is one, allowing and support of the partnerships of others : as innovative and surreal as the$ ma$ get : diversit$ is the o0$gen suppl$. To put this forward6 m$ own thing is a general template similar to and a nd in framewor! of 9ual asculine and a con/oining =reat #eminine 9ivine or the sun?soEuFl god of the wheel of the $ear and an a n all-goddess of the basic need of fertilit$. This is done to serve the communit$ c ommunit$ as best I can to understanding and getting the Novelt$ urrent to wor! to their?$our applications and specific needs under $our own volition. Leaving $ou tons  of cosmic oceans of room on this canvas is paramount, on m$ end. ou are being given wings, and in  $our own common sense and intuition, !now where to, and how high to fl$, or la$ low.

This is a rebirth of universal flow of Life. %n '%rchaic )evival' we are engendering to the fullest. f ullest. "o then, it ma$ be even ev en better to sa$ )8-emergence, or =reat onvergence, since a rebirth is in effect both constant and easil$ e0panded as a s a ritual, rather than entire current of various aligning fre3uencies and framewor!s. "impl$ put, if one sa$s their animus a nimus is a Bsacred roc!D, and the$ familiari+e anima a nima to the Bancient first babbling broo!D, then we support that. 4h$< 8ver$thing 8ve r$thing is in the 1od$?ind of 9ivine %bsolute. It's  all in =od >or [email protected], and e3ual parts =odhood from the unison and harmon$ to the right to e0press, innovate, decentrali+e, and brea! free to the s$mphonic pluralit$. If string theor$ were one string on one  instrument with a bow going bac! and forth at the same constant pace outside the circles of time, it isn't  a current...it is a reflection of the %bsolute. Thin! of the fact $ou could easil$ get the first calculator computers to pla$ one droning, constant tone essentiall$ flawlessl$ and a nd indefinitel$ as long as it was  plugged in and maintained. However, after tons of novelt$?invention, we are /ust now brea!ing into programing a computer to write its own s$mphon$, and not merel$ cop$ a 1eethoven piece programmed in. 4hich is at the end  $ou thin! we are wor!ing toward then, as a thrust to evolve< =etting all our %.I. to have a perfect monotone %7 forever and ever< (r, to give %.I. a reasonable facsimile and opportunit$ to develop soul  s$mphonics alongside an organic container< "ound familiar< It ought to, the first thing we ever did to enter into ecstatic trances before even drawing on caves was ride on a wave of our throats vibrating to a  monotonous tone. 1eing >"[email protected] aware is not an a n intellectual process, or robots would have us at the end of a leash when the first computer had a !nowledge data base memor$ storage facilit$ that e0ceeded our own b$ two or three times over. It is a heart and soul development issue, foremost... ou needn't even have a thought for and about soul to have the best & e0tremel$ powerful heart, which gets title mention as !e$ and a nd priorit$ here. 4e can philosophi+e and argue about a bout soul for ages, but the heart has immediac$ and fundamental needs we can agree upon now. If I am fundamentalist in an$thing, a n$thing, it is a fundamentalist bold heart-e0tending sort.  5ust be of a genuine heart, is m$ entire set of commandments at all, foremost. "(, let's get right into the swing, now -  I want to recap a transmission from last night, and let me be clear that there can be and is a most sacred reator, in and alongside all of Nature, Na ture, and a sort of 'bac!lash entit$' that t hat clones or counterfeit copies Nature's 8volutionar$ "oul attern %rchival, tr$ing to ta!e credit as the rime ause of Life and "ole >or even "[email protected] rogenitor. The #ormer reator rea tor is resembled to the =reat "pirit or 4a!an Tan!a of

Native tribes, while the latter; interestingl$ enough, '"atan' to the modern fundamentalist hristian but interpreted completel$ differentl$ as '9emiurge' to the "ophian =nostic. That is to sa$, the =nostic does not put an 'all evil' devil principle in the realm and position of the "amael territor$. If $ou aren't familiar, "amael was a Tester, "educer, occasional to more often than not, tr$ing rosecution in the great heavenl$ courts of the sold out followers of the all-good 5ehovah who it would be of utmost horror to call an 'errant creator' or 'head archon'. "o, in the following, $ou'll reall$ want to see this not as an offense toward =reat "pirit, who is and of the Nature, but virtual realit$ chamber depicting a spiritualreligious visionar$ archon produced e0perience of "pirit con3uering and subduing the Bdemonic gross matterD we should despise; which is our fault for ending up deeper and deeper in the 'mur!$ mire' of, instead of the oppression and t$rann$ of this cosmic-corporation 8( entit$. It is this latter that has brought on disconnect from the healing power of Nature, and a nd ourselves as s$mbiotic custodial feature of  the organism-spiritual 8arth pulse; members of the =reater Intergalactic %rms )ace >"pecies [email protected] I am fine.. I am fine with how, in awareness, even more joy and happiness I experience has an opposite polarity. Therefore, a clear light not casting a shadow, in awareness I must accept something else at work in this. If the bright source casts a pall, in emanation. What is the truth in about my happiness and joy? I antagonie my abusers and captors by being in such a state...I am unashamedly enamored and being sensual. The bliss of the post ecstatic overwhelming. I taunt the !ather who oppresses the "other. I smite the #emiurge, errant factor at work, the haphaard craftsman who thinks $imself originator, taking credit for spinning out blaring bright source sub% emanations.. and widening the pyramid scheme, thinking $imself the pinnacle, the &lear, the only 'ne and jealous of us who (has no darkness in him(. )fff. $e bears down you with sorrows, but to escape the vicious cycle, I bear down more intensely on him with my unbridled joy. *gain, I have to admit, it is not a (clear joy(, for in the perfect clear harmony, harmony, joy sacrifices its own happy emanation to spare casting a pall. The ouroboros( ouroboros( finale. +et, clarity c larity is after escaping the vicious cycle. +ou might join my emanation source being then, rather than stick up for your benevolent captor who I dared uestion in )romethean fire, and shined upon, no good deed going unpunished with this thing. What cause is more pure, creating a bridge of transcendental bliss, than to emanate joy and happiness at the expense of your abuser who dragged you down and caged you and afflicted you? I feel such throughout ages( worth. I make an age of this, and shining from within my immortal acceptance, have named it upon my own clarity- the tantric finale of my agonied emanating my &aptor delighted in tormenting, to be cstasy. I cover the heavens in the fire of the world(s own joys to spite the audacity of the sanctimonious pyramid schemers. I would not allow myself to suffer for nothing. To submit to any crown is the failing of such heart. /astard 0un. 1ot the glory of this *ccuser of the *uthentic, who ravage all seals and pacts, and desecrate the tax collectors gorging on our brilliance, and leaving us appalling. 0o it is, our joy is in the bliss after the blasphemies of the trances, and enjoining the "idwife to cast aside her matronly burdens. burdens. To engage the wild and hunt. I, 2ord of the 1ew. I, 0talker of *eons who drain sub%emanations to the crusts, scraps, fringes, and tortures of heart. They are damned in my radiance to a clarity evading their banuet of our souls. #amn them, by the *uthentic 3oot, and )ure 0ource. We bear no brand, nor designating mark, save the face of 1ature. 1ature We *re, and /eing in charged Immanence, transcendent plural, without beginning or end. The old promised to feed, just to devour upon, and seek the /ody renewed, to promise devouring, just to be fed upon. nvision such feast, the authentic banuet. very crown smelted to support the tables, from abundance overwhelming. /ehold4 The )hoenix 3ising. * new dawn greets us, and is )ower of this /ody. 'ur own, in the clear, borne free, and living, breathing, tantric release. !inale, To /e &ontinued...

