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IT Solutions for Industry Park Landlords

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Improve the value of your property assets

Connect to the one thing that makes a business work in the 21st Century... ...the fastest, purest, Internet !


Do you want the fastest Internet connected to your buildings and sites ?

Your Property Portfolio is connected to roads, infrastructure and utilities,

but are you connected to the one thing that makes a business work ?....the fastest, purest Internet ?

Call us now on 0800 138 5784 to turn your weaknesses into your competitive advantage

About Internexus

Internexus is a specialist, Business Communications provider, supplying connectivity solutions to every size of business. With offices in Lancashire, Northamptonshire, Leeds and London, we are part of a global group, offering business internet, data and voice connectivity systems to customers throughout Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Cyprus and the USA. With extensive property interests within the group, we understand how important connectivity is to our tenants. We wouldn’t let a building if it wasn’t connected to mains utilities, would we ? If you have empty properties, losing tenants or are developing a new site, Internexus can provide a one stop shop for your complete voice and data connectivity requirements.

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Attracting new tenants

Why should a potential tenant rent your premises? ...do you need a point of difference?

At Internexus we have over 13 years experience looking after landlords and tenants. We understand when a tenant moves in, they don’t want to wait 30 days for a BT line, or 90 days for a fast internet access. Just like you provide a meter for electricity, you can now provide an Internet meter, just waiting to be switched on. Let us help you make your site ready and on standby for your new tenants.

Everyone needs an edge over the competition ...what’s yours?

What our customers say about us

After Internexus installed their 21st Century unified communication systems, Errigal Developments saw a sharp rise in new tenants.

We had a number of developments that had very low occupancy rates, we could not understand why this was as we were offering modern, great value office space. We soon realised that the one thing we were lacking was communications, predominantly high speed internet access. We consulted a number of company’s and settled on Internexus because they brought a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the table , as well as having experience dealing with large multi- site communications network installations. We visited Internexus at their Lancashire office where we were treated to a full demonstration of the company’s capabilities. We witnessed how Internexus were utilising cutting edge technology to deliver services in remarkable quick times at extremely competitive pricing. We were sure that we had chosen the correct partner to connect our developments. We have put a number of different solutions into place with Internexus in three cities around the UK, including high speed internet connection and managed voice services for our tenants. Since announcing that we would be connecting our building up to high speed internet and installing 21st century unified communications systems in our developments we have seen a sharp rise in new tenants. Customers like the idea that they can be connected to a the high speed link within a couple of days instead of waiting up to 90 days if that had to wait for a high speed link to be installed.

Rachel Wood


Tenants moving out?

Are you losing tenants due to poor bandwidth ?

In a competitive and sometimes over supplied market, no landlord can afford to lose their existing tenants. Investing in the latest connectivity and IT infrastructure is a small price to pay, compared with the cost of acquisition, inconvenience, and loss of income from losing tenants.

The same size warehouse, in the same location, at the same price ...why chose yours ?

What our customers say about us

Business First was able to retain tenants by providing fast broadband despite being outside the town centre. In today’s climate, businesses are always looking to get the best possible deal when they are looking for office space. In the past this was dependant on cost and location, over the last couple of years we have seen company’s starting to demand good quality communications and fast internet access before they sign a lease. As more and more company’s start doing business over the internet this request has become even more important. The internet is an integral part of the business day, imagine if for a day you had no access to email or the internet and think how hard it would be to communicate or find out information. Due to our physical location we used to be served by a very poor internet connection using traditional broadband as we are outside of the town centre. The poor internet speed was starting to be a big problem for us as we were getting continuous complaints from our existing tenants that the speeds were not good enough, we even lost a number of tenants who moved to other centres that were offering better speeds and services. We knew that something needed to be done because we were losing existing tenants and prospective tenants were asking us about the speed when we were showing them around. We went to market to look at the options available to us. We contacted Internexus as they were highly recommended and had a proven track record of working with landlords. Internexus came in and ran through a number of options that were available to us and even spoke to a number of the tenants who were experiencing the biggest problem. They outlined that they could connect our building to their private fibre network which would give us the ability to offer the fastest internet speeds in the area. Now that we have got these connections in place we can attract new tenants from other locations as we can now combine out prime out of town locations and reasonable rental rates with high speed internet access. We are now a step above the other landlords in the area because we can have a tenant sign a lease one week and then have Internexus in the next week to get the connection up and running. Since Internexus have connected us to their network we have not been losing tenants, we have actually been gaining new tenants.

John Slater


Developing new sites ?

How much easier would a new build be if you had complete on-site connectivity ...from day one ?

We can help you even during the building and development stage of your new project, by transmitting the fastest, purest internet connection into a porta cabin, in the middle of a field, using the latest wireless technology.

What our customers say about us

Internexus enabled Barnfield, the largest construction company in Lancashire, to start their projects ahead of schedule, by providing internet and telephone connectivity to a green field site.

