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Fourth International Conference on Information Theory (IT 2015) Kremslehner Hotels Vienna – May 2!2"#2015#Vienna#$ustria htt%&''ccseitor'2015'it'in*e+html

Call for ,a%ers

Fourth International Conference on Information Theory (IT 2015) will provide an excellent international forum for sharin !nowlede and results in theory" methodoloy and applications of  Information Theory# The oal of this conference is to $rin toether researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understandin %odern Information Theory concepts and esta$l est a$lish ishin in new coll colla$o a$orat ration ionss in the these se are areas# as# &u &utho thors rs are sol solici icited ted to con contri tri$ut $utee to the conference $y su$mittin articles that illustrate research results" pro'ects" surveyin wor!s and industrial experiences that descri$e sinificant advances in the areas of Information Theory and applications# To%ics To %ics of Interest •

hannon theory" codin theory and techniues

Coded %odulation" data compression" seuences

inal processin" peech*Imae Codin

+etection and estimation of %o$ile communications

,attern reconition and -earnin

-earnin and inference

Communications and communication networ!s

.ptical Communications Complexity and cryptoraphy

%ulti/ser Information Theory

uantum theory and codin

merin applications of information theory

,a%er -u.mission

&uthors are invited to su$mit papers throuh the Conference -u.mission -ystem (Trac/&IT 2015 20 15)) $y &pril 01" 2015 # u$missions must $e oriinal and should not have $een pu$lished  previously or $e under consideration for pu$lication while $ein evaluated for this conference# Thee pr Th proc oceed eedin ins s of th thee co conf nfer eren ence ce wi will ll $e pu pu$l $lis ishe hed d $y Com%ut Com%uter er -cience Confer Conference ence ,rocee* ,roc ee*in inss in Com%uter -cience  Information Technoloy (C-  IT)  series (Confirmed)# elected papers from IT 2015" after further revisions" will $e pu$lished in the special issue of the followin 'ournals# •

International 3ournal of Information Technoloy Converence and ervices ( I3ITC )

International 3ournal of Computer cience" nineerin and &pplications ( I3C& )

International 3ournal of &dvanced Information Technoloy Technoloy ( I3&IT )

International 3ournal of Information ciences and Techniues ( I3IT )

Im%ortant ates

u$mission +eadline &uthors otification 6eistration 7 Camera/6eady ,aper +ue

4 &pril 01" 2015 4%ay 10" 2015 4 %ay 15" 2015

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