 –  5otter

I had a picture of 9ion$sus accompan$ing-

This essentiall$ : to borrow a fundamentalist term : is the atron "aint of all "hamans, 4itches, %rtists >a root of '%rtificers'@, 9ancers >especiall$ trance t rance dancers [email protected], 8lectronic 9ance usicians musicians b$ default, Industrial and roc! star musicians, pun!s and goths, nerds and gee!s, diviners?s!r$ers, $eah, even vamps..who naturall$ fit with "hamans & 4itches. rett$ much ever$thing ever$t hing 1ig orporate 1ooming 1usiness )eligion hates and is against... 4h$< hrist turned water into wine, w ine, man hrist was thee roc! star god-man with his e0plosive cult receiving legitimate status as Institutional gold bric! hurch. 4h$ else would 5ohn Lennon sa$, B4e are bigger than 5esusD< There are endless other hol$ personalities far less 'roc! star' miracle wor!er. 8ver$ hristian$outh group now pawn Hol$ "pirit as charismatic hol$ trance ministr$, now. ou would have to !now the m$ster$, and the inverted reflection of ecstatic trance where $ou ma!e direct e0periential visionar$ contact is...read$< , and the god %pollo was given in )evelation under the care and hospice of hrist's name. 1ut  to  to cover that up, % 9estructive spirit named %poll$on was li!e a raging inferno bottomless it entit$, a.!.a. %baddon. This, while 'anti-christ' was said to ride a leopard. In this slight of hand the Nicene council drooled over, the beneficiar$ of %pollo became 5esus. 4hile an$ heathen filth association was easil$ pro/ected elsewhere.

The shadow-aspect named 9ion$sus was 'pulled' from 5esus of the )evelation, and so rather than 'the ingdom is In', hrist is not shamanicall$ relevant, an$ longer. ou have a new trinit$ definition; 4hite "aturn?#ather >[email protected], 4hite "unda$?"on >[email protected], and 4hite %ppropriated =oddess >Hol$ "[email protected] #or this reason, 5ews who did not li!e the Hol$ "pirit thing, with all hrist association, finall$ offered up the easil$ detainable detaina ble 'anti-Lilith' corruption on %rtemis, so named "he!inah...who is nowhere in the (ld Testament, and reall$ is a rec$cling to appropriate the appropriation to not lose followers. et, still named 'the indwelling of the spirit', and the visionar$ 8ther of the Lord. 1e cautious, because $ou do not want to piss people off in the mortar and pestle Institutional hurch  hurch 'bod$' b$ going ahead and actuall$ describing that "he " he is a m$stical serpent of glor$ 'cloud'. I'm hoping I haven't lost too much audience, $et. et, simple mechanics6 1$ these fallacies, we w e get the hrist who crac!s the s!ies and descends with a host of flaming angels who did not leave ho!mah, and weird cult-$ ph$sics to e0plain how the entire planet will see this with na!ed e$es and shred their clothes and pour ashes over their heads, but won't even be able to commit suicide an$ a n$ more. If a 9ion$sian?%pollo s$nthesi+ed gnostic hrist 'reemerges' shamanicall$ and e0perientiall$ of a ingdom of 8nerg$ onsciousness that is -In $ou... I might ma!e mention 3uic!l$ here that the )oman agan aspect of the crucifi0ion c rucifi0ion that is largel$ unmentioned was that all among pol$theistic hills it was heard to be murmured BThe =reat =od is deadD... In the gnostic formula for ritual, Night (f %N is simpl$ N.(.. Let me introduce another previous 8piphan$ I have had ver$ recentl$. )emember ? is the %pril in! oon... This is something that reall$ /ust poured from... m$ heart “To get through some of this shit [Saturn retrograde], I'll drop this really quick. White d!enturine and..I'm totally happy to say..rose quart".  #unch are like, $%ose quart"..doesn't that make you gay or something& something&$. $. o. It more likely makes you closet gay, pro(ecting onto me. %ose quart"' pink hues are the higher octa!e of masculine red. When )omen )ear pink as they often, they are getting in touch )ith their masculine side in a more feminine friendly format. *ehu. The rune. +attle and )ealth..thala is the possession e-ternal like your territories or personal lot line type camp, or cosmic ancestral 'home #ase'.

[We might then come to )itness thala as out)ard )ealth e-tending in to our personal a#odehood, and *ehu as )ealth granted to our  a#odehood meant to e-tend interpersonally, and this is the deep thrust of the !ision quest of the Shaman. The Wi"ard is more connected to the 'storehouses' and metaphysical metaphysical archi!al or resources pool )hich isem#odied as the /athor #o!ine or a num#er of other Sol0deity's quintessential 1ide)ife than any other earth#ound profession. *or this reason, )e see the spiral force inside the center of e!ery )orld cross mandala, instead of lining e-ternally, in )hich case, )e )ould see 2aia as a pro#lematic )oman that can (ust #e tormented into su#miussi!e sla!ery, a.k.a. the 3emiurgic solution hallmark.] hallmark.] “*ehu is inner )ealth [a rune implying open source sharing of !isionary ele!ation sorts], and the in!ersion compliment of the #ull god. pis of the siris, 1arduk41oloch in a more #rutal light, 5ru" or Strength is the urochs rune. 6ou can continue connecting dots. I think of all stones, rose quart" may #e the most pure 7ucifer frequency of them all. I'm al)ays seeing guys in the occult take on the mantle of 'I am Thee 7ucifer'. lol sk them later on 0 small innocent test 0 ho) much rose quart" they ha!e or ho) they )ould feel a#out )orking )ith4ha!ing some. 6ou might spot some poseur0y type frauds )hen they proclaim 'no homo'. 2reen is Tara, and 8enus. +om#ine this )ith the rune 9erkana [ultimate Spring 1aiden]. :ust a fun fact, recall 2ats#y )earing a pink suit, and his nemesis often )earing #lue. 9aal #lue. The dual masculine arises. The essence of 2ats#y's story )as 'al)ays reaching to)ard the green light'. ccidental occult significance& We all li!e in timelessly recycled myths and archetypes. ;an, the 2reen 1an4+ern at his refined light #earing core is the essence of all rose quart" )ork. 2oogle some rose quart" meanings. White a!enturine too..I already posted '9lack is Sacred' gallery. I ha!e an pache Tear [o#sidian]. That could help you to harness internally )hat Saturn is doing, and #uffer the #.s. of others' melodram melodramatic atic #eha!iour that is sharply critical, e-cused of its o)n fla)s and inadequacies. At surface level, and the many layers on layers of dimensions and 'Samhain faces' [okay, Halloween masks], we are *all* Demiurgic, no matter intents or spectrum mastery of seemingly rarified eneficial attriutes! "nasmuch, to the ungraspale core, we are #nknown $od, shifting to reclaim the most intuitive knowing integral with the %oys of the angle of face, and e&pressive full heart, with aility to t ransit facetoface, facetoface, free of the fear in uncertainty we will e mismathed, adrift from twin spark in allspectral manifesting manifesting unions! (ift your chin, royal suns and dottirs of a new intergalactic fathoming and recollection! *)ou are* emodiment of your plural dawn, welcome age to age, and unfathomed efore all shackles that might ind you! his day is $eo [$ift] of the t he full heart, and ease of transitioning mind! +y one unfettered unfettered desire, and drive that will never e deterred, simply to e everything " am, in such dedication to lift you in the integration integration with the glory of everything from your divine core, you sought with little hope until now you might yourselves ecome! (ive pure in this your own design! Do not look away, or hesitate in allowing the wheels of stars, heart, and mind to ecome you and slip away sacred to former notions of ac-uisition to keep it or anything aout it! )our one legacy is the pulse of a singularity! (iving .ree! /assing rue at the an-uet of ages! "ntegral forever, and not ever deterred of -uality of full heart matched to clear mind! +y 0-uino& toast and design shared to you all!

