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Speech & Language Development ArtikPix $59.99* ArtikPix ‐ Full is an articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. DAF Assistant $12.99 DAF Assistant aides to implement Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency‐shifting Auditory Feedback (FAF) techniques that are known to help people with stuttering to speak more fluently iConverse $12.99 iConverse is an educational tool designed for young children, autistic individuals, and individuals with other communicative disabilities, and also toddler‐aged children who have yet to master language. iConverse comes with 6 built in communication tiles that represent a person's most basic needs. When activated by touch, the icons give both an auditory and visual representation of the specific need or want. Look2Learn $29.99 Look2Learn (L2L), an AAC software application for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad allows individuals to work at their communicative level using photographs to express wants and needs Pocket SLP Articulation $36.99 Designed to help with the forming of sounds within words. Speak It! $2.49 An application to turn text to speech. Large amounts of text can be inputted then ‘spoken’ by this app. TapSpeak Button $12.99 TapSpeak Button modernizes the idea of a mechanical switch that records and plays messages. The idea has been taken and extended it to provide a portable, convenient, and stigma‐free tool to use for basic teaching and communication tasks. Features include: ‐ Unlimited number of messages ‐ Unlimited message length ‐ Configurable button color ‐ Configurable button tap feedback ‐ Editing of existing messages ‐ Full editing of the message list

Visuals First Then Visual Schedule $12.99 Visual schedules provide positive behavior support through the use of images that show daily events(i.e. morning routine or therapy schedule) or steps needed to complete a specific activity, (i.e. using the restroom). iBraille Free Translates English to Braille or Braille to English. iEarnedThat $2.49* ‐ Add any number of children and set unlimited rewards, no goal is too big or small. ‐ You and your child determine the reward and a simple way to earn it.

‐ No more confusing and detailed star charts. ‐ The 3D puzzle helps to teach them about building and earning rewards Take a picture, upload photos from your album to create the child’s reward. iReward $3.99 Provides visual positive reinforcement to complete activities.

Games Angry Blocks HD $1.19 Stack the blocks on top of each other to make a tower. Once you have made the tower tall enough if you can keep it from falling for 5 seconds you move onto the next level. Animal Memory Match Kids Free Lite Free Memory match card game. Bubblewrap Free Bubble popping app. Pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can. ClickySticky $2.49 Kids can interact with fun characters while learning about fish, airplanes and many animals. Each sticker character can be scaled, rotated and dragged onto each imaginary scene. Colourful Aquarium $3.99* Colorful Aquarium is an app, which can make your iPad into a fully customized aquarium, beautifully realistic images and lovely fish will make you relax. Face Goo $1.19* FaceGoo is a fun photo app that allows you to stretch, pinch and twist your photos in crazy ways. Finger Piano $3.99 "FingerPiano" allows you to play the piano with just your finger. You don't need any skill, scores or practice. Talking Carl $1.19 Carl repeats anything you say with an hilarious voice, he can also be poked and pinched and you can even tickle him to make him laugh out loud. Wheels On The Bus $1.19 Created by parents, Wheels on the Bus is a fun, interactive musical book, based on the popular children's song. Come aboard the bus to spin the wheels, open and close the doors, swish the wipers, pop some bubbles, make a dog bark, and much more. FacesiMake Free Faces iMake is all about stimulating the right‐brain and giving kids a fun and playful educational environment. The app encourages kids to solve problems creatively; to innovate; to see things from a different perspective; to create obvious forms with the most unexpected combination of objects.

Numeracy Whizzit 123 $1.19 Whizzit 123 is a super‐fun counting game that features great music, fun sound effects, lively animations, and cute graphics.


Shape Builder $1.19 Shape Builder educates & entertains children with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces & after positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed along with a professional voice recording of the word spoken by Jill Dews, a licensed speech therapist that specializes in early child development.

Learning ABA Flashcards Free Flash cards can be a great tool for fostering the mastery of new words, building vocabulary and conveying new concepts. ABC Wildlife $3.99 Join Little Explorers as they explore a world of letters, words, and animals. Where each new word leads to a new animal discovery with beautiful photos and vibrant videos. Your child can learn about different words, letters, and animals on their own. I Hear Ewe – Animal Sounds for Toddlers Free Entertain and educate young children with this simple game full of 24 different authentic animal sounds and 12 different vehicle sounds. ICDL Books for Children Free The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) brings a worldwide collection of free children's books to the iPad. The largest collection of its kind, the ICDL spans the globe with thousands of children's books from over 60 countries, in a wide assortment of beautiful languages with captivating illustrations. In My Dreams $1.19 Academic Objectives: + Use words to describe location and actions + Distinguish parts of speech – nouns, verbs, prepositions + Match voice with print (one to one correspondence) + Recognize sentence structure Developmental Objectives + Increase phonological awareness + Expand vocabulary + Recognize that print words have meaning + Visual tracking + Multiple options for communication: sign language, pictures, written words and spoken voice. + Multisensory approach to reading that involves listening, watching and touching. iStoryTime Kids Books $1.19 Downloads children’s books to read on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. PreSchool Adventure $1.19 Contains eight simple activities parents can do with their young toddlers and preschoolers:

‐ Dot‐to‐Dot Numbers ‐ Artist Coloring Book ‐ Typing the ABC Animals ‐ Ocean Colors ‐ Space Shapes ‐ Monkey Body ‐ Farm Sounds ‐ Animal Matching Tell Time $2.49 Designed to help people learn to tell the time. Analogue and digital clocks are used.

Literacy FirstWords Deluxe $5.99 Helps your child with learning their letters and learning to spell words. FirstWords: At Home $2.49 Helps your child with learning their letters and learning to spell words. iWrite Words $3.99* iWriteWords teaches your child handwriting while playing a game. Question Builder $4.99 Question Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference Sentence Builder $4.99 Sentence Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. Explicit attention is paid to the connector words that make up over 80% of the English language.

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