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App Name Price Singing Fingers HD Free

Category Music/ Cross Curricular

Description Finger paint with sound

Integration Idea Have kids narrate a story. They can narrate as they illustrate and play the story back at any time. Kids can also make their own instruments and play songs with them. Use in centers as reinforcement of the concepts you are teaching.

Number Sense HD

$0.99 Math (K-2)

5 mini-games for pre-math

Robo Math

$0.99 Math (K-5)

Quiz for basic math skills

Use as practice for timed math tests.

Math Bingo

$0.99 Math (K-5)

Fun game for math practice

Use in centers as reinforcement of the concepts you are teaching. Could also be used as a reward game or a free time activity.

Rocket Math

Math (K-5) Full Version $0.99 but there is a free version

56 different math missions. Use in centers as reinforcement of the Students get to build their own concepts you are teaching. Could also rockets to take on their missions. be used as a reward game or a free time activity. Different apps for grades 1-4. Math workbook app with several different concepts. Can be used as supplemental material for what you are teaching. Each concept has various levels that students unlock depending on speed and accuracy so it’s a good app for differentiated learning.

Splash Math

Full Version Math (1-4) $9.99 There are free versions with sample content.

App Name Graph Quick

Price Free

Category Math (6-12)

Description Powerful, high quality, graphic calculator

Integration Idea Instead of having a separate calculator, use this app. It’s free and provides the calculator on a device that students are already using



Math (6-12)

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trig Good reference for students to have all formulas, definition, laws, formulas in the same place. properties

Counting Coins


Math (K-5)

Fun games for counting coins

Use in centers as reinforcement of the concepts you are teaching. Could also be used as a reward game or a free time activity. Use in centers as reinforcement of the concepts you are teaching. Could also be used as a reward game, a free time activity, or for extra practice.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

$0.99 Math (K-1)

Fun games about sequencing, patterning, counting, adding, subtracting

Star Walk

$4.99 Science (K-12)


Explain Everything

Augmented reality app that labels Make learning about the stars and all the stars, constellations, and constellations more interactive. Have satellites you point your iPad at. students use this app to study various constellations. They can take screen grabs of the constellations and use them to make an iMovie project. $0.99 Math (6-12) Fun and challenging way to Can be used as an introduction to improve your problem solving factoring quadratics in higher grades, skills. The goal is to find two but can also be used as a problem numbers that add up to the solving challenge for younger students. bottom number and multiply to the top number. $2.99 Cross Curricular Easy to use design tool that lets Have students create more meaning full you annotate, animate, and notes. Or, have students use the app narrate explanations and to reflect on a certain topic or explain a presentations. concept to you.

App Name Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Price Free

Category Description Cross Curricular Turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Allows you to create great video tutorials using pictures, audio, etc.

Movable Write


Cross Curricular It’s not like writing on paper, it’s like typing with your finger. Written words are fully editable. You can move words anywhere.

Integration Idea Have students create a movie of them explaining a topic or working out a math problem. If they work out the math problem while explaining what they are doing, you will get a better idea of what they are thinking. Take notes by writing instead of typing. Have younger students practice writing their letters or words. They can then submit their work to you.


2nd Ed Manual for the United States of America

$4.99 Spelling/Cross Allows you to create spelling lists Curricular (K-12) in any language (could use for Spanish vocab). You enter the spelling word, record yourself saying the word, and can even use the word in a sentence or show a picture of the word. You can study from the list as well as take a quiz, do a word search or word scramble. $5.99 History (5-8) Government documents, presidential/state facts, news headlines, 2012 election center, etc. Study the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, etc. Free Cross Curricular Hold the world in the palm of your hand. Explore the world with the swipe of a finger. Aerial imagery of various landmarks.

The teacher can create the list at the beginning of the week and send the list to all of the students over email or bluetooth. The students can then study throughout the week. Progress reports are saved for all students and can be emailed to teachers/parents.

Use as a complement to anything about US History or Government. Would also be a great app for talking about the 2012 elections.