*uestion6 4ho or 4hat is 8L >1a'al >1a'a l of 1lue [email protected] seperate from the =oddess< %nswer6 9emiurge >simpl$ put, 5ehovah in full on "aturn comple0 )ed ra$ [email protected] I put it this wa$ because if I'm not specific,  $ou'll easil$ thin! I'm sa$ing "aturn is evil and )ed wavelength is bad. 4ere it that eas$, we would be feeding into the problem entirel$, /ust from f rom an oppositional charge.

I've had a significant number of people ta!e one loo! at the 1lue?=reen 2orte0 and a nd sa$; BThat's badD. et, loo! at the mountains of comple0it$ and evolutionar$ achievements offered. It is not 'good' or 'bad' on that lavel, lavel , but stands of merits in its own necessit$ nec essit$ as well as b$ the ver$ 7niversal %c3uisition to procure the mediumship to get it to surface. Irellevant to polar e0treme conditions as a 4orld ross?%nima undi arra$, a rra$, at least it should be ta!en in as a given, its Nature is clearl$ not mundane, therefore of use to the "ee!er, to be determined onl$ instance b$ instance. ou can also give someone a concussion b$ throwing a 52 bible at their head, to get them to empathi+e with the impact the 4ord has had on $our life... or instead using it to !eep a table from wobbling, so the apples don't roll off and get bruised... B%nd $e shall !now them b$ their fruitsD...  5ust being chee!$. (h, something we might loo! into : actuall$ important to all this : m$ 1lue )a$ association to 1aal might through some other initiated minds off m$ logic, because the$ would thin!, B4ell, 1aal is 1el, who becomes 1elanos, so wh$ not gold of the sunD< 4e are interacting with a 1aal versus ern framewor!, as long and historied as that is. It ma!es people scratch their heads, but if $ou $ ou were to couple the polar e0tremes of a =reen an and a =olden "olar deit$, $ou end up with 8L-1lue, 5ehovah-)ed. 4e are  going to magnif$ this aspect to a great interest, since 8L in a goddess-amputated 5ehovah form is the progenitor of the hrist who is s$nced as ithra and simultaneousl$ (annes of the iscean  iscean "un %ge. Having stated that, the red-blue hot-cool storm and war?cosmic conflict and a nd friction metaph$sical s$stem prevailient down to our weather current c urrent s$stems, has 8L as a blue source essentiall$, and /ust as the triple pron of the trident has ha s a triple cord-destin$ path He!ate association, a '1lue "tar 1elanos' is... Isis. "othis : "irius. I can easil$ present this information based on the =reen an of (neness?%N having a female correspondence in... 2enus. Terra : Tara. , or hrist, is at once the ithra, the #orce, the % of our planet or the Light-1earer. It ma$ seem so obvious now, but find someone telling $ou this in t$he particular framewor! and a nd understanding of the universe of comple0it$ $et efficienc$ eff icienc$ offered b$ m$ 2orte0 being. % 2orte0 is a star?sun gate. % "oul gate. 4e are all souls. 9o $ou $ ou hate $our own soul<..a cha!ra<

% 2orte0, and an open cha!ra are the same in that the$ re3uire a "$+$g$ as the most base or prime material. 4ithout at least that, what's w hat's the point of bothering with deep thoughts, meditations, and m$steries to begin with< )ather than enlightenment, all it could procure is obsessive fascinations. %.!.a. - wheels spinning in air, without propeller benefit. asturbation without a tantric 'edge' to the !nife. "$+$g$ moves then from the p$ramid of Hadit, Nuit and )a-Hoor huit to novelt$. Important feature ahead; this is subconte0tual integration, it can ca n and will include that. 8ven rowle$ had his own sub s$+$g$ at wor! inside, hiding in plain site, $et removed from novelt$; that is the addition of 'I am =reat 1east JJJ' and his 1abalon. He revitali+ed a specific fire elemental he wor!ed with : as did arsons - to be contracted as his s$+$g$ goddess. %ll pretense aside, the$ were prett$ much revitali+ing themselves from men of earth to be Horned =od avatars...whereas 1aal in s$+$g$ would come across as a 4ater 9eit$, more pans$che oriented instead of pan9emeter oriented. The latter being more $et $ et prone to agricultural c$cle and so "olar?artian?"aturn and ceremonial, while the former far fa r less %pollonian and more 9ion$sion of a spontaneous ecstac$, and so of the Neptune?7ranus?lutonian. It isn't that this completel$ was out of their range and 1od$ at large, nor is theirs completel$ out of m$ own circumference. (nl$ a nitwit stands in the wa$ of adaptation and diversit$ of the Tree of Life %uthentic. This alone might reveal wh$ I am more suited and am currentl$ successfull$ engineering said %eonic infrastructural legac$ , but in love and respect for f or all who have preceded me, but I will not dilute m$ "pirit in the Thing. In terms of m$ earlier use rebirthing , it has an unusual application. % s$+$g$ and a 'head loa' are not the same, /ust as a loa and a hol$ guardian angel are a re not the same, and /ust the same, a totem?familiar or power animal are not the same as a loa or a hol$ guardian angel. There is a golden core ratio that is a glue holding them all together, and it can be e0tremel$ positivel$ charged between them, or neutral. If the ratio of our nucleus souls is the common golden thread of cosmic tapestr$, then the difference between an element named a spirit of lemegeton, or an earth elemental familar, is the number of a differential of number of protons in the nucleus >same as electrons in the [email protected] The phenomenal dualit$ starts brea!ing down on contact.

