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A Seminar Presntaion On Cyber Crim e,IPC & IT Act 2008

Presented to: Mr. Pankaj Dadheech

Presented by: Dushyant Kr Marwal


An !dea about Cyber Crim e ▪ Crime committed using the computer and the internet to steal the person’s identity or illegal imports or malicious programs. ▪ Cyber Crime is nothing but where the computer is used as an object or a subject of crime.

H istory of Cyber Crim e ▪ The first recorded cyber crime LOOM took place in the year 1820. ▪ After that in 1978 a SPAM EMAIL is found when it was sent out over the ARPANet (Advanced Research Project Agency Network).

Types of Cyber Crim e  Virus/Worm Attacks  Trojan Attacks  Email Bombing  Phishing  Denial of Service Attack  Web Jacking

Types of Cyber Crim e(Contd… ) 

Child Pornography

 Cyber Laundering Cyber Stalking  Cyber Theft Botnet

Cyber Crim inals ▪ Those who are doing crimes by using the computer as an target or object. o Children and adolescents between the age group of 6-18 years . o Dissatisfied employees. o Professional hackers / crackers.

Categories of Cyber Crim e ▪ Cyber crimes can be basically divided into three categories: o Cyber crimes against persons. o Cyber crimes against property. o Cyber crimes against government.

Against persons  Harassment via E-mails: Harassment through e-mails is not a new concept. It is very similar to harassing through letters.  Email Spoofing: A mail which misrepresents its origin. It shows it’s origin to be different from which actually it originates.

Against property 

Computer vandalism: Damaging or destroying data rather than stealing or misusing them is called Computer vandalism.

 Transmitting virus: These are programs that attach themselves to a file and then circulate. They usually affect the data on a computer, either by altering or deleting it.

Against G overnm ent Cyber Terrorism: •

Terrorist attacks on internet is by:


Distributed denial of service attacks


Fake websites and fake emails


Attacks on sensitive computer networks , etc.

In this terrorists are using 512 bit encryption, which is

impossible to decrypt.

▪ Keep Software up to Date: If the seller releases

H ow can w e protect it?

patches for the software operating your device, install them as soon as possible. ▪ Use Good Passwords: Select passwords that are difficult to guess. Do not options that allows your computer to remember the password. ▪ Disable Remote Connectivity: Some PDA’s & Phones are equipped with wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth. You should disable these features when they

IntellectualProperty Right

Contents ▪ Introduction ▪ Importance of IPR ▪ Forms of IPR ▪ Patent ▪ Copyright ▪ Trademark ▪ Laws in india

W hat is IntellectualProperty ? ▪ Creation of human mind ▪ Idea or a concept or a thought at the beginning ▪ Research and Development to lead the idea ▪ The outcome of these ideas may be development of products, processes

Why IPR is important? •Reward original efforts ? •Prevent duplication of work? •Commercial value in research? •Technical information for research & to prevent litigation?

Patent  Patent defined in Patents Act as “patent granted for any invention under the Act”.  Granted by the Government  To inventor  To prevent third parties not having his consent from making, using, offering for sale. (Sec. 48)  For a limited period of time (20 years)  Qualified rights with duties

Copyright Act ▪ Objective: To ensure protection from unlawfully

exploitation of the work of owner(Author) ▪ Copyright act provides exclusive rights to

authors and other owners of original works. ▪ Exclusive privilege to authors to reproduce,

distribute, perform or display their creative works.

What is covered by copyright ?

Literar y

Dramati c



What is not covered by copyright ? Ideas Facts Recipes Names, titles or short phrases


Tradem ark ▪ Word or symbol used by manufacturers to identify goods. ▪ Initial registration for 10 yrs and further renewed by payment of fees for unlimited period.

Types of trademark ▪ TM - a Trade Mark™ - used before registration ▪ SM - a Service Mark SM - used before registration ▪ Rights by Registration®

Trade Marks Name Logotype Symbol Slogan Shape Color

Duration of protection YEARS





Trade marks







70 after death No


Content: ▪ Cyber law ▪ Need of Cyber law ▪ Cyber Laws in India ▪ Challenges facing law enforcement ▪ Positive Initiatives

N eed of cyber law ▪ Tackling cyber crime ▪ Successful and smooth functioning of e-commerce and virtual communication ▪ Cloud computing is proving to be a major threat

Cyber Law o Cyber law is a term that encapsulates the legal issues related to use of the Internet o The abuse of computers has also given birth to a new age crimes that are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000.

CYBER LAW S IN IN D IA ▪ IT act 2000 passes ▪ Up gradation of IT act 2000-introducing IT act 2008 ▪ IPC acts ▪ Copy right act

The IT ACT, 2000 o Legal Recognition of Electronic Documents o Legal Recognition of Digital Signatures o Offenses and Contraventions o Justice Dispensation Systems for cybercrimes

Contd … .. o Civil Wrongs under IT Act o Section 46: IT Act o Section 65: Source Code o Section 66: Hacking o Sec. 67. Pornography

Contd … . o Sec 69: Decryption of information o Sec 70 : Protected System o Email spoofing o Cyber stalking

Inform ation Technology Act 2008 o Information Security o New sections on offences o Data Protection. o Section 69 empowers the C Gov/S Gov

Computer Related Crimes under IPC and Special Laws Sending threatening messages by email

Sec 503 IPC

Sending defamatory messages by email

Sec 499, 500 IPC

Forgery of electronic records Bogus websites, cyber frauds Email spoofing Online sale of Drugs Web - Jacking Online sale of Arms

Sec 463, 470, 471 IPC Sec 420 IPC Sec 416, 417, 463 IPC NDPS Act Sec. 383 IPC Arms Act

Challenges facing law enforcem ent

o Most not trained in the technologies o Multiple jurisdictions o Retrofit new crimes to existing laws


Cyber crime police cells set up across the country

o Websites

aid in creating awareness and encouraging reporting of cyber crime cases.

o Specialized

o Active


coordination between police and other law enforcement agencies

ASLU Survey published in M arch 2014Incidence of Cyber crim e in India UNA UTH ORIS ED ACC ESS E-MAIL ABUSE 21% 19%


Conclusion Cyber crime is indeed getting the recognition it deserves.  It is highly likely that cyber crime and its hackers will continue developing and upgrading to stay ahead of the law.  Create yourself, rather than using other’s creations. Technological advancement made the job of the CREATOR easy

Refrences:  Copyright Law of the USA, Chapter 1 Section 121  Schechter, Roger E., and John R. Thomas. Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.  Trend micro incorporated research paper  A TO Z OF Cyber Crime By Aayushi shah.  Computer Security Policy Guidebook(WILEY publication).  Moore, R. (2005) "Cyber crime: Investigating High-Technology Computer Crime," Anderson Publishing

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