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Job Posting Catholic Music Director-Cannon AFB

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Carolyn Joyce Barksdale, Inc 285 Oblate Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216 [email protected] Website: carolynjbarkdale.com

To whom it may concern: Carolyn Joyce Barksdale, Inc is a small business, seeking applicants for the attached job announcement. If you will, please please share this great employment employment opportunity with your   parishioners and any other entities that you may know that might be interested in this kind of  employment. Should you have questions about the positions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers listed below.

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Carolyn Joyce Barksdale-President Carolyn Joyce Barksdale-President / CEO Office: 210-457-7751 Fax: 210-340-3811 Cell: 210-862-3876 Email: ca carj rjba [email protected] satx tx .r .rrr.c .co om

Carolyn Joyce Barksdale, Inc 285 Oblate Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216 [email protected] Website: carolynjbarkdale.com

Catholic Music Director Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Position : Catholic Music Director  Closing Date: Open till 1-26-2012 2:00pm MST Date Posted: 1-11-2012 Hours per Week : 120 hours per year 

Carolyn Joyce Barksdale, Inc.; seeks to hire an individual for a part- time position for a Catholic Music Director, at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. Interested parties must submit their resume to [email protected] QUALIFICATIONS:

a.  b. c. d.

Must be at least 18 years of age. Must have excellent singing ability. Proficient ability to play the keyboard and or guitar. Must be able to fully participate in Catholic Mass. In consideration of Public Law 101-647, Section 231 and DODI 1402.5, Criminal History Background Checks on Individuals in Child Care Services, upon award of the contract, the Contractor will undergo a State Criminal History Repository Check, an Installation Records Check, a National Agency Check with Inquiries, and a Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint check. Contract will be terminated immediately if derogatory information is discovered at any  point during the investigation. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS :

a. Responsible for the singing portion of the Catholic Mass and/or Catholic worship services as mutually agreed upon between the Catholic Priest and the music director, which may include, but is not limited to the: prelude, Entrance Hymn, Responsorial Psalm, Sequences, Gospel Antiphon, Offertory Hymn, Communion Antiphon, Communion Hymn, Meditation Hymn, Closing Hymn, Postlude (If necessary), Choral pieces, and solos for each service contracted for.

Carolyn Joyce Barksdale, Inc 285 Oblate Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216 [email protected] Website: carolynjbarkdale.com

 b. Work in conjunction with the accompanist, other musicians and the chaplain responsible for the service selection, preparation and performance of music, which relates to the theme, established the Catholic Ordos and or religious season. c. Provide services to include one mass per week on Sunday at the Catholic Mass. d. Provide rehearsals to include one per week on an agreed upon weeknight between the sponsoring Chaplain, music ministry members and music director. e. Special services to include services and rehearsals for days or special religious significance or memorial/funeral services. Contractor will be given a minimum 18 hours notice prior to special services such as funerals/memorial services. f. The respective chaplain in charge of the service/engagement will coordinate time and location for each performance with the contractor. Possible engagements include: Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) Ash Wednesday (Feb/March) Christmas Day (Dec. 25) Holy Thursday (March/April) Sol. Mary Mother of God (Dec. 31, Jan 1) Good Friday (March/April) Assumption of BVM (Aug. 15) Easter Vigil (March/April) All Saints Day (Nov. 1) Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8) Other specials to be arranged as required by the chaplain g. h. i.  j.

Recruit individuals for the choir, and/or special music. Select music from appropriate and approved ecclesiastical sources. Opens and secures facilities for rehearsals. Contractor will ensure that all equipment and/or furnishings are turned off and/or  returned to their proper place following rehearsals and services. k. Contractor will adhere to chapel policy and applicable Air Force instructions when using chapel facilities in support of chapel music programs. l. Contractor will wear appropriate attire when performing services and rehearsals. m. Contractor will be present for the entire time period involved in any rehearsal,  performance, or worship service contract for, or provides a subcontractor who is equally qualified. n. The contractor is permitted to provide subcontractors who are equally qualified and when  prior approval is given by the Chaplain responsible for the service at least 24 hou rs prior  to the service. o. The contractor will submit monthly invoice verifying the total amount of services and rehearsals completed to be certified by the sponsoring chaplain. One service and one rehearsal will equal one unit of compensation.

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