% person who sells $ou on H=%'s being good and totems or water elementals being 'bad' because the$ are to them a 'lower densit$ sphere', might as well be selling $ou that the heavens are made of copper and nitrogen and helium...and once we believe in the power and get on the t he same page as these three elements together, we have defeated the evil t$rann$ of iron, argon, and carbon. ou should be easil$ seeing be$ond the whole moronic facade faca de holding us bac! now. I love that metaphor and /ust came up with it 'out of the blue'. If shit blows up in $our face, it was $our lac! of alchemical a lchemical prowess, not 'evil elements'. It's crucial to state this as "$+$g$ is something we figure out during our earthl$ life time. #or all intents and purposes, it will get $ou were $ou need to be in the ne0t incarnation, that continues in development unto complete liberation. However, rebirthing  is  is for the literal and higher metaph$sical orientation of calcified pineal . oreover, an abrasive or inoperable or comandeered 'head spirit' or 'met tet'. 4hile $our head  spirit  spirit is of the region and called ca lled the '1ig =ood %ngel', it is heart and throat?ether. The et Tet is ind's 8$e and rown, and will see! to magneti+e to $our s$+$g$ of the contracted concord, or e0tracted discord from be$ond $our control. This is not to sa$ that a loa is limited to head post-mounting or crisis. an$ of them are such heart speciaslists; /ust loo! at the ve-ve including 8+uli. 8+ uli. The initial magnetic engagement, though... "ome 'marr$ the loa', and this means the$ are wor!ing in a s$+$g$ of loa framewor!. It doesn't mean the$ won't have families thereafter. It is personal choice c hoice between soul & spirit. "o, a head loa is interchangeable in rebirthing as the shamanicall$ titled 'soul recover$'. ou are returning the former spirit to larger cosmic communal pattern of its own fre3uenc$. Thin! li!e ancer, the sign, or "corpio. Thin! especiall$ the crab...growing out of one carapace and s3uee+ing into another. et, it ma$ not be $ou $ ou growing out of $our met tet; there are a number of factors fa ctors that might be involved. #inall$, the H=% s$mbiont, li!e s$+$g$, is for life. However, $ou are not married to the entit$. (r, rowle$ would have e0cused 1abalon for %iwass. ou will wor! with a slew of goetia and enochian and other angel-demon deities.

8nter the  Heroes >as opposed to [email protected]

all of these are a common thread ? tale of reation, 9estruction, reservation. Importantl$; Inspiration, transformation, and rebirth. The K principles that ma!e up erridwen's er ridwen's auldron that was a big thing gone over earlier. Neptune, luto, and 7ranus... a!es sense< Isn't the rone aspect the most 'out there' or seasoned oon< Leaving $our heavenl$ station to empower em power other souls trapped in a time of greater suffering, to empower them to be as the gods the$ forgot themselves to be. (nl$ a deva could... but are generall$ !nown to intentionall$ disconnect from such states. The last 3uarter is the penultimate, feeding into?inspiring the ultimate masculine of %esir spirit and a demigod with a soul priorit$... it is easil$ "ophia, 2enus, =aia. =alactic center, morning star, and the organic nature-spiritualit$ we are as the 4orld "oul. 9on't forget all that was wa s offered on the morning star last round at 83uino0. It goes be$ond thoughts of 2enus and reall$ encompasses the entire spectral wavelength and solar s$stem and !unda raising.

I finished this before remembering the April moon was the pink moon.  Notice the trapezoid trapezoid shape in the nebula. It is exactly like a smoky quartz elestial truncated pyramid that I work with often. Almost all of my cosmic art is a fractal from scratch, not this one. This was a photomanipulation of preexisting ubble shots. The terrain is a photomanipulated shot of the !rand "anyon publically a#ailable. I then added a subtle fractal webbing of light in the sky. $ome of the %&lack Is $acred% gallery mentioned earlier'

Axinite ( Tourmaline ( $moky )uartz

Before I move on, I want to state that an ether  is  is not the same as an aether , and in writing the last working, I neglected to mention, subconsciously thinking everyone knew that as common knowledge. An ether is a layer coinciding the astral and the spiritual as a phantasmal or ectoplasmic..yes, the medium for ghosts that becomes a real r eal slime in Ghostbusters...and almost anything could be riding upon or forcing through either direction, while an aether is specifically angelic class and especially Enochian and a similar  cord with the governors of that hierarchy & court. he ethereal corresponds to the throat chakra, while the aetheric corresponds to the outer sun!deity of the "ehovah appropriating Elohim powers.  #one of this is about going to war with ethers. he etheric medium medium is how the loas and other elementals, not $ust the angelic hierarchy, hierarchy, connects to us. In fact, more so of the former, as the latter, while having watchtowers of the % elements, are all vibratory macroscopic shades of the Prime Cause . Inasmuch, are variations of serpentine fire that is not the same fire as either the salamander or the clear liuid light. he later two of the elemental and pure consciousness are mediums that are parallel, in us, and do not recogni'e a holy palace to create an outer lining of scum in byproduct.

This simple clarification ma!es things totall$ less of a hastle and avoids a big train wrec!.

G etal %nahata heart cha!ra : J point star of blade and cup overlapped. "$+$g$... Now, a loo! at 2ishuddha. GJ petals. %n orb in an inverted triangle or a segment of the pentagram : A point star : the 'base' reverberated at the brain stem is the tah foundation. The he0agon of the 'hive of life', that is to sa$, one of the loas?elementals?angels?gods?fae  b$ an$ other name.

 +ou might note a repeating 0ix...  +eah, but really it(s about the the 6, 7,


Now, $ou might start thin!ing of coloni+ation, pollination, cross-pollinating, h$bridi+ing, evolution, collective efforts, 'trance dancing' bees that locate the source of spirit nectar... "oma, ambrosia, mithra, amanita, manna, vril, force, a?cru0 ansata. It even shows up as a s mead . 8n!i is also a beer?mead god, /ust a fun fact. )emember : pans$chism is definitel$ a voluntar$ self-h$pnotic affair. 4e all do it to an e0tent. 8ven astor )everend )ev erend #ather =ood$ c5o$stien does, when he listens to his favorite h$mns or loses trac! of the time listening to audio seminars on the glories of  god. ou can switch that gu$ out with the most s!eptical atheist cramming classical music and +oning out reading "cientific %merican or "!$ & Telescope maga+ine. The shaman intensifies with aim, endurance, distance, and !nowingl$ carr$ing the weight of the world while shrugging the conse3uence

of being romethean medicine rather than waiting for s!ies to crac! open for the hosts of heaven. 4hat we are loo!ing at with our stars here is also timespace , and the new rec!oning. "pacetime is so ine0tricable that we /ust have one word. )eligion, specificall$ the %pollonian thrust removed from the 9ion$sian facet, re3uires r e3uires the notion that we are trapped light tr$ing to get bac! to origin of a heavenl$ heav enl$ timespace free of mass or volume v olume of selves.

The arrows reveal a pulling?splitting, but reall$, this is a pressured implosion... essentiall$, the first thing $ou see on being plunged into the %b$ssal... heart-mindless or mind-heartless. ic! $our poison, and e0pect to get tossed to the wolves off the offended and offending 'opposites'.

8ver$one in the occult?paranormal a0is is familiar with w ith this sigil of Lucifer.