At the end of 2011 we were planning to start a construction project, we soon realised that there was a problem. The land that we were planning to build on was not connected to the communications grid in any way shape or form. We contacted a number of suppliers and we were told multiple stories that we would need to install a new exchange on the site and that it may be possible to connect the site but we would need to pay for a dig to install the cabling. All this was a major hindrance because the construction company could not start work until they had a functioning internet and phone connection to connect back their head office. We contacted Internexus because we had heard they were very resourceful and would look at solutions outside of the box. The Internexus sales team worked alongside ourselves and the construction company to put together a truly creative solution that allowed us to connect the construction company’s on-site cabins, to their network and also provided high speed access to the building once it was completed. They did this without having to dig any roads up and within a very short turnaround time. This allowed us to start the construction project on time and on budget. Internexus now provides connectivity services across thirteen of our sites.

Tim Webber Chairman

Barnfield Construction


Trying to enter the serviced office market ?

Empty units due to poor bandwidth ?

Internexus can supply you with a complete suite of communication solutions, including Internet, Business Broadband, PBX managed services, low cost hosting and Wifi. We provide a managed service across all our products and services, allowing you to chose between direct billing to the tenant or to your entire site.

Achieve 100% occupancy with the latest IT and bandwidth technology, available in your area.

What our customers say about us

Internexus bespoke solution for ACE Centre enabled new tenants to move in and enjoy complete connectivity within 5 days. This level of service means ACE Centre can now charge a premium.

Ace Centre – As a landlord we have had many years experience of letting out space to companies, when the market was good and business’s were regularly expanding and moving offices we had more than enough trade to flourish just leasing space. Since the downturn in the markets start up are not as frequent and companies are not expanding as quickly as they used to. As competition among landlords increased in the area we were forced to reassess our position in the local market as rental rates were falling due to the increased competition from other landlords we needed to look at ways we could increase our revenue per tenant. We approached Internexus because we had heard that they had experience working with landlords in the region and asked them if they had a solution which would allow us to increase revenues. The Internexus sales team were very insightful and brought a number of solutions to the table that would help us become more attractive to prospective tenants and would help us improve revenues. Internexus showed us by simply being a landlord and not offering additional services to our tenants we were missing out on potential revenue. The solutions team at Internexus put together a package of products and services that we could simply offer our existing tenants and us to attract new tenants. The solution included a 100 mb leased line that we could offer out to our tenants as well as a multitenant phone solution that allows a new tenants phone system to be up and running within as little as 5 days. These products have helped us increase our average revenue per tenants and have also produced a very sticky rental solution because tenants are enjoying fast internet access and great value telecoms, an office move is now measured against these two measures whereas in the past it was simply rental charges. Dean Langdon


Speed of deployment

Internet, wireless, broadband, telephone lines, calls, PBX, installation and servicing ...the complete communications solution ...all from the same supplier.

Internexus not only offers the fastest internet connection available, but equally as important, we offer the fastest deployment and installation service. We have invested heavily in the installation of a high speed fibre network, which enables us to connect new premises extremely quickly and efficiently. If you are in a poor connectivity area, we can provide the the technical advantage over other suppliers through our point to point wireless network. This enables us to connect our customers to our network, without relying on local infrastructure and underground cabling.

What our customers say about us

Internexus provided Blackburn Council with a high speed link, fully installed, within 14 days of placing the order.

Due to a number of issues with our incumbent supplier, we were in need of internet bandwidth and we needed it in a hurry. We had heard very positive things about Internexus and the services they had been enabling in the Blackburn area. We were very confident that they would be able to help us. We contacted the sales team at Internexus and explained our situation, we were in need of good quality internet and we needed it extremely quickly. We knew from previous experience that it can take months to get a high speed link installed so we did not have much hope. Internexus informed us that our location was on their high speed Blackburn network and that they would be able to connect us within 14 days. Due to the way we worked together with Internexus, we managed a complete installation within 4 days of placing the order, providing us with a fully functional 10 mb private link. We are very glad we chose Internexus as that have helped us meet our deadlines and have provided a comprehensive and clear service from the first communication to the after sales support.


Time Technology Park

Having a business park on the outskirts of a town has its advantages for access to motorways, but it also has disadvantages when it comes to getting reliable, fast broadband due to no or very little network capacity installed at time of construction. This was a major problem when attracting new tenants , as more and more businesses must have good quality, reliable broadband. The cost for a tenant ranged from £200 to £700 set up, plus high monthly fees , long lead times and inflexible long contracts. This was an issue as the contract for communications was longer than lease for an office. We Spent a lot of time and money exploring what we could do, the result were alarming, we would have had to spend several months and spend £1000’s to get connected, which would have been unnecessarily expensive for our tenants. Internexus understood our problem, and tailored a solution which suited our business and they manage all our connectivity. Now we can offer the best connections, at the best price, within days. The results of this have been fantastic, we’ve got tenants which before we could never attract, 20 to 100 seat call centres, who need fast reliable connections for their business, up and running within days not months. Since we connected to Internexus our occupancy rate has improved to 85% occupied whereas 12 months ago it was below 40%! Time Technology Park was awarded Platinum partner award by Internexus. This is awarded to partners who work with Internexus and invest in technology, we now have x2 1 GB circuits, 3 server rooms, IP cameras, Wireless broadband across the site, Finger print access control for 24/7 access, Time and attendance and much more, all of which we can offer our tenants. Time Technology Park, is now the most technically advanced site in Lancashire, Thanks to the super-fast resilient connectivity provided by Internexus.

Internexus products and services

Internexus provides the entire suite of business connectivity solutions...











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