Google Earth

Anytime you talk about a location or a landmark, use Google Earth to bring some perspective. For younger students, have them locate hospitals, fire stations, schools, etc. For older students, look at landmarks and different countries.

App Name Stack the States

Price Category Description $0.99 Social Studies (K-8) Have fun learning about the states. Capitals, state shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location, etc

Integration Idea Use as reinforcement when learning about states and capitals.

iWrite Words

$2.99 Writing (K-1)

Teach your students handwriting Use as a center activity to work on as well as how to spell simple handwriting. Could also be used as words. extra practice for students that are struggling with handwriting. Have students storyboard and create their own cartoons.



Cross Curricular Draw, animate, and share your own cartoons.

Word Wizard

$2.99 Language Arts (K-3) Unique app that lets kids hear the sounds of letters and words using a talking movable alphabet. You can also add your own spelling lists or use the built in word banks for spelling practice. $2.99 Reading (K-3)

This is a great app for emerging readers and can be used to help them form words and sentences. Since the app says the letter’s sound when you click on it, this would be a great app to have students beginning to form words.

Milly Molly and the Tree Hut HD

Wonderful story book that comes Have students listen to the book and to life. Students can run their then record themselves reading the fingers over words to hear them book for extra practice. spoken or spelled. There are several games built into the book as well. Students can also record themselves reading the book. Have students record themselves reading so you can track their progress. You may also want to record directions for a specific center for non readers. That way when they get to the center they can click the play button and hear the instructions without you being there.

iTalk Recorder


Cross Curricular iTalk recorder is a full-featured recording app.

App Name Sentence Maker

Price Free

Category Reading (K-1)

Description An interactive game that helps students rapidly learn to make and complete their own sentences.

Integration Idea This would be a great app for emerging readers to begin thinking about forming sentences. Could be used as a center activity or an app for free time. Could be used by your students to tell a story about anything! Whether they are doing an assignment reflection or creating a book trailer this app would be great! Very versatile and could be used to do almost anything. Could be used anytime you want your students to create a presentation. Very easy to use.


$4.99 Cross Curricular Fast and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips.


Grammar Jammers Free

$9.99 Cross Curricular The most powerful presentation app ever designed. Keynote gives you the ability to create presentations, complete with animated charts and transitions, as simple as touching and tapping. Language (K-5) Catchy animated songs and rhymes make language arts exciting.

Could be used to introduce different parts of speech to your students. Could also be used as a review activity.

Number Stax

$1.99 Math (4-8)

Puzzle game to test your number Could be used as a review of math skills. Drop numbers and facts. operators in the correct places to match the number or expression shown at the top of the screen. iPad magazine that can be enjoyed by everyone. Filled with games, news, stories, inspiring activities, and videos. Could be used as a whole class read along or in small groups as reading center.



Reading (K-5)

App Name KinderTown

Price Free

Category Description Cross Curricular An app store inside of an app! This app has a large library of educational apps that you can search through.

Integration Idea

More broad, non app specific ideas for using the iPad in the classroom. Teach Your Parents! Have your students pick something that they learned today and teach their parent about it. Maybe they learned how to tell time in math class, or learned about the Big Dipper in Science class. Have them use the iPads to take pictures or screen grabs that will help them teach their parents. They can then take their pictures and put them in an app such as iMovie or Educreations and provide narration for their pictures. They can then take their final product and see if they can teach their parents! Assignment Reflection Have students do a quick reflection after an assignment or project. Maybe you did a science experiment. Kids can use the iPads during the experiment to take pictures. After you are done with the experiment, have the students make a reflection with the pictures they took explaining what they did, why they did it, and what the outcome was. They can use apps such as iMovie, Educreations, etc to show their work. Completed projects can be emailed, or shared on a class website. Reading Progress Use an app such as iRecorder to have your students record themselves reading. Keep track of their progress and have the files on hand to share with parents over email or at parent/teacher conferences so they can hear their progress. It is a lot easier for parents and students to hear their progress this way than to hear you talk about them reading and X words per minute.

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