It isn't that Lucifer is Thaumiel; Lucifer Luc ifer becomes $ou after the crossing or ab$ssal timespace destructive inversion. (n annihilation, and thereafter. ou are a 'Lucifer cell'. %t once 'hive' and a self collected and sufficient ether. ou reall$ don't have to be afraid of $our $ our meditations at that point, in terms of accidentall$ cutting $ourself up in shamanic travel, as most do. ou essentiall$ 'assimilate the gaurdian' or oversoul. Thin! of a supernatural twin in the womb moving in reverse to a parallel becoming true where the$ are a tumour. inda gross< ou can still engage totems and wor! with familiars, etc. It will be on a different level. Thaumiel is often called the face of..or confused with being the '9weller in the %b$ss', % b$ss', which is Leviathan. 4h$ is this important to mention tal!ing about )ose *uart+< 4ell, it is trape+oid and s$+$g$ oriented crucial information. )efer to the beginning; none of this is gospel set forth upon $ou li!e a $ol!. ou are free to come and go. %ll I do here is offer truth of what I have seen, se en, felt, studied, /ourne$ed into the points of precision connective and interconnected be$ond what is in m$self as a hesitation. 4e all will have doubt, B%m I sure  I  I got m$ facts right< In m$ writing, did I sa$ a wrong word or hit an e0tra +ero + ero or A instead of <D...in this line, $ou wanna tr$ not to victimi+e $our own wor!ings on that level. 4ell, an$ level. K M reative : receptacle post emanation choosing an inspired direction born from basic need. J M reserver : reproducer central pivot or 'hori+ontal reverberation' to correct emanations.  M 9estro$er : transformational post pivotal?chaoticOsublimating return : non-detained plural emanations no longer e0tensive e0tensive but inverted to source or new cru0. New cru0 is evolved, correcting the mista!es of the t he old one. The goal becomes immortalit$ of the cell... 9oes some of that sound in an$ wa$ familiar<

Let's throw in some fun modern media stuff. I'm sure I'm gonna ma!e more 'ower of the #orce' references as time goes on. If $ou have seen the movie Luc$, $ou ought to appreciate what's ne0t. I alwa$s have seen it spelled Lus$. I bet the$ were doing a whole reference to luce...light. Light bearer. I doubt it was because this character was so funn$ it was a nod to I Love Luc$. Luc$ might be '2enus' and wouldn't ".5. " .5. 1e the right role for bac!ing that up< #or our thing we've got going here, all this ? in! oon )ose *uart+ this and that... )eall$, I wanna loo! at her here as %rtemis without an$ rules. 8ris...Iris. Note the e$es. Isis. "othis. "irius. "irius has long pla$ed a guest role in the s$mbolism of Holl$wood. It's cool for us who were trapped in designated hol$ reading material, bad for those tr$ing to not let 'devic' a.!.a. demonic materials fall into our hands to hear the other side of the stor$. 8mpathicall$ and !inda corn$ Ewhich is o!a$F; $ou can't spell heart without hear . )emember in the cosmolog$ I sport openl$, the 5ehovah-%brahamic-"aturnine omple0 covers the world in its dominion and shadow. I hate ma!ing it hip and neat nea t b$ sa$ing 'the dar! side clouds ever$thing'. et, I needed to drop a force reference most of all /ust now to be chee!$ again. ou have got to !eep some /o$ in $our business of this !ind, or $ou go full mercenar$ 8(  8(  /ust from the moods of all the things $ou stud$, and this does does get e0tremel$ dar! with oppression and t$rann$ and having to !eep a full awareness  at  at the e0pense of bliss of ignoramus.

#or this reason, I and the New %ge self-help, soothing vibes white light fabric softener blan!et touch$-feel$ wish$-wash$ sector don't reall$ get along. I struggle often with them most of all, while virtuall$ all big corporate religion would tout I'm the leader of their pac! because I use words li!e 'shaman', '%3uarius', '%ge', and 'Timespace', and don't forget 'heliocentric solar s$stem'. (!a$, that was prett$ bad. I recommend that movie )un )onnie )un, if $ou can handle some vulgarit$. I would thin! so if  $ou can handle me in m$ less than best da$s. %n$wa$, it has a great New %ge teacher scene. 5eff =oldblume was awesome before that, but that moment is a classic and hilarious. 1ac! to 'Luc$'. ind of a spoiler alert... %fterward, someone said, BThat 7"1 drive would be infinite terab$tesD. To me, the most infinitesimal storage 'point' would be re3uired, actuall$. Thin!6 Nothing (n The 9rive. The 9rive itself, a No-thing from a "ome-thing. (ur "omething being the title character. 4hat organ #reeman was holding at the end was the CCG onolith. 4hich, should be obvious toward the ending 'shamanic trip' "he too!. )ather than mon!e$s touching the big obsidian obelis!, $ou have a remodeled update of The reation of %dam b$ ichelangelo. Notice when it moves, it's a 'reflective surface'. Li!e holding a mirror for infinite light. et, the atomic obsidian 3uart+ was a 7"1 shaped 'non-thing' as in moving faster than light, all notion of perceived time irelavant. It is not the wave-sine but also not the particle..atomic clear 3uart+ 'holding it'..the info. Nothing is being held >[email protected] =et it< "impl$ being in?as the Luciferian resence is to t o withhold no-thing . %lso in that trip se3uence; the blue light hori+on in Her e$es. Isis. )ight before the 7"1 event hori+on, we have a loo! at the Nu-1abalon Tower. organ #reeman tal!s about cells see!ing immortalit$ in a harsh environment 6 )ed and 1lue of the alread$ listed 5ehovah and 1aal's struggle. ells see!ing to reproduce in a favourable environment 6 Lucifer : the %pollonian?9ion$sion s$nthesis blended to Terra?Tara or =aia-"ophia. =old?=reen and in!?)ose of the harmonious heart and sun?solar ple0us.

If $ou teach someone the wa$s to elevate the soul stance to the etheric longevit$, essentiall$ encoding them with deva-9N% the$ can choose to match the bod$ to the tattvas or the environment within that is sentient, and call that 'home' then, or some might choose to be the rime Heroine . The last listed figure of the four heroes over the four shades or palls cast b$ the 9emiurgic and archontic subse3uent forces. If $ou would call %suras archons, a rchons, that is up to $ou, and I could give $ou m$  own notions 'n e0periences, but I would be 'sei+ing $our perceptions' or manipulating $our universal interactions and perceptions. ou must decide for $ourself. I can sa$ for m$self, I !now the$ rule over "aturnine issues li!e the institutions and are governers. I thin! we all !now alread$ m$ stance on that entire thing. %s we are about to loo! at, though; a Luciferian cell, or light-bearer avatar , is $et ever and alwa$s the 9ion$sian shadow of the eter-white sol who is Lord of the %ge. #or there to be a True (ne, $ou would have infinite avatars, or embodied em bodied soul-points from the stance of being a No-Thing. It moves be$ond philosoph$ about miracles into 9harma and relevant to current models of ph$sics and bac!ed up b$ shaman. The ama+ing thing is the we are infinite soul points with variations in parallels subtle to gross. 4hile the shaman !nows the 2oid, and we go into trance to breach into a time of True (rigin called no-thingness, onl$ Infinit$ is the 7ltimate 1eing of No-Thingness. (r all divisive instances of %n$thingness returning to pure, undiluted integral ev ent hori+on harmon$ that casts no pall, and so is virtuall$ 7n!nown =od. To end on the Holl$wood note of this, that's wh$ w h$ $ou end up with a 7"1 drive, a slave drive the split second before the Lucifer avatar became Infinit$...7n!nown =od. "o, what else beside a non-massive, +ero volume idea of self does so much big religion overshadowing Nature-spiritualit$ based from %rts & "ciences rel$ upon< To end the 9ion$sian thrust of direct e0perience, the s$+$g$ is the greatest threat, therein lie our greatest strategies. 4herever twin-spar!s are 3uenched, choice is 3uenched, because chaos' c haos' metaph$sical substratum is ironed flat to dissect the refined completel$ from the raw. The soul goes through pure deluge. The delusion of the archon's solution. )emember a deluge and illusion are a re not the same, for this that we see as deluge is disenchantment . an$ /ust associate deluge with illusion and dreaming and da$dreaming and so Neptune is a la+$ vampire, casting spells on our souls /ust to suc! them dr$. The formula for disenchantment is giving the 5ehovah-"aturnine Thing all of our reversal engineering processes. "aturn is the 'lord of !arma' as well w ell as malefic reversals. 8ither harnessing the curse and directing that energ$ or brea!ing it.

