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IT for Tourism & Hospitality

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VIKRAMA SIMHAPURI UNIVERSITY: : NELLORE DEPARTMENT OFTOURISM MANAGEMENT II SEMESTER I INTERNAL PAPER: IT FOR TOURISM & HOSPITALITY Time: 2 Hours PART – A Answer any FIVE of the following 1. (a) Explain E-Business (b) E-Commerce (c) Benefits of E-Commerce to Consumers (d) Limitations of E-Commerce to Organizations (e) Tablet (f) Search Engine (g) Blog (h) Discuss various Travel websites. PART – B Answer all the questions 2 x 15 = 30 M 5 X 4 = 20M Max.Marks:50

2. a) What is the E-Commerce ? Explain its applications in tourism and Hospitality Industry Or b) Advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce in purchasing a product –Discuss?

a) Discuss the emergence of Internet through the ages. Or b) Explain e-mail, features and various e-mail providers.

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