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15 JAN - 22 JAN 2014
**Accommodation Information**
15-18 jan & 21 jan 2014 Citadel Guesthouse
Address: Saint Mark Road 22, old city, Jaffa gate, Jerusalem, 51602, Israel
Website: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/israel/jerusalem/43551/
From the airport take bus 5 (6nis) to main station then bus 947 (18nis) to
Jerusalem bus station. In Jerusalem take bus 1 to Jaffa gate, walk in the gate
then down the first flight of stairs to the market in David street and take first
right up the stairs,then turn left and you'll be at Saint Mark's Road. Walk
straight for 1 min. The Citadel is on your right number 20.
Coming from Damascus gate go down the stairs take a slight right. At the
junction end of stairs you'll be at Suq Khan Ez - Zeit Street. Walk all the way
straight 5 - 10 min and you'll be at Suq el Attarin Street. Again go straight all
the way to the end of the street you'll be at David street. Take right, after a
few steps you will see habbad st on your left hand side ,go up on the flight of
stairs and you will see St Mark's Road, go up the stairs for 3 min, the Citadel
is on your left, number 20.
As far as the transportation you really do not need any prior booking ,as soon
as you arrive exit the arrival gate and look for the airport shuttle to Jerusalem
,the company name is NESHER and it will cost you 65Nis per person payable
to the driver .
for further info give us a ring to the phone no. provided on the confirmation
Telephone: +972 545 80 50 85
Email: [email protected]

19-20 Jan 2014 - Sweetdreams Hostel Bethlehem Khlifat
If you need to change or cancel your booking, please contact sweetdreams
hostel directly.
Telephone: 009722743049 or( 00972)0524320944
Email: [email protected]
Address: Bethlehem Khlifat street, Bethlehem, 000, Israel
Website: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/israel/bethlehem/71596/
Sweet Dreams Hostel is located on Khlifat Street.
From Manger Square, Bethlehem.
walking 10 minutes - taking milk grotto street to the end and then take yo
right hand to Al atan Street and walk that to the end and then take your left
hand to Klifat street ( the hostel building will be in the bottom of the
hill( street) under it a Vegetables and fruits store * the map is between the
hostel pictures
by car 3 minutes -as well taking milk grotto street to Klifat street follow the
pink line on the hostel map * the map is between the hostel pictures
by local bus 5 minutes - take the bus from the center station which located 1
minute walking from Manger Square
From Ararat St, Beit Sahour - taking Ararat Street to Khlifat street ( if you are
using a car this is the best way )
From Jerusalem to Beit Jala: You can use Bus 21, getting on at Damascus or
Jaffa Gate (7 NIS). Get off the bus at the last stop. and then take a car to
Khlefat Street , or we can get a car for 15 NIS ( or from the main checkpiont
we can get you a car for 17 NIS ) or you can walk from the last stop to
Manger Square - 10 minutes walking and then walk thru milk grotto Street to
Khlifat street anther 10 minutes
** its near by its nearby Al Mahed TV station ** using car or walking you can
ask for al mahed Tv station .
**also you can ask for Zoughbi building ,its a famous family over there, the
hostel is in that building.

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