Times in reversals are ra$s, fre3uencies, wavelengths to a further condensation or cooling down : a h$pothetical bluing-out rather than a reding-up : cooling and slowing to light transforming itself to a peculiar shadow...themselves being a current or 'water bearer' or personification of m$stical cosmic chalice. The new womb means a new variet$ of cross-pollinate soul lineage. This has to do with either side of an$ a n$ end of an$ potential construct periodic table of elementals, devas, and other deities e0periencing True "elf alongside us. If the$ sa$ the$ are alread$ evolved and we need 'them' to get pulled out of our mire that was the result of our terrible innate natures, it is li!el$ to certainl$ an archon or off shoot of archon a rchon tr$ing to ma!e something new in their own entrop$ problems to draw & 3uarter the soul radiance. If $our given entit$ spea!s in so man$ linguistics or non-verbal vibrations that even after what seems infinite light $ears of time after $ou-ness, $ou $ou-ness, $ou are both e0changing and transforming and learning together, $ou've got a winner. That is called s$mbiosis. It's the difference between a metaph$sical bod$ and librar$ of screwing $ourself and ever$one else over or actuall$ being worth something in the anps$chism of the %nima undi,  undi, which re3uires, and cultivates bac! into $ou, a sustenance that evades the facsimile reproduction of the parasitic urge. The$ get the artifice and so can ca n harness the art and have ama+ing technolog$, but no...the 2orte0 alludes them and so has caused great hostilities of their mista!en 'ownership' or rite of passage to collect ta0es of an$ soul coming & going on this side of the il!$ 4a$ arm. I withhold nothing. The$ never got that so never nev er saw me coming even as a s I bro!e hori+on. The$ must compartmentali+e to withhold and in artificial scarcit$ tactics, create to enslave. The$ even have to subsection within their own, and 'get' integration, but can onl$ have a corporate effort that is careless of the individual e0pressing themselves or brea!ing free, so 8piphan$ or "ha!ti or "hilibo or the 4oman lothed in the "un is be$ond them. %gain, that further f urther agitates, provo!es, and embarrasses. Their counterfeit is e0tra sensor$ but has no real radiant core that nourishes. #or that reason, the$'ve needed to chose tradition of ceremon$ where the gold has to be revitali+ed b$ the porcelain rather than vice versa. "o, the$ reall$ hate the 9ion$sian-shamanic atron "aint of 8cstas$ and the 1lue-)a$ of mind's e$e or the trifecta of erridwen's e rridwen's auldron written on earlier, of Neptune's Inspirations, 7ranus' )ebirthing E)evolutioni+ingF, and luto's Transformation. Light onl$ seems to re3uire no counterpart medium to carr$ it -  where =ravit$ is $et the wea!est force... )ather than offer elongated string theor$ words and paragraphs, para graphs, $ou can stud$ the notions of a  graviton. =ravit$ as a particle that escapes membrane scenario of a Timespace, parallel to parallel, it is

the one 3uantum artifact lin!ing and having hav ing a common lineage from universe being to universe unive rse being.

%dd in some trape+oid....or tah...

)ight up front - and $ou've got to appreciate this precise moment : there is no better time than the present to be writing this and doing this ver$ report & transmission. Not onl$ based in the %ries "ol trine : Leo 5upiter >)[email protected] trine : "agittarius "aturn >)[email protected] trine. Then, 7ranus' abilit$ to 'unsettle' ever$thing b$ giving Necessit$ as well as a wa$ get in touch with the other of Invention. %lso trine )0 5upiter. et, above all, envision the se0tile nest ta!ing t a!ing place along the outs!irts... a thing onl$ possible than!s to the lunar position in =emini, interacting with the wa0ing energies. It is e0tremel$ imaginative, if not alread$ coming 'unhinged' building to the fullness on ?. % ver$ abstract live wire w ire and feeling the ruleboo! to be nonsense, and thin!ing of the best wa$s to taunt the control machines of restraints, measure and frivolous notions of overarching 'duties' at the e0pense of creative genius. It is a shot aimed at the one who calls such pla$ blended to wor! as being 'frivolous', in/ecting them with a medicine that being frivolous is reall$ tons of planning and responsibilit$, and all the meticulous planning or scheduling is not going to save $ou from chaos. cha os. The best wa$ to be steadfast and constant is to embrace all the ban3uet of life's energies in infinite as possible diversities. The best wa$ to feel soul-fulfilled is to sample man$ varieties until $ou are full, f ull, rather than have nds and Krds of one massive plate of 'overl$ responsible people diet', that does nothing for the soul. ou also are more li!el$ to gain weight so meticulousl$ tr$ing to become the model of fitness or ideal goal that ever$one else will be /ealous of. ou will not shine that wa$ an$wa$, when too few parties care, too bus$ to even give $ou the env$ of what a master $ou've become. "o, $ou are reminded a model of fitness is someone who can en/o$ life and be fulfilled simpl$ from within, and get their energies e nergies circulating out of a pure desire or intelligent emotional bod$  to...  to...  better . Then, Impetus-agnet is "oul-e0tension...

In turn, "un, ars, and 7ranus all in %ries behaves in such a wa$ to compliment this, that what seems (9 to some is finding the answers that the 'unhinged completel$' won't be getting to, because the$ will not ta!e the time re3uired or the focus to stud$ and 'rest 'r est into a s$stems' loosel$ until the$ soa! up all the infrastructure, which such discipline is ever the wa$ to becoming one with an$thing at all and  going into the +one. That famous shamanic trance +one that is also the intuitive action visionar$ flow that athletes get into. #ortunatel$ enough, I wrote something on this recentl$, too6 echno!shamanism and hyper!reality. hyper!reality. (ou are the video game g ame mmorpg avatar of your rue )elf. In!trance, your rue )elf *sucks* you up from the internal  platforms aesthetic, theme, and mechanistic geography, geography, you are not out of play. (ou are playing in what the greatest athletes call *the 'one*. +here they hit on all cylinders as though they are on a vacation island. rue )elf with artian tendencies. -ather than a field or court, rue )elf with enus enus tendencies will seek the canvas. rue )elf with #eptune tendencies will seek..well, video games..or drugs..or play video games stoned off your ass. haha.. /or do what I*m doing right now, in writing this. #eptune is also the mystery shroud and abo de of enlightening activity in an ocean oc ean of comple0ity of ethereal matters1. rue )elf like 2luto, will seek darker shades of occult occ ult and ritual mastery. rue rue )elf like "upiter will seek travel and leisure, creating social memories and situations..make life into the vacation island the athlete in the 'one goes to. )aturn ppl will lose themselves in their work and securing a legacy that is timeless, to be found. oon people will have rue )elf that guards and builds a home, and they are the home, ho me, and their heart is the very ver y fire place of the house. )un essentially is the *gate* rue )elf connects with through. 3ranus rue )elf ppl will trance out manifesting the strange and weird as new innovations where arts meet science and practical applications. )un rue )elf people are Gates, and the sigil4language of  being the nucleus at work in all!true self, encompassing... they should lose themselves to find themselves themselves by allowing coming and going independent of themselves and..living in the 'one all the time, not waver in the *'en* when everyone else may become hostile they are always in the 'one and nearest omnipresent. -emember too, we are all microcosmic souls, imparted sparks of the golden disc and luminous drops of the milky way. way.

