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Jupiter Remedy

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nayan DOB: 31:01:1984 ; TOB: 06:08:00PM ; POB: Uttarpara (INDIA)

To get rid from inauspicious results of planet, Hawan is a significant remedy. Materials used in
Hawan is enough beneficial. These stuffs make surroundings holy along with pacifying planet.
Hawan stuffs contain several kinds of roots and herbs and due to this reason its ashes is also
very beneficial and alleviate the some diseases totally.
Materials : Turmeric, dry rose
Roots: Banana Root

Bath & Donation for planet Jupiter
Mix grains of yellow mustard and black cardamoms in water and take bath from same. It will
remove the blemishes of Jupiter. You should donate turmeric, yellow clothe, yellow grains, salt,
lemon or Menhadi to make happy Jupiter.

Yantra for Planet Jupiter
Draw yantra on birch by using red sandal, Ashtgandh or sandal mixed with saffron by pen made
of gold, silver, basil or pomegranate. Yantra can be drawn on gold, silver or copper. But these
types of yantras can be worshiped only. For wearing purpose, always draw yantra on birch only.
Yantra should always wear in an amulet made of gold, silver or copper. Yantra should be made
byperson who is wearing sacred thread. In this way, Yantra becomes more powerful and gives
fullimpact on wearer.

Tantrik Yantra

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