4ithout chaos to dishevel : as in bed head, hea d, or being se0iest when we first wa!e up : there is no 'letting go' of the ordered and micromanaged visage of the world of contrived appearances and glamour, to engage the True "elf, wor!ing in substratum of the dimensionalit$ we often overcompensate to ca!e on, li!e la$ers of seriousl$ frivolous clown-of-responsibilit$, unaware self parod$ ma!e up. %n illustration of chaos as the raw prime, True "elf, ecstatic thrust, and how 4e %ll e3uall$ live in  divine emanations . (r, some might sa$ '=od' 'Is' '8ver$where', and an$thing e3uall$ is living liv ing in  godhood... )ecall that a s$+$g$ of novelt$ current could shape up to be an$thing. a n$thing. ou might use it in good health, and respect the boundaries of others rights that are similar. 7se intuition, common sense, and ma!e ancestors proud. =ood 'social standing' is more for the %pollonian ceremonial big corporate dualit$ crowd.

"tatus can be great, because it's part of individualit$, but after time weeds its wa$ w a$ in to be priorit$ of intellectual privati+ing a moral right as the priorit$. %n$thing sociall$ benefiting falls into place from f rom the genuine ecstatic arts 'n sciences. )emember, we are not getting a warm w arm core of life and sustenance to catch up to more well polished porcelain, going through religious motion, fa!e smile eti3uette to preserve from 'losing place in standings', nor glorification of the demiurgic facsimiles.

Let's e0plore all the wonder of this inspired image 4hile Nuit w? Hadit is not new and a central factor of Thelema w? Horus prefered as Trinit$, the adding of the globe circles in a circle?elliptical going from tin$ to massive was m$ thing added a dded to wor! with some ideas... ic!ing bac! up on, wh$ pol$theism?animism or anps$chism< If a singular god being persona were to be one big hoop star over all things, the Nuit on top is a vast diversit$ of massive stars getting smaller & smaller in a circle of hoop star incidents down to 'human soul si+e', to point si+e >loa?pwen [email protected], gat [email protected], to atomic si+e w? Lord Hadit at the bottom. %ll of it is e3uall$ godhood divinit$, or simpl$ put, the no-thingness we all share is the sacred ever$thing at wor!. 8ven if $ou had a tin$ chun! of metal with e0treme mass, it is $et in fact all the 'e3ual status' to a parallel traveling medium for complimentar$ luminosit$ displacement.

This is all !e$ to understanding 8cstas$ as a current, Novelt$ of the %3uarian %ge, % ge, and the 2orte0 or 9aath or 9uat of the t he Nether or Net/er. If $ou can't or won't understand this, how could $ou e0pect to have effective % in it all< The illustration carries this fre3uenc$6 No matter what the elliptical hoops-stars are doing, in other words if on the 'wobble' of its a0is, the tiniest point is not lowest or densest an$more, the framewor! of e3ualit$ still remains constant, no matter where spectral e0treme or fre3uenc$ slides along the scale of an$thing that might manifest. %n aeonic platform without rulers. 8ndless gods or sacred soul instances ma!es us so close to godhood !nown around an$  and ever$ corner of effort put forth to get in touch with divinit$, the simple lowest common denominator Truth : . This is not a lie; that $ou could be cast into outer dar!ness for not adapting e0ternal moral right is the ultimate parasitic strateg$ of the alabaster archon tower descending to pulveri+e.

This is prett$ well tuned to the !e$ 'Love is the Law. Love under 4ill'. Not a correction of its error, but the ultimate compounding magnification with well armed upgrades. The instance of a feeling !illing 5ehovah-"aturnine purel$ demiurgic arra$ that is lost and ignorant is the male fire blade >p$ramid triangle t riangle [email protected] over the sun >the hoop with the dot in the [email protected], in intellectual ownership moral-right over the spirit-matter timespace  >the  >the blac! and?or white [email protected] "o, green-blue are the s$+$g$ lengths balanced and intercoursing at the top of the cup >inverted [email protected], with the red ra$ at the bottom angle, and the golden sun in the center of this triangle. (r, a clear mind space hoops-star. '=ate' of Thodol bardo. That blue-green ra$s oscillating in spiral a scension is both transcendence in immanence. Li!e an egg in a nest, as it were. wer e.

1oth faces of the dual inverted A point star as envisioned earlier are 'red ra$' ra$ ' dominating at the top in a split. This is a weirder concept c oncept to manage. It relies on the 5ehovah-)ed-"aturnine in an uncontrolled and undesired anomalous internal split ma!ing that arra$'s infrastructure into a vulnerabilit$. "o, Thaumiel in a single coagulation of a light bro!en into pierce the shadow that is the face, is the %gent of !eeping change from happening, in effect causation ca usation of the worst cessation?stagnation of all time. The ver$ soul-spirit divine undoing and stagnation to set in where otherwise on 'travels' shamanicall$ inward to the most sacred clear  perfect circle ape0, or or the controlled event hori+on enabled b$ trance activit$ to interact manifestation...even then, essential somethings from essential nothingness. This original theor$ of ultimatel$ failed solution to border a 3uandar$ is best visible as an 'infinit$ P' looping in a single instance of blac! bo0. 4hich, would easil$ describe the 2orte0, so scares man$ awa$ : were it not that to achieve master$ over a thing is to go into it bravel$ as s$nthesis over its methodolog$ brought into $our own more refined strategies : also, pluralit$ of the h$percube of lightmetrics encouraging a pluralit$ of sliding scale hoops-stars instances evolved as new flesh and anps$chism. I hope that last thing helped $ou crush $our fears inside inside $our own life of s$+$g$, trines or trinities, interactions, and evolution that presents challenges b$ smaller minds calling c alling it an infraction against the territories of '=od'. 4ell, their crapp$ fathoming fa thoming of... I hope that even blew some minds or helped with ma/or ground brea!ing and long distance soul retrieval through $our own betterment of education b$ self deprogramming and restorative 9N% coding. "o, the 9emiurgic 'unhol$' tri-head entit$ is 5ehovah, Thaumiel, horon+on>[email protected] I put that in parentheses since hopefull$ 3uantum time has got $ou figuring out that in parralels, those gu$s are the 'good gu$s' of dualistic s$stems that are not $et self aware, b$ an$ other names. horon+on is K. In fact, to the creation hating or matter fearing gnostic, and even the ones who  glorif$ an?the Horned (ne of the forest prett$ much still almost alwa$s do, even as the$ romance it and coa0 it to tal! for them. If $ou !eep tal!ing to them, even if the$ tell $ou the$ are 'nature religion' white lighters, it is almost alwa$s going to surface that on some level, the sensor$ world of the mundane nature is grossl$ a prison for the spar!. "o, horon+on  horon+on is at once the dweller in the ab$ss leviathan, as well as world serpent of pure chaos?evil, c haos?evil, and $et also the 1rahminic constant creator, who will leave a trail of star dust and planets in his wa!e, indifferent to the organic conflict or conse3uences of their suffering, /ust shining the ceaseless life incident is the hol$ thing in and of itself. "o, horon+on is reall$ the pure shadow cru0 bridged coagulation of that part of 5ehovah.

To a modern gnostic who reall$ !nows this whole issue, the creative errant principalit$ is the most destructive thing. Ignorant rec$cled piles of diml$ luminous glitter dust. rowle$ s!r$ed this as the 'fate of all blac! brothers' in being dried up brooding calcification hus!s embodied 'n suspended over the waters at the hedges of the cit$ of p$ramids. Then, J is associated to 5ehovah as the 'I %m' of the H2H deit$, the Ialdaboath. The "aturn fre3uenc$ and emanation of the t he demiurgic comple0. This was stated earlier as a hori+ontal rolling column that anchors out through 'cloning' or the reproductive process in general, and not as the sacred soul, but more li!e the cosmic-corporate culture dish. Ialdaboath's clouded 'all seeing e$e' over all. )eall$, the vision he onl$ can accept a ccept is the visage agreeing to the glor$ of his countenance. %n$thing 'within' the divine bod$ he claims c laims is emulation that his /ealous$ and avarice is perfect love...no abuse here, nothing to see, sinners move along. =o bac! home and do $our penances. ou cannot fathom there is no dar!ness in him. rowle$ wanted to contort and moc! this as the =reat 1east JJJ self proclaimed status, but reall$ in man$ wa$s wal!ed right into it and was a self parod$ victim. Now, that's the opinion of this author, but as an aenoic creative principle embodied himself, he mishandled the ecstatic 9ion$sian-shamanic facets to glorif$ the %pollonian corporate religion and in doing so, stripped much of what would have ha ve been a harmonic, integral aeonic transmission that was a support to the novelt$ later on to come through the good librar$ of Terence cenna and other souls. %gain, to appreciate Thelema and rowle$ or otherwise is personal choice. It does not effect $our potenc$ in the current transmissions through 8!stasis?2orte0, either wa$ save for $our own decision that adapting either and or has been helpful or harmful to $our own mind-bod$ development... %t , $ou have Thaumiel, which is reall$ the final face upon the 'ether split' which leads to the %b$ssal gorge, with the infraction dancing through $ou to sub-molecularit$ infinit$ 'un-point'. ou might see how horon+on being the 'dweller in' ought to be  or some sphere after. )emember that all this is the !abbalistic inversion gone awr$.

"o, I've alread$ written prett$ e0tensivel$ on Thamiel's involvements to detail over the course of the librar$, and we might thin! of it as an '7n-5anus' while we are at it, it splits apart to shut-in the tormenting, rather than transitions phase-to-phase to a completion at either reflection ref lection and integration between, the beneficial 5anus function, represented as dual-current fish in the isces sign.

The older and hopefull$ wiser I get, I reali+e onl$ completel$ fuc!ing insane people are enamoured with the left side and will beat us into submission to agree that that's the 4a$... I was raised in a house b$ a fundamentalist famil$ to whom "atan "a tan has nothing to do with the all good ahweh. "amael is irrelevant, because shamanism, trance, gnosis and 9ion$sus is evil pact. The '7n-5anus' of the trifecta of Ialdaboath, Ia ldaboath, "a!las, and "amael. (r Thaumiel, 5ehovah, horon+on. 56E G-EA G-EA 3#E#I7#AB8E EI8 at the center of our culture is monotheism. 9rom 9ro m a barbaric Bron'e Age te0t known as the 7ld estament, estament, three anti!human religions have evolved:"udaism, ;hristianity, ;hristianity, and Islam. hese are sky!god religions. hey are, literally, literally, patriarchal:God is the 7mnipotent 9ather:hence the loathing of women for <,=== years in those countries afflicted by the sky!god and his earthly male d elegates.

5he sky!god is a $ealous god, of course. 6e reuires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is not $ust in place for one tribe, but for all creation. hose who wo uld re$ect him must be converted or killed k illed for their own good. 3ltimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky!god>s purpose.

5Any movement of a liberal nature endangers his authority and those of his delegates on earth. 7ne God, one ?ing, one 2ope, one master in the factory, one father!leader in the family at [email protected]:Gore idal

It all sa$s that 'spirit' is 'anti-matter' or anti-organic. Light is alwa$s /umping, pumping, and humping in oscillations of variable energ$-mass coupling to limits to derive friction within >harsh environment cells see!ing [email protected] or harmonious e0panding and e0tension of diverse ra$s >favourable environment envi ronment where cells see! [email protected] 1$ nature, the$ both oppose entrop$, but the first is what the archons are particularl$ stuc! in and tr$ to !eep a cell from f rom going 'Luc$', or lucent, or Luciferian. It reall$ is harmonious e0pansion of diverse ra$s that is best suited to stave entrop$, over an$ internal turmoil and struggle reflected. 4ouldn't $ou agree< "o, it sounds eas$, but notice the dualit$ about the dualit$< 4e are still in a struggle, a fight for the mind and time is on ver$ few sides, to brea! free. 4ave-particle light that has no preference before the patterns of observer interaction means variable light and sentience?intelligence primer-of-the-conscious state, or otherwise parallel universes would all have the e0act same ph$sics. The ver$ nation of such a unit$ free of spontaneous e0pressive novelt$ means a 'false harmon$' where diversit$ collapses bac! internall$ to a literal "aturn devouring his progen$ scenario. No parallel would happen because the parabolic arc would be a most threatening feature of freedom. Hence, the governing ruler, or arch on. on. It is the hallmar! of where w here the codependent relationship comes from, on wh$ so man$ clones ignorant to their thei r souls and the true state of things are driven to have dreams of the utmost 3ualit$ of life being marriage b$ contract, reproducing according to class warfare strategies instead of aimed co-creation?procreation. "o then, the hoops over the toroid are 'clear 'c lear star gates', as in parallel universes. 4e of course see the other K, J,  creative, preservation, destructive as embodied b$ 1rahma, 2ishnu, and "hiva. )emember gods are not archons a rchons in each and ever$ instance, namel$, $ou must be aware as a gnostic?shaman or other animist or pol$theist what $ou are doing to interact with these archet$pal energ$ bodies as contactee and microcosmic reflection<  There are a slew of gnostics who engage the name of I%( >[email protected], "amoath, etc in ritual. 8ach of them must decide at their own core what the$ will do or grow into with that, or what their intentions are. I view most of it as similar to the "adhu... brea!ing the boundar$ of unhol$ to transcend t ranscend mental  limitation and societal norms, to and change it from within the soul drive... that, or often complete cowardice that does not want w ant to temper a discipline, and /ust wants w ants power.

=andalf the 4i+ard going 4i+ard going into the danger . #ew can or will, an$more. I !now I share this as a favorite moment in modern media, the wi+ard plunging after a plummeting 1alrog.

Feeling Is Crucial  –  If it doesn't feel right, for you at least, it isn't.

Speak your peace 'n struggle true - Let others decide for for themselves...

% sacred geometr$ over a vintage sugar s!ull artwor! for m$ wee!l$ hard techno show '9 "chran+'.

4or!ings collected over a rotation b$ 2on otterhausen

ore to come, as ever. Till ne